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Monday, January 16, 2012

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"Tattooing is about personalizing the body, making it a true home and fit temple for the spirit that dwells inside it.

Michelle Delio, Tattoo: The Exotic Art of Skin Decoration

You usually either love 'em or hate 'em. You would or you would never. This momma? Loves. I'll save you all the psychobabble on how people who have tattoos are "deep, intellectual free spirits who see meaning in the extra ordinary etc, etc." because I know a lot of idiots that have tattoos. But, they are personal (even if "personal" means that all the girls of Kappa Kappa Gamma get matching Tinkerbell tattoos) and they do make a statement.  

Last Friday night I went and got my 8th tattoo done. (You can see my other 7 tattoos here.) My three year old wanted to come and see how they did it, so off we went. With his mohawk, toy motorcycle and oh yeah, stuffed zebra in tow. The zebra totally gives him an edge I decided.


Simmer down boy. It will be your turn next. Give it about 15 years.

He sat patiently waiting, until he wasn't so patient anymore and wanted a little closer look. And then he kept bumping into the table I was laying on while the tattoo artist was hard at work. Don't know about you, but I would prefer someone to not bump into the table and give it a nice little "jolt" while a needle is getting drug through my skin. Alas, everything turned out perfect.

It's my new favorite tattoo.


"due corpi una sola anima" = "two bodies, one soul" translated from Italian. For my Nonie. She was Italian and most definitely was my other half. Or rather, IS my other half. Like I said before, I am who I am because of her. We came from the same mold. And I know she was watching me as I got that tattoo, smiling and giving God a little nudge while saying, "see her? She's mine. She's carrying on my spirit down there." And yes Nonie, I most certainly am.


She always loved my hair dark. I dyed it back a few days ago. And this time I'm keeping it. Swear.

Ok, one more picture. Can you tell I love this one?


Yes, I do.

And looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. From an early age, Gunner has been totally into tattoos. And by tattoos, I mean little kid stick-ons comprised of Thomas the Train and Lightening McQueen.

Exhibit A: Picture taken circa 2010

(look closely and you can see that his friend the zeb is sporting a little ink himself)

Exhibit B: Picture taken circa 2012, aka yesterday


That's his best "badass face" to go with his sleeve tattoos. Boy after his momma's own heart right there.

And now, for a few of the most frequently asked questions that I get about this topic...

Does it hurt? And what area on your body hurts the most? Yes. But it's kind of like childbirth. (Although childbirth is fifty billion times more painful). It hurts while it's happening, but afterwards, you get such a good reward out of it that you forget how bad the pain was. So you just keep going back for more. As for the most sensitive body part, for me personally, it was my Raven tattoo, on my lower right hip. The skin there is thinner and it was just flat painful. 

Are they addicting? Do you want more? Yes and yes. Ask anyone. Once you get the taste of one, you want to go back for more. I still have a few others in mind that I will be getting in the future.

Does your husband like tattoos? No. He has never liked tattoos on women. However when I met him I had five already, so he must not dislike them that much, right?

What does your family think about them? Aka your mom, dad, sisters, immediate fam. Well, my mom gave herself a tattoo in Home Ec class when she was a freshman in high school. And when I got my first ever tattoo, my dad took me aside and whispered in my ear, "just between me and you, I really like it." My sisters both have one. So I would think it safe to assume that they approve. Besides, we come from a very non-judgement family. 

What would you do if your sons came to you and wanted a tattoo? Considering they were 18 years old, I would take them and pay for their first one.

Yes, tattoos. A matter of taste and personal preference. I, for one, am a believer. You? Have one? Undecided? Thinking about getting one? Link up below and show us what you have/what you are thinking of getting some day!

Peace, love and ink!

67 comments on "I heart tattoos link-up!"
  1. Loving your new tattoo!!!

  2. aw, what a sweet tattoo! And if you're representing your Noni, you gotta rock the dark locks to bring out the Italian in you! My Noni was Italian too and always called me "Caito-Alfredo!" in her Italian accent while she squeezed my cheeks. She liked my hair dark too, this post made me smile. I miss her a lot.

