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Friday, August 19, 2011
You guys, I have something for you today. 

I must preface this post with a warning: a few screws came loose in the making of this video.

But let's be honest. Loose screws = a fun, viewing pleasure for ya'll.

Enjoy :)

I hope you still look at me through rose-colored glasses and that I have not confirmed your suspicions that I am, in fact, certified looney bin.

But aren't those other girls awesome?

If you don't already know them (which I presume you do) you can meet them all here:

Ashley: Run With Me
Erica: Young and Fabulous
Rissy: Carissa Explains it All
Stephanie: Stephanie and Such
Shalyn: The Nelson Diaries
Sabrina: Sabrina Says

Seriously, I love ALL these chicas and their blogs are definitely on my must read list. (And special thanks to Sabrina for doing such an awesome job at editing and putting together the video!)

Have a skin tight jeans weekend!

60 comments on "Something exciting"
  1. That was so cute! Totally made me smile and sing along with it.

  2. Haha... I love it! Great way to start a morning.

  3. I agree w/ Whitney - great way to start the morning. :) I loved it... you're hilarious. "Give me a siiiiiignnnnnn..."

  4. Hahaha!!! This was PRICELESS! You are a girl after my own heart!! I love Brit Brit!! I'm going to her concert Saturday AND Monday night! What, what?!

    So I kinda want to be apart of the next singing group, just sayin'

  5. well duh I'll be having a skin tight jeans weekend... watching this over and over again

  6. OH MY GOD RAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has been by FAR the best blog post I've read/watched in for EV ERRRRRR!!!!! I How did y'all do this/make it!?!? So awesome!!! Shayln's hubby in the background was pretty dang funny. Ok I'm gonna do my part and promote y'all's video!!! LOVES IT!!!!!! :)

  7. i loveeee this;
    i may just have to promote it to just like cmae;
    it is tooooo frickin hilarious!! love it!

  8. Raven...I still have no words for how hysterical you are in this. I love it and YOU! :)

  9. Haha. l-o-v-e. Too funny!!

  10. Made. My. Day.

    I was going to have my girls do this to the same song! Great minds! Great minds!

    Yes, I am taking my daughter's to the Katy Perry concert NEXT WEEK! Woo hoo! I just keep waiting for the "Mom, what does manajatwa mean?" (However you spell that!

  11. i dont want to be a bragart...actually, who cares, i do...but i think we could be the next big thing!

    totally wearing my skin-tightest jeans today!

    your part was clearly amazeballs homegirl!

    XO, A

  12. bahahaha!! i am not a katy perry fan, but this was hilarious! and if you hadn't done britney, i would have been concerned. ;]

  13. this just got my morning off to the best start. how cute? happy friday, raven!

  14. Popped by from Shalyn's blog and I am now a new follower!!!

    Great blog!!

  15. oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh my god i love you.....LMAO...that just made my whole day. i am in hysterics.

  16. Yessss!!

    Loose screws=britney spears. I feel like this video should get me Katy Perry tickets and you backstage passes to meet britney!

    I still crack up watching you!!!!!

  17. hehe I LOVE IT! you have some HOT friends. I love the hubby dancing around in the back ground.
    great way to start my day

  18. So much fun to watch! My 6 yr old son enjoyed it too; started our weekend off right!

  19. Bahahah! Seriously, that just made my day! Now, if I could only get you fun beautiful girls in my town!

  20. bbbahahhahahahah. funny video.

    my 2 year old came running over to see the computer screen when the music came on... and quickly said, i dont like that song mama turn it off.


  21. OH my gosh, you girls are awesome!

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AMAZING!! You girls + Andrew are adorable!! I love it!! I hope that this isn't the last time we will see the Dream Team. :)

  23. Haha this is so so awesome, I was laughing everytime you came on singing Britney :-D

  24. Omg Omg Omg I love this!!!!! You are crazy and I love you for it!!! Moreeeee!!!!! ;)

  25. awesome!! loved it :)

    you are hilar girlfriend!

