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Thursday, November 03, 2011
Preface: This post is my opinion only, however my opinion comes from researching the facts about food and what we put in our bodies. I have highlighted many articles in this post, so if you want to know more, you can click on any highlighted (in pink!) link.

I have always, always been conscious about what I eat and how I look. From way back in Elementary school when I ate almost nothing and my fifth grade teacher gave my parents a call out of concern because she thought I was way too obsessed about food and with being thin. And I totally was. I remember being in High School (which wasn't that long ago fyi) and counting every single calorie that went into my mouth. Lunch was usually a small bag of pre-sorted cheerios, nuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows. I also made my parents take me to the gym before I was of driving age (pre-teens years) and I would work out for hours before having them come pick me up. 

Basically, I was obsessed with being skinny. 

Still am, if you want the honest truth. 

However, over the years my thoughts and obsessions have shifted away from "just being skinny" and more towards "eating right to be thin and healthy." (Another fyi? I am nowhere near where I want to be in the number-on-the-scale department, but hey, who is?) It really started heating up when I was pregnant with baby number one. I was super obsessed with researching everything I could to have a healthy pregnancy slash healthy baby. I spent more time on google than I did sleeping. I read gobs of books about what I should eat, shouldn't eat, should do, shouldn't do, etc. I remember eating my weight in asparagus (I'm seriously surprised my baby didn't come out bright green) but I also remember eating a lot of chicken nuggets and fries and drinking milk by the gallon. Not that I overdid anything. I worked out religiously while pregnant and gained a total of 24 pounds. 

After baby came, I lost the weight pretty quickly, but there was still that "skinny obsessed" part of me so when I was at the bookstore one day and saw a book titled Skinny Bitch, I bought it right away. I figured it would give me great diet info to be, well, skinny.


What I wasn't expecting at all was that it was not, in fact, a diet book, but reading it would change my whole entire perspective about food and it would change my lifestyle habits forever. The title of the book kind of gives people the wrong idea. I have suggested it to a lot of people and right away they turn their nose up, thinking, "Really? A book on how to be skinny? How unhealthy and like I need to read yet another diet book." But it isn't a diet book. Everyone I have talked to who has read it? Life changing. It has so much incredible information that you will be left stunned. And disgusted.  

I promise you.

And then when people hear it's a book geared towards going vegan? That really turns them off. I'll be the first to tell you that I am not vegan, nor do I plan to be. I can't give up cheese. I tried once, didn't work so well. Vegetarian? After reading this book, I went hardcore vegetarian for a solid nine months. And I lost so much weight (the healthy way!), was the thinnest I had been in YEARS, and felt so good and had so much energy. Then I got pregnant again and kind of fell off the veg wagon so to speak. And the result? Gained all my weight back. (Pregnancy not being an issue. This was after baby number two). And to this day I don't feel nearly as good or as healthy as I did during those nine months. So?

Going back to the veg. Because this is how I looked when I did so before:


And don't take this as me being all "look at me! Look how skinny I was!", because right now I am a good 25 pounds heavier than I was in those pictures. And as much as I want to look like that again? To be that thin? I want to FEEL like I did back then. I felt so good, so healthy, so....clean. Because after reading Skinny Bitch? You will NOT be able to eat meat (or drink milk, but that is coming in a minute) without wanting to vomit. Only read it if you're willing and ready to give that up. (Side not: This is not me saying to become a vegetarian if you want to get skinny and healthy. I'm only giving my opinion and saying what has worked for me.)

The book. Get it. Amazing.
(You can read a FABULOUS review of the book right HERE. The author shares her opinions about the book good AND bad. They also have a pregnancy version called Skinny Bitch: Bun in the Oven for any of you pregnant gals out there).

Another life changer for me? The movie Food, Inc. Kind of has the same theory as Skinny Bitch, but instead of going vegan, they promote organic products. There is so much the farming industry does not want us to know. And what they don't want us to know is killing us. Literally killing us. You can NOT trust the FDA or the USDA. Here is a short movie trailer from Food, Inc. I highly suggest you rent and watch the whole thing. You will be stunned, once again.

Both the book I mentioned and the movie above give such insightful and shocking information. Such as what has happened to our chicken consumption, or rather, what has happened to our chickens:


That's not normal.

Moving on to milk. It does a body good?


That's right. Pus. The same "stuff" that comes out of pimples. Don't believe me? Read here.

I mentioned a few posts back that neither of my kids have ever had milk. They are almost two and four, and have lived their whole lives without cow's milk. Again, I know this can be a touchy subject for people who absolutely loooooooove milk (which I did before I knew the truth) and this is my opinion only and you are more then welcome to disagree. (Even though it's the truth).

So what do my kids drink? Organic rice milk. And water. Besides the occasional Pepsi sip my dad will sneak to my youngest (yes, dad, I see you) my kids have never had anything other than rice milk and water. (And let me also clarify that I am not saying I feed my kids perfectly. My kids get way too much sugar and chocolate and chips and cheetos and so on. Work in progess, people, work in progress).

