Awesomeness for your Tuesday Part II

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
I'm back again on this Tuesday hoping to bring a lil' mind-blowing action to your life.

Heehee. Yeah right.

Anyway, remember on this post when a few of ya'll said I looked like this lovely lady?

Well since then, I have been inundated with people telling me that I look like Brandi from A&E's Storage Wars. No joke. Here are just a few comments from friends lately...




Say what? I watch that show all the time, and I have never thought she looked like me. But then again, I swear I am the spitting image of Angelina Jolie, so my perspective may be a bit off.

What do you think?


hmmm. Maybe when I had blonde hair?


I don't know. I still don't see it. Not to knock Miss Brandi or anything, but I never thought she was that attractive. My sister, who always watches the show with me said, "maybe it's the boobs?"



Anyway, as I was researching google for pics of Brandi, I came across this...


BAM! Sister has a mug shot!

Now that's more like it. I guess she's cool now. I mean, it is something we both have in common. (No one out there has dug up my mug shot yet? Come on, someone has to have connections with the dirty law!)
After this little realization, I welcome any comparisons to this badass!

Oh yeah. She totally was a stripper too. Before her thrifting days.

Just a little jealous about that.


As keeping with the theme of last Tuesdays awesomeness post, let me show ya'll another way I love to torture my kids. Our neighbors have horses that my kids love to feed. We always walk down with a bag full of carrots and on this particular day, the horses were staying back by their stable, a few hundred yards from us. So I told Gunner to walk up the driveway and lure them down where I was waiting. As seen in Exhibit A:


Pretty long driveway. It took him a while as he calculated every step, and oh so slowly made his way to the horses. He made his way up there quiet as a mouse. Exhibit B:


It was at this point that I knew something that he did not. I knew that there were two large dogs laying close by. And I knew as soon as they suspected his presence, they would jump up, start barking like mad, and start running after him. Which would scare the living crap out of him and he would book it back to me as fast as those little three year old legs could carry him. I give you Exhibit C:


It's ok, you can laugh. Trust me, I did too. And all you who wanna judge? Kids these days are lazy! We as parents need to push them past their limits and light a fire under their ass. Besides, I'm just making him become a faster runner so he can be the staring quarterback in the NFL one day and make daddy and I lots and lots of money.

Kids. They're so great.

70 comments on "Awesomeness for your Tuesday Part II"
  1. ahahaha that is hilarious!
    I love reading your blog. almost every single post i am crackin up :)

  2. I'm literally laughing out loud. Poor Gunner. You'd look like Brandi if she got a tan and got better hair.

  3. You two totally look alike...well, maybe just your boobs,ha. You are way prettier, definitely more like Angelina;-)

  4. Totally look alike. Although you are much much hotter!

  5. When you had your blonde hair, I'd say you two definitely look similar. Lol, that's too crazy. And about little man!

  6. ...mmmm... maybe the boobs?
    That is so funny! Poor little Gunner! :)

  7. Ya, I really don't see it..You are much, much better looking!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm laughing so hard at the Gunner story... literally CRACKING UP! My brother is getting nervous, because I'm laughing so loud.

    And on another note -- you look like a wayyy prettier version of Brandi, but I def see a resemblance.

    You, my friend, are just too funny!

  9. OMG I thought the say thing when I first saw that show. You are way prettier though :)

  10. you do look a little like Brandi, except she is pretty trashy! I was flipping channels the other day and saw someone that looked similar to you on ABC Family's The Lying Game, Alexandra Chando this picture is what reminded me of you, maybe its the model pose?

  11. ok. first. that chick is super ugly. second. you look absolutely nothing even remotely like her. third. angelina jolie is a dirty pirate hooker who looks like the crypt keeper and you are 1000000000000000000x's hotter than she could ever hope to be. speaking of being hot...where my bikini in the snow pics at bitch?????!!!!!!

  12. ohhhhhh. and your boobs are amazing.
    i'm not a lesbian, but they really are.
    bikini pics.
    it's my bday.

  13. hahaha kind of similar, shes cute but you're wayyyy cuter!

  14. i'm laughing out loud. you really never disappoint do you?

    1. so funny about storage wars. yuuuuuuup. i HATE DAVE. anyways, Austin and i watched a MARATHON of it on Saturday. i SUPPOSE i can see the resemblance. Except you are prettier. i mean duh.

    2. GUNNER is cute. he would look SO badass as a quarterback with a mohawk.

  15. When I'm having a shitty day. I know I can rely on you to make me LMAO! I look forward to reading your blog every day :) Thanx gurl!

  16. Ok, I must admit, I have to jump on the doppleganger bandwagon. I have a slight addiction to Storage Wars and have always thought you and Brandi look a LOT alike.

