Why my kids do not get vaccines

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Or rather, let me be more clear by saying that my kids go by a very non-conventional vaccine schedule. My almost four-year old has not yet had the MMR shot, which is standard for toddlers 12-18 months old, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics

I do not go by the schedule that the AAP sets as recommended guidelines. My kids did not get the HepB vaccine that is basically customary at birth. I had to almost strong arm the nurses to make sure that my children did not get the HepB vaccine. And I got some sneers from them because of my decision.

See, my boys have gone to a naturopathic doctor since birth. However, I think I should make something clear as day. As much as I believe in naturopathy for my kids, I personally want all the (legal) drugs I can get my hands on (semi-kidding here). Most people who follow the naturopathic lifestyle believe in natural birth, with no pain killers of the sort, but me? Like I said here in my birth story, I demanded to be pumped full of meds to keep from feeling the horrific pain of childbirth. 

So, as much as I demand for my kids to abide by a certain unorthodox standard, I myself certainly go by another. Hey, it's called "do as I say, not as I do." And it's a God given right of motherhood.

But really, honestly. I believe 100% wholeheartedly in a naturopathic lifestyle. There are some (standard) vaccines that my kids will never receive. And they never get more than one vaccine shot at a time. Up until two years old, neither of my boys had ever had store bought medicine. They have never had a drop of physician prescribed antibiotics. If they get sick, and they do, their doctor prescribes them all natural herbal medicines. And I have been so pleased by the results. For me personally, raising my kids this way gives me such relief and confidence that I am doing the right thing. For us.

I know what I am about to say is very controversial, but I have researched to the depths about this topic: when I was pregnant for the first time, I spent a lot of my free hours on the computer, researching, reading books, and talking to professionals about my fear of the over-vaccination of our kids. And I believe without a doubt that certain vaccines exacerbate some developmental disorders, such as autism. I am not saying that vaccines cause certain disorders, because of that I am not sure. But I do believe they increase the likelihood if a child is already predisposed to certain disorders. I believe that and I am not afraid to admit it. I keep it real here and this is my space and my opinion, and everyone reading has a right to their own opinion, but for me? I have no doubts and I am completely reassured when it comes to this subject. 

I would and could go on and on here, but I have no idea if this is something of interest to my readers. Do you guys actually want me to delve deeper into this issue? To express my thoughts, beliefs, findings and convictions? Do you want to know more about why I feel exactly that our vaccine schedule is doing a disservice to our children? You know me and that I don't shy away from controversial subjects or try and shield my true thoughts for the sake of "politically correctness." I just want to know if this is something that peaks the interest of all ya'll. 

If it is? Great. I will go deeper and write more in depth on this topic. If not? I have a million more things on my blog to-do list.

ps. as always, this is my personal opinion. I don't push my opinion on anyone. That is the greatest thing about this country we live in, we are all free to choose and do what we want, and to raise our children in the way we see fit.

pps. I should also state that by the time my kids reach Kindergarten age, they will basically be up-to-date with most of the required vaccines. I just delay some and never have my kids receive more than one at a time.

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  1. Love it! I am ALWAYS trying to learn as much as I can about my options for when the husband and I have kids. Can non-immunized kids go to school? I thought there were laws about being "up to date" for each year? Do you think thank kids getting the chickenpox vaccine now-a-days is total BS (I do). So many questions!! Can't wait for your post!

  2. Very interesting. As a Mother, you are doing what is best for you and in the best interest of your Boys so really- no one can argue with you.

    From what I've read, I don't believe that Autism is caused by vaccines, however- I haven't had great interest in the subject- just articles here and there over the last few years.

    Would love for you to go deeper, always an interesting topic... not everything is political, this seems to have more to do your choices as a mother.

    Thanks for your thoughts :)

  3. Michelle- Although schools frown upon non-vaccinated kids, there are certain forms you can fill out. Truthfully, I like Raven's idea of spreading out the vaccines. I wish I had done that.

    I do have one question for you Raven, I don't know if it's too personal or not, and I feel like it goes with the non-vaccinating group too. I will just email it to you. :)

  4. I would LOVE to hear more about the research you've done and your thoughts on this.

    I believe that healthy discussion on any topic {especially controversial ones} helps all of us to better understand and explore our own positions and those of others.