But I don't want to fill this post up with a whole bunch of scientific information (that's why I highlighted all the links, so you can look if you please) so let's just move on to what a normal day is like in the Smith household. Or rather, what I aspire for our daily food regime to be.

I love vegetables. I guess that's where my wanting to be a vegetarian comes in handy. Like, if I had to choose one food group that I could not live without, vegetables would be it. Just love. On any given day, my countertop looks like this:


and my fridge is full of this:



Tons of veggies. And cheese. I love goat cheese, and make myself a veggie wrap at least once daily. What's in my wrap? Goat cheese, onions, green onions, tomatoes, lettuce and doused with a good dose of Frank's Red Hot. (Best. Stuff. Ever.) I put on everything but the lettuce and microwave it for one minute. It melts the goat cheese and makes the veggies a little soft. (I've also been trying to use the microwave a lot less. In the future, I might start putting my wrap in the oven for a few minutes to heat it up. I need to research the potential dangers of microwaves a little more).

(pic taken before lettuce was put on)

Btw, I'm no food blogger, so my pictures won't be all professional looking or anything ;)

What else do I do with all these veggies? My two favorites are veggie pizza and stuffed peppers. Super easy and seriously? Mouth watering. Who needs pepperoni and sausage?


(I don't have exact recipes but you can look them up online and find something similar. I also put a lot of goat cheese in the peppers)

A little trick I use to get the bambinos to eat their fruit? I crush up whole grain cheerios in a bag, slice up some bananas, then shake them in the bag so they are coated with the crushed cheerios. I learned this trick from a friend who said her child didn't like picking up things like bananas and strawberries because they were "slimy," as is a complaint with most kids. Problem solved! And you can use this cheerio trick with just about any kind of slimy food.



So yes. This momma right here is going to change my eating habits aka my lifestyle and start living healthy. Will I have a cookie here or there? That's kind of like asking will I have a glass of wine tonight? I'm no saint and no one can be perfect all the time. But sometimes after receiving certain information, you can't go back and you can't forget what you have learned. Trust me, if you read Skinny Bitch and watch Food, Inc.? You won't be the same. Sounds silly, but it's true. And if you do? Please let me know! I love discussing things like this.

Let me know your thoughts!

p.s. Two more fantastic books about learning the truth about food is In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, about a family that, for one year, only bought food raised in their own neighborhood or food that they grew themselves. Very enlightening.

p.p.s. I know I said I would talk about our alternative vaccine schedule on this post but after writing it, it just became so long that I will save that for a separate post, to come soon, promise!

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  1. great post! was looking forward to this. I watched Food Inc also...make me sick to my stomach!!! The way they treat chickens is just ridiculous and heart breaking, they were so big (too big) they could not even walk a few steps...if they were lucky enough to even have room to walk!

    I am definitely feeding my kids (in the future) better than I eat/was fed as a child. I can't bear to look at that link about the milk yet though, but I really dont drink reg milk.. but I do love soy milk and drink that on the reg.

    Definitely gonna check out that book though!

  2. I am so happy you posted about all that you did. And, THANK YOU, for explaining what the book "Skinny Bitch" is really about. Now, I will have to read it ASAP. I just turned vegetarian about two weeks ago and I am so happy I did! My reason for doing so is also because of the movie Food, Inc. but also, thanks to other documentaries, I gave up fish about a year ago... Anyway, thank you for this awesome post. It is so important that people know the truth about the food they eat. We really are so blind. If your interested, check out my post on becoming a vegetarian found here,

    I love your blog. You crack me up all the time!

  3. I've been trying to by organic/free range lately. It's disgusting the amount of preservatives and chemicals are in our food. After looking at some of my son's baby food ingredients it really opened my eyes as to what I was feeding my family.

    It's sad too how eating better is more expensive than a crappy/calorie/poison filled meal.

  4. I am SO glad you did this post. I read Skinny Bitch in high school and turned up my nose, I couldn't imagine life without hamburgers. But I think I may have to pull it out and give it another go. Food Inc was one of the first documentaries that I watched after cutting out meat and I loved it, so informative.
    Definitely going to be looking into the milk situation soon! Thanks for this!

  5. Love love love, people always get annoyed when I talk up organics and grass fed beef and milk but there is no way in hell I will buy that crap again! It grosses me out! My husband does the primal diet, which is just organics and meat but we do all orgqnic fruits veggies, snacks, and then grass fed beef and milk! I am annoyed that it took me 25 years to realize all the crap I ate,I am sure you may recieve some haters but seriously how can you watch Food Inc and NOT change! I understand a lot has to do with money but seriously if people cut out the processed snacks and crap they will have more money to buy organically!

