Can a one year old ski?

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Monday, January 23, 2012
Last Saturday, my mom, hubs, two kids and I went up to a ski resort about an hour away so my boys could ski for the first time ever. Yes, I am a snowboarder, and my kids will board one day (soon), however I have been convinced that kids will learn best from starting on skis. My three year old and one year old (almost to be four and two) did,'ll see.

Aaaaaaaaaaand play.

ps. If you aren't from certain parts of the country, you may think that putting pre-preschool age kids on skis is bizarre. As Kristen wrote about in this post. And judging from the above video, she may be right haha!

pps. Even so, I plan to put both boys in lessons in just a couple weeks when we go on a big family ski trip. And yes, I will be sure to get it all on video.

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  1. Oh my gawd! That video is just tooooo much {and how the heck did you make it?!?}

    I'm definitely a proponent of getting your kids into things early. 1 year olds fall all the time, and they're already close to the I'm pretty sure you're doing him some favors that will pay off later in life.

  2. We left the baby up there!!! BAHAHAA! Raven you are seriously my idol!

  3. You are hysterical! They're going to be skiing in no time!

  4. That was epic! You have totally convinced me that I must immediately take my 3 yr old daughter up at once. :) is it true that it's easier if you start them skiing? I had planned to start her on a board right away but if its easier then I want to start her skiing.

  5. you are so ridiculous, i cant get enough.

  6. Lol Raven! That is so cute! I love your babies! "We left the baby up there!" HAHAHAHA! I wish I could have been there! MUAH!

  7. That little one was PISSED! I think Ive made the exact same face/tantrum after a wipe out before.

  8. So funny! Glad you videoed it so we could all see!

  9. Thats awesome. I never went skiiing or snowboarding when I was little and now I'm terrified to do it as an adult. Gotta conquer those fears early!! I think my daughter may have a crush on your son..she kept saying "hi, hi, hi, hi,....ahhhh" during the video :)

  10. bahahahaha oh my god! I am rolling... seriously... I expect my mom to walk in here in two seconds and ask what I'm laughing about.

    P.S. I'm SOOO not going to Colorado now because that ish looked really cold.

    "we did eventually retrieve the baby" - best ever! hahah


  11. Awesome awesome!! I love the video, whild thing, perfectly appropriate for you and your family ;)

    You inspired me to write a post about my daughter and her new snowboard! ha!

  12. Awww your little family is so adorable! I feel the pain of your 1 year old, I am nottttt a fan of skiing (only bc I fall down a lot!).


  13. Good for you for teaching them young!! Learning to ski as an adult is no easy task! :)

  14. awe I'm so proud of Gunner! I like how his first time mom just lets him go. And how sweet of Gunz to remind you guys of angel baby #2 still half way up the hill. I'm sure Colty will have a blast at bachelor and gunner will get good fast!

  15. OMG this was so adorable! Thanks so much for sharing, your two boys are just cutie pies!

  16. hahahahaha this made my day! I go snowboarding a lot here in NC and I see kids your boys age all the time being taught how to ski. I have seen a lot of parents here with these leash type things, that let the kid go further out but the parents can control their movements. Kinda like those puppet things... for skis. Gunner did really good though! It's hard to learn!

  17. Hahahaha love it!!! I miss skiing! Great choice of music btw!

  18. Absolutely amazing! Gunner does fantastic for being so young! I think Colt would prefer spending his time in a snow fort for now lol!

  19. We left the baby up there! haha I die. I love this! They will be up and running in no time ;)

  20. They are so cute! Can you tell me what you used to edit your video? I have so many videos on the computer that I'd like to turn into something special.

    Thank you!

  21. Haha this is great! Gunner did such a good job. How fun!

  22. dyingggg. so funny and cute. I'm glad you clarified "retrieving the baby" haha. Gunner did so well!!! That'll be so good that you're putting them in lessons, they'll thank you later on in life when they're pro!!

  23. That is adorable!!! So cute. I think it's good to start young, seriously!

    Love your blog.

  24. bbbhahhahahahahahah. seriously no words.

    too busy laughing.

  25. so great. I'm more than 100% positive I'm going to laugh at my children's misfortunes. I already do at my niece!

  26. Love it! I snowboard too and just got three amazing days in at Crystal Mountain :) My boyfriend has a 4 year old girl that I'm dying to get on a board cause I know she'll rock it.

  27. Ahahahaha I don't know what I loved more you laughing as your children fall in the snow and cry or "we left the baby up there!" either way whole thing was awesome thank you for brightening my Monday!

  28. Such a cute video of your family's ski trip! I think it's never too early to start a sport!

  29. hahah RAVEN!!! omgosh this was tooooo freakin cute!! I died laughing and had to show Kurt! GO GUNNAR and COLTIE!!!!!

    I love that you are laughing hahah that is THEE best part. There are so many videos of me and my sister crying adn you can hear my parents laughing at us hahah i love it!


  30. Soooooooooo cute! I have only been skiing once and I was too terrified to even go up the toe-rope, needless to say, it's not my sport.

  31. That video was genius! I loved it :) too cute!!!

  32. hahaha, sooo cute! love it!

  33. aww raven! they are so cute! i love that you're getting them into sports....they are going to be such cute manly men!

    and skiing with a pacifier?!?! that takes total talent!

  34. That is such a great video! My husband snowboards and we’ll be putting our kids in lessons, but after playing in the snow thing week, watching my three year old have so much trouble just standing, I think we’ll wait till next winter. Hahaha.

  35. OMG this is so so cute!!! Gunner is a pimp...that's all. And poor Colty poo...he was NOT havin' it haha.

  36. So cute! I love little kids in skis!!!
    Just wanted to say, my mom had me on sKis as soon as I could walk!!

  37. haha, I'm a good skiier and that's because my parents threw me into the snow with skis strapped to me and told me to figure it out (okay, okay- they left me with lessons). It was seriously horrible at the time but now I"m SO happy they did it.


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