Celebrities are dumb

Like, SO dumb.

Hollywood is full of crazies. And the funniest part is that those crazies think they rule the world. Hollywood is a complete la-la land. A place where morals and values and most importantly common sense does not exist!

(I'm sure there are a few people who live in the LA area that are decent. Like, a minute amount. Like, maybe three people. At most. If you are one of those three? Then I'm not talking about you. *wink*)

Let's talk a little celeb talk, shall we?


 Heather Locklear gave an interview and in it she was talking about her beauty secrets and how she stays so young looking. She swears by sleeping on her back, a trick, she says, that her mom taught her 20 years ago. She is quoted as saying "It's supposed to help prevent wrinkles. It's not always that comfortable, but it seems to work."
I don't know about you, but I hate sleeping on my back and I would never not sleep in any position because I "didn't want wrinkles." Sleep is a time for me to be all comfy and cozy!

Besides Heather, I think that drinking often and to excess (how many DUI's ya got?) and SMOKING is known to cause aging and wrinkles. Much more so than sleeping on your stomach.




 Hollywood marriages. About as dumb and laughable as Obama getting re-elected. Or Sarah Palin getting elected, for that matter. (Hey, I may reside mostly on the right, but I can hate on both sides if need be).

Let's delve a little deeper, shall we? Let's just pretend for a moment that I'm married to a hot successful actor. I get up, make him breakfast, kiss him goodbye, do all my wifely duties, etc. Then he goes off to work and makes out with the hottest women in the world. Of course, it's "his job" and it's "just acting."

Oh really? Because in the REAL WORLD, real husbands don't leave the home and make out with other women besides their wife. And if they do? It's a breach of vows and considered cheating and divorce very well could be a possibility. Kissing is an intimate act. No matter how many people are standing around from the production crew on a movie set, kissing on the lips is a physical expression of affection or love between two people. It is human nature to have feelings evolve when you act in intimate ways with each other.


But in la-la land, it is considered completely and utterly acceptable for married people to make out and press their (almost) naked bodies up against each other while "filming love scenes" with others besides their spouse.

It's like how currently, all of Hollywood is "shocked" that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting a divorce. Never mind the fact that this was his second marriage and her third. I wonder if people will still be as shocked when she gets divorced from her eighth husband?

Probably. Because this is Hollywood we are talking about.



Celebutots. Cute little precious will most definitely be spoiled rotten little brats babies.

Everyone loves a pregnant gal, right?

Let's take January Jones for example. You know, from the popular show Mad Men?

She's currently preggers.


Cute little baby bump, no?

All her friends in the business talk about what a "good mother she will make one day." And she very well may be. Hell, she could possibly be the BEST mother in the whole entire world. But let me ask though, where is the father? She definitely isn't married, but since this is Hollywood, shouldn't she at least have a boyfriend? Or a baby daddy at that?

There has not once been any mention of the father of this unborn child, and Houston, we have a problem when in today's world, it is considered perfectly acceptable and even celebrated for no one to even blink an eye when a woman becomes pregnant and the question of who the father is, or what the effects will be on this child who grows up without a father figure, seem totally irrelevant.

A child flourishes best with a mother and father.
And don't be mad at me for stating it.
It's just the FACT.

{side note: as I know this topic can cause a severe firestorm, I am not referring to certain situations that are out of our control, like a parent passing away, or a child being rescued or adopted from the foster system into a loving one parent home (which I think is heroic, btw). I am talking about people knowingly and on purpose bringing a child into this world without first making sure that there will be a loving mother AND father to care for it. And then for that to be celebrated.}

I wonder how many followers this little not-so-humble opinion of mine will cost me.
Not like I care, simply. As I write this blog with complete honesty, and not "offending" or being "politically correct" has never been my goal.


And finally, we have good ol' Kim Kardashian.

As I'm sure you've all heard, she got engaged a while back and now sports a 20 carat diamond ring.

See her showing off that sparkly rock?


Great. Super. Fantastical and all that is wonderful in the world.

Kim K. gets her day in the sun, she gets to plan her beautiful wedding and of course, creating a wedding registry is part of that, right? (I won't even go into the fact that I know they will be divorced within 2 years. You call me negative? I call me realistic).

Bed, Bath & Beyond be damned! Registering at Target would be the "f" word!