    Amen sista, kudos for going veg! I do not think I could do it fully but you look hot in the pics.....hooker hahah seeing anyone skinny makes me jealous since I am 22 weeks pregnant! Haha


  6. RAVIN! this post is so rad!

    we're totally renting food, inc and then i'm definitely going to read skinny bitch.

    thanks for sharing. we're [newly] vegetarians too but i never once thought that milk was necessarily bad (i actually feel kinda stupid for that one what with the enlarged utters... duh) but that's prob because no one really talks about it.

    cheese would be sooooo hard. and we like eggs... but that's the same shit happening to them as if we were eating chicken. so what do they say about all the organic and natural no chemical meat, cheese, milk, eggs, etc? anything? are they good to go?

  7. Such a powerful post, my friend! You are smart to be conscious about what we put into our bodies, especially since you have two kiddos to care for.

    We've been on a Clean Diet for almost six weeks now (and dude! I haven't had any wine/alcohol during this period!), and like you experienced when you were vegetarian, it's the best we've felt in a LONG time. So healthy and "clean". Plus, the weight loss is amazing. The Hubs is down 9 lbs. and I'm down 14. Crazy how quickly your body responds to eating healthy vs. eating poorly for the sake of convenience.

    I haven't been able to watch Food Inc. - seriously canNOT watch it, but I have heard it is a must-see, if for no other reason than to shed some light on what needs to be seen. Someday I will get there!

    I haven't read that book; I've probably walked by it at least a hundred times in the bookstore, but now I'm intrigued! I might just have to break down and purchase it! :)

    Hope you're having a great week, pretty lady. (BTW - those photos? You are flat out gorgeous, then and now. Just sayin'.)

  8. people are writing novels on here. you are pretty cool though, gotta say. i cant give up meat unfortunately... but looking at how hott you looked (and still do) makes me rethink this!

    you rock.

  9. Love Skinny Bitch. Love Supersize Me. Love veggies, fruits, and everything organic. Great post!

  10. What a great post! When I was younger I used to be the same way and was obsessed with being "Skinny" However, now that I am older I just want to be healthy, and I know that being thin is just part of that.

    I have been hearing about Skinny Bitch for a while now and after reading this post I am definitely going to get it!


  11. ahh im horrified about the pus in milk! what?! i'm going to read the article because i am dying of curiosity...but i'm sure it will ruin me! hahah :) i've never tried rice it good?? i'm skeptical haha!

    i think its great to be conscience of whats going into your body! i wish i liked vegetables/fruit more!

    wishing you the best of luck with your healthy eating endeavor :) i'm excited to read more!

  12. Love this post. So informative, I do have that book and honestly just skimmed it. Must read. You looked fab in those pictures, but really you still look amazing. Honest. But I love that your kids have only had rice milk, start young they won't know the dif right.

  13. I watched Food Inc. in a class at school and it definitely changed my thought process! However, I am one of those milk addicts and no matter what I learn about it I just can't give it up...

    I am also a nanny and find it AMAZING that your kids drink only rice milk and water. Props to you!!

  14. Raven this post was awesome. I've been thinking about trying to become a vegetarian - never tried it!

  15. While I'm not vegetarian and don't plan to become one, I did appreciate this blog post. I've seen Michael Pollan when he was on Oprah and was intrigued by his interview. How does your husband feel about the vegetarian lifestyle? Does he still drink milk? I can't wait to read your post about vaccinations!

  16. This post was amazing. I am actually going to look into this some more. I have been trying to get healthy and look my best for my wedding in 8 months and this may be the way to go. :) You may have just inspired me. :P

  17. Love this post. My entire eating philosophy changed when I was pregnant too. So many people use it as an excuse to eat whatever they want, but I was the opposite - and the change stuck.

  18. i have seen some of the skinny bitch reviews; and im kinda wanting to read it..but i love me some chicken..but im nervous that after this i wont so much ahha
    i have also been wanting to watch food inc. maybe i shall look that up
    thanks raven for all this information;
    i dont drink cows milk because im lactose intolerant. but i enjoy almond milk and will HAVE to try rice milk!
    thank you so much mommmmas =]]]

  19. Seeing your skinny pictures (not that I don't think you have a great body now) makes me think I could almost read Skinny Bitch and stop eating meat. Almost. Ok I can't. I love my grass fed cows.

    Fortunately I'm allergic to milk so I will be able to read that. also fortunately it's not super severe so cheese is all good.

    p.s. I don't think I've ever commented but I've been following for a while right around the time you offered your underwear up in a giveaway. ha.

  20. I haven't watched or read any of it. Why? Because I'm such a picky eater. If I were to become vegetarian on what vegetables I do eat...I'd be in trouble. I only eat green beans, peas, most beans, corn...a very limited list. I do not like peppers, sweet or hot. Lettuce seriously makes me gag. Any ideas?

  21. How sad is it that I just ordered the book? It isn't cuz I think you are super cool, and I totally trust your opinion and advice, well kind of, but truthfully I have been super disappointed with my weight and diet for a while now. I don't care about being skinny (yah right, that is a lie) but am more concerned with being healthy. Anywho, gonna read the book, we will see about the movie. Thanks for posting.

