Adios and good riddance!

 So. Usually I write about my life, the crazy things that happen to me, try to keep it lighthearted, a little humorous, cause that's how I like to roll. I try not to stress and don't take anything too seriously, I try not to let other people get me all riled up because frankly, I'm not gonna let anyone rent space in my head. 

But sometimes there are certain things that light my fire like no other, such as discussions on murderers or child molesters, the right to own guns, britney spears, world peace (never gonna happen) and other political issues. 

Today that issue is the death of the devil, otherwise known as Osama bin Laden. 

I wasn't even going to write about this. Yes, it's huge news and yes, it's more important than what my moms toothbrush looks like, but I figured today was a new day, a good day, a fabulous day, a day to be celebrated. And I chalked it up to the good guys always win in the end. So I planned to write a snappy little post about a few of my good friends. (It's coming Lindsey! Promise. I think you'll likie)

But then, I opened my Mac computer this morning and started reading other peoples blogs, and there were so many that were talking about this here issue, and amazingly, a lot of people were not rejoicing! Not praising the fact that one of the most evil men in the world was now dead! And these certain bloggers were appalled at the fact that a large crowd of people had gathered to CELEBRATE!

Appalled?! COME AGAIN?


See, I am a hardcore lover of America. This is the greatest country on the planet. What we stand for, our freedom, our right to choose what religion we want to practice. Of course we aren't perfect. OF COURSE. No one and nothing is. (Except our Father up in Heaven) But this country I live in? Where I have hundreds of thousands of people who choose to go to war when necessary and fight for me? 
For ME?!



Getting a little off track here. Let me back up.

"Hey what's up guys. Osama here. I like to kill thousands of innocent people. It makes me happy. And I would still be doing it if those darn American Soilders hadn't of offed me."

THANK YOU GOD and THANK YOU TO MY HEROES, the men and women in the military, that one of the most despicable, murderous, disgusting excuses for a human being that ever lived is now dead. 

Everyone can agree that it's a good thing that he's 6 feet under, right? And so far, it seems like everyone does. I mean, you'd really have to be an idiot not to, but that's not my issue I have here. The issue I have with those certain bloggers and other people with the same mindset is that they think it's "appalling" that a lot of us are celebrating this fact. Rejoicing in this fact. Smiling and clapping and high-fiving our true patriotic friends with a loud "HELL YES!" 

I've heard a few statements, such as "is true justice an eye for an eye? Doesn't it say in the bible to turn the other cheek?"

Don't get me started with your bible talk. I'm pretty sure the bible mentions a little fact of not murdering innocent people.

They say, "aren't we doing the same thing as the people who celebrated after the destruction of 9/11? Are we any different than them, as we are now celebrating a death, a murder, an act of war?"

Those people can't honestly be serious.

Those "people" who celebrated the horrific events of 9/11 were celebrating the DEATH OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE. They were celebrating PURE EVIL.

My fellow Americans last night in front of the White House? They were celebrating the DEATH OF A MURDERER. Who took it upon himself to COME INTO OUR COUNTRY and KILL thousands of our innocent people and take mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, neighbors, and friends away from every single one of us. 

I am celebrating that.

Have fun in Hell, Osama. Say hi to Hitler and Dahmer.

And just to go back to my roots and end on a lightler note, I'll leave you with this...

Go America!


(Because we all know that Jessica Simpson in a flag bikini screams American Pride, no?)


  1. Oh my. I wish I was quick enough to have written this myself. Girl, you were spot on with EVERYTHING you said, and I couldn't agree more. I've been seeing other bloggers and people on FB post about how their appalled. I'll be sending them right to your blog ;)

  2. Wow. This just proves more of why I love you. Please read my post I literally just posted and then yours popped up. I wanted to say a lot more---similar to yours---but I think a few of the "appalled people" read my blog. I tried to stay tame.