Now before I start my rant, let me just say that I would never tell someone how to spend their hard earned money. You earned it, you spend it how you please. Period.

But, and this is a really big BUT, whether you have ten billion or ten dollars in the bank, being empathetic and responsive to those in need is a very important part of who you are as a human being.

Regarding Kim's registry (according to this article)...

She registered at Geary's in Beverly Hills, and a few things on her list include a $1,250 sterling silver spoon, a $375 candy jar, and a breakfast tray worth $1600. The least expensive thing on their registry was a $12.50 cloth napkin, while a vase worth $7,500 tipped the scale at the other end.

Something else they registered for; a $840 crystal ashtray. Even though neither of them smoke.

The cereal bowls they registered for are more than $150 each, and their glasses and saucers? Twice that. And they are asking for 18 of each.

Kim's sister, Khloe, joked that Kim's wedding is going to be "royal wedding #2," in reference to Prince William and Dutchess Kate's recent marriage. Except that Will and Kate asked for charitable donations in lieu of wedding gifts.

Like I stated earlier; your money, you spend it how you please.

However, if you can afford to buy your fiance an estimated two million dollar wedding ring, than you most likely can buy your own kitchen tableware and gadgets. NOT TO MENTION that BOTH probably have more assets already than most of America. I'm sure that between the two of them, they have enough spoons and knives and breakfast trays to last them a lifetime.

So instead of asking their hundreds of wedding guests to make donations to certain charities of people in real need, instead of asking for a crystal ashtray when they don't even smoke, they create a total elaborate and costly wedding registry.

Guess money really can't buy you class. Or empathy. Or decency. Or common sense.

Or ANYTHING else besides an $840 crystal ashtray when THEY DON'T EVEN SMOKE!!

Does anyone else think that this is as outrageous as I do?!


My dear God
(and I am not using that word in vain. I really am talking to Him)

Hollywood is SO dumb.



  1. Loved this post. You are right about it all! You haven't lost a reader here...I couldn't agree more with your comments about children needing both a mother and father. Love Bec from Australia!

  2. Ha! This is a great post. And I do think the ashtray is totally ridiculous.
    I second the stated fact that a child needs both parents, and
    Hollywood divorces....annoying!

  3. Amen to that! The Kardashians make me gag. Oh and yes, children do better when both parents are involved...totally agree.

  4. awesome post and i couldn't agree more ... it is sad that in this day and age that that type of behavior is acceptable to some. very sad.

  5. I totally agree with you on the point that children should be raised with both a mother and a father! Glad you stood up for that. I personally think couples should also be married too before they decide to bring a baby into the world.

  6. hilarious! preach on sista...preach on. i love it!

  7. A freakin' MEN. This post was worth a couple lost followers. And you forgot to mention exactly HOW Ms K got so famous. Class all the way...

  8. Luvs it! So true.

  9. OMG LOVED this post! I am a new reader of yours and haven't commented yet.. I had to on this one! Kim K. drives me NUTS!! Yes, she is gorgeous and sometimes I wish I had her life, but her registry made me sick as well. I don't think she could get more gaudy and showy-offy with her money. You definitely can't buy class. This post is exactly what so many people think and are just too afraid to say! You rock!

  10. So. I think you just jumped to the top of my list. Well worth any lost peeps. Rant on sista, rant on...

  11. i'm right behind you when it comes to Kim K's wedding registry. an ashtray and a cookie jar for that much money is over the top ridic. especially when that money would be better well spent supporting cancer research for the black lungs or make a wish foundation for the little kids who just want to eat cookies with Kim K.

    BUT...what i'm not agreeing with is the baby drama. just because we don't see january jone with a man or just because she hasn't alerted the media (aka america) as to who the father is doesn't mean there isn't going to be one in the babies life. yes, celebrities are sometimes freaks...but they also need their privacy. what if the father is a deadbeat, drug addicted, wife beater? we don't know the situation, so we can't really judge. i agree that yes, two parents are better than one. obviously. but just because you're raised in a two parent household doesn't mean you're going to grow up to be this magnificent person. i have plenty of friends (myself included) who were raised by single parents (one even a teen mother who didn't know her father) and they turned out to become successful human beings. it's all about the people who raise the child...whether it's a mom/dad or one parent.

