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Monday, February 27, 2012
**free people**

If I were a clothing brand, I would totally be free people. Oh mah gaw I am in love. I snatched up these two lovelies yesterday...


both on sale, booyah!
 And then I spotted this amazing find. Only question is; cream, sea blue or rose?


And this jacket? Kill me slowly, if you will.


Seems so soft and buttery but it's complete leather. If the price tag weren't so steep (like a years worth of diapers) I would totally snag this for my closet. A girl can dream.

Speaking of dreaming...

I so would if I could.


Maybe in my next lifetime?

**his hair**

as in, this:




the curls flat kill me.


Something is happening right now as we speak.

Here's a hint:



and finally, The Hunger Games trilogy.

Friends, I am consumed by these books. I lie awake in bed at night rehashing what I just read. I dream about Katniss, I tell no lies. I find myself reading when I only have a few minutes to spare, reading while in the car when I know I'm risking tempting my sometimes horrible car sickness. I am almost done with book two, and my life revolves around finishing this series.

I have also never been as excited for something as this movie to premiere as I was for the Britney Spears concert. And from the trailer? I think they cast the characters perfectly. Woody Harrelson as Haymitch? Donald Sutherland as President Snow? And of course, their choice of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is exactly how I pictured her.

Now I only have one question for you:

Are you team Peeta or Team Gale?

47 comments on "Stuff I am going GAGA over"
  1. omg, I know- I love, love, love Free People. I can walk to one from my apartment in 3 minutes, that's not good...

    his hair is amazing.

    can't wait to see the blonde, love hair changes!

    Hunger Games is awesome, can't wait for the movie!

  2. His curls are pretty stellar!

    And I'm so glad you're reading Hunger Games. I was *blown away* by how much I loved those books. I, too, dreamt of Katniss.

    I feel like I cannot properly answer your "team" question until you finish the trilogy. So I guess I'll just say that I'm team Both, but for different reasons.

  3. He is so cute!

    I think I am team Peeta. I really liked Gale during the 1st 2 books, but by book 3, I was team Peeta. I will be seeing the movie opening night....babysitter is lined up!

  4. Free People and Hunger Games in one post?! Love. I'm dying to see the movie!!! Previews look fab.

  5. Team Peeta all the way!!! I loved the Hunger Games and I can NOT wait for the movie!

    If you liked the Hunger Games you'll have to read a similar series called Divergent. Only the first book is out now but it's AWESOME! They are also making a movie for it and it looks amazing as well!

  6. bloooooonde raven! eeeekkk

    p.s. C-MAN is too cute for words. says E.

  7. Love the clothing picks. I'd say sea foam...spring feel to it.

  8. OMGah I love Gale and I LOVE that he told her he loved her [finally]... but I am SO team Peeta. Especially after all he has confessed to her and all he has done for her. She is so freaking ignorant and it irritates me! LOL!

  9. Love those clothes you snagged. As for the second one, I say get it in cream! I need to jump on this Hunger Games bandwagon, but I'm afraid I won't like it and waste my book money!

  10. I seriously can't even talk about THG without getting overly obsessive, so I will refrain.

    I will say this, though, Gale may love her, but I never believed he was IN LOVE with her. So Peeta is the perfect match for her. xoxo

  11. Free People is pretty much amazing. As for what color of dress I'm loving it in the Rose!

    Team Peeta all the way! Being team Gale is like being team Jacob when you can have Edward!

    And I love blonde Raven. Can't wait to see how fab your new hair looks!

  12. You can pull of any hair color. Seriously, can't wait to see it!!

    I went back and forth with who I wanted Katniss with and I think I've settled on Team Peeta. Gayle could of had her, Peeta put himself out there.

    I loved these books. I also got my husband to read them too. He was reluctant at first, but he's almost done with the last one and can't wait for the movie.

    I like the cream color and the seafoam. Get both! Ha ha!

  13. I am totally team Peeta! Gale had his chance and didn't make a move/tell her he loved her. I love how much Peeta loves her and cares for her.

  14. Ahh! So obsessed with Katniss. I am pissed off every night before I go to bed because I have no one to discuss what I just read with. I am in the beginning of book 2 and so far I am team Peeta. You know my life is pathetic when my obsession with fictional characters consumes me.

  15. I'm Team Raven and I need a serious cuddle.

  16. Loooove Free People! I can't even go on their website and a mall near me has a whole store so can't even go near that haha. I'm totally Team Peeta alllll the way!

  17. I have been thinking of grabbing those books to read, and you have convinced me that I MUST get them and MUST read them!

    Gorgeous dresses and outfits!

