The days are long...

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Friday, April 06, 2012
I know I promised my whale watching recap today (or was it yesterday?) but that's going to have to wait 'til next week. Because my kids want me to play cars with them.

The days are long.

But the years are short.

11 comments on "The days are long..."
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  2. Amen. Some days are long and some days are LONG. Glad today is just long. Enjoy your boys. Have a great weekend.

  3. love that video!! so true!

  4. Thanks for that reminder, it is so true!

  5. Okay, this made me cry! But thank you for posting. Very true.

  6. So stinking sweet. I literally said AWW aloud. :)

  7. Mama got to do what mama's got to do:-)

  8. Seriously..I'm a wreck after watching that! Very true. I will embrace the 3am wake up call tonight...I will still curse, but I will embrace it! They grow up freakin' fast!


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