  12. WOW.
    Really like the part about celebrity marriages, it's nice to hear someone who still thinks there is something sacred about the marriage bed, there are an awful lot of dummies out there! Loved it.

  13. TOTALLY agree. Wow, you are a friggin mind reader. I've been thinking these same things. Why the eff does Kimmy K need expensive utensils?! I can understand if they wanna register for an expensive china set, but this is reeedick! Also 100% with ya on the kids needing a mother and father. Keep it comin girl, your keeping it real and I love you for it!

  14. Hahahaha - are we twins? It's quite possible after reading this.

  15. OK I have to piggy back on Beth's comment. Raven, you know I love you and one of the things I love most about our friendship is that we can agree to disagree. This is going to be one of those moments, so hold tight and promise to still love me after this is all said and done! K?

    All right, yes Kim K's registry is OUT OF CONTROL. Like ridic. DUI's and back sleeping to prevent wrinkles is also ridic. I sleep on my back and trust me, I have plenty of wrinkles on my forehead. STUPID.

    Anyway ... so not to put myself on blast here because my personal life isn't something I like to just throw out there for the world to read, but I take some issue with the comment about parents should be married to have a child (hello, Reese's parents are not married and it's better for Reese that they aren't). He is the happiest little boy you will ever meet.

    I do not remember a time my parents were ever married and just like it will be for Reese, he will never know any different. It never affected me, it's just the life I knew and my mom was more of a mom than a lot of 2 parents are combined. She didn't marry my Dad and have me and my brother thinking she would be divorced, but some things are beyond your control. You are very lucky both your parents are still married and that you and Rob are married. Obviously, you come from an ideal situation. But just because someone's situation isn't ideal, it doesn't mean the child can't prosper and become EXTREMELY successful. Hello, me. ha! I think 2 loving parents, regardless of sex, regardless if they are married, etc ... is better than one and definitely better than none.

    All these people saying "yah, TWO MARRIED PARENTS! TWO MARRIED PARENTS" ... um, although that is ideal, children can be perfect without 2 parents in the house.

    oh and p.s. still have to listen to your voicenotes, I woke up to them but had to rush to get ready this morning. I have a feeling they might be about this post!

    Love you XOXOXOXO,
    LouLou Les

  16. hah, funny post! Made me laugh! SO very true tho!

    I cant believe Kim and that shananigan wedding stuff. Yah, I can so see it, watch them not even get married or call off "the engagement". I defnitely see them splitting or divicoring within 5 years too!

    With the parenting thing, I do agree as well, but I am a single mother, and I am doing just fine and miss Sadie is too. But I hope to one day, have that father figure in her life, because I think its important. But there is a damn good reason why the "father" isnt around. :) But this guy I am now officially able to call my BF is SO sweet and good with Sadie! I just hope we work out and go for the long run! I love seeing him hold her and smile when he sees her, melts my heart!

  17. I enjoyed some this post and usually love your blog...but i have to disagree with your comments on children. Life is not always picture perfect and just because things don't happen traditionally doesn't mean that a child can't have a happy and fulfilled life. Sure, marriage is the ideal way to bring a baby into the world but sometimes that just isn't possible. Like when the guy turns out to be a loser and leaves or treats the girl badly and she has to leave. Just because life isn't perfect doesn't mean it can't be joyous, fulfilled and stable for a baby. We're just people, we do the best we can.

  18. I adore you.

    That is all.


  19. OH MY GOSH!! I'm SOOOO glad you brought up January Jones!! Her choice to not speak up about the baby daddy has pissed me off since I first heard about it. Maybe there was a sperm donor involved, but who would know since she has been romantically linked just in the past year to Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Piven, Adrian Brody, and Bobby Flay. Just sayin.

    And about Kim Kardashian, REALLY?! Who needs all of that crap?! Dirk Nowitzki just proposed to his girlfriend (now fiance) with a 2 million dollar engagement ring too, but who gets all the press? The most scandalous of course.

    I'm so glad you posted this today. It made me realize how much better my life is. :)

    (PS- I LOVE your blog!)

  20. I absolutely love your realness. Completely. You have a way of saying things that I'm hoping I can find in my blog.

    I agree with you. Royal wedding #2 - um, have some class and then come talk to me about royal weddings. Don't EVEN compare yourself to KATE!

