I changed my hair AGAIN and other bits

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Thursday, December 01, 2011
Husband is in the kitchen getting my bagel and lox ready, so I gots to get going because bagel and lox are like, seriously one of my favorite foods. 

So just a few short points I'd like to make today.

My hair. I promise this will be one of the last posts where I narcissistically show you a million pictures of me and my hair. At least for this week anyway.


I now have lighter brown hair which I plan to stick with for while.
At least for this week anyway.


My littlest. I am just loving his curls and baby slobber that runs down his belly.


Also, I got what I thought was the cutest Seahawks tshirt but it turned out to be a dress. Of sorts.

He still rocks it.



Third. Remember that iphone video I showed you the other day? Well, I totally ripped that off from my cuz Taylor. Not the video, but the post idea. See, Taylor sent it to me and said she was gonna blog it, but I thought it was so funny so I raced to my computer as fast as I could and posted it first before she had a chance to. 

See, I'm a really good friend like that.

Anyway, I felt kinda bad (not really) so I wanted to let you know that it was totally her idea first. 

There. You happy now Tay?

And finally, I have been having explosive trouble with my email lately. Like, for the last two weeks, it has just gone major haywire. I'm pretty sure I opened something with a virus and it basically made my email vanish. However, it is all fixed and better than ever so if you asked me a question on a blog post or sent me an email and I didn't respond, please forgive. I didn't do it on purpose, and I promise I will answer all emails and or comments sent my way!

Love you guys! It's almost the weekend!

67 comments on "I changed my hair AGAIN and other bits"
  1. I love your hair, but I have to ask - are you wearing the same shirt in the last 2 of the top row of pictures?

  2. i love your new hair! gorgeous, gorgeous!

  3. That missing tooth smile is basically the bestest. As is your hairs! So boss.

  4. ahhh love the hair girl :)

  5. ok what on earth is "lox"...I have never heard of such a thang!!

    Moving on to the more important subject at hand...your hair!! LOVE IT!! How are you SO photogenic!? And are those your real eyelashes?! DO TELL!!

    Oooooh the baby..that little belly is ADORABLE. Coupled with his wild hair...instant LOVE!

    BTW-You need to call the manufacturers who made the dress, I mean shirt, and let them know that although it may be news to their ears, babies are not 3 feet tall these days.

  6. I am pretty sure everytime I see a new hair-do on you it becomes my fave and this is no exception- you look STUNNING! And I love the Seahawks dress too- they were the firt team I ever saw play live!

  7. like your new hair color. it's very natural looking. i liked the black too though.

  8. YOU are a hair-changing fool. And how is it you look stunning in every shade? Love the new color. :)


    and colts dress

    and his baby slobber

    and taylor.


  10. I love the new hair color! SO CUTE!!!!!

  11. I'm glad I'm not the ONLY one OBSESSED with my bagels and lox too! YUMMY!!

    I LOVE your hair!! MY GF that does my hair does similar color and I LOVE it!! Only thing that sucks though is because I dyed my hair BLEACH BLONDE a couple years ago my color fades quick so I have to redo my base everytime I touch up my roots...ANNOYING!

    Your little guy is BEYOND adorable!! I love his curls!!


    and, your kiddos - ahhhhh so frickin' cute! :p

  13. Love your hair that color and what a cute lil boy!

  14. Love the lighter shade on you!

  15. Love your hair! I was actually going to comment on your other post that the mostly brown with blonde/caramel highlights was my fave, but then I didn't. Definitely love this though :)

  16. i love love love your new hair color!! so pretty :)
    and your baby looks cute in that 'dress'...can my future kids please have as good of hair as yours does!!

  17. You're just so beautiful! I love the new hair color!! I am wanting to do something different with my hair, but not sure what!

  18. Puuuurrrddddy hair, darling!
    I'm digging the Hawks "dress" your son is rocking. Go Seahawks! (Fingers crossed we kick the living shit out of Michael Vick and his presh Eagles tonight... wishful thinking? Maybe).

  19. Ew Raven you're so pretty!!! And your sons dress cracked me up. AWESOME!

  20. loveLOVE your hair! very pretty!

