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Saturday, April 02, 2011
I have a little secret to let you in on...

I'm not a natural blonde.

What? You already knew that? And all this time I thought I had ya'll fooled! What gave it away? Was it my super dark roots always sprouting through? The fact that my other features just didn't quite "jive" with my being a natural blonde? Or was it that through my blogging and writing I just seemed way too smart and sophisticated to be a blonde. (I kid, I kid! All my blonde bloggers out there, I love you, and am secretly jealous that you were, in fact, born with natural glistening light colored hair. And a lot of you seem much smarter than me anyway) But me? Born with dark, dark almost black hair. Hence the name.

Anyway, I decided to go back to my raven-haired roots for a few reasons. Most obvious, this blonde thing was getting out of control, money wise. I always want to go so light that in just a week or two, you could see my natural color coming through, so naturally, I would make another appointment to get that mess taken care of. Also, naturally, my bank account was getting drained. Another reason? I really, really like dark hair. I see these beautiful women with super dark hair and it always looks so exotic and pretty. So I went back to black (or almost). And, I want to grow my hair out really long, so this was most definitely a healthier way to do that.

A few pictures of me in my blonde days. I really did enjoy being a blonde for roughly half my life. Oh, and I gotta give a big shout-out to my hair gal Kary, I have been going to her since I was in high school and have never waivered. She is the best. She has taken me blonde, black and back so many times and my hair has yet to fall out. She always does an awesome job.

Bye Bye blonde. I'll miss you, but as history shows, I will most likely be coming back to you, sooner or later.


But helllllooooooo dark! I hope you'll grow on me. Pun intended.



Happy Saturday all you blonde and brunette goddesses!

(Wow. Did I really just write a whole entire post about my hair? I need to brush up on more "wordly" issues)

P.S. I've been a little behind getting back to some of you that have commented/emailed me, but I will respond to all of you, asap. I just have these two little things called kids who seem to constantly need my attention. :)

38 comments on "Back to my roots"
  1. your hair looks great! you look great with it both ways. I use to do my hair blonde and it was expensive to keep up so I've been back to my roots for awhile now!
    have a good saturday!

  2. you look beautiful blonde and brunette! not many people can pull off both :)
    annnd I did a post not too long ago solely about hair.... ummm i guess we both need some brushing up on world issues! hah!
    happy saturday xox

  3. YOur hair looks great both blonde and dark. JEALOUS!!!

  4. Uh, you look AMAZING dark!

    And I'm a blondie. I'm also frikkin' pale. That's how it goes ... natural blondes get stuck with the crazy pale skin. You dark-haired gals get the good tan stuff. :)


  5. I like it!! Now you just need to stick with it for longer than 3 weeks, you can ALWAYS go back later. =) Plus, I always think it makes more sense to go dark for the summer because you won't look goth since you'll be getting a tan, and lighter in the winter when you are not quite as tan. Now you can GROW it. ;)

    - Rach

  6. I've always had a thing for people with really dark brown hair.. it's so pretty and mysterious. Growing up with red hair and freckles, I didn't really have much of an option for hair dye. I think I "experimented" once in high school by getting highlights. OOOOO risk taker, I know. But I'll always have a soft spot for a gorgeous brunette.. sigh.

    Your hair looks gorgeous dark! I hope you're enjoying it :)

  7. Looks great Raven! If you ever feel like your hair is too dark you can come over here and look at mine, yours will seem light again! You are very beautiful!


  8. So love it!!! You look great both ways! :)

  9. You are beautiful both ways! I have always been jealous of people with pretty, shiny dark hair. My hair is naturally DIRTY blonde. Not pretty. At all.

  10. Oh girl you can do either! Looks gorgeous!

  11. Your hair looks hot, blonde or brunette! My natural color is a light, blah brown. For years I would get highlights (that slowly became lighter and lighter), and then I switched to brown about 3 years ago. I miss the blonde, but everyone always says that they love the brown, which is part of why I'm sticking to it right now.

    My hair girl makes fun of me because every 8 weeks I always want a little change- a little lighter or darker. I'm never satisfied with my hair!