    : )


  21. I think I've already said this... but you're my favorite.

    I used to enjoy the Kardashians. I really did.. for whatever dumb reason. Kim, however, is beginning to get on my nerves. She'd bounce from boyfriend to boyfriend, supposedly looking for "true love," then she's just flaunting her ring around and now this ridiculous registry? And did you hear how Kim K is sueing Old Navy for a model that looksl ike her? She wants like $20 million!! Please, Kim. Please be a little more ridiculous. Thanks.

  22. Although I disagree with pretty much everything you said I will still follow you and think you are hilarious and I love that you have the balls to say the things you do (I know lots of single moms by choice due to age because I'm reproductively challenged, I don't care if Kim K buys expensive stuff because big ticket items=loads of taxes, I think divorce is fine because I don't think marriage is really natural and I'm a Democrat)!!

    You are hilarious!

  23. Even though these are celebrities, pretty sure that being mean and judgmental towards them in such a manner is still considered unclassy. I mean, would you talk about your neighbors like this? If so, I am glad that I do not live near you!

  24. Ahh...the difference between Hollyworld and the real world we live in! I hear ya on ALL of this! That would be including the remarks about Obummer and Palin...

    Great post!


  25. AMEN!!!!! Thank you for being straight forward and realistic. We need more people like you! PS - I'm concerned about my lunch costing me $5 when they are registered for $12 cloth napkins. What is wrong with this world!?

  26. Hey hey hey! I love an hour outside of LA and I definitely DON'T have morals, values or common sense. So I guess youre right on that one ;)

    Right on about the Kim K. deal. They have so much money they obviously don't know what to do with it. Because and $840 ash tray (I don't care if you even smoke) is just RIDIC!!!!

  27. $1,250 sterling silver spoon... ridic-u-lous.

  28. I agree with Lindsey and Beth, I'm a huge fan of 2 loving parents. I feel like there are a lot of couples that are married where 1 parent does all the work. My bf and I aren't married and our boys are happy, healthy and loved!

    I do agree that celebs are stupid. So ridic. Children all over this country and world are starving and dying, People are losing their jobs left and right and unable to buy food for their families and these assholes spend atrocious amounts of money on bullshit.

  29. Actually, the sleeping on your back thing is 100% true. I do business development and sales for an anti-aging skin care company and that is one of the first things we learn. Those lines that go from the corner of your nose down towards your chin - that is where those come from. I agree that you should be comfortable when you are sleeping, but it is an easy thing to do to avoid wrinkles!

  30. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011

    This is the difference between you and me - you love to stir the waters and I love to live in my own happy bubble and ignore the chaos around me!! ;) Lemonade and Caribbean music while laying in the pool, YES PLEASE!! Celebrities... NO THANKS!! DSFDF though, (and I agree with post).

    - Rach

  31. I love you and your honest opinion. I laughed by butt off at some of your comments and agree with you 110%. About EVERYTHING. While I knows that there are single parents who are great, it has been proven by several studies that kids who grow up in a 2 parent household preform better on tests, job interviews and in life. Not saying that kids who have just one parent around can't do the same, BUT there are facts. SOOO I agree.

    As for Kim K... I can't stand her or her family. Really, she wants to outdo the Royal Wedding?! Who the heck does she think she is?! Personally, I think people forget how she got famous... It was her little sex tape... Remember that?! Her only tie to the money she had was from her father who has probably rolled over several times in his grave from what his daughters have been doing. Not only this, but she is also a disgrace to all Armenians who do live a decent and moral life. AND yes registering for things that cost more than what some people make in a MONTH is a bit out of control. BAH.

    In short I hate how Hollywood has been ruining the morals of this country and our society.

  32. I have nothing to add to this. You said it perfectly.

  33. LOVE this post.

    You know what else bugs ... is when these celebs state their political views, to sway people. And people follow ... seriously. Would you follow someone who lives in a make-believe world? And usually, they are totally uneducated, like 8th grade, if that.

    And gawd, I hope I don't get invited to Kim K's wedding. I just can't afford to go go. ;)

  34. Very funny.....I'm an LA girl through and through and I love it. LOL

  35. i am a fairly new reader, and this post will not cause me to "unfollow". i appreciate your honesty, and you sticking to your guns. love the blog! keep it up!! :]

  36. AnonymousJuly 22, 2011

    LOVE IT! Go get 'em!