  21. LOVE your new hair color!!!

  22. Love the new hair color!!!

  23. Love the new hair color! It's totally you :)

  24. Love the new do, girl! Looks natural and I like it better than the dark black. Everybody needs a highlight or two. Way to fess up o the Taylor tip. Y'all are too funny:)

  25. The hair is fab and that shirt/dress is awesome!

  26. Your hair looks fab no matter how you have it! :-)

    I JUST put soem darker red aka purple in my hair (turned out not how I pictured) BUT I am getting the most compliments on my hiar than ever this past week. So funny. Fun to try new things though!

  27. Your hair looks fantastic...but then, it looks great no matter what. And the seahawks shirt? We are big Seahawks fan, so shirt or dress, we LOVE that!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Raven I love your hair!! Gorgeous! And loving the Seahawks shirt too! Go Seahawks!

  30. Sooo pretty! Now you need to do a post or vlog about how you get that volume. Wait, have you already? I think you mentioned sleeping with it up, but I've got to wash it in the morning. So what products so you use? I like your shirt too. And the Hawks dress/shirt is hilarious, but so cute.

  31. I LOVE your hair!! The black is a little bit to harsh on your beautiful features. LOVE LOVE LOVE this shade on you!

  32. Your hair looks FABULOUS!!! So pretty! I just want to be you. Or Britney Spears. :)

  33. Love it! Looks amazing. I totally forgot to post on the video a couple days ago, but that was seriously hilarious!

  34. as always, you look hot. as always, he is precious.

  35. You look gorg. Love this color! Keep it for awhile!! :)

  36. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are gorgeous

  37. two words: smoking hott!!! the hair looks very fabulous.

  38. Yay -- so glad you dyed your hair! As much as you look fabulous super dark, I feel like your features look most prominent with this brown shade. So freaking pretty!!!

  39. Why do you always look so gorgeous?! It's sick.

    Love you.

  40. An apology and burn! love you long time!
    BTW can i borrow Colt's shirt to wear as a dress...?

  41. I love it! pretty lady!
    and love the new header! which is probably not suuuper new but i'm cool like that...

  42. Your hair is stunning guuurrrlll!!!! I have brown hair but I've been contemplating adding some highlights/lowlights in it...guess I will have to do it now!!!!

    LOVES it!!!


  43. love the highlights...so pretty..

  44. New hair FTW! I really do love it best. And I am truly thankful I am not the only girl in the world (or the blogosphere) who changes her hair weekly.......sometimes. ;)

  45. Your hair looks freakin' fantastic! My favorite color of them all. You're one hot mama, but you already knew that ;)

  46. Raven, I LOVE that hair color on you!!! Omg, loving the drool and hair on your little man. And the dress is so cute too. haha

  47. Hair looks fab. God my hair needs attention like a $5 hooker.

  48. I love the new hair color, I think this looks the absolute best but the other colors look fab on you too!
    It's always fun to switch it up, keep the photos coming they make me laugh and feel less bad about how much I go back and forth w/my own hair.

  49. Love the hair! I am thinking of getting my dark hair on again for this winter, but not sure. I like when you post narcissistic pics of yourself. I live vicariously through you because I look like dog shit most days!

  50. hey im too lazy to email you... but do you read MODG? the blog? if not, you must!! check out todays post by her...


  51. woah ... quite a few comments over a little thing like your hair. It's not like you need anymore, but I feel it's my duty as your bff to comment on every single post. That and we like to razz/threaten to slice eachother until a comment is made on all of our posts by the other.

    Your hair looks gorgeous and you look gorgeous, but this we already know.

    WTF is lox. Is it those black ball things? My friend Kristina ate it when I was in Vegas with her and I was scared.

    Last but not least, if you don't get gunnar and coltie an elf on the shelf this weekend, I'm sending one on Monday. They really need one in their life. I've decided it's the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

  52. I love your hair this color! it looks very natural and the highlights look great!! :) have a good weekend!!

  53. it is gorgeous!! you are gorgeous!! in any color, might i add! you're one of those people that look good in EVERY color.

  54. love that little bagle-eater-drooler! such a love muffin!

    and holy shiz raven! it is unfair that you can pull off any hair color...for real! #smoking

  55. I hoped the baby slobber stage would go away soon, but I guess it doesn't. Ugh. Mine are like Saint Bernards with how much they drool.

    LOVE the hair. Hawt.

  56. Wow! You look stunning! So pretty! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. I've got a new post where I give some tips on how to save money on fashion items. Love to hear what you think.

    Xo ,

  57. The author is giving infirmation about how the author changed hair gains and other bits.

  58. This color is my fav on you. Way better than blonde or black!

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