  22. Okay. So I read Skinny Bitch awhile back. By read I mean that I got halfway through. Not because of what they were saying or what the book was about. But it was really more the tone they were saying it in. At first I was laughing ALOT at their words, but after awhile I was kind of like, Okay- I get that I suck, but why do you keep telling me this? Did you notice this at all, or is it just me?? I really have wanted to try to be veg. but I have got to work on my relationship with vegetables first. I am proud of you R!

  23. "Basically, I was obsessed with being skinny.

    Still am, if you want the honest truth."

    It's sad to fail isn't it?

  24. I've seen Skinny Bitch many times but never picked it up to read. i was raised vegetarian and feel off that wagon while pregnant. (I also developed a ton of fruit allergies wth????) I remember watching Food Inc and just being disturbed and another that I can't remember when I was in highschool and my mom went vegan (WHOA!!!) Thanks for this post Raven.

  25. Stupid bitches leaving annoymous comments. AVE SOME BALLS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE RUDE, there is no need for that. Raven is a skinny, hot Mom. It's her blog, she can write whatever SHE wants. Get it? HER BLOG! If you don't like it, don't read it.

    on another note, I will never read those books because i like milk too much. I told you, I live off it. I'm ignoring what you said about it. Refuse to click that link.

    I love you and I hate that people feel the need to be rude and hateful. There are bloggers I don't like, but I don't leave rude, hurtful comments. We are humans and everyone has feelings. I want to scream!

  26. Great post!!!!!!! I had a veggie sandwhich today and it was yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I read Skinny Bitch a few years ago and was amazed at the crap we put into our bodies. It is an amazing book and really makes you think..and makes you a little grossed out... My daughter is almost 1 and I am considering avoiding milk (but I am confused about yogurt, cheese, etc because if they are made with milk...) for precisely the reasons that you stated. It's hard because a lot of people (I call them sheep) believe everything the government tells them and thinks you are a bad parent for making decisions that go against what they gov tells you is right. We are NOT vaccinating our children AT ALL. EVER. And we recieve so much slack for it.
    Props to you for knowing about what you put in your body, as well as making good WELL IMFORMED decisions for your children!!

  28. Food Inc is the exact movie that made my husband and I stop eating meat! I had read Alicia Silverstone's book a couple of months before and was trying to convince my husband that we needed to go vegetarian, but he wasn't having it! We saw that film in February of 2010 and have been vegetarians ever since. We do like some vegan products, but like you, I could never give up cheese!

  29. Such a great post! and a brave one!

    I think most people know the truth about the food they eat (or at least they know that the truth is out there), but they don't care because they like eating crap. Whatever! More veggies for us! But I love that you were willing to put yourself out there with this post and that you are trying to raise your kids to be healthy eaters. Very admirable.

    P.S. don't let the anonymous shit-eaters get to you..they're just jealous! :)

  30. Awesome post AS ALWAYS go. wanna know something!? Since being in school, medical assisting, I have been more intersted in health and stuff (I was before but never at this rate). Like I always pushed aside "heart disease and all that stuff thinking who cares I wont get it or who cares in general". But NOW I REALLY do. I love watching the Dr's on tv and Dr Oz. I just love all health info! I cant get enough of it! and well yes I too want to be thin, but I want to be healthy just as you said. I read some article a while back that just because someone is thin, doesnt mean they are healthy and it was quite intersting! Really made me think. I want to live a long life for my Sadie girl and stay away as I can from getting diseases and what not. So I LOVE the fact you want to go vegan again and get healthy! ;) you go girl!

    Also, I am wondering IF I COULD EVER go vegan. With Sadie and being in school, I am always on the go, just as you are with a hubby and two little ones and that my friend is , ah I give you PROPS id love my mind ha . But I just am NOT eating, and no wonder my energy levels are like below ZERO. Its terrible. I have no energy what so ever. I drink tons of water thats it. But I just do nOT know how to cook and I am always making sure SAdie eats, my mom helps me on that end ;). I want to learn to cook and healthy ways for her and me. I love veggies and fruits its just I dont know how to make them (I know its simple my best friend shows me all the time lol) but I am lazy and I cant let that happen! I think I shall try it with you going vegan! I told my mom I was going to try the lemon cleanse for the few days I am home until school on Tuesday tonight because of my energy levels and I want to get rid of those toxins and feel BETTER! I get what you mean!

    I am sick of feeling this way and doing nothing to help myself! SO glad you posted on this. I have that Skinny Bitch book too in my closet! I cant remember when I last read it! But yes I think I will go dig it out (after I start working on my coronary heart diesease report! hah for school) and read it again! THANK YOU FOR SHARING this all girl. Youre awesome and cant wait for the announement girl! <3 xoxoxo

    SORRY FOR THE BOOK COMMENT! lol (I wrote way too much!)

