The Dream Team Strikes Again!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Remember last time, when the Dream Team covered Katy Perry?

Well. We're back.

Back and better than ever.

So I give you...

Covering "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen.

And we have...

Ashley S. from Adventures of Newlyweds
Shalyn (and DDHP!) from So Shay
Erica from Young and Fabulous
Chelsea from Choose to be Happy
Ashley K. from Run With Me
Carissa aka Rissy from Carissa Knows It All
and the girl who made it all happen, Sabrina from Sabrina Says!

If you don't know/follow these girls, trust a momma, you are missing out.

I love them all. For so many reasons.

Thank you girls for making my day-to-day life that much better!


ps. I was smack dab in the middle of commenting on all your HILARIOUS doppelgänger posts yesterday when shit literally hit the fan. I'm talking no joke, actual brown poo oozing and smearing in and on places it should never, ever, ever be. We're talking the stuff of nightmares. Ten towels and two bottles of carpet/furniture cleaner later, I still am not done yet.

So. When nap time for the babes rolls around, I'm having the hubs finish cleaning and I'm going to finish reading and commenting on your look-a-like posts. I mean, after all that shit shiz yesterday? I deserve a good gut-busting laugh!

46 comments on "The Dream Team Strikes Again!"
  1. UHHH I'm jealous lol, I'm the queen of making videos-- ya'll missed out not asking me!!! ;) Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh! LOL- this song is gonna be stuck in my head all day now too!!!

  2. OH EM GEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M TYPING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!! LOVE Y'ALL GIRLS!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!


  3. this literally is killing me. i have already watched three times. Y'all are amazing!!! (:

  4. HOLY SHIZ BALLS! I loved the first one and now I love this one. You girls are bomb diggity - always impressed by the dance moves!

  5. Ya'll are freaking amaze-ballz!!! Thanks for the pick me upper this morning! Now I'm off to a 9AM meeting with this song stuck in my head... God help me that I dont get caught lip singing to this song midway through the meeting ;)

  6. So awesome. I wanted to do this with my friends, but I don't think any of us have the camera skills to snip it all together lol

  7. You girls rock my socks off!! LOVED it!!

  8. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!!! I loved the last one && now this is my newest most favoritiest... You ladies {& men} ROCK-MY-F'N-SOCKS OFF... Oh wait, I don't wear socks. Whoops!

  9. Made my day!!! I love the part where your extensions falls out and the look on your face.

    Can't wait for the next one!

  10. LLLLOOOOOVVVVEEE THIS!!!!! you girls are so funny!

  11. HAHAHAHA! I love this! The fake hair falling out, the pop phone, the crazy dancing... all of it! :) So funny!!

  12. This was awesome!!!!! Love it!!!

  13. the weave


    i cant...i just cant breathe...the day i watched that I DIED! hahahah raven u are seriously amazing!!

    LOVE YOU ALL! so glad we all got to do this again!! whats next? BJ BETTY


  14. love you raven! and the part with your "wig" falling off is one of my favorites! love the dream team!


  15. DREAM TEAM RULES!!! haha Raven - your lawn mower skills are mad! And the weave - girlfran you rocked it out!!

    Love you!!

    XO, A

  16. Nothing short of amazing!! I'm so impressed and I'm loving the song!

  17. Oh My Gosh this is totally AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  18. You all freaking crack me up! That was amazeballs!

  19. is that one chick using a vibrator as a microphone?? ha!

  20. God y'all are so awesome!!!!

    I'm actually kind of jealous how awesome y'all are.

  21. Was that your weave that fell out? amazing. hahahah My next vote goes to a britney song. (i'm sure you'll agree!)

  22. Omg the weave! Best part of the video, I think. Love it!!

  23. That was fabulous!So cute and fun!

  24. so cute you all did an amazing job! Next time I think miss Bargain Blonde should be involved ;)

  25. so cute you all did an amazing job! Next time I think miss Bargain Blonde should be involved ;)

  26. Haha! That was amazing! I didn't see the first one that you guys did, but I will definitely have to go watch now!

  27. HA! Just watched the first one! You did B.S. proud :) I shared the video above on my networks ;)

  28. im jealous. i want to do this.. u girls rock!!!!

  29. So BA!!! You ladies were adorable and this looked like so much fun!!!

  30. Amazing! You guys are so funny. Love it.

  31. This video was AWESOME!!!! You gals are SO fun! Loved, loved, loved it!!!
    SO gross to the poop all over, almost made me gag for reals!

    1. To clairify...there was no poop in the video, was referring to the p.s. at the bottom of the post!!

  32. I love this! I won't like I think my fav part is her hubs dancin in the background. Hilarious!!

    P.S. Tell your girls to stop hating on you in twitterland....I totally rocked Von Dutch hats in highschool!

  33. Raven I love your blog! And this video was pure awesome sauce!!

  34. 1) Your dance moves were my favorite. Hands down.
    2) I am SO sorry for your shitty situation (ha) but really. I would never wish that on anyone. eek!! Hope it all comes out!!

  35. This is EPIC!!! I love it! I so want to do something like this lol!! Thanks for sharing it literally made me crack up in the middle of my work Bahahahaha! You girls are all awesome! I liked the other one though where you busted out Britney!!

  36. Did Sabrina do the editing? That is impressive! And you are a nerd!! Coming over next Tuesday?

  37. Love love thus song!! Lol at your weave falling out!! Who edited this? It is so fun, I would love to learn how to make something like this!! :)

  38. This seriously made my life!! I hope y'all go viral and show up on national news!

  39. Oh dear! This just made my day. Where the heck can I sign up to get in on this sweet action!?!?

  40. OH MY GOD. i just saw this through your blog snobs post and im jamming out to it at 5am. this was fantastic!!


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