  26. I was laughing watching this video. As I took a drink of my coffee lil miss spitfire came on screen singing britney... there is now coffee all over my computer screen and I'm okay with that! you. are. awesome.

  27. You guys are FREAKS!

    I like it.


  28. Raven! You are my newest love :) Thanks so much for making this video AMAZING!! You are ridiculous! I mean that in the best way possible! Can't wait to have a meet up!

    Sabrina Says

  29. Haha LOVE this!! I was having such a crappy morning, but this totally turned it all around. I love Andrew dancing in the background.. hilarious!!

  30. GIVE ME A SIGGGNN! hahah i adore this.

  31. ha ha that was ADORABLE!

    (is it bad that iw as signing long too? lol)

    [sweet life of a southern wife]

  33. OMG! I couldn't stop laughing! LOL I love the random Britney inserts!

  34. you're so funny! what a great video!

  35. Love that song and the video was awesome!

  36. bahahah this was SO worth the wait!!!

    and yes i am going to add this video to the newest things i am obsessed with.

    you are on that list as well.


  37. I'm boiling with jealousy.

  38. Can I tell you how much I loved this?!! It was awesome!! You girls rock! I loved you doing the Britney! Too funny!

  39. Love the video! So cute!

    I got the opp to see Ms. Spears Wed night... best concert I have been too!!! So much fun!!! So glad I got to go see her, def one of my fav girls, too :)

    Hope you have a great night!


  41. This is awesome - you guys are all so funny! Definitely following you now :)

  42. I think I have a girl crush on you.

  43. I watched this with my 5 year old and when we were done?

    All she said was:

    Can we hear it one more time?

    So yes - I love you so much - I listened to this TWICE.

  44. hahah I LOVE THIS SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! words...except you are awesome and we would get along FBAULOUSLY in real life world.

    ok i have a funny story. I went to go watch one of your vlogs on a past blog post and accidently hit the link to your youtube page and saw the outtakes of this and had NO IDEA what it was for but i diiiiiied laughing. Then sabrina sent the video link to us and i was like OMG thats what she was doing! hahah I EFFING DIED

    ok love you!!


  45. can you imagine how awesome of a dance party you group of girlies could have??!!!! of course, i'd have to join.

  46. Raven I just LOVE this, it's SO something I would do with my girlfriends here. I'm pretty sure you're a best friend from my previous life... Lol. God now I sound like a creepy stalker.
    I promise I'm not outside your window peering in, although would be at your door with an empty wine glass ready for a party if I'm ever so kindly invited. Dance party at Ravens. And we would totally do a drunk vlog... I need to be drunk to do a vlog- I have yet to post such a masterpiece.

    Glad incame across your blog lately, your blog is a breath of fresh air and makes me laugh every post.

  47. Teee heeee!!! Can you get more precious????

  48. Just when I think you can't get any funnier. There are no words...just tears...hilarious! Thanks for brightening up an otherwise boring Saturday.

  49. you are the absolute best!!! love, love, love this! and you can't get any cuter, i tell you!

  50. WHEN DO I GET TO GET ADDED to the dream team..I promise form this day forward to start blogging all the time!! promise promise promise!

  51. You are the best! I'm going to be singing this all day!

  52. Oh my word. Hilarious...I adore you.

  53. This video made me love you even more than I already do! I've watched it too many times already and even made my husband watch it! You were his favorite by the way haha

  54. laughing my booty off while catching up on your blog! this is amazing haha britney would be proud

  55. i have to atleast view this twice a day. makes me wanna do one.. so good girls.. loved it.

  56. well done girl- great video :) xo

  57. This was sooooo cute! All of you are beautiful, funny and talented. I love that you sang Brit!

  58. I am so glad I stumbled on this! amazing!

  59. Never laughed so hard at ANY blog or vlog. I'm having a {hardcore} stalk Raven's blogs today and this... this was just amazing. I threw up my chewed pecan.

    Amazing job ladies!


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