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Thursday, January 19, 2012
Yesterday, my twin sissies turned 29 years OLD. Schwizzles, I have sisters who are almost THIRTY YEARS OLD! That's middle age! I mean, in my mind, we are all still barely out of diapers and I'm throwing down on them like the boss I am because they stole my barbies head. Yet, here we are, so old and haggard and sporting lots of grey hairs. (You shut up Boobie, it's not only me).

Me::  Boobie::  Rachel
(incase you were wondering, this was taken on Halloween. We don't really dress like this in everyday life. However, wouldn't it be so flippin' cool if we did?!)

We celebrated their birthday with friends and family at PF Changs, a tradition if you will. We got on the topic of our younger years, and how it would always be two against one. Or rather, one of them and me against the other. Or rather, me and Boobie against Rachel. From their recollection, it got pretty brutal. (I mean, at lunch that day, Rachel told me that she was thisclose to moving out and going to live with our grandparents. Solely because of how I treated her. Say what?! That is not how I remember it). Anyway, our conversation went something like this...

me: was it really that bad for you guys?

Boobie and Rachel in unison: yes. even worse.

me: but I tbought I was such a good sister growing up?

Rachel: that's cause you only remember things you want to remember.

me: oh. well I'm sorry then. But really, didn't I at least treat you guys fairly when it came to being mean and terrorizing you?

Rachel: no. It was always you and Boobie against me. It was awful.

Boobie: hey, it's called survival of the fittest. Raven was so horrible that I didn't want to be on her receiving end of rath, so I joined the side of evil to save my own skin.

My mom: So basically you tortured your sisters and they now have a negative view of their childhood and even more so, you came between the bond between twin sisters...

me: Eff this! Give me your presents back you ungrateful little twits!


Speaking of twins, look at how adorable Rachels girls are looking these days...


and yes, we still love the one on the left despite those cheeks.

Coming up tomorrow on le blog: Why playing in the snow with your kids blows. Aka another edition of keepin' it real. And anyone who says otherwise?


They lie.

(ps. Head over to Taylors blog and see a pic of me getting one of my tattoos. I had no idea I even had a pic of me getting one done.  It was a while ago and I had blonde hair. Fun times.)

44 comments on "Well I don't remember it that way..."
  1. Rachel looks so much like you! My sister thinks I tortured her too even though I was just preparing her in case she came across mean bullies. It was survival training, really.

  2. HAHAHA My little sisters always want me to take them sledding and it ALWAYS ends in disaster. Kids + snow = train wreck.

  3. Don't you hate when your idea of what happened in the past comes off completely differently from someone else that was there too? :) If you are anything like me, you've grown into a lovely lady and your sisters love and adore who you've become, not who you were as a kid ;)

    I love that Halloween pic by the way!! And eager to read the "joys of the snow" post!

  4. One of my sisters hated me and pretty much wouldn't talk to me until this year (she's 27, Im 29) because of how mean she thought I was to her when we were growing up.

    Me: But don't you guys think we were ALL mean to each other and it wasn't just me??
    All 3 sisters in unison: No. Not at all.
    Me: Oh. Well. Hmm.

  5. you horrible sister, you! how can you get in the middle of twin bonding? so terrible, haha.

    my little sister tortured me but i deserved it if i let that little thing get away with what she did to me. haha.

    and playing in the snow is not fun. even with kids.

  6. o my goodness those little babes are sooo precious!
    looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  7. super duper cute pic!!


  8. oh man, me and my sister hated each other until she went to college and moved away. Im serious. Now we are bffs but those childhood years were brutal.

  9. I was the oldest of 3 kids. 2 younger brothers. It always 2 against 1 and yes, I prob tortured them too. In fact, I know I did. They did follow me everywhere though. I mean how am I supposed to be cool with my little brother tagging along everywhere saying "im telling mom."

    ha, ha!

  10. Hahaha, that's pretty funny. I don't have twin sisters, but my older sister and I (13 months apart) were raised like twins, so I can only imagine how my oldest sister felt. Very cute!

  11. Wait so you have twin sisters and one of them has twins too?! And you can her Boobie?? Like Boobie like a boob or tit?

    Say what? I need answers! STAT!

  12. that's the only comment you get until you comment me. Well, and this one.

  13. Thats pretty funny! My sister swears I terrorized her, I think she makes it up!

  14. now i feel bad! i totes forgot to text them yesterday :( gosh facebook failed! thats my only way to keep up on birthdays!
    Haha Boobie like a boob or a tit! from above comment..i seriously laughed out loud!

    Love this and now I have to text Rach and boob Happy belated birthday. You should feel so popular that i remember yours

  15. You and your sissies are gorgeous! I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this post!

  16. Ha! So true though! The pic I sent you today of Stella is cuter but thats ok. =) look just like twins, huh? So far Sophie's blue eyes don't really show up in pics but then they will really start looking different. Love it!

  17. hahaha awesomee. My brother and I always teamed up on my older sister--it was just too easy!


  18. I think you and Rachel look more like twins. I actually thought Rachel was you.

    You have twin sisters and one of them has twins? How fun is that??!!? :)

  19. Haha, going to the snow tomorrow with ny 2 year old! And those cheeks! So cute!

  20. Hahaha, I had no siblings but two of my younger cousins and I were close! We were all two years apart so the older one and I would always gang up on the youngest! He's still not over it haha!

  21. hi! new follower, and also fellow britney lover forEVA!

  22. Ahhhhh, I died at "yes we still love the one on the left despite the cheeks" - hilarious!

    And sisters are made to torture one another! Don't feel bad girl!

  23. my little sister tortured me growing up, lol.. but we're friends now! great post!

  24. I love twins, but prob because I am one.

    Happy birthday to your sisters!

  25. Miss Rae Rae - did you see who is going to be the new bachelorette?

  26. Ah I think that's what my brother would say about me too!

    PS totally FB stalked you yesterday.. Weird? No.. Lol.. Your a hot little momma! :)

  27. Um, you're so not a horrible sister; you're just an older sister. My older sisters were AWFUL to me as well but say I'm making it all up because they don't remember. 3 sisters in one family = lotta drama!

  28. raven i swear to you your blog is like a bible for having kids because everything you say is SO TRUE...specifically about the snow kids thing...thats like a nightmare to think about hahah i cant wait to hear why!

    happy birthday to your twinnies sissys!! you 3 are all BEAUTIFUL!! and rachels twins? PRECIOUS

    love this raven <3

  29. ok first.....you have twin sisters? where have i been?! secondly - one of them has twins?! i thought it skipped a generation!

    and two...three...whatever number i'm on....i love that you said "we still love the one on the left despite the cheeks." hahahaha

    snow baby colty!! so cute!

  30. I'm 24 and some grey hairs are sprouting up! I know you're not supposed to, but I can't help but pluck them out. At first it was funny, but now I'm giving them the middle finger.

  31. Aw! Happy birthday to your sissies! I always wanted a sister, but my parents only gave me a brother. Ha!

  32. Happy bday to your sisters! I must say I desperately want to kiss those chubby cheeks!! Talk about survival of the fittest, she is trying to make sure her sis does't get more food than her! They are adorbs!!

  33. I'm one of three sisters...and this type of revisionist history happens allllll the time. My older sister tormented the middle sister, and doesn't exactly remember it that way. :)

    Loving your blog...great writing style in a funny, no hold barred, kinda way.


  34. love this!! I have twin brothers & it was always 2 against 1... but it would switch off between each brother.


  35. My sister denies ever being a beast to me growing up. I really do think you older sisters have selective memory:-)

  36. You and Rachel look more like twins than Boobie and Rachel do!


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