  18. Bahaha i just asked this question on my blog today too! I like them both but I'm Team Peeta all the way! I finished the first this weekend and then started and finished the second. I can't wait to get my hands on the third! So. freaking. good!!!!

  19. ugh...... I was team peeta and then team gale! now, after finishing the books I am....STILL TORN! I hope you like how the author ended book three, it left me wanted way more and I hope in the movies they give us more! i wont say anything else because I don't want to give away anything!

  20. I guess I am the only one that is team Gale, I finished the last book this weekend. I was kinda disappointed about the ending.

  21. finished the series in a week!

    the boy with the bread is my literary boyfriend of course!

    this books captured my heart and i was left really sad when all was said and done but it was completed perfectly.

    I am very excited for you to finish!

  22. I don't think I can answer the question for you for which team, until you read the final might change your mind!

  23. BLONDIE!!!!

    Raven Barbie :-) you're gorgeous no matter what color your hair is!!

    and i absolutely LOVE free people..excellent choices!


  24. I absolutely LOVED The Hunger Games!!! I read the series in about 2.5 weeks. And, like you, reading them of my life. However, I cannot decide if I am Team Peeta or Team Gale. I have talked about this so much with a friend and she is Team Gale all the way but I think they both have awesomeness and I just can't decide. I cannot wait for the movie!!!

  25. AAAHHHH!!! Ravie! I read all 3 books in 3 days!!! I couldn't get enough of them and I have dreams as well!!! I am in the hunger games and wiating there and watching other strange things! my friend Alissa said she dreams about it as well!!! I am obsessed and am pawning my books off on everyone I know!!! I bought 2 sets of the trilogy so I could have paperback and hardback!!!! So umm you should come over to Spokane cause B just bought my tickets to the premiere!!!

  26. Hunger Games like rocks my world. I finished those books forever ago and I'm seriously contemplating reading them again before the movie comes out....SO SOON! WHHOOOOOHOOOO! I am definitely Team Peeta...but for some reason I feel like you may be Team Gale...hmmmm. Don't leave us hanging. :)

    AND are you dying your hair?!

    Miss our chats! Feel like it's been forever. Hugs to you, friend! xoxo

  27. Love Free People!! I like to find it on sale through Hautelook though, it's so expensive otherwise.

    I'm Team Peeta all the way!! :)

  28. I freaking LOVE free people!! Too much for my budget though :/ as for the dress, definitely get the sea blue color!

    I swear i'm probably the last person on earth to read the hunger games series...I've been wanting to SO bad, but with school in the way, it's kinda hard. Definitely making it a point to read them this summer!

  29. SO obsessed with the Hunger Games. My sister made me read the first book and I couldn't put it down. Same with the second. Now I'm waiting for someone to lend me the 3rd book and the suspense is killing me.

    And so far I'm team Peeta. All the way.

  30. Team Peeta all the way!!! Although I think they cast him terribly for the movie. He is supposed to be hot!

  31. going blonde? oh lala! can't wait to see!
    i haven't started the hunger games books--yet.. they're sitting in my ipad waiting to be consumed-which is why i am waiting, I won't be able to stop!

  32. TEAM GALE! HELL YES. lovaaaa.

    And for those AMAZE dresses... I say the blue or rose one... since you already got that other white/sheer one! Either would look great on you.
    and oh my heavens I love his hairs.

  33. Team Gale!!!

    I'm only on chapter 3 of Mockingjay and I started it last night... it doesn't seem to be as gripping as the 1st 2, sadly =(

  34. I love the sea foam. I think it'd look really pretty on you too.

  35. 1. I hate you for showing me that jacket. It is perfection.
    2. Get the sea blue.
    3. I'm slightly obsessed with Free People.
    4. Those curls make me want to kidnap your kid. Don't be scurrred.. Just sayin.
    5. I just bought the first hunger games book recently and I'm putting starting it off because I know I'm going to be ridic addicted and not shit else in my life will get accomplished until after I finish the series.

  36. Look beautiful as always! and love those outfits! <3 xxoxox

  37. the books rock... team peeta!!! youre going back to blonde???

  38. LOVE Free People and LOVE the Hunger Games! I finished all 3 books in a month - I couldn't put them down! They nailed it by casting Woody Harrelson as Haymitch huh? It's gonna be fantastic!

  39. I'm glad I'm not the only one who dreamed of the Hunger Games. I've never been so excited for a movie to come out.

  40. Rose!! GO for the Rose color!! Im team cant freakin decide, but iv already got my ticket to the opening of the Hunger Games!!!!

  41. i would be free people, too! maybe not 100% free people, but i have a free people heart for sure :)

  42. ooh the dresses are just beautiful!

  43. i flipping love your style!


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