    I'm not into tattoos personally. I like them on others and can certainly appreciate the artform. However, I usually hate how I look a couple months prior (any given month), so I have never thought of anything that I can imagine wanting to rock for the rest of my life. But I do like the ones that go down the spine, I think they're pretty tight.

  3. I LOVE it.. and the new hair too. I've had 4 and they are definitely addicting.

  4. I love it and the sentiment behind it! Beautiful Raven! And seriously his little "bad-ass" faces! LOVES! Thanks for hosting! Linked up my riDUNKulous tat ;)

  5. Well written Raven! I would have never guessed your new one would go right there on the edge of your arm! ouch!

  6. I love your new tattoo!!

    My tattoo hurt for like the first 30 minutes, and for the next 1 and a half I couldn't really feel much. I got so used to the pain, it was like nothing. Except on certain areas it would definitely hurt more.

  7. You could never deny Gunner is your son! BA, mohawk, stick-on tattoos... and I agree that the Zebe is pretttty edgy! He's too cute :)

  8. Love the font!!! Looks great!!

  9. LOVE the new tattoo and how meaningful it is for you, so sweet!
    And shit! I am not so glad to know that you thought the hip tattoo hurt more than the foot!! I thought the foot one was pretty dang painful and was hoping that one on the hip wouldn't be as bad! Oh well, like you said, it's worth it in the end! Great post!

  10. So fun...wish I had one to share!

  11. I love tattoos! My husband and I both have 3 each. I have one on each of my feet and one on the backside of my hip. They definitely are addicting!

  12. absolutely in love with your new tattoo... and how fab you look in the pics of it.

    I want to see all the linkups but am probably already going to be late for work... oh well

    Gunner... is my favorite kid EVER!


  13. Love the new tattoo! I would love to participate in the link-up but my mom reads my blog annnnd she isn't a fan of tattoos. I have two. One is the Chinese symbol for Nirvana (favorite band since I was 3) on my right pelvic bone and the other is a shamrock on my left hip. Got the shamrock on a whim and don't really love it anymore...but hey, I never really have to look at it.

    I'm getting another for my birthday (in 3 weeks) and it will be visible so I'll finally tell my mom. Maybe not about the other 2 though. I'm going to get my dad's signature on my wrist. He passed away when I was young and I want something to remember/honor him. Plus I really want a wrist tattoo and I think it's a cool idea. (Thanks Chris Lambton.)

  14. I like the font and the meaning behind it. Makes me want another one!!!!!!!

  15. OMG i love it raven! i've been considering getting a tattoo in the same spot but just dont know what i want quite yet. lordt i am so indecisive.

    thanks for hosting the link up!

  16. Love the new tatt!!!! And babies badass face... gah. He is so cute! <3

  17. Oh I love it!!! It's so pretty! And such great meaning! :)

    And that pic of him with all his tats... PRECIOUS. Love it. :)

  18. Love your new tattoo!! New follower here and just found your blog today! I will be posting my tattoos as well, just may be a little late to the link up!



  19. What a great idea!
    I am linking up love ♥

    Melina ♥

  20. I love your new tattoo... it's perfect!! As for this link-up it was a great idea!! It's so cool to see the different types of tattoos that everyone has :) Currently I am without a tattoo, but I've found some that I really like on Pinterest... and they are so darn tempting that I may get one within the year.

  21. Lovelovelove your new tattoo!
    and love your hair!
    and of course your cute babe.

  22. Oh yes yes! I love your new tat, gf!!


  23. I love the new tattoo! It is precious. Almost as precious as your sweet babies!

  24. I am loving your new tattoo!!!! and the side of the arm is SO pretty!

    I've always wanted to get something in French...but I'm still trying to figure out where!

    Thank you for this tattoo link up - this is so much fun!!!

  25. I love your tattoo! Very cool. Great link up too, new follower :o)

  26. I don't like tattoos on ladies. But Gunner looks sooo cute! Reese loves him some fake tats as well.

  27. Love the tattoo, your son is super adorable with his hair & tattoos!! Bad boy in the making :)

  28. Love the tattoo and your son is adorable!

  29. LOVE the new tattoo Raven AND your hair, GORGEOUS as always! xoxoxox

  30. Love the new tattoo! I have 3 but I want more, yes they are addicting! My last one was the Chinese symbol for eternal love that my hubby got me for our 12th wedding anniversary last summer.