    I am hooked on your blog, I have to read it every day! Thanks for the laughs and keeping it real!

  17. I seriously laughed out loud at those pictures of Gunner!
    He's so stinkin' cute!

  18. Funny you mention it, because I was just watching it thinking the exact same thing (of course you're the hotter version ;D)

  19. HA HA HA I would so do something like that.

    As far as you looking like that girl I guess I can see it, in the boob picture at least.

  20. I think your sister looks more like the storage wars girl... she is a B*tch anyways and you aren't so.... I don't really see it either.

    also... that last picture of your child? PRICELESS!

  21. Hilarious! I swear you have the funniest blog ever. Thanks for keeping me laughing every day!

    And the girl from Storage kind of look like her, but like everyone else has said - you look WAY better!

  22. Ha, I never noticed it, but now you mentioned it, you kind of do look alike, you have better boobs though ;) Way to get your kids to exercise, you see this is why you are my new favorite blogger, thinking outside the box.

  23. You are way hotter. Period. Oh my I laughed out loud at him running back. Oh lord.

  24. I don't think she is ugly, mean! =) =) when i first glanced at that mug shot i did think it was you.

    and that part about gunz?? hilarious!!!!! can't wait to see my babies tomorrow!!!

  25. Totally saw the similarity when the boobs popped up! :) You do kinda remind me of her!

    P.S. are those "your" ladies? Just wondering... sorry if that's a no no question..

    But they are pretty nice so ya.. :P

  26. i have to are waaaaaaaay prettier and have WAY more amazing boobage than brandi....blonde hair or not

    ....and i totally think you'd be a dead ringer for angie!
    Love, Jessica Alba

    (i mean, Ashley)

  27. HAHAHAHAHAH Gunner running! Totally NFL material...good training session mama!

    Dude I am dying over Brandi's mugshot! haha since we have been watching so much Storage Wars I have realized she is getting way prettier as the season progresses! But duh you are way hotter sista!

    AND YAY FOR THE TWINS BEING BORN!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NAMES!!! Congrats to your sister and her hubbs and of course you, auntie!


  28. seriously laughing my butt off at gunner running! funny stuff! I love to "torture" my children, it brings me such joy!
    Also i see the resemblence but you are much prettier!!

  29. Okay you are my favorite! First you are def hotter than former stripper storage wars (what is that anyways) girl. And second the small antics with the kiddos- too cute and funny! :)

  30. Totally hilarious! I don't think she is your twin but you maybe resemble. You are WAY HOTTER! Seriously! Your kid is adorable! That is so something I would do! Check out my post at my blog today check out what I did with my oldest this weekend! I am such the mom of the year! Can you say contact high? most likely yes.

  31. Oh my goodness, that is too funny. Poor wee guy!!! Hahaha!!!

    You don't look like Brandi at all! Thank goodness...she's not that cute and a tad bit trashy.

  32. I can see it! But you're way prettier! :) I have a celeb twin too! People tell me everyday I look Like Audrina Patridge from The Hills! That is SO funny about your little boy! :)

  33. ok, seriously .. i have never laughed so hard reading someone's blog! you absolutely kill me!

    and you are prettier than Brandi but i must admit that she looks a lot better this season than last so it isn't a diss either! :)

  34. Ok, THIS is creepy. I watched Storage Wars with my husband the other night for the first time and I LITERALLY SAID TO MYSELF that you look identical to her! I'm not just saying this to have a good comment on your blog. I cross my heart! haha You look soooo much like her! except double as pretty :)

  35. I see Sutton from The Lying Games!

  36. Okay, so I see the resemb with her. However, lets get real here, your rack is way better!! Your hair is hotter. Not only that, If you EVER had a mug shot youd straight up trump her!

    Moral of my story: Who wore it better? RAVEN!

    End of story.

  37. I think that chick looks similar, but you are definitely way prettier than she'll ever be! LOL

  38. Aw. You are the best. I love your blog. And your sense of humor.

  39. holy shit i almost peed my pants from laughing so hard!!!

    Raven you are the best! Poor Gunner! lol. Don't worry I'm not judging. I hope he can become a staring quarterback in the NFL for you guys one day cuz i'm hoping Marcus will become a point guard in the NBA one day. ha! I wish!

    I watch Storage Wars all the time with my husband but never thought of you. But i can kind of see the resemblances now when you compare the blonde hair and boobs! Holy boobs! Can you share some of that? :P Btw, you're waaaaay hotter than that chick. :)

    Is that mug shot really her?