  5. There is absolutely, positively, 100% no found link between autism and vaccines. If anything, you're putting your child in more danger than these vaccines can cause. The route you decide to take for your kids is entirely up to you, but I'm so sick of people spreading false, harmful, uninformed information.

    1. FYI, there is absolutely, postively, 100% no found link saying autism is not caused by vaccines either, just thought i'd throw it out there!

    2. There's no proof that autism ISN'T caused by eating ham, or wearing the colour purple, or driving - but you wouldn't stop doing those things, would you? Seeing as vaccines could actually save your life (and they have saved countless lives), I'll take the fact that there's no proven link between autism and vaccines and run with it, thanks.

  6. I would LOVE to hear more about your thoughts on vaccination. Hubby and I will probably be having a little one in the next year or so. I've read a lot of research - some saying that vaccines cause (or exacerbate) autism and some saying they don't. But in my mind, I'd rather not take the chance. I mean, it's not like it's a change that you can undo.

  7. We are also on delayed vaccines and did not get hep B at birth. My pedi is a hippie and doesn't give the MMR before 2 to any of her patients. My hubby wanted no vaccines at all, but my gramps is a polio survivor and his story is awful. I know that it is unlikely polio will resurface in our society, but really, no thank you. There are also now frequent cases of measles in the area. With my sons asthma and respiratory problems, those things could kill him easily. I also work with kids at a special needs school. Autism scares me because I see it everyday, but many autistic symptoms present before the standard immunization age for MMR and the parents I work with confirm that. That is why we are waiting until 4 years of age so I can be sure my children aren't presenting symptoms related to the spectrum.

  8. my hubby would love you on this as we fight about it every time we have a doc appt! I am to afriad to fight my doctor so I am mom and I make the decision to shoot them up...but i know a few people like you and they are happy I am happy so i guess we al do things our own way!

  9. I'd love to hear more about your opinions of vaccines and the research you've done.

    My daughter is 15 months old and so far, we've done all vaccines, but obviously I could change that going forward.

    When I gave birth, I felt so much pressure to give the shots from the nurses, and I hadnt done enough research prior to stand me ground.

    Cant wait to read more.

    (new reader)

  10. Write away. Maybe it will encourage people to read, research, and ask questions about health and vaccines. You have a powerful platform here to spread information. Use it!

  11. I had NO idea that children that weren't vaccinated could go to school... or maybe I'm just misunderstanding and they can't? Regardless, where the hell was this when I was little?! And why didn't my mom know about it?! haha. I hate shots! Being in the medical field now, most places require me to have all of my shots up to date before entering the hospitals and clinics, so I'm not sure that I would have ever gotten away with not having any. I find what you are doing very interesting. Would love to hear more about it. You never cease to amaze me Mrs Raven!

  12. I would love to read more of your thoughts on this, and maybe some references if you have them? I had suggested to my husband that we go by an alternative schedule when our baby is born and he balked at the idea. Very firmly said that our child will get the recommended vaccines, on time as suggested.
    I plan on doing more research myself, but any help in the department is welcome


  13. I'd like to hear more about your thoughts and research! I don't have kids yet, but from other blogs I read and friends I have- I know that this is such a divided, controversial topics. I'm glad you always keep it real on here! No reason to be someone you're not! :)


  14. I would definitely like to hear more as well!

    Cole got all of the mandatory shots for school, but other than that we don't do additional vaccines.

  15. I think this is great and I would love to hear more about this! My fiance is in medical school and will be a graduating with his D.O. by this June (Hallelujah we're almost finished!) and the massive push of medications/prescriptions is something we struggle with - which is why I love that he's interested in treating the body holistically and with manipulation first rather than with a pill. (i'm not saying pills are bad, we just think there are ways to treat common issues without the use of medicine)

  16. I would LOVE to hear more. And where in the world do you find a naturopathic doctor????? Are there only a few in the country? I know there are none around me. What would you do if there wasn't one near you? How does your hubby feel about the delayed vaccinations and naturopathy? Also, just curious if your kids go to a chiropractor? I would love to hear the answers to these questions!