  31. My one year old has never had any meat and my hubs and I just went full-on veg. I was inspired by The China Study, which also advocates a vegan diet (but that's not healthy for a babe (?) and I like to bake...and eat cheese). So we're just cutting out meat, and I agree...hello, weight loss (although that was not my intent) and feeling CLEAN. For serious. Glad you agree. So many of my friends are looking at me like I have a third eye.

  32. ok lets try this again! why is everyone's posting and not mine. waahhh!

    so my confession is that i am obsessed with being skinny. I wish i was way skinnier. i love almond milk so i'm not sure i'm ready to give that up but i'm going to take baby steps....

    i was my skinniest after my 7-year boyfriend dumped me but i don't think the heartache is worth all those lbs SO you have totally inspired me to try giving up meat! not only for the weight loss reasons but also because i am forever tired so maybe i just need to change my diet and get some energy!

    PLUS i totally want your legs in that middle pic. SEXAY!!!!

    you are awesome! like this post!


  33. PS - i'm re-reading my comment. sorry for my over-sharing! i need to get a grip! haha

  34. First, why do people post ugly things anon? I mean, really? What do they get out of it?

    Second, im vegetarian. Swear by it. Have the book and Skinny bitch in the kitch. There's only one problem. I don't cook. But I do follow the book. I've lost 45ish pounds since I started. I still have a long way to go but I just feel different and better.

    Third, im never gonna drink milk again. But refuse to click that link. Bc I have a weak stomach. Ha.

    Knocked it outta the park again with this post. Love it.

  35. Wow! I cannot believe all of the positive reactions that you have stirred up with this post -- amazing! And that one ANON -- screw them -- you are skinny and beautiful and have a hot husband who loves you and adorable healthy children!! That ANON needs to have some balls and show their face!

    Anyway, I think I'm allergic to dairy. I have issues, if you know what I'm sayin'. Scared to get a colonoscopy, but feel like I need to get one and get my body figured out. Anyhow, my mom has drank rice and almond milk for as long as I can remember -- I love it too! But I love ice cream and frozen yogurt... Please don't tell me there's puss in that too!!!

  36. i read skinny bitch and watched food inc! omg...those two combined will make ya change your way of eating! i'm def obsessed with being skinny too...or maybe i just wanna be fit and tone, but i'll def take being skinny any day! great post raven :)

  37. raven this post is great! thank you so much for sharing. i watched food inc a few months ago and super size me and it was so eye opening. i'm trying to look for more healthy recipes and cut back on meat. does this book have a lot of meal suggestions? what would you recommend for learning how to cook healthier? thanks!

  38. Wow thanks so much for sharing friend! I hope to get that book soon an start learning some healthier ways to eat(perhaps) :-) I don't eat that much meat besides chicken but that might be one of the worst kinds or so it seems! I need to explore bew veggies, I love carrots and anything green though and tomatos YUM! I eat those pretty much every day. That movie looks interesting too! :-)

  39. LOVE this post! Well, I love all your posts, but this one especially :) I've never been a huge meat fan to begin with, so I feel like giving it up wouldn't be that hard. I love fruits and veggies, the problem is I can't eat them raw. I have an allergic reaction. To ALL of them. (Sorry for the over-share) So this makes it tricky sometimes... I will definitely be getting this book! I've seen it a million times, but could never make myself get it. Now that I know what it's about I will be picking it up :) I can't make myself click the milk link though. I'm a half a gallon a day kind of person, so I just don't think I can do it.

    You've totally inspired me though! Thanks for sharing this, and not being all preachy or judgey about it like some people can be. I totally appreciate your honesty and point of view! Hopefully other people will be as inspired, and hopefully I'll look as fantastic as you do after this baby is born ;)

  40. The wrap and stuffed bell peppers look awesome! Very cool post, Raven. You've totally inspired me to up my veggies like I did PRE preg. I've been thinking about this a lot actually. I had never felt better. I literally had a TON of veggies with every meal, and I need to get back to that. Thanks for the extra push, going to the grocery store tomorrow!

  41. I did a research project on Milk in my second year of college and haven't drank it since! My son drinks almond milk and water and he is perfectly healthy and happy!

    I didn't know about the crushed up cheerio trick! I'll have to try that!

  42. I've been wanting to check out this book for so long, I'm going to check it out now.

    And Frank's Red Hot...LOVE it on everything, breakfast, lunch and supper...amazing.

    K, I'll be getting in touch with questions shortly I'm sure...especially about rice milk?!


  43. yayayaya! Thanks for taking the time to write this. I find it terrific that so many people are jumping on the "clean eating" bandwagon. I am all about it I just have a hard time because I am really picky with my vegetables and we don't really have the money to buy good produce all the time. Ugh. Alas, I think that there are so many benefits to it and really suggest you watch "Forks over knives" on Netflix instant- it echoes what you said and backs it up with staggering statistics! I have been drafting a post about it because I am so FIRED UP! ha. Thanks again gorgeous girl!

