Come again?

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Saturday, October 22, 2011
Quoted by a particular individual about none other than Miss Britney Spears:


ExCUSE me? 

Oh no you di'int!


Above are some very awesome guys I met at the Britney concert. The couple on the right told me "you are a gay guys dream girl." One of the best compliments I've ever received.

So that tidbit above? 

I am officially offended.

And I had just turned 30, thankyouverymuch.

34 comments on "Come again?"
  1. You should of posted the new video that i Sent you last night in this post to go along with what they said about her!!!

  2. Shit! I'm offended, too! I love Britney Spears with 90% of my heart. The other 10% is for my love of food :)

  3. Oh! I was meaning to ask you! what did you think of her new video? I heard it wasnt that great!? but I dont know I havent watched it but thought of when they said that on the radio!

  4. Hahah whaat!!! I am a twentysomething who loves Britney!

  5. Hahaha. They clearly have horrible taste whoever they are... Britney is awesome.

  6. Hahaha. I love your obsession. They are just jealous.

  7. Oh HELL NO!!!!

    I love Britney!! Damn haters!! :/


  8. Bahahhaha!
    I think you need to write a letter back. She needs a piece of your mind. ;-)

  9. I'm offended too! I love Brit.

  10. Oh no they didnt!!! They just be hating on the queen B.

  11. i don't dig Spears nearly as much as you do ... but even i'm like, leave Spears alone!

  12. Blech. WHO are these maroons? I mean I did get some amazing comments on my hair from my trip to see Brit from sweet guys...but there were A LOT of people there thankyouverymuch. RUDE.

  13. How rude.. I'm with you- still love my Britney!

  14. Weeeeeellll I'm not QUITE 30 yet. But she was hot back in the day, and her music is still great for a workout or just a great dance session.

  15. I'll always be a fan... :)
    You look fab in your outfit!

  16. New reader here!

    LoveLOVElove BRITNEY.

  17. Ha! Britney haters...ITS BRITNEY BITCH :p How can you not love her? With her hair all blonde and flippy like it is? ;) I am with you, she BEEP-ING ROCKS!!

  18. well i just proved them 24, bitch...and still obsessed.

  19. love it! you are one good lookin' mama! your post crack me up!

  20. HAHAHAHAHA WTF... we are NOT trying to relive our youth. We just have really good taste in music. :)

  21. still look hot in your sparkly tank top!

  22. worries! Britney still loves her fans!!! Darn she is near 30 herself...her fans have grown up...duh reviewer lady/man!

  23. Seriously don't know what all the Brit-hate is about. She's fab, hands down.

  24. hi! i just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi. i am 30 and just went to britney & we became friends with gay guys while there. oh my~ im offended too! :)


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