  37. Being someone who currently resides in Los Angeles...

    you are, unfortunately for humanity's sake, correct.

  38. You seem angry... Need me to send you some chocolate chip cookies? Oh, wait I ate them all.

    And sadly, Heather is still looking hot. If you removed that smudged eyeliner from the mug shot; you've got yourself a decent passport photo. Although I think Botox also keeps her wrinkle-free; I'm just saying...

  39. I don't agree. It's my first time here- and I'll be back. Great read.

    Kim K- She's an entertainer. She gets paid to do stupid things. Her job is to entertain, not to be thoughtful and charitable. I'm not saying that entertainers can't be charitable.. I'm saying- this is the same woman who got famous from a sex tape. We call her all types of smuts and hoe bags- but want her to use her "blood money" to save the world? Her golden ashtray is a regular persons iphone. Should they donate that $199 to charity? Surely they could get a free flip phone and save the world. Be the change you want to see in others is what I say. I can't talk about Kim as I wait for my iphone 5 when the iphone 4 works fine. Same difference, just on a smaller Target type of scale instead of Geary's.

    January Jones- I think she will be the best mother she can be, for her situation and circumstance. That's all any mother can aim to be. She may lack in the man department- but I assure you her child will know French, Spanish and have seen 42 countries by their 5th birthday. That's a flourishing child- to the best of her ability and circumstance. Hell, for all we know.. maybe the condom broke. Welcome to the club January! Things happen. Would most kids flourish in a private school? Absolutely. Should people who can't afford private school, not have kids? Would most kids flourish more if their mother dedicated all their time to them instead of spilting it between 3 siblings? Some studies say yes. Some studies say people are happier without children. Since when do we trust people with ph.D's to control our lives and actions? Maybe this is her dream. The same dream all the other mothers had although they don't have perfect situations. People do the best they can in their circumstance. Find me a Mother who at one point doesn't wish things were different and "better" for her child. January might be crying herself to sleep at night. Who knows?

  40. You are such a little pot stirrer! Haha. I actually was raised by a divorced mother...and I think I turned out basically exceptional. : ) Right? : ) However, I totally agree with you. Two parents IS the best choice.

  41. As promised. A few brewskies in, and a witty comment to come.

    First off, this reminds me of my very controversial (not to me, to others) post on my MIL. Not the content, but the truth. Some readers just hate to read opinions.

    I read people's opinions that I don't agree with all the time. What do I do after I am done reading? I click X and leave.

    Not to say that any of the people that have stated their opinion are wrong in doing so, or that they aren't allowed to. Because I ALWAYS try to encourage my readers to tell me what they think.

    However, I don't think you need much convincing after reading this post. Clearly, you have certain beliefs (which I agree 100% in... no shocker there i'm sure) and clearly you aren't looking for someone to sway you a certain way.

    That being said... lets move on to my witty comments that were promised.

    Heahter. AKA Dumbass.... she's a moron. I wouldn't take any advice from her. And for the commentator who suggested that she was right... really dude? really? Like get the hell out of here. NO ONE CARES. NO ONE.

    Hollywood marriage. What? It's all for show. Clearly. Just so they can get divorced 2 weeks later. JLO and Marc who? Oh yeah. Why anyone even wasted a breath talking about them is beyond me... again, waste of time.

    Which brings me to the baby making without a man being mentioned. Again, Hollywood is all about status. Caring about their child having a father figure? Obviously that didn't cut the list. {Just like a successful marriage didn't either}.

    Oh Kim. Poor girl has been wanting to get married for decades now... too bad no one has explained to her yet about the Raven Blog. You know. Hollywood marriages don't work. Sorry sister.

    But hey, have a baby, get divorced, and then be another hollywood statistic!

    womp womp.


    i'm sobering up! gotta get more BLLs in me. and i don't think I made nearly enough grammatical errors.... which could be a good thing... or a bad thing. depending on what we are rating here.

    just saying.

    and this is the longest post i have ever written.

    wait. it's not a post. it's a comment.


  42. I completely agree with you, except I have a weird love for J-Lo. I always have. I do know that she didn't allow female flight attendants on any of her husband's private flights because he flirts too much. Fact. Not that you care. I do feel bad for her twins.... not really for her and Skeletor.