  17. Also, for controversy's sake, I have a friend that is a Chemist (has 2 Ph.Ds, etc.) that strongly believes that not vaccinating your children is bad parenting. Most of the argument against vaccs is because of the mercury in them, which (for the most part) isn't even used anymore in most vaccines. What do you say to that? (Just presenting that side. Not trying to argue! I'm in-between on this issue.)

  18. Ok so you are telling me you researched all of this from doing the appropriate Web of Science, pubmed searches and read literature associated with each vaccine?? I think not. I have a 2 children and a PhD and I don't preach to my friends about the dangers of not vaccinating as its common sense. Well done you for not giving your children medicine, great job (include lots of sarcasm). When those boys get sick, really sick, which they inevitably will as all children do, will you hold out to give them medicine because it goes against your nature?? I just thank god I sit on the other side of the world from you ,with my screwed up British accent may I add, and that my better informed children will not be schooled with yours. Let's pray you home school and stay in your self obsessed bubble you call a blog. I know you won't care and why should you, you are the fantastic Raven haired beauty ( cough cough) but you have lost (another) follower. But don't despair lots of other great women out there to listen to your well researched points of view.

    1. I think we can all agree that we're glad you sit on the other side of the world too. And good riddance.

  19. Last one - I've heard (from a doctor) that the reason some diseases are being re-introduced (like mumps, which my mom was exposed to and she missed my daughter's early weeks because she couldn't chance exposing her to mumps) is because of parents that are not having their children vaccinated. I personally believe this is true. Thoughts?

  20. Ok so I read your ps and yes you are entitled to your opinion which I respect but seriously email me and I'll send you the literature. Also you know you have to give the follow up vaccinations for some diseases within a certain time frame or they are rendered useless?

  21. Comfy this is true. Some people believe in immunisation by proxy but this is a dangerous game we play with our children's lives. The daycare centres in London around my area will not accept a child unless they have their full immunisation record.

  22. Sorry meant cindy, predictive text seems to overtake sometimes

  23. Regardless of if I sided with you on this or not I think your awesome for sharing all of this and standing up for what YOU belive in. However I have to say that I do agree with you whole heartedly and would love to hear the deep down depths of everything you think about this... with baby number 2 I am getting really nervous about all of this... I also have three autistic cousins on my Dad's side of the family.

  24. We do not vax. We will not vax. I think it's awesome that you have done your research and made a well informed decision for your family. Most people don't even know what is in the vaccines and what they are putting into their body.

  25. Very interesting! I am happy to hear they do the vaccines just not on time.... I would like to note as a graduate student who reads and conducts researches with children and young adults who have Autism. The researcher who caused all the rage about vaccines and Autism study was false. He altered his subjects identification and the whole thing was a fraud. There has been no scientific research that links the two. I really wish we did know what caused Autism! Thanks for sharing! :)

  26. I love this!! My husband is VERY passionate about this subject and will be so excited to read what you have to say. He was born with cerebral palsy, so he is very skeptical of the delivery process and how the doctors handle certain things in the early stages of a baby's life. I commend you for taking a stand and doing what you think is best and most safe for your children! You are an awesome mother!!

  27. Yes, Andrew Wakefield started this craziness but thank god someone actually investigated it a bit further and disproved it. But it's such a shame the debate lingers on. Vaccines could exacerbate other conditions in our children that we do not know of yet but autism is not one of them.

  28. Ok I'm not gonna comment any further. Raven it's been great reading the blog and you are no doubt a fantastic mother and good luck with everything. I'm out! Feel free to delete my comments, my tone my have been a little harsh and for that I apologise.

  29. While my daughter has received all the recommended vaccines, we spread them out over time too instead of doing them all at once. It just seems like an overload on their body to have so many shots at once, how can your immune system process it all? My child is very sensitive to illness and gets sick easily, despite breastfeeding and a healthy diet, so the last thing I want to do is overload her on vaccines, I think it would be too much for her.

    As a SAHM it's nice because you have more options with how to vaccinate your children (or not vaccinate). We have to be completely up-to-date at all times for daycare, but thankfully we can still spread them out over time as long as it's within a specified time limit. More trips to the doctor's office, but worth it to me.