  40. I haven't seen the show yet {I know, shocker} but according to those pictures you're wayyyy more gorgeous!

    Haha, I'm laughing at Gunner's little face! He's so focused. Total future NFL player :)

  41. Y'all definitely look a little bit similar, but of course, Angie, you are WAY prettier!! : )

    And the picture of him running was just what I needed to send me off to Jamaica to make babies. : )

  42. They are adorable, and I think you got an inspiring blog. =) Im following now, and maybe you'll visit me some day.

  43. I all but peed myself from laughing so hard!! I hadn't even finished reading before I had to pause to grab the tissues to wipe the tears of pure laughter!!! I can't wait to have my own kids!!!

  44. you're way hotter than her... but now I'd like to see your mug shot please.

    Oh AND I need to be more like you when Im a momma because Im probably gonna put my kids in a bubble- a literal bubble aka this is not a metaphor.

    Uhh holy moly followers! blogland is loving my Raven! yahhoo


  45. Hahahahaha! This is too funny! I can see the slight resemblance between you and this Brandy chick, but I think you are way prettier than her. However, I think we need to compare her mugshot to your mugshot for a fair comparison ;)

  46. 45 comments ... geeze. Never seen this show so I had no idea who this skank was. I guess I see the resemblence, but not really. You are way prettier.

  47. Okay, so I can't say that I haven't thought this same thing before. You do look alike. But, HELLO, you are soo much prettier!!! duh. But thats funny that people mentioned it to you!

  48. Bahahahaha!

    Love Gunner's face while running for his life.

  49. hahaha this is so something i would do, love this!! love reading your blog daily..oh and you are wayyy hotter than ms. stripper lol

  50. OH MY GAWD Raven, I just had to set down my coffee so I wouldn't spill it as I shook with laughter! Seriously, that is hilarious!

  51. GAAAAHHHH!! I only hope I can be as awesome as a mom as you are one day...

    And yeah, I totally made comparison to you and the girl on storage wars too.

  52. hahaha she does have awesome boobs! you both should share a little with us smaller sisters lol

  53. i know meggie is sending EVERYONE over to your bloggy today because you are awesome, but i just like to officially announce that i call Gunner. he is MY drinking partner. everyone else can find their own.


  54. haha love this!! and glad I'm not the only one who has told you that!

  55. So glad Megan introduced you...I know have two comic reliefs for my day. :D

  56. You are prettier by far. No lie. and YOU know it! ;) haha love you girl!

    the Gunner post made me crack up! too funny!

  57. Nope, nothing alike really.
    You are wayyyyy prettier and your boobs are way hotter.
    I wishhhh I could have sent Sophie running with your son! Classic.

  58. I am out still, maybe kind of sorta lookin' alike there.

  59. You're much prettier than her. I don't see the resemblance whatsoever.
    And ha, poor Gunner. You're hilarious C:

  60. Holy hell-you DO look a lot like her...more so when you had blonde hair! Who woulda thunk?

    As for the boobs-my bombshell bra can only do so much. I need yours. Thanks.

    As for your terrified child, meh-I wouldn't consider that torture...they gotta learn somehow, right?

  61. A couple things...

    1. I feel better that my hubs isn't the only person watching Storage Wars. Or wait, maybe that is actually MORE frightening.

    2. Nah. You're way prettier.


  62. HAHAHA and awwwwwww. Your sweet baby. I secretly love the scared face & run. :) I see it when the refrigerator pops. It doesn't take much to pop my little one into gear. HA.

    & you are like 7089348939874092349 times prettier than that girl. It's gotta be the boobs.

  63. I met her at a wedding not to long ago, an you do look like her!

  64. Just reading some of your most popular your blog BTW.

    If you really want to get a copy of your mug shot, it's actually really easy. Just go to the police department or sheriff's office where the offense occurred and ask for an open records request for it. :)

  65. If I ever decide to have kids, I hope you have published a parenting book by then. Because that would = BEST book of how to raise/make fun of/be amused by your kids EVER. Or if not, I'll just keep reading your blog : )

  66. You are the most hiliarious mom ever! Like laugh until I had tears in my eyes on this one!

  67. This is priceless! I love your theory for parents and I am not judging!

  68. Ok, so I know this might be a little stalker-ish, and that's ok. But I recently discovered your blog and I've been reading it. As in all of it. And I know this post is almost a year old. Ahem. Anyways. I just wanted to let you know...I read a story about Brandi from Storage Wars and they were talking about her past and her "criminal activity." They included her mug shot...which is actually YOUR SISTER. Ha! So your sister could always pawn it off on Brandi from Storage Wars. Obviously nobody knows the difference.

  69. i wasnt blogging back when you did this and found it in your popular posts, and i told my husband when I first started following you, if emily vancamp and brandi from storage wars had a baby, it would be you lol

  70. Hmm, I see it a little bit, but definitely think you are prettier!


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