    I am going to take pics to my tats and post for tomorrow!

    Loving your blog!

  31. love the new addition! and i LOVE this link up!! :) great idea.

  32. I LOVEEEE your new tattoo!!!

  33. I love this link up! I'll have to get pics and a post to share my own during the next link up! Love your Raven!!

  34. love this and so so meaningful.
    my most fav u have is the daisy.
    that one is so so cute.

    love it Raven!!!



  35. I loved that newest tattoo! I would be so scared to get one right there on my arm! Thanks for this link up... even though it did it three times. It didn't show up that the first two even worked! Eeek! That's what happens when you blog from an iPhone!

  36. look how huge and fabulous your blog linkup is! I love your new tattoo....LOVE it! I think you're absolutely stunning and should be a model! And Gunner is the cutest ever!

    I'm going to link up tomorrow....with my stick-ons and all! :)

  37. haha i love the photos of your little boy all covered in the fake tattoos. so sweet!

  38. I looove your new tattoo! Especially the meaning behind it :) Looks great!

  39. It is SOOOO fun to read about your and everyone's tatoos!! HOW cool!

  40. PS did you get snow in Eastern WA?

  41. LOVE it! And your too cute boys

    I don't have any tattoos, but I do have my ears pierced just like my beloved grandmother does. 3 holes in my left, 2 in my right. Since I was a young girl I wanted them just like she has them. When I was 22 I completed it lol Then got an industrial. Sadly, she doesn't have one. lol!!

  42. love your tattoo!! i am getting a 3rd tattoo this summer! :) love them!!

  43. Love love the new tattoo! I love that it holds so much meaning! You pull it off soo well! YOur gorgeous!

  44. I love your new tattoo....quotes are my favorite especially foreign language quotes...Thanks for the link up gorgeous

  45. I am in love with your new tattoo and the meaning! I, too, feel that tattoos are more special if they have meaning. I love stories behind tattoos! I just watched your "vlog" and I must say that I may have fallen in love with you just a little bit. I cannot believe that I have been blogging since May and have not come across you yet! I'm not so much a double cheeseburger girl, but a quarter pounder from McD's!

  46. I LOVE the meaning behind your newest tattoo! I have been DYING to get a tattoo since I was 18 but always have been SO indecisive! This year my hubby and I are getting them in honor of our daughter. We just found the place we are getting it done, so now we have to build up the nerves! lol

  47. What a great link up! Thanks for following my lil ole blog :) Every new follower makes me smile! Your little boy is adorable!! I LOVE your tat. SO meaningful! I want to get one for my Nana too.



  48. I am cracking up that you brought your little guy to get your tattoo with you! I brought my daughter when my mom got her tattoo done and they looked at me like I had two heads when I came in! Made me feel like the only mom that's ever done that!!!

    I LOVE the pics of Gunner and his "Badass face"! The mohawk melts my heart! (My little guy Miles sports the same style!)

  49. I love that tattoo!

    I really want to get another one!

  50. Lookin' good!

    I have one tattoo and I can't link up because it is now covered in stretch marks and my hubby hates it. I mean, HATES it! I would get another one for sure if the hubs wouldn't divorce me.

  51. Oh I love your newest! So pretty and meaningful, which makes for the best tats. How long is this linkup open? I wanna share mine!

  52. so, i guess when you want to partiicpate in a link up you a) link up on time or b) check to make sure the link up is still open before you write (and publish) your blog post.

    procrastinator much? yeah thats me. whatev's


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  54. Your brought out some "eye mist" when I read about your Nonie. I've got 5 and I'm planning another this year. I find it to be enjoyable.

  55. I love it! I really want to get a tattoo for my Grandma too, I just have to figure out what I want it to say!

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  57. (I'm super late to the party - just discovered your blog!)

    1) LOVE that piece. I love the composition and the meaning. It's just beautiful. Well rocked, lady!
    2) Yes. I am with you on all of your answers. Hah! My husband is very like that. He's not a huge ink fan (mostly for himself, though. He's not opposed to tattoos on others, but it's not something he actively seeks), either. (I have three, with about a thousand more on the horizon.)


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