  30. This has got to be the most polite and non-threatening way of addressing this topic, well done!

    On the flip side, I'm a Population Health Administrator for a large health insurance company. I know, it's hard to believe the two of those worlds actually go together...but my job is to make sense of it all, and make it stick. Children's vaccines/vaccine schedule is a hot topic everywhere. My industry promotes strict adherence to the schedule, only because as health plans are rated against each other on how well our members keep up with the preventive & chronic disease guidelines as set for by HEDIS/NCQA (most of these measures coincide with AAP recommendations). The other half of my job as being a Pop Health freak is to understand how culture/society contribute to health behaviors.

    I want to make a few comments based on your points here:

    1. Those vaccine waiver forms are merely a formality. Just because you sign them, doesn't make your children exempt from the laws, etc.
    2. Love how you stated that the boys will get the vaccines as required by the State to enter school.
    3. When you choose to vaccinate your children, you're not only protecting them, but those around them as well. It's the socially responsible thing to do. Like Cindy mentioned, I can't tell you how many childhood diseases are surfacing again. Much like the U.S., Michigan has seen some scary outbreaks of mumps, pertussis, and measles...all of which could be deadly if not treated properly.
    4. To your point, there is no evidence that the recommended timing of vaccinations has adverse affects on children's health. Just beware that the longer you space out your child's vaccinatiosn, the longer you leave them exposed to potential diseases.
    5. Love how you said vaccines exacerbate, not cause, developmental disabilities. Even still, the evidence is weak. I could slap Jenny McCarthy for her lack of regularly distinguishing between exacerbate and causation. She's got a ton of followers hanging on her every word, but since when has this former playboy bunny become an epidemiologist?
    6. I agree with Idukes, that most of what you find on the internet is garbage. Unless you have a subscription to scientific journals from scientific web databases such a PubMed, MMWR, Journal of Infectious Disease, etc you are probably being fed a line of BS (aka: someone else's opinion). Take everything you read with a grain of salt.
    7. Very cool that the boys see a naturopath. Thankfully modern science is becoming more accepting of alternative medicine too. To think once upon a time people were afraid of chiropractors and accupuncturists. Now it's pretty mainstream.

    All in all, everyone is entitled to their own opinions & beliefs. There's always consequences to be had, regardless of the actions we take. Thanks for posting your take on the issue, while I may not personally agree with everything, I absolutely respect how your thoughts!

  31. I would love to read more about what you have to say on this topic! As a future mom(like WAY in the future - years form now haha!) I find it interesting and helpful to read all opinions and facts about vaccinations. It's such a hot topic everywhere, the different points of views and arguments help make decisions.

  32. While I am not ready to be a mother, I do think about how I would want to raise my children. I am really intrigued by your post; I myself do not want to give my children certain vaccines for the same reason(s) you listed above. You wrote your opinion and I respect you for that, well done!!

  33. I LOVE all things medicine (I no joke used to read medical dictionaries as a kid) so I say divulge what you've found.

    Gotta agree with Gina though...make sure your sources are sound (medical journals etc).

  34. This is SUPER interesting to me!! I don't even like taking Tylenol, and I REALLY want to do a natural birth. I have heard of people not giving vaccines/altering the schedule, but I haven't read much about it. I say share away! :)

    1. I've done it - It IS possible, but prepare yourself ahead of time. Mine just happened too fast! http://joelandcindyplus2.blogspot.com/2011/07/avrils-birth-story.html

  35. love that you're voicing your own opinion..my mother is actually a naturopathic doctor, so I grew up holistically and have dealt with this controversy frequently.

  36. As I'm thinking this, it sounds accusatory in my mind, but I promise you it is not! I'm just curious as to why you do this for your children, but not for yourself. I would love to read more about your reasoning based on what you've found.

  37. YES, please share more. I felt pressured to have my daughter vaccinated according to schedule but this next baby will be on a different schedule.

  38. Holy comments! I literally was having this exact discussion with my assistant yesterday I'd love to hear more!

  39. PLEASE share more! I'm really struggling with this topic! Our first baby is coming next Thursday (!!!) and although I have already signed for her to not get the first vaccine in the hospital and WANT to delay I'm having issues finding a doctor that will allow delaying.

    Her possible pediatrician says that they no longer offer individual vaccines on the market and some HAVE to be given together, is this true or is she just trying to "bully" me in to giving in?