  3. AnonymousMay 02, 2011

    I completely agree. When Mark and I found out we actually left the restaurant to go home and watch the news. He is someone who prides himself on the murder and torture and terrorism towards others and I wish I COULD have been at the White House... celebrating!!!

    You left out my favorite quote of the day...

    "I've never wished a man dead, but I've read some obituaries with great pleasure" 
-Mark Twain.

    I happen to think that these people upset about the celebrating just need something to bitch about and seem self-righteous about because "they are better than that" but they probably don't support the military, don't support "war" and don't support anything that isn't all unicorns and rainbows. If someone said that to me all I'd say is "bite me" and walk away. Great day in HISTORY!!!!!

    - Rach

  4. Preach it girl!!
    I'm a new follower and I very much like this post!
    Thanks for sharing your views with us

  5. I agree 100 percent. I love how you wrote this, I love that you threw J Simp in at the end, the girl who is the reason I have long, luscious blonde locks. I love her.

    Anyway, all I can say about this is I agree. FUCK YOU OSAMA BIN LADEN and BURN IN HELL YOU ASS HOLE!

  6. Too much? I shouldn't have cussed like that. But seriously, he fires me up. I hate him. I apologize to every one for my foul language.

  7. AMEN!!!
    I'm celebrating!! People here at my school were setting off fireworks and flooding main street chanting USA and singing the National Anthem last night!!

    Luckily I have not read any blogs who are appalled by the celebrations!

  8. Hell yeah! I've got something similar in the works my friend.

  9. I have a feeling hes in Hell with Hitler picking out which Pineapple to have shoved up his butt.
    (like in that movie little nicky)
    But seriously, i am rejoicing.
    This is a HUGE deal. Those people who have nothing to say about this have no brain in their heads, and it bothers me there are Americans that are so self absorbed they don't "care". Thanks for writing about this and not that stupid wedding.

  10. YOU.GO.GIRL!! Amen, to that and to you standing up for what you believe in (which I happen to believe in too).

  11. Agreed it is some great news and it's confusing as to why people are not as happy as they should be. Sure there are questions but other than that people should be happy.

    I like the whole Nicky reference..he's definitely one of those who is getting a pineapple placed where the sun wont shine!

  12. I'll be honest Raven.......... I could've done without the bikini picture. Now I have to drag my sorry, sagging butt to the gym tonight :(

    On a little more serious note (because I seriously am going to the gym tonight dang you!) I completely agree!! Brave men and women did NOT risk their lives so we could sit back and not celebrate our freedom. The world is a safer place for my unborn babies, and I am so grateful! I wish there were NOT men like Bin Laden... but since there are... we NEED to stand up to them!

  13. Amen, I am a Military wife. this to me is a good thing many things will come from this. Good things .


  14. Awesome post! I cracked up at the end too! Even my hubby laughed! I was reading it to him! I actually read him all your posts! He noticed you had changed your picture too - impressive huh?

  15. I want to look that good in a bikini. Not fair.

    Good post. Of course I would think so. While I am happy, it's a little scary to think of things getting worse, and them deploying the hubby...but we'll think happy thoughts for now. :)

  16. Great post Raven! I dont understand how people can be appauled either.

    And yes, now the picture of Jessica Simpson, did you like really have to do that? lol JK. But yes, as I saw that my head started filling up with, oh ive gotta get on this and that, I want that body! (Heck it will never happen, but I can come close, right? RIGHT? lol)

    oh, I should shoot you an email actually. I see you have a huge standpoint on certain things, and I saw something mentioned I am sure I know your view on it, but I would like to maybe hear about it? I dunno whenever I hear about it, IT MAKES ME SICK. :(

  17. I just hope that this will help bring peace to our world!

  18. I saw it on the news last night, I happened to be up late. This is a good thing, I stay away from politics too but I totally agree.

  19. I agree 110%. He had this one comin' to him. And deserved it. And if I could celebrate again, I would. And that picture at the end....gave me a nice good laugh. Perfect. haha.

