Guess who's pregnant?!?

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011
NOT ME! (Had it been me, I wouldn't be writing this right now because I would have been dead from a heart attack. My two are more than enough thankyouverymuch.)

IT'S MY SISTER! And if you didn't know, I have twin sisters. Rachel and Brittany. They are two years younger than me and I actually like them quite a bit. Twenty years ago? When we were young and fighting over who took whose clothes without asking? Maybe not so much then. But I like them now. Ok, love them. There. That's as mushy as I'm going to get.

Anyway, back to the exciting news. My sister Rachel is pregnant! And get this...WITH TWINS! No joke, I would not s%$t you guys on this. Want proof?

(Seriously, how freakin' cool is that?)

Congratulations to the happy couple!


I know what you are thinking. "That guy seems a little old for her." Don't be so quick to judge! He's loaded guys!

Ok, ok, ok. So maybe that's not really her husband. Maybe it was just some Ultimate Fighter guy she took a picture with in Las Vegas. (My sister and her husband are die-hard UFC fans. Why, you ask? Beats me.) Here is the real picture of the couple...


MUCH better match, agreed?

Ok fine. That's not really her husband either. He too is some UFC fighter guy. I won't kid you anymore, so without further adieu, will the real husband please stand up!


And just so you know I'm really telling the truth this time, here is another (really blurry, really badly scanned) picture of them on their wedding day.


Rachel and her husband were total high school sweethearts. She got married pretty young. Nineteen years old, to be exact. Her husband Mark joined the military just after 9/11 and Rachel wasn't moving anywhere with him unless they were married. So, they got married. They moved to Tennessee and he made two trips to Iraq. They didn't spend an anniversary together until their 4th year. During their first 5 years of marriage? They only spent about 2.5 years actually living together. Normally? Can you say recipe for disaster? But her and her Mark are honestly one of the couples I look up to most in my life. They have always been so caring, so respectable and so loving to each other. And this year they will celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary. Now that's what I call beating the odds.

SOOOOO happy for you Rachie and Markie! I know you will be the best parents ever! Good thing I had my kids so early so you could have lots of practice.


Rachel spent the whole entire time with me at the hospital when I had both my kids. Slept on the teeny uncomfortable couch the whole time. (Yes, my husband was there also, but I told him to go home at night and get some sleep. My sister isn't as grouchy as my husband is when she doesn't get a lot of sleep.) She was even in the room with me when I delivered baby #2. And guess what? I get to be in the room with her when she has the little twinsies!



She even gave my second born his first shampoo.


Needless to say, I am pretty excited! (And don't worry Brittany. An upcoming blog post will be dedicated soley to you also.)
13 comments on "Guess who's pregnant?!?"
  1. Ha that's pretty funny with the ufc guys and don't worry I don't think I want you to post a blog just about me...unless it was about my nephews :-)

  2. Ha! Did you see how plastic Bruce Buffer looked? =) no thanks! And yes, very exciting. Our kids will have so much fun together!!!

    - auntie Rachel

  3. Hahahaha!! Laugh out loud with the UFC stuff!! OMGosh (snort) BARF!! Anyway, loved it!!


  4. Congrats to your sister!! YAY for twins! :)

  5. Congratulations! Wow, twins!

  6. oh my goodness, your baby is sooooo effing cute!! That pic of your sis (i think it's your sis and not you) holding him in the chair is beyond presh. You and your sis look so much alike.

    HAHA! I saw that pic of her with the old dude and I was like wow. You so funny!!

    And when my nephew spends the night he wakes up earlier than my liking. I can hear him on the monitor and I let him play in the room until he finally starts in with "Aunnnnntttt Lindseeeeey, oh Aunnnntttt LINDDDSEY!!" I've already told my mom when I have babies, I hope they sleep all the time. I know impossible, but I don't know how I'll give up my naps. I guessssssssss my kids will be worth it. I don't know how you mammas do it. Hardest job ever.

  7. Congrats so your sister and all of you on the exciting news about her being pregnant with twins! How exciting, double everything, double the love, double the joy, double the diapers, double the get the picture! oops , WIPES** not whips. ha!

    Well, I was looking for an email button but i couldn't find it, soI shall post here, if its okay!

    Just because, I was VERY unaware and UNINFORMED about it, and what happened to me, and others I have come across to have met, I promised my sweet baby girl Naomi, that I will continue to put out awareness out there. Its just the only way.

    I had severe preeclampsia that had me deliver my firstborn daughter at 28 weeks, emergency c section. Unfornately, that is the "cure" as of now for preeclampsia-delivery. If mother or baby or both are in jeoprardy. It is characterized by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, swelling, sudden weight gain, brisk reflexes, headaches, all all some of the symptoms, yet also can be known as "regualr symptoms". I am not at all trying to scare ANYONE just INFORMING. My ob never informed me of this, and, I just have come acorss too many stories, and if I can do anything, its to inform.

    Please check out and learn about it if not for you for your sister. I TELL EVERYONE, well everyone of my pregnant friends, I just have to get it out there.

    Sadly and very tragically, my daughter, Naomi Hope, lived 35 days in the NICU and passed away June 1, 2009. She is my forever angel.

    I did go on to have her sweet little sister, Sadie Marie, born at 34w6days, I did have preeclampsia again, but luckily, I was able to go much farther.

    Congrats again to your beautiful sister! Cant wait to see updates on her pregnancy! (Hopefully she allows you to keep us updated! ) I loveeee reading about pregnancies!

  8. Super Sweet! My husband and I are high school sweethearts and he too joined the military right out of high school but quiet a few years earlier (humph about 5 years earlier, I know I know I am dating myself) but I can totally grasp the time apart your sis and her man went through. In the first 8 years of our marriage we had only really spend about 4 of it together collectively. Craziness huh? we are both crazy I guess that is how it works though! Super awesome she is having twins!!

  9. How exciting, yet scary, from the ultrasound it looks like she is about as far along as i was when i found out i was having twins. The best advice i ever got was, "Don't take anyones advice". If that makes sence;)

  10. you're hilarious, this was great, loved it. You totally got me with the UFC fighters!!


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