  40. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, tell us more! Anything you can share about the natural "medicines" instead of doctor prescribed or store bought?

  41. OK... I’m in and would also like to hear more. I HATE all the stuff that is being pumped into our kids!!! I do not do any more than the regular vac. I have a daughter that is Down Syndrome and I have been almost pushed and scolded (like I am NOT a good mommy)into getting her that flu shot and I HATE the thought of giving her more crap in her body. My son on the other hand will NEVER get it unless he goes and gets it himself. I would also love to hear about the meds that the Dr. gives the kids when they are sick. My son is allergic to penicillin and I am starting to think my daughter is too and to most the other meds she gets. BTW: loving this post!!!

  42. I am very interested to see what you have researched! With having a premie she has EVEN MORE rec. shots and things and it makes me SO nervous! There have been a couple she has not gotten and a couple I have made them delay bc my baby does not need what feels like 10,000 shots in one day! Essssh!

    Looking forward to your post!! :)

  43. First off, I completely commend you on (continuing in the suit that you usually follow, that is so wonderful to read) stepping out on a limb to talk about this controversial topic, and be candid about your thoughts.

    Secondly, while I think Idukes made some valid points, I really don't think that the rude and nasty comments were necessary or relevant to the topic.

    I am a pediatric nurse, and have personally given many many vaccines. While I completely advocate for the vaccine schedule put out by the AAP, I am very open-minded and would love to hear more about your thoughts on this topic.

  44. Love it. Keep it coming Raven!

  45. So then are you constantly at the dr. since you only give them one vaccination at a time? I'm not judging, just curious. They need a lot of vaccinations and if they are all caught up by kindergarten it seems like u would have a lot mor dr visits to get caught up.

    I did not give my kids the hep b vaccine at birth either. It is SO unnecessary for most babies and if people ACTUALLY did research and educate themselves they would know that.

  46. Personal blog = Personal opinion. Keep on blogging, Raven!

  47. I love this sensitive subject and would love to hear more and also others views. As my husband and I are trying to figure out when we want children this is a huge concern of mine.

    Thanks for always keepin' it real on your blog one reason why yours is top on my list to check daily! :)

  48. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is your blog so you should be able to say whatever your heart desires. I think that along with that your children are your children as long as their not being vaccinated is not hurting anyone else then it is your choice on what schedule and which you choose they do or do not receive.

  49. As a mom who sends my child to daycare (and I'm not saying this is true of all daycares, just the one we chose), we have to be up to date with vaccines. I've never thought of doing anything different. I had all the vaccines growing up and I turned out fine so I figure my daugther will be too. Would love to hear more on this topic from you.

  50. Hmmm....I would like to hear more about this and your research. Boomer is five and received all her vaccines as normally scheduled. She seems fine :) Id just like to know more.

  51. I love your blog, it keeps me entertained. However, I wouldn't care to read another post like this. As you stated, it's your opinion. I disagree on almost every level. If you do decide to post I would be sure to include links and names of the professionals you spoke of because it seems like a lot of other mothers are interested. At least that way they can source the information themselves. Knowledge is power.

  52. I am actually very interested in this topic and would love to hear all your "whys"

  53. To all that commented and to you Raven, you do know that is the the LAW that your children MUST have vaccinations to attend ANY school right? The "other" cassie seemed confused above in her comment. I've been teaching SEVEN years, and not a single child can EVER attend 1 day in school without PROOF of a medical chart showing they've had their shots. The REQUIRED ones to attend school. They don't require many, just your basics just as I am required as a teacher to have certain shots to be around the students other wise I cannot teach. Not sure what the exact few shots are (i'm not a nurse) I just know the basics. :) I think this is your most controversial post ever!!! eeek! :) Regardless of what ppl write, this is YOUR blog, and your thoughts. People can take it or leave it! :)

    1. Both my kids attend public school and have not been vaccinated. I wonder if it's different in every state??

    2. I'm a teacher who has never had to have shots nor have I given my 2 year old vaccinations so I'm assuming the laws are different in each state. My child can attend school by signing a form.

  54. I would love to hear more about this. I am due with our first child in 6 weeks and have been toying with this idea after hearing so many horror stories. I want to do an altered schedule to where he does not receive more than one shot at a time, but all of the research is all over the place so I am very unsure of what to go by.