  20. AMEN!!! We deserve to celebrate and dance in the streets and wave our flags just like they did when they attacked us. Some people just don't understand how serious they are about killing Americans. They HATE us. Why should we ever give them respect? They would never do that for us.

  21. I feel like middle ground on this issue. I refuse to celebrate- but I get why people are. However, my husband is actively serving in Afghanistan... so when I heard the news I wasn't happy. I was scared. What will this mean for the soldiers on the group? What about a few years back when they said if Bin Laden were killed there will be action taken in the States or Europe. It's scary stuff to me. I just think there's more to it than "yippee, he's dead" -- for me. Again though, I do understand why it's a much simpler issue for other people.

  22. Samantha,

    I absolutely don't think it's a "simple" issue. My sisters husband has been to Iraq three times and my cousin is there now.

    I also don't give a rip what those people say, that if Osama bin Laden was killed then there would be major repercussions. We don't live in fear of their threats. We were attacked unprovoked and so viciously.

    We will always have war. Period. Some people will always hate up and what we stand for, and take it upon themselves to attack us. And we must ALWAYS make sure that they can't do it again.

    So I do celebrate this and instead of us being scared about what will happen now, maybe it will make other people think twice about what will happen to THEM if they try to mess with US.

  23. Shout it from the roof top girl!! So true.. thank you god that he is dead!!!! You said it all.. and love the pictures of Jessica Simpson.

  24. Holy moly, took the words right out of my mouth. Loved the post. Loved the points you made. And loved J in a bikini... who wouldn't!! Lets drink to that....

    like we need reasons to drink?!


  25. This is why I love you. You have girl balls bigger than mine. I could learn from you. Seriously.

    And you may have to tell me who was APPALLED because I need to make sure I'm not following them. They are idiots.

    I could get on my soap box but I won't. Just know that I agree with everything you said and more. Osama can suck it. Eff him. He will burn in hell forever and I couldn't be more happy about it.

    LOVE YOU! xoxo

  26. You for real are my new all time favorite blogger.


  27. A.M.E.N.!!! Took the words right out of my mouth.

  28. AMEN!
    I couldn't agree more.
    I'm not American, but I'm so glad and RELIEVED that Bin Laden is dead.

  29. Love it, love it. I was out on Sunday when I received word via text hat he was dead and literally, it just made that dance ON. There was no sweeter bliss than dancing and drinking with friends know that someone who hates my right to do that so much just ceased to exist. So longgg Osama, don't let the door hit you on the way out. So much gratitude and respect for all involved in this long search for him! PS love the J.Simps pic, haha.

  30. Amen Sista! :) Agreeed.

    The picture of Jessica? Now THAT's some photoshop work!

  31. Alright, I'm back. I had to chime in a little more...haha. I just should have ignored other people's comments. Haha.

    1) I agree that this isn't a simple issue for anyone. What is better? Being in the middle east fighting for nothing? Or, knowing that we are making a difference? How could it be any more dangerous now? It was already pretty bad, considering 9/11. We are doing what we set out to do. No one gets to screw with us; because we'll hunt your ass down, even if it takes 10 years. You best be sleeping with one eye open!

    2) I really wanted to apply some cliche lines in agreeance with this post. Something like:

    America! F*** Yeah!, from Team America (awful movie, catchy tune)


    "You took the words right out of my mouth, must of been while you were kissing me." Wait whuhh? Don't worry, I'm not hitting on you; it is an old Meatloaf song - guilty pleasure!

    Okay, I'm done now...I think. :) haha.

  32. Hey girlie! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I absolutely LOVE this post and am loving your blog! Glad you found me, too (wink, wink)!


  33. These are my thoughts exactly! I couldn't believe when people were not celebrating that we finally don't have to worry about him. It' didn't make any sense to me. I'm glad you wrote this. Great post, Raven!

  34. OH my I love love love love love this post!


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