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Thursday, March 31, 2011
Remember when I wrote the post a while back about my pregnant-with-twins sister? Well she also has a twin sister. (Still following?) My sisters are two years younger than me, and being the super cool amazing fantastic older sister that I am (in my opinion, probably not the opinion of my sisters) I thought I should keep things fair and write a post about my other sister. Don't want to piss anyone off.

Meet Brittany.


Sister. Friend. Auntie. Drinks wine with me. Brings me fountain drinks when I call and tell her that "I have been having the worst day ever since you know I stay home with kids all day and they have been running me ragged and I'm tired and exhausted and yes I know I have a fridge stocked with soda but all I want right now is a fountain drink with lots of ice from Sunmart down the street so can you pleeeeeeeease drop what you are doing and bring me one? Before I die?" And she always does. Because I'm her favorite sister. (Sorry Rachel)

A picture of the three of us sisters. The twins are the two on the right. The shortey on the left (me) is the oldest. How did that happen? I want to be five feet nine inches tall!

(This was Halloween. I mean, obviously. We could only wish to be so cool as to dress like this every day. Oh, and Boobie? You can't see her whole costume, but she was the MAC Cosmetics makeup girl for Halloween. I laughed so hard for quite a while that night.)

Oh, real quick. I introduced her as "Brittany," which yes, is her given name, but you will never hear me call her that again. From now on? She will be referred to as Boobie. Before you think I'm crass and totally inappropriate, let me explain. Our last name is Barton. So she was Brittany Barton. My dad shortened it very early on and called her B.B. Somewhere, somehow, that turned in to Boobie. And it stuck. Seriously, I introduce her to new people as, "Meet my sister, Boobie." And now? Everyone calls her Boobie. Her friends, boyfriends, strangers, it's even on her drivers license. 

Just kidding. It's not on her drivers license. But it should be.

See, my husband works out of town quite often. And we live in a semi-remote, serial killer's playground type area. (No, a serial killer has never struck in our parts, nor has there been so much as a surprise "BOO!" around here, but I like to be all sorts of dramatic and scary in an effort to guilt Boobie into staying with me while the hubby is gone, and yes, I do use sentences like, "you know, if something happened to your precious nephews and it was because I was here alone, you would never forgive yourself," and no, I don't feel bad about it). So, she stays with me. Up to 5 nights a week. I have the best sister sisters ever.

Speaking of being an auntie, Boobie is awesome. She IS a second mother to my kids. In general, if anyone other than me or my husband yells or scolds my children, I flip a switch and s%$t will hit the fan. But Auntie Boobie? Hell, she can whomp on my kids if she likes. She's around them about as much as I am, so she has free reign to put them in time-out, smack their bums if they do wrong, and most importantly, force feed them.  However, she never does any of the above. Instead, she just loves on my kids. Which, I guess, is okay also.

(Here she is with my first born, Gunner James. And yes, in the second picture, Gunner has a ponytail. I would normally say "don't judge" but in this situation, I don't care. I LOVED him with his ponytail!)

(And here she is with my second baby, Colt Daniel Le. Cue collective "awwwwww")

Random picture of Boobie and I...this was a few years ago, before baby #2 was born. Dad was watching baby #1 and the Boobs and I went out for a girl's night. And I am aware that this picture has been photoshopped within an inch of it's life, (because our skin always looks this silky smooth!) but it's the best I have from two years ago back in the day.


Now onto the important stuff. Wine. Food. Wine. Boobie indulges me with my wine drinking. And she doesn't judge me. Probably because she drinks as much, if not more, than me. (Let me just interject that a lot of what I say is tongue-in-cheek, humor, exaggerated. I'm not really an alcoholic stay-at-home momma. Really.) But we still enjoy our wine. See?


For some reason, Boobie makes me...different. Not myself. Or maybe, just maybe, she brings out my true self. You be the judge?


However, as much as we love our wine, we loooooove our food. Since Boobie stays with me so often, we always try to come up with healthy but tasty dinners. Boobie? She came up with


It was to die. So good. SO. GOOD. Blue cheese stuffed turkey burgers. With arugula lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Want the recipe? Go here. You can thank Bethenney Frankel later.

However I thank my sister Boobie, who slaved away in my kitchen and made me this delicious meal two nights in a row.


Finished product...


Guys, it was so good. Too good. I love and hate my sister all at once. Love her because she made me the best meal I have ever had in my 30 years. Hate her because I am now five pounds heavier (only because I went back for seconds thirds fourths.)

So amazing, that it made me want to run outside, about 10 p.m., and do this...


Yes, it was that good.

Goodnight friends. I need to go to bed. If I stay up any longer, crazy Raven might come out.

And you don't want to see that. Trust me.


Don't blame me. Blame the wine. Or Boobie. Whichever.

P.S. Boobie is a successful realtor here in our town, AND she's single. Do I hear any matchmakers? 