    And to the previous poster, I don't disagree that in schools children must have certain shots before they can attend school, but I'm a teacher in Texas and I have never been required to have shots to be able to be around my kiddos. Maybe its a state thing, where do you teach?

  55. I feel exactly the same way!! I didn't really give it much thought when Acilia (age 8) was a baby, she got all of the vaccines and the only one I would have declined would have been the chicken pox one, yet I must have been duped into it, because at some point she got it! Peeved me!

    With Miles (age 3) I took the "slow" approach, he will be up to date by kindergarten too but I just couldn't fathom putting all of that into his tiny body! When something doesn't feel right for a momma, she must always follow her instincts!!

    Miles is 3 (stated above) just had his first dose of antibiotics, I always laugh when I go to get the meds at Walgreens and we have to enter the information because he's not even in the system yet! Acilia was about 6 before her first prescription!!

    We use a LOT of honey to promote wellness when the kids are sick, along with the vaporizers and saline. :) So far, so good!

  56. I love you Raven! You keep everything real on your blog and that's what I love! I don't know why people get so worked up about anohter's opinion!? You have the right to share whatever you think/believe, it's YOUR blog!

    I don't know a lot about the topic other than my cousin has a form of autism... my aunt thinks vaccines have something to do with it. She's very careful about what vaccines she allows her kids to have.

    I think you're very smart for looking up information and researching things that concern your childrens health and well being!

    I would love to hear more!


  57. Holy Comments mama! ahaha.

    See, I always thought "you have to give them vaccines blah blah blah" but I didnt know that until when I was at my friends house with Sadie when she was a baby and the grandmother mentioned something about shots and told me that I can withold them and or dont have to give them to them. I was surprised! But I still went ahead with them anyway. I should do more research on them tho. Or maybe you can fill us (me) in on them. I dont know when she is do for more, she did get her 12 month ones. I guess thats something I should talk to my dr about and or read upon.

    I think its great what youve done and thats great you didnt have to give any medicine when kids got sick!

    Have any of them had a fever? Did you just let the fever go on its own or there is natural ways of getting it go down? Im just curious I would like to know for future of Sadie. Youre right about all the medicines.

    I think you should go in depth more, I would certainly love to hear more mama! xoxoxox hope you have a great weekend!

  58. Love Love Love this post! We do a delayed vax schedule as well. My husband is a chiropractor and is VERY into this topic. My daughter has also been adjuster since the day she was born (mind you it's not the same way adults are adjusted) and has yet to have even an ear infection. Sometimes "natural" is best as far as medicines, etc. And again My daughter will have ALL of the state mandated vaccines before entering school but until then it is all delayed.

  59. Oh and my daughter has not had the HepB vaccine either. I was the same way having to tell a million nurses that I didn't want her to have it in the hospital. lol

  60. Raven, my one place where I have to disagree with you... just because i love you, I will give you my honest opinion.

    And PLEASE don't hate me after this. Don't take it personally... pretty please with a cherry on top?
    I have to disagree with a lot of this post. {AHH. i said it!}

    I think a lot of mothers read things like this {post} on the internet and make decisions without doing the appropriate research {like others have mentioned... real literature on search engines such as PUBMED.. not google}.

    It really is sad to hear that people refer vaccines as "pumping bad stuff into our kids." Really guys? What is wrong with this picture?

    I work with the dying day in and day out. Lives lost so young, too early, and often times due to reasons that could have been prevented.

    At the same time, I see how AMAZING medicine is and how we have been able to save a mother, a father, a brother, sister, and child because of it.

    We should be lucky that we live in a day and age that provides these vaccines, that provides medicine that SAVE lives.

    This is the nurse in me coming out Raven, trying to reach out to some of the mothers that are "not certain" whether or not to vaccinate.

    Honestly Raven, I had no problem with this post. I believe that every mother has the right to make their own decision, their own way, no matter what others think.

    The thing that really bothered me was the number of comments of women that are "not-informed" and those that I am afraid will take a post like this and make a decision for their children because of it.

    Although I know YOU do your research, I'm afraid there are many out there that wouldn't.