  44. Great post!! I actually have Skinny Bitch put away in my night stand for when I get the guts to read about the food I love. Meat!! After reading this post, I think I'll start reading it tonight. Thanks :)

    PS. Anon commenter is probably a total fatass and pissed she can't look like you.

  45. Great post. I love it. And you? Look. Amazing. It's funny what a difference what you put in your body makes. I have the Skinny Bitch in the Kitchen and the recipes are pretty fantastic (I had cheese a little more to everything, like you) Goat cheese is also fantastic. It's delicious on green apples with basil. Amazing. Try it. you'll be hooked with a little sprinkle of sea salt (mouth watering!)

    I have seen Food Inc and read all the skinny bitches (bc you know I want to be a skinny bitch, haha)I also read In Defense of Food-- pretty good (didn't get through it all)

    So question? When going vegan... did you EVER cheat? No meats? I did like 4 months with NONE then started cheating here and there, mainly when we went out to dinner. And I don't know if I could give up fish (seafood). Sushi-- I mean I dunno if I could give that* up!

    Share share share. and the stuffed peppers looked amaze. yumyumyum

  46. LOVE the crushed Cheerios and bananas trick!! I will have to try this ASAP because I have the hardest time trying to get my little on to eat fruits and veggies. I could totally be vegetarian...and I was for a couple of years...but now I weigh more than ever..depressing...BUT they husb thinks we should have meat with every single meal. He doesn't eat fresh fruits or fresh veggies...he will only eat them if they are cooked. It'a s pain.

  47. I don't drink milk, but my babies do. I don't want to read the link because I'm scared of what I'll find out. Is organic milk ok? Or is it just the same?

    I'm totally NOT skinny but I wish I was obssessed with it like you are.

    Ignore the haters. Do your thing girl!

  48. I LOVE this post! A. I adore the skinny bitch books. B. I'm trying to lose baby weight because I too can get obsessed with the skinnies. C. I recently decided to eat a strictly vegetarian diet {with the occasional fish so maybe pescatarian?} just because when I do I feel better and look better :) great post!

  49. I could never go vegan but that book definitely changed my perspective!

  50. I've read the book and watched that movie and it only helped for a week each. I could give up every meat product EXCEPT chicken and it's the WORST one!

    I don't drink near the amount of milk as I used to and I LOVE it but I can't get over the pus factor. Sometimes I get almond milk. I hate that Emma drinks it but her ped says she needs it until 2 for brain development. So, I give it to her. =(

    Food Inc got me more than Skinny Bitch. I no longer eat McDonalds anymore because of that movie.

    I don't vaccinate Emma. I've done LOTS of research on that topic.

    Miss you, Boo

  51. Wow, great post. I don’t drink milk, but my kids do because I always assumed they needed it. Are there enough nutrients, fat and calories in rice milk? My 3 year old is too skinny so we’re still giving him whole milk, but it’s always been organic. My kids eat waaaay better than I did growing up when it comes to organic food. And I’m really strict about sugar and processed foods and juice. My 3 year old gets 4 oz of V8 a day and that’s it, to help get some veggies in him. That wrap looks really good! And I really love your hair short in that first picture. So cute!

  52. Ugh I'm so annoyed. I just wrote you a super long comment and BLAH, it's gone! Wtheck blogger!? Regardless, it basically just said I love you and that this post rocked. I'm going to read Skinny Bitch this weekend. It's been in my night stand for like 4 months now. Haha...and I'm pretty sure the lady who loaned it to me would like it back soon. ;) But for real...LOVE this post. Very powerful.

  53. Also, you should check out the movie “Forks Over Knives” about processed food.

  54. I so need to listen to you. :( I'm much more of a veggie fan than anything going veg shouldn't be too hard for me, right? Ahem. If only I wasn't so lazy. Blah.

    I watched that Jamie Oliver show last year about what all is in processed foods, and I never wanted to touch chicken again...which I'm weird about anyway. Yuck.

    And just fyi: You look AMAZING now. And then. :)

  55. New reader but so glad your posting this, we are vegetarians, no milk or eggs either, and now we are trying to be vegan its hard to let go of that cheese! haha!

  56. First of all, god damn, your a hot mama!
    & eewww, why did I just read that milk has puss? (Ignorance is bliss!)Really? I love milk, I love cereal it goes well together, I don't cook, so I can surely pour myself a bowl of cereal. However now, after reading your post, & puss article, I can't look at milk the same. What is Rice Milk? I am gonna google that, Can I get it at Target? Is it good with cereal? & everything I pass by the "Skinny Bitch" book, I pass on it, I need to go get that now. I am trying to be healthy, but swear chocolate calls out to me.

    xo SARMIN

  57. Seriously puss in milk?!?! Thats just gross! I will reading that article asap! Thanks for sharing this! I wanna read Skinny Bitch it is a book I have been meaning to read for a while I just have not had the time to. Now I will put it at the top of my to read list.