31 comments on "Sister, Sister"
  1. Ha, super cute post! You are such a good writer, send me some of your skills please! I enjoyed reading about your sister! I haev to go back and read the other post about your other sister that was pregnant or is pregnant with twins! Holy moly! so cute! :)

  2. Super adorable and I love that you call your sister Boobie! Uh we call our daughter Poopy, Poopy Doo- uh not because we want her to be, smell, or look like crap but early on she looked like BOO on Monsters Inc. movie and somehow BOO turned into POO and POO into POOPY you see where this is going right? I think it is awesome you get to spend so much time with your sisters! I wish my sister lived closer to me! We do at least get to talk every day which is such a blessing because she is my rock and she understands me and she totally gets when I say that I want to knock my kids teeth to the back of their heads (don'd judge I really wouldn't) but she totally gets it and never skips a beat with me! Aren't Sis' wonderful!?

  3. I'm a new follower. You are too funny! And Boobie, love it! How would we survve without our sisters!!!!

  4. What a sweet and funny post! Seems like you and your sisters are so close - love that! And calling her Boobie - so great!

    And btw, love your hair! So pretty ... JUST.LIKE.YOU!

  5. Aren't sisters amazing? I have two as well and they are the best. Obviously not quite as good as Boobie, they don't drink near enough wine with me.

    Love that all the cookbooks say food & wine. :)

  6. I love hearing about adult siblings that love each other!!! I am an only child, but have three kiddos, and one of my wishes is that they always remain close :-)

  7. Cute wine pics, I'm the same way with my sister.

  8. aww that was sweet and after reading that it makes me wish I had a sister! I have 3 younger brothers, enough said. So hopefully my girls will be like you and your sisters!

  9. FINALLY a post on Boobie. You forgot to mention shes the very best friend (MINE!) anyone could ever have.

    I love that you made a post about Brit but it has more pics of you than her.

  10. Cute post! :)

    I love that you are close to your sisters! You can tell you are all related!

    I went back to Rachel's post though, about the twins, and you totally had me with the husband thing! haha. Her real husband is by far the best looking.

    And, I would never judge on the 'Boobie' calling, the ponytail, or the wine. ;)

    Cori @

  11. ps, why doesnt she cook FOR ME? she brings the wine, but doesnt cook! I want delicious burgers.

  12. Umm... you are her favorite out of sympathy... that, and she forgets that I can actually be fun (even without drinking...although I'd say most probably think I am more fun with a few thrown back). Wait til summer comes, then you guys can come over all summer and drink all the wine you want and swim and I will bake cookies for you. =) See... I have something to offer too, it just doesn't support your summer weight loss goals. Love you Boobs!

    - the other sister

  13. haha.. amazing. sisters truly ARE the best.

  14. I love this. This is why I wanted a sister! Such a sweet post.

  15. Raven, I loved this post! you and your sisters seem to have such a great relationship! haha love that guys drink so much wine together. i lovee it too! and that burger looks so so good!
    could your little boys be any cuter? x

  16. awesome post - I always wished I had a sister!! Sounds like you guys have a great relationship and a whole lot of fun together:)

  17. Aw what a nice post!! I wish I had a sister! Looks like you all are super close!

  18. aww it makes me miss my sisters :)

  19. Oh my goodness you guys are all super cute, LOVE your eyes in the halloween pic.

    Sisters are silly . . . I have FOUR! Nuts:-)

  20. This is so cute...y'all have such a great relationship! Loved all of the fun pictures!

  21. I really enjoyed this little post of yours Miss Raven! I'm a complete picture junkie (in a stalkerish kind of way. Don't you judge). I'm glad that you are so close with your sister(s). I only have a stinky younger brother. Boo.

  22. OMG you are hysterical and your sisters seem so fun!

  23. It is awesome that you and yoru sis are so close!! My sister is my bestie....but she lives forever away now :( sads...

    I bet yoru sis is going to get some dates b/c of this post!!

  24. i LOVE this.
    i made my sister read it and we were both cracking up. we are super close, too...the whole fountain drink thing, right up our alley. i'm not kidding, so many similarities here!
    and my family calls me bb, too! except the shortened version has become beebs, or just b. no boobie :)

  25. awwww, I love crazy wine drinkN you!
    and that you're so close to your seeeesteers.


    happy friday!

  26. First of all you are SO BEAUTIFUL YOU BIATCH!!!! I hate you for it. Not really, I just want to be as skinny and as pretty as you. I love that your sister is your wine buddy and if I lived in your town you know I'd be your wine buddy too. YuMMM! My beer is ice cold. Need my wine to chill down. I want to try those burgers!!! I used to havea deelish turkey burger recipe that was Weight Watchers but I don't remember it. It was sooo good and low fat. I seriously might make some turkey burgers tomorrow now.

    Your sis is perdy but you totally look like the twin of preg sis!!!

  27. Pretty funny! AA is this Wednesday at 8:00 !! :)

  28. omg TOOOO cute! I loved reading this and laughed all the way through.


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