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Saturday, April 16, 2011
 You guys. I try hard to produce good blog posts for you all. I have ideas, concepts, thoughts, etc. I have had this blog post in my mind for a while, but didn't know quite well how it would "jive." But then this morning, I went to C Mae's blog and she had posted this. And my whole "jive?" 

It happened.

That article on her blog helped give me that push that I needed. But before I can go on, you really need to go and read this, right now. Please, it totally relates to this blog post. Not only relates, but defines it. 

Pink nail polish on little boys? Hell yes!


This little gem of a three year old right here decided that he wanted to paint his nails with my brand new Essie nail polish. Being the "wild and free" momma that I am, who was I to say no?

Go ahead! Use your creative mind. And while you're at it? Sure! You can paint my toenails too.


Gunner's finished product...we might have to work on the steady hand...


Anyway, when I was reading C Mae's blog post, and that totally hilarious article, I thought to myself, "is this for real? Is little boys painting their nails pink that big of a deal?"

Now before I go on, let me just clarify something.

I am married to a majorly manly man. Before we had kids? Had I brought up that maybe one day his boy would be painting his toenails pink? Hubby would have freaked. But now, after said baby is here and it's three years later? My husband is more than happy to not only let our little angel baby paint his own toenails pink, but also happily obliges to getting his own toenails painted.

But daddy requested black.

(Please excuse the weird camera angle. Daddy's foot doesn't always look so screw-y. My bad)

So the question that the original article a young boy painting his toenails pink going to be destructive over time? Will this "innocent pleasure" bring on "liberal, transgendered identity politics?"

My answer?

Give. Me. A. Break.

I mean, does it look like something is wrong with my boy?

(braids and ponytails)

Um...wait, wrong picture. How about this...

(high heels and jewelry)

Crap! Wrong picture again. This is what I meant to show ya'll...

(am I cute?)

(holy hell! Say hello to the bow in back!)

Fine. Say what you will. But you know what? This kid is mine, and he is amazing. And in general?

He's one badass boy with a mohawk and tattoos.


So SUCK IT all you pink toenail little boy haters!

(Ok, granted the braids, ponytails and dress wearing was all my doing -- I like to torture him sometimes)

46 comments on "Pink This!"
  1. Loved it! :) Thanks for the shout out! I haven't posted any "news" type articles in a while as you will find out via blog world you'll lose followers some days when you state your opinion on something other than the color of a dress you like! Dislike!

    xox-C mae

  2. i think both of you girls are awesome for posting about this! and i couldn't agree more. LOVE all the pictures of gunner, those will be fun to bring out when his first girlfriend comes around ;)

  3. I totally agree with you! Something is wrong with this world when we allow girls to do things that are typical boy things and call them "tomboys". And no one seems to care about that, but for a boy to do any "girl" type activities it is out of the question. For heaven's sake they are toddlers/little kids! Thank you for voicing your opinion on this!

  4. You forgot to mention that he wanted a BARBIE for christmas.

    But I love my unofficial nephew, so let him do it!!!

  5. Love this post.. let him be free and let him creativity flow.. and keep working on that steady hand!

    But I still love him in that Mohawk.. biggest reason I want a boy ;)

  6. I loved this post!!

    I pretty much have learned to ignore the news (which is sad) but they just make such a stink about every.thing. We all as children have played with boys toys when we were little and boys played with girl toys. It wasn't a big deal then, it shouldn't be now. Get over it people.

  7. omg i love this post! you are to funny. I say let him be who he wants to be! I'm love the pic with the high heels and braclets.
    He is adorable!!

  8. Love it and love all the pics!!

  9. HA!!!! Love this post and I think its awesome that he wants to paint his toes pink - REAL MEN wear pink ;) Hope you guys are having a great Saturday!!!

  10. TOOO FUnny! I paint my nephews toe nails all the time cause he sees me paint his sisters... he is 5, like it will do anything!

  11. your husband is awesome...I love when men care more about making their kids happy than they do their "manly pride".

  12. This was too cute! He's adorable and I love that you let him have his own creative outlet!

  13. bahaha loves it and those pics are too adorable- esp with your little boy in your heels!!
    I totally agree- who cares if a little boy wants to paint his nails?!

  14. he is so cute in dresses, heels and tatted up with a mohawk!
    I love that your hubby got his toenails painted but requested black! bahahha

  15. Haha that is cute! One time my Aunt & I painted my little cousin Aaron's nails. He cried & was so upset & then we realized we were out of nail polish remover!

  16. Love this post! I think it's definitely not going to make anyone trans-gendered or homosexual. It's kids...being creative, copying mommy and daddy!