  58. My kids don't drink milk either, because it's made for cows. We did the vegan thing with a commitment of 6 months and I lasted 6 days. The problem is that I HATE vegetables. I have never had them and thought "wow, I could really live off of this." I just can't really stand them and think they are disgusting. I have mixed emotions about the meat. While I am confident cow's milk is for cows, there are many species of mammal that eat meat primarily as their only food source so I don't feel that eating meat is so unnatural, but just the way we process meat here is the problem and naturally one would lose a lot of weight not because meat is bad for you, but because it has more calories than vegetables do.

  59. You look amazing in those pictures! however you still amazing in your recent pictures!I want to go get this book now! and the milk thing gross. I want to tell my sister because that is really all my niece drinks.

  60. Love this!! Thanks for the healthy eating motivation. I will definitely be trying out that veggie pizza.

    And get this, I'm 26 and I've never had a glass of milk... of any kind!! So it's definitely not necessary for your health like they say.

  61. I think I'm going to skip reading this book for now, but maybe I'll read it one of these days, like after the holidays.

    'Till then I'm content being blissfully ignorant.

    I don't think I could ever be a vegetarian (esp not with my dad/my boyfriend/my boyfriend's dad) but I do eat tons of veggies and lurve 'em.

    BTW you look gawjus in those pictures :)

  62. PS I can't wait for the day when "Anon" forgets to click the radial button next to "Anonymous".

  63. LOVED this!! I will def be adding this book to my Kindle tonight!! Thanks for making me want to vomit and then showing me pics of yummy food...what exactly was you thought there? LOL!!

  64. you were talking about the microwave.. I am not expert and this is just coming from a lady i know. She had cancer and one of the questions that the md ask her was how much she used her microwave and she ate those heat up meals everyday @ work.. and he told her he thought that is where her kind of cancer came from.. After she told me and my husband that we don't use it very much at all....hope this helps :) i liked your post.. I was vegan when i was younger and i don't even know why i started back..

  65. Ok. I'll have to watch and read these.

    My kids were all on soy as babies until a year old. Then some girl on facebook who's some fitness guru ranted on how bad soy is and all the diseases it can bring. What is going on with this world. I don't know what to feed my kids.

  66. I haven't read the book (and probably won't -- out of fear) but I'm going to try to go vegetarian for a few months. At least for the rest of 2011. You've inspired me. (I'm not telling anyone else just in case I can't make it -- don't want any "I told you so's". But I'm REALLY gonna try.)

  67. I read this book and think I threw up in my mouth several times! Some of the things you learn is just disgusting! I know I can't be vegan, I love cheese too much. But I have slowly been adding more veggies to my diet and I can tell the difference in the way I feel. My body just feels, clean. I am running out of yummy veggie recipes though! Please share some?! Also, what does rice milk taste like? I LOVE milk and cereal but I have yet to find a milk that I enjoy just as much as cow's milk.

    PS- You are totally rocking the short blonde hair in the picture on the left! You make me want to cut mine off!!

  68. Amazing! I'm so glad you took the time to write this! It's an amazing reminder of what kind of stuff we are putting into our bodies! It disgusts me to hear about all the hormones and "extras" that get pumped into what we eat everyday.

    I did go vegan for about two years and while it was SO difficult sometimes, I felt healthier. Same for when I've been a vegetarian! I've been a huge fan of wraps {I usually stuff mine with fruit} and I am DEFINITELY searching for these veggie pizza and stuffed pepper recipes. YUM! I think I'm terrified of milk now. I've been reading too many bad things about it! Thanks for all this amazing info :)

  69. I love you even more than I did before for this post!

    Can you come to my house and make me veggie wraps? Mine always fail, badly!


  70. Thanks for posting this! I've been trying to find ways to at least incorporate vegetarian meals into our lifestyle, but my meat and potatoes husband is a little too in love with the meat.... can you suggest any great recipes that might be a baby step in?

  71. I absolutely love this post!!! I hate milk, have always hated the taste. When I do eat cereal I would use non fat milk and cut it with water. milk and cookies, no way! I dunk my choc chip cookies in lemonade:) my son loves milk, recently I changed him to almond milk. tastes amaze!! I too am trying to eat healthier. I love my size but want to feel good in the body im in. thanks raven, besos!!

  72. So glad you finally posted about this. Obviously you know I completely agree and it's changed my life! This march I'll be a vegetarian for a year :) it's crazy to think about for me..I didn't think I'd last 1 month and now I don't think twice about it. Both the book and movie totally opened my eyes!

  73. Love this post. I don't think I'll look at milk the same. I'd love to give up meat but because I'm so picky, I'm not sure how that would work out. Maybe I should try it and surprise myself.