    And then this is where our society forgets about the amazing power of medicine, and things such as "bad things pumping into my children" are thrown out there, being misinterpreted by others, and women are misled making decisions that i honestly do not think are safe for our children.

    And although I love reading ALL your posts and always urge you to write how you feel... I have to say that I am afraid that a "researched" post about "why you chose not to vaccinate" would not be beneficial to those that are "uncertain."

    Oh Raven, I hope you don't hate me after this comment. It's not even for you, as it is for other women out there, other moms.

    I couldn't resist, and now I feel as though I owe you a bottle of Wine. Or Rum.

    Your pick :)

  61. Yes, I do the same with vaccines for my kids. I take them slowly one at a time. They see a regular pediatrician and he's fine with my approach and not pushy at all which I really appreciate. Thanks for sharing your beliefs! It's nice to know I'm not the only mom doing this or with the sane fears.

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  63. yes - i would like to know more. i don't have kids yet ... and i would like for them to get all their vaccines, but i am a little hesitant to give them several at once. sharing your research and findings would be helpful.

  64. @CMae
    It is not true that your children have to be vaccinated to go to school. Different states have different laws and most states offer an exemption. My MIL works in school and there are kids that are not vaccinated. Most people don't know they ahve an option because the school will never tell you that you do.

  65. personally, I agree with you just based on common sense but have never researched it to be able to back it up. I know I would LOVE to read about your findings and why you believe what you believe about it---- PLEASE post on it!


  66. Dear IDukes---- aka: anonymous (yeah, no profile information? seems a little fishy to me...)

    anyways, I hope you come back to read this because I have a few things to say to you. For one, I do not believe you have a PhD because you lack basic grammar skills. How did you manage to complete school when you can't even speak or type properly? It's called keyboard 101, take a class. Second: If you are in fact, oh-so-knowledgable on the subject why not take the opportunity to share what you know to be true instead of degrading, name-calling and being an all around you know what. It is people like you that make the world a more negative place. Really, what gains do you make by cutting someone else down who doesn't agree with you? Instead of informing others of what you may think is the FACTUAL truth, you waste your time being a jerk. So congratulations. You just wasted an opportunity and turned anyone off to anything you have to say in the future. Not so smart, miss PhD.

    p.s. Bloody. Hell.

    1. Best reply to a bitchy comment ever. Officially love you.

  67. always interesting to hear opinions on this.


  68. Wow people sure do have an opinion about this topic lol... I think it's awesome you shared and I think it's very obvious everyone wants you to share more :) I do not have kids (that I birthed at least lol) but I am a FREAK about taking medicine, have to be reallly sick before I will even take a Tylenol... sometimes I do think prescribing is just second nature for doctors and what is easiest. I would love to read more! It's always good to know all the info you can! Thanks for sharing girl!

  69. I truly don't know much about this topic. What does the research you've done say about health risks for people who have poorer immune systems due to other illnesses? Meaning, do folks who do not get immunized put those people at risk?

  70. such a touchy subject, but I agree with you on spacing out the vaccines and it's a fight with nurses just to that! I wish I had more information before I had my kids (I was young and this was 12 years ago) but I refuse to vaccinate them with the fly shot. I do get a tetanus shot though, because that that's one thing I would never want to get.But I think your awesome for doing things the natural way! We try to to as much as we can :)

  71. Girl. How did I miss this post?

    First, you rock. Second, my nephew is on a diff schedule as well bc of a fam friend whose child never spoke again and developed autism almost instantly after vaccines.

    Keep posting. Id love to know more to share for my nephew. As well as my own 2 cents : )

  72. PLEASE go deeper! I've read so much it makes my head spin. Our insurance doesn't cover naturopaths, so if you could tell us what your schedule is/was that would be great. Then maybe it will help me figure out what I want my kids to do.

  73. I am actually so glad you posted this. I am pregnant right now and have been giving this particular subject a lot of thought. I in no way disagree with modern medicine. But it's looking more and more like they are linking these vaccines to some pretty scary things. I'm seriously considering choosing a pediatrician who is comfortable spreading out the vaccinations. There is no need to overload their poor little bodies like that. I will still have my kids fully vaccinated before they start school. I'm really anxious to see your next post on this. You're a great Momma!