    I loooooooove his mohawk!

  17. Love love love! I mean seriously. The world is full of fun haters. Everyone is so sensitive. I honestly just don't care. This post is so sweet. As far as I'm concerned from pink toenails to a mow-hawk your boy is a stud! Great post!

  18. One day he'll probably hate that you put the pics of him in the dress on the internet! lol! He's so adorable!

  19. I totally love it.. and now you have great pieces of black mail should he become an angsty teen.

  20. Totally adorable and probably way more normal than most would think! I think most of our boys have done this a time or two and I am sure if I dug it out I could find some pics of my son in high heels and boas lol!

  21. hahaha too funny. He probably isn't ready for his own station at the nail salon yet, but good for him for being an individual! I mean not that he made a conscious decision to be different...

    Oh and even though I danced my whole life, Ive told people before I'd probably be a little resistant if my future baby boy asked to take dance... I know I know. I need to be more open.


  22. hahaha! Too cute :-) You have a beautiful family. New to your blog and now following!

  23. Super cute post! haha youre awesome! Boy is he going to get you for posting his pictures later on haha, youre too funny! But I am COMPLETELY with you. He is your kid and who cares what anyone else says, as long as he is healthy and happy and well taken care of (which I can FOR SURE tell) thats all that matters!

  24. LOVE this post. so true so true.

    and i especially love that picture of gunner in the red frilly dress. can you dress him like that all the time? please?

  25. i love that you let your boys have a little fun.

    i was painting my nails and my little brother wanted me to paint his. so did i? you bet i did!

    granted they were a deep maroon, not pink, but it's still paint!

    he loved it!

  26. How funny! I wrote out a post about this last week that is posting Monday! :)

  27. Hi, i'm a new follower, love you blog!

    I totally agree with Get. Over. It. Kids are just being kids and they learn through imitating. Plus, its nail polish, not permanent marker!

    Love that your hubby got his toes painted too!

    And love the mohawk pic!

  28. I <3 this. that is all. :)

  29. Just started following your blog! Your an awesome Mommy for letting him experiment and be free and creative. :)

  30. Oh, I love it! Let them run wild with their imaginiation while they can.

  31. haha...I love it! :)

    I say, "Let them do what makes them happy." Okay,...."Do whatever makes momma happy." haha.

    I agree with you. Not a big deal at all!

    Cori at ILoveLucyJean

  32. You know my sons see me put on my make up paint my nails and wear high heels and they all want to do it. Logan is now 4 and he understands that is what Momma's and girls do but Baby Stone is 2 and I let him. Plus it is something to look back on and show his girlfriend one day. It build character. Those people are haters. HATERS.

  33. Still don't know where you are or if you are alive. I'm just assuming someone didn't come get you out in the boondocks.

    So, I agree. I let Reese put my make up on and paint my nails. He loves it. He's just a kid and it's just like art for him. Any FREAK BOZO who says otherwise needs to get their head checked.

    Let kids do whatever the eff they want. If they're gay, they are already gay. Painting nails and make up isn't going to "turn" a child gay. People seriously are such freaks.

    Gunner looks presh in every single picture as usual. I love the apron dress thing and high heels! Too funny.

  34. Haha this cracks me up! He would make such a cute girl too. But he's totally badass in that last picture. Love it

  35. Isn't that article ridiculous?!

    Seriously, like nail polish will be the deciding factor in if your child is gay, straight or bisexual. And really if it were the deciding factor and my son ended up gay, I'd love him all the same. Maybe the pony tail I put in his hair last night will do the same...oops! Terrible moms aren't we?!

  36. OMG! Pretty sure that I had that red dress with the white apron that Gunner is wearing when I was little. Lol.

  37. I heart this post!!!!

  38. genius. PUR LOL at work and drag people into my office to read, genius.


  39. This post CRACKED me up!!! I'm probably going to do the same thing with my sons someday =)

  40. Hahaha! Freakin hilarious! I was laughing out loud! I can't wait to have little boys... and have my husband come home from work to little scenes from your pictures!! :)

  41. love it all!!! and no your little boy will not be corrupted in life :)

  42. awesome, awesome, awesome! Kids need to explore like this! He wants to do this for the same reason he wants to color in a coloring book and let him do it! You're awesome for posting about this and in the hilarious way you did. I laughed out loud at all of the pics of the dresses and ponytails. My Sister and I used to dress up our little brother all the time and call him "Stacey" hahah. Now that he's 20, he's not girly at all and we still have the hilarious memories of Conor in heels.


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