  74. Thank you so much for this post...I am off to go buy that book pronto, I can't wait to read more. I'll let you know how it goes :)

  75. This is why milk is pasturized.

  76. Amazing post! I have been horrible about commenting, so I wanted to come in and say HI :)
    As I sit here eating pringles (guilty pleasure), I know I need to be better about the things I eat. I really love cooking and eating fresh things... I am def thinking I need to read this book!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  77. And in not so serious fashion... I had a wedding rehearsal in the beginning of Oct and so rocked white dress pants ;)

  78. Wow, you go! I've really been thinking of things to do before starting a family, and starting to eat more healthy is definitely on my list! I've seen Food, Inc and definitely did open my eyes. I'm going to have to pick up Skinny Bitch! Thanks for the suggestion!

  79. On a side note- I'm pretty sure that it means your a bad ass blogger when you get bitchy anon comments. Just sayin.

  80. I tried to go veg, but couldn't do it. i need the protein, but i did make a huge decision to be aware of the sources and they must be organic, etc. A book you might want to check out: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. When his wife got pregnant he started doing a lot of research about the food industry and ended up writing a book about his experiences. I'm sure you already know a lot of it, but it's really well written, funny, and chalk full of information. I read Skinny Bitch a few years ago, but apparently it didn't stick because I can't remember anything from it. Guess I need to find my copy and skim over it again.

  81. Wow! You have such a gift for provoking those anon's, don't you? lol. I'm not reading/watching either of those b/c I'm scared of what I'll learn. I don't really drink milk. But, I could def. never give up cheese. My compromise/step in the right direction will be cutting back on meat. I guess I am thinking out loud as a comment on your blog. Thanks for letting me get that out. Haha.

  82. Thank you for posting this. I have that book just sitting in my hall closet, so after reading this post, I picked the book up and re-read it again. I actually have a dairy allergy, and I am supposed to stay away from dairy, I do drink soy milk and coconut milk...but I have a cheese problem. This girl loves her cheese. Anyway, because of you and this post, I too am changing the way I eat. Oh and screw those anon are WAY better and hotter than them!

  83. I am so trying your Cheerio crusted bananas. My 13 month old is the pickiest eater ever and hates weird textures. Awesome tip!

  84. Barf. I havent drank milk for 6 years and I still just threw up in my mouth a little from that article. I watched food, Inc a few years ago and it COMPLETELY changed my view on food and what I am not only putting in my body, but also the industry I am supporting by buying that chicken and beef, etc. Gross! I'm glad you shared this, it needs to be more widely known

  85. I was the same way as you! I am always my skinniest when I keep a vegetarian diet. I'm not sure if it's b/c I'm not eating meat, or if it's because I'm more conscious of what I put in my mouth. I dunno. But it's worked for me in the past. I just have SUCH a hard time sticking with it!

    After reading the book 'Fast Food Nation', we gave up eating out. We just couldn't be sure what was in our food or how the animals had been treated, etc. It was too risky. Cooking at home has been so much fun for us, too. And I'm not even good at it. Like, seriously. Before I started REALLY cooking, I even hated making frozen pizzas b/c I thought it was too much work. :o) All that's changed now and I'm LOVING it!

  86. I didn't read any of the comments, so someone may have mentioned this, but Food Matters is another great documentary about raw foods and the inportance of vitamins. Preach on sister, I like it!

  87. you are one HOT mama!! What preciousssss little boys! I have this book too, i REALLY need to get back to it. I'm going to try your wraps and pizzas.

  88. Um, this scared me! lol I love milk and meat way too much so I'm going to have to bypass this book. Great recipe ideas though... the wrap looks delicious and the crushed cheerio mixture is genius! :)

  89. Ok, so the DVD and book are on hold at the library. My husband and I have messed around with going vegetarian and frequently have vegetarian months.

  90. I had to log on with google instead of my wordpress account in case you want a name with a face...I'm always curious. -

  91. I love you for this post and I don't even know you! I wish more people would take the phrase "you are what you eat" more seriously.

    I've only skimmed Skinny Bitch but I've watched Food Inc. along with another great documentary, Food Matters. Both of which are incredible eye-opening and educational.

    I haven't been the best at sticking to clean eating but I certainly do try and I plan to keep trying until I stick to it for good. Meat is one thing I am not sure I'll ever give up completely, at least chicken but I am fortunate enough to know one of the top chefs in the world so he helps educate my fiance and I on the best local/organic/humane farms to get it from.

  92. i just finished most of the book after your recommendation. its like in my mind i'm thinking... i can't NOT eat meat. what is my husband gonna eat? how am i gonna survive. but then as i'm looking at some chicken i cooked i can't bring myself to chew it.

  93. I know this is kind of an older post but I just started following your blog so I was reading a few of your past posts...

    Have you seen the movie Forks Over Knives? You would probably really like it! It's all about eating a "greener" diet and the health benefits of being a vegetarian/vegan. I'm not a vegetarian or anything, but it definitely made me think twice about the food that I eat!!

  94. I think I need to read Skinny Bitch again. When I first read it I did change some things in my diet. I just had my 2nd child in May and I have a 2 year old. I like to think I have a healthy diet (aside from the golfish s'mores bag I finished within 3 days-oops) but I think I'm going to re-read this and change some of my diet again! Thanks for this post!


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