  74. As a science teacher, I wasn't convinced that vaccines are necessary anymore. After all, if everyone is protected from ... measles, then nobody will get it. Therefore, nobody will carry it to my son. My son's pediatrician, in her blustery response offered only one reason that I could appreciate: encountering people from foreign countries. Living in the Los Angeles area, one can't throw a rock without hitting an immigrant. And without allowing my son to be vaccinated, I would prevent him from enjoying travel to foreign countries where many deadly diseases that we take for granted still exist. My son's vaccines are ALL up to date.

  75. I know this is a little late but, My fiance has never gotten a vaccination his entire life and he's never had anything wrong with him.. or any of his brothers... their all super unbelievably healthy! Me on the other hand, hah different story! But even now as an adult Mercury is showing up as a toxin in my body, as a result of me getting vaccines when i was a baby! CRAZY! That was 22 years ago! Anywhoo.. what this comment was really about before i started my rant.. is that Reed, my son, will not get any vaccinations, EVER! I have created this perfect little human for 9 months, the last thing i'm going to do is stick him with needles and inject harmful CRAP in his tiny little body! So to you.. AMEN sister!

  76. Ok I totally feel like a stalker right now because I already commented, but i've been reading through some of your posts and I am so glad I came upon this one! I don't vaccinate my kids right now (probably will when they get older or travel to other countries- i'll deal with that later) and it is SUCH a touchy subject! I have been thrown out of doctors offices, lost friendships all for sticking up for what I believe. My beliefs are very simliar to yours. Every parent needs to RESEARCH it and make the best decision for their family. Great post, I have one in the works - just haven't had the guts to push "publish" - knowing some of the backlash i'll get. Thanks for the encouragment. Oh and my kids are also 2 years and 2 weeks apart! Weird!

  77. My nephew, Kaiden, has autism and his parents believe the vaccines caused his already predisposed tiny self to become full-blown, severely autistic. I personally don't know where I stand. I haven't done the research to be honest. But I am aware that it is a very controversial topic and any discussion concerning is beneficial. I think it's great that you and your husband and standing by your beliefs regarding it. I know that if my sister-in-law were to have another child, she would not get him/her vaccinated.

  78. I've been creeping your blog for a little while (aka reading but not commenting as often as I should), and now I officially love you. I love this post. And I really appreciate your honesty. We're doing a different vaccine schedule too, but I don't publicize it much because I can't take the heat that people tend to give. I'd be really interested in knowing more about your vax schedule - I'm still trying to figure that out. We've done a few so far, and now I'm trying to figure out if we should do more, or stop for a little while. And I'm having an internal debate over giving Benjamin a flu shot or not.

    More posts on this and naturopathy please! There's so much information/research available, that it can be so confusing, so hearing it straight from someone who lives it would be fab.

    Anyway, much love, this is effing great, and I'm glad to find a kindred spirit that believes in a lot of the stuff I do! :)

  79. I am so happy to hear someone else feels this way! Husband and I do not have children yet though hope to bring one into the world in the next year or two. We are both of the less the better, natural remedy mindset. When we do have children we both strongly believe in not vaccinating our children. The hardest part for me will be standing up for my belief when both my sister and sister-in-law are both nurses and have already voiced their opinion (not to us specifically but more generally) about how stupid people are who don't get their children vaccinated or go to Midwife center. I am glad I came across this via your "2012. And a New Start" post. When we finally do get pregnant I would really love to pick your brain on this topic. And again, thank you so much for posting this! I really needed to hear this. It's always so nice to know you are no alone:)

    Happy New Year!!!

  80. I am a new follower as of today, and I came across this post w/in your 2012 review post.

    I would absolutely love to hear more about this stuff. I do not have any kids, myself, but I like to know all the sides to issues such as this.

    May I ask, have you run into any issues with it? I know here, in the Army life, to be able to use the child care on post your kid has to have which ever vaccines.

  81. sounds interesting guess i found something new to research for fun, but I'm going into collage and I can't even live on campus unless i show them paper work that shows i had some of these vaccines done (such as the hep B) You can raise your kids how you want but just don't let it get in the way of things later in their life - they might grow up and decided on their own they don't care about the naturopathic lifestyle


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