  12. clearly you look gorgeous with brown or blonde hair, but i have to say.. i'm a fan of brown! especially with those dark eyes.

    you look lovely!
    and i want to just kiss those precious children!

    have a great day!

  13. Super Gorgeous! I love it! I think you look great with both blonde and dark hair! I tried going almost black about a year or so ago and wow it is amazing how people give you their opinion even when you haven't asked for it lol! Oh well I love blonde too and it can add up that is for sure! But love both looks on you!

  14. You're lucky to be able to go both ways! Sometimes in the winter I go dark brown too and it's a nice change.

  15. Okay, so I'm pretty much obsessing over your new dark hair -- it's really does look great on you. No lie! And it'll look super fab-o with a sunkissed tan!! So are you still loving the Kim K picture I posted the other day or are you thinking you'll keep it really dark for a while?

  16. Love it! I just did the same thing (for the same reason). No I have to try doing it myself (eek!). Too much gray not too. :)

  17. obvi you look hot either way!! I LOVE super dark hair, it looks perf on you with your features. Reese's mom has super dark hair, it looks soooo good on her. I really wish i had the balls to ever go dark, but I'm a natural blonde and would never mess with that. I had a Jersey Shore birthday party last year and got a black wig for it. Some people really liked it, others were like SICK. Others being my mother who said I hope that is not real, you look gross. ahaha ok so maybe she didn't say it like that but she def told me I hope that is not real.

  18. Ok...I'm a big fan of blondes...DUH..and you looked adorable as one, but the darker locks work for you. I likey. I've tried going back darker before but it didn't work out too well for me. I'm glad it did for you! So now I'm a little jealous. Ugh.

  19. Love the dark hair....but you look great either way!! I am in desperate need of a new doo!!

  20. Okay, all of the above posters said it for me one word : GORG. either way. You look beautiful! I def feel yah on the $$ end of it. If it weren't an issue for me either, I would be going blonder, I have dark brown hair, was born with brown hair, changed to light dirty blonde when I was a little one then went to straight dark brown hair. I have been sorta blonde I loved it but its a LOT to keep up with. I just cant afford it now, but maybe in the future.

    Now I am in the process of growing my short hair, back into long locks of love! Brown ! ha I do have a few highlights but they slowly are turning me "blonde" . But after reading your post, I think i will stick to my dark roots until, i can actually afford it and alot say I look better brunette, but GIRL, you pull them both off! HOT MAMA! :)

  21. LOVE your new color - it looks great :) Welcome back to the brunette club!

  22. Love the brown too, you look stunning as both!! :-)

  23. heheh! It's ok us girls are allowed to have an entire post about hair! It looks great by the way! Love you with both but the brown really brings out your features :)

  24. brunettes are way hawter. IJS.

  25. I just saw your hair in the first post before seeing this, love it!!! I am light right now but always love dark hair and am looking forward to going dark again in the fall, it's just so pretty! and yeah, hair does get so much healthier. And psssh about world issues, I love hair posts.

  26. Oooh Foxy I like it! Super pretty!

  27. i love it! you look great as both a blond and a brunette, but i really love the brunette! (plus, i think brunettes have more fun!)

  28. Stupide Seattle cafes wireless internet wont load fast enough to see your new hair. I dont think in all the time iev known you that Ive seen you with dark hair. I cant wait to get back to Boston where the internet works just to SEEEEEE. :)

    Oh yeah, thanks for lending me Boobie this weekend. :) After your post about how fabulous she is, I needed to see my bestie.

  29. Posts about hair are right up my alley...I am blonde after all, what else would I read about? :)

  30. OK, I finally got somewhere where the pictures load. I LOVE the dark. It looks so fantastic!!!

  31. {new follower}
    I loove your dark hair!! I go back and forth with my hair color too so I know how ya feel, it def takes a little time to get used to a new color but it looks really good!

    look forward to reading more!

  32. you are too cute! love your hair!

  33. oh hi! it's just me. your new stalker.
    obvs I am reading your archives (sorry if abbreviations annoy you like they do me... weird that I use them?!)

    I wrote like 4 blog posts a week or so ago... because I cut it myself... had it fixed... it was a whole to do...

    anyways... I think the dark locks are quite lovely... ya know cause I have them myself!



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