Happy birthday Gunner James

How did this happen so fast? It seems like just the other day I was writing your third birthday post, and now you're four?! Criminy. (Just for kicks, and if you're interested, you can see his first birthday post here and his second birthday post here. I had just started blogging back then and I wasn't as...oh...blog savvy as I am now. It's actually pretty funny how my writing has evolved since then.)

Dear Mr. Gunner. You are amazing. You are loving, kind, concerned and empathetic.


You want your stuffed kitty buckled up with you in the car so he is safe also.

You are so sweet and gentle with babies. All babies, but your little cousins especially.


You always try to put a spin on something you did wrong. Either is was your brothers fault or the dogs fault. Speaking of your dog, you love her and like when she gets to lay on the couch with you.


You are the best sharer with your friends. We're still working on your little brother...

Like I always say, you have a very gentle soul and aways want to make sure that everyone is ok. Your family, friends and any animal we encounter that might be hurt. You take a sincere interest in the well being of others.

(Burying the bird that slammed into our living room window. You made sure that we buried him right next to the other bird that died from slamming into our living room window.)

You always tell me I'm "your good mom" and if I'm lucky (or you know you're about the get in trouble) I might get an "I love you" out of you. That's ok though. I don't have to constantly hear it to know how much you love me. Nothing screams "I love you" like you waking me up five times during the night just so I will come to your room and lay with you.

You are very particular about certain things, verging on the edge of -- dare I say it -- anal. You most definitely get that quality from your dad.

You are an amazing big brother. Neither you nor Colt may know it yet, however. But soon, I'm sure you two will be best friends. Right?


I also want to take this time to apologize to you for a few things. Like this and this time when I semi-tortured you. And this time. Oh, and definitely this time. 

You always want to do what I do. Whether it be paint your nails, wear my makeup or run on my treadmill.

(Ignore the mess in the background. This is not my house. Ahem.)

You've always had the most awesome/awkward sleeping positions. (You can see Bedtime Stories Part I here and Part II here. Also, click here for the most unconventional places my kids have ever fallen asleep.) But no matter how/where you are sleeping, you have the most angelic face ever. I could stare at you while you slumber for the rest of my life.


You are very social, and kids tend to gravitate towards you because you are so fun and welcoming. 

You're the best little helper to take along to the store, to cook with or to just chill out with.


You're current favorite movie is Days of Thunder, about car racing. Which makes me very happy because it's always been a favorite of mine also. You love watching kitties on youtube and dogs doing funny tricks. You have the cutest laugh and THEE sweetest little voice. 

When I ask you how much I love you, you always say "to the moon and to the sun and back." You threw the sun one in there yourself, but it's true nonetheless.


You are a super good trooper when it comes to being my model for pictures. If we make it big from the pictures I take of you, I'll give you 5%.

You are imaginative. Compassionate.


You are mine.

And you are the absolute best thing about me.


I love you Gunner and happy birthday!