  43. I agree with all of the above Hollywood has always shocked me so far the only power couple I love is Will and Jada!

    Also I agree they are sending wrong messages to children about motherhood. Shows like 16 and pregnant idolize it! Gross. Saying it's ok to be a teen mom. Not ok. Live your life honey

    Next Kim got famous by making a sex tape, really people!

  44. ahahaha, I just adore you and wishhhh I could adore you in person! Anyway, yes, Kim is crazy and over the top BUT that is why I watch her show, and all those other awful over the top shows. They are like a train wreck and I guess I like a good disaster :)

  45. AnonymousJuly 23, 2011

    If you go to the store's website, you can view her entire registry. She also registered for an $1,100 ashtray, and then 4 cheaper ashtrays. (By cheaper I mean $840 and $750) Too much.

  46. I have been layin around sick all day with a THROBBBBBIN sore throat and sinus funk-itis. This made me laugh a lot. Seriously. So thank you. I am SO SICK of America's obsession with this crap - people say how negative it all is, but they just can't wait to turn the TV on and catch the next episode of someone's "life" goin down the drain in Hollywood. And, my thing is for all the money he spent on Kim K's ring - the thang is UGLY! Good post!

  47. i completely agree with you on these. 100%. i could go on and on about how dumb they can be. (and about how dumb americans will be if they elect obama AGAIN...but i digress).

    i love kim k for many reasons, but this kind of stuff almost makes me loathe her. its all a joke. its not seriously, nor does america take her little engagement seriously. but its us buying those dumb magazines to read about this crap and she is just feeding the magazines what they want knowing we will "want to read about it". blah blah...i could talk about this crap forever really.

    and i agree with you about january jones too. unfortunately, i now live in a society in norway where this is common. when i first started talking with my boyfriend a long time ago, we were talking about someone's kid here. and i said something about their parents marriage and he told me they were married. i was shocked. then he said it is MORE common to have kids out of wedlock than in wedlock. maybe im just too conservative in my views to understand it...but oh well. :( anyways...great post :)

  48. I agree with almost all of this. Just not the January Jones part. Who’s to say that the dad is involved but doesn’t want to be hounded by the media? Or maybe she’s embarrassed of a one night stand, but decided against an abortion? I find it refreshing that she didn’t run to a magazine to exploit her situation for money. And if the dad really isn’t involved, there’s no telling what the future will bring. My mom divorced my dad when I was 1. She remarried when I was 3 and he is the one I’ve called my dad for 30 years. I’m married with two kids and although I agree that it’s the right way, I don’t judge those who aren’t as fortunate as me.

  49. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011

    I'm a single mom of two young boys. (Very young.) Their father made the choice to walk away. Not me. I'm a single mom, stepping up, and being both mama AND daddy to both boys. Is it hard? Absolutely. However, it wasn't my choice.

    I think the thing with society that's more troubled is the fact that people are blaming single mothers and pointing the fingers at them. People get pregnant. It happens. Good for those moms for stepping up and being the best they can be. Shame on those men for walking away.

    I think THAT'S heroic. Stepping up and being a full time mama AND daddy to a child(ren).

  50. People are now very selfish in the world. I loved it when your family decided to buy presents for the poor one christmas INSTEAD of each other. That is how you are, and there needs to be more people like that. It's sad...alot of hollywood is selfish and only thinks about what they have compared to their neighbor.
    Good points.

  51. I totally agree with everything in this post. Heather Locklear - I mean who would take advice from her? Didn't she date David Spade or something? And as far as a child having both parents in the picture...I know shit happens and you can't always control what people will do when it's down to the wire, however that's why having a child is something you PLAN for. You talk about it and discuss it and make sure both partners are financially & emotionally ready to bring a child into this world. And as far as Kim Kardashian goes...I'm so sick of hearing/talking about her. Yea let's ask for an $850 ashtray when we don't smoke and there's people that can't even afford food, clothing or shelter. Yea sounds like a plan. Oh and her ring look tacky.

  52. haha just read this now, you were being WAY to optimistic for kim .. 5 years... too bad 72 days is all it lasted!
    love this post. Hollywood is so dumb

  53. Dammit! You always get it right on the nail! I think you should re-post this and do a before & after, now that EVERYTHING you said about Kim & her wedding/divorce is totally correct. Plus, I'm sure you can outline her next step -

    This was great in everyway.


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