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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My sister instagrammed this picture last night of her twins and I just couldn't. I mean, way. too. much. cuteness. No words. Besides, of course, how freaking adorable is that?!?!


We went to the hockey game last night. It was the 7th game play-offs. We left at half-time so I'm not sure who won. I love going to hockey games, fyi. Esp. when they get into big fights. #mykindaexcitement


It's getting warmer over in these parts, so we took the boys golfing at the country club last week. Gunner is obsessed with Transformers, specifically Bumblebee (the yellow camaro), so I told him if he got really really good at golf, one day he could buy his own Bumblebee, and his own mansion, and his own private jet. I mean, every momma kid deserves her his own private jet, right?


Just as well as we enjoy the country club lifestyle, we also fit right in at parking lot carnivals. #weareversatile #notsnobs #raisingwellroundedkids


Apparently, Von Dutch hats are for losers. I can't tell you how much shit I got yesterday for wearing one in our Dream Team music video. I mean, it's not like I'm sporting Ed Hardy or anything. That I would understand. So, since I got so much crap for it and was basically called out as being the biggest deadbeat has-been because of it (it's not even mine, it's hers), I promised my two biggest haters, Hannah and Lindsey, that I would wear it every single day and I would be sending them a picture every single day 'til the world ends.



Like a BOSS.

And finally, look who read my blog post about my ultimate doppelgänger...


That's right. Mrs. Brandi herself. #boobtwins

Speaking about that doppelgänger link-up. Can we say success? So many of you linked up, and still are. I'm still not done going through all the posts, but make no mistake, I will read and comment on every one because day-um people, your posts are freaking hilarious! I honestly crack up at every one. If you haven't gone through the link-up list, I suggest you do when you have a minute. SO. FUNNY.

If you haven't done so and want to, you can still link-up HERE! I'll be tweeting and referring to the list of link-ups the rest of the week and this weekend. These posts are just too good to go un-read by all.

Happy Thursday!

ps. you can find me on instagram username ravenasmith

25 comments on "My insta-life lately"
  1. I love watching hockey for the fights. It's the best part! And, I totally saw that Brandi tweeted you back and had read the post! That is awesome!!

  2. Hello gorgeous! Holy(crap) moly your boys are cute! shut up... Jax has the same green froggy boots (seriously tries to wear em'to bed), & LOVES Transformers (ESPECIALLY Bumblebee). They would be close buds, FO sure!

  3. That's freakin' awesome that Brandi tweeted that! I told you that you were bad@$$!! See there! Can you tell me your secret to getting three photos together like you did? It's pretty snazzy!

  4. Aw, how cute are these two!
    By the way... what could be wrong with Von Dutch? no clue!
    xx Nora

  5. Such a great game, so jealous you were there. I am such a hockey girl. Canadian so I have to be right! Your boys are so cute. Love em.

  6. Such a great game, so jealous you were there. I am such a hockey girl. Canadian so I have to be right! Your boys are so cute. Love em.

  7. woot woot for retweets! that's pretty awesome, maybe she was filming when she retweeted and you'll end up seeing yourself on storage wars. ya never know! hahah

    I read the thread about the von dutch hat, hilarious.

  8. Those babies...oh my word they are adorable AND your boys....well they just get cuter with every picture you post. I love Gunner's hair, just LOVE it!!!
    Hockey games are SO much fun....I tend to get a little tipsy though and start arguing with the opposing teams fans....oopps...whatev!!

  9. ahhhH!! thooose cheeksss!!

    also, that's hilarious that brandi read your post! did she say anything ? does she agree with the doppleganger-ness? lol!

  10. I seriously went back and looked at the twin picture like 8 times. That is sooo sweet!!

    Looks like your boys have a pretty fun happy life. Hockey games, playing golf, carnival rides!! Lucky little boys!

  11. The twins are adorable... i must be late on the Von i thought it was still cute. lol

  12. I absolutely ADORE all your Instagram pictures!! :)

    Btw, I'm linking up tomorrow! My results aren't as funny as yours or some other people's, but they're still pretty ridic haha.

  13. awww...the boys are just adorable and the picture of the babies omg!!

  14. I AM COMING TO SEE YOU AND MY LITTLE MUNCHKINS TOMORROW!!!! and I am thinking we need to burn that von dutch hat and have a ceremony with it in the back yard!

  15. The cuteness from your little nieces is killing me! So adorable. And the only reason I watch hockey is for the fights.. otherwise totally boring! ;)

  16. I love that Brandi read your post. So funny. That link up made me laugh harder than I have in a long time and I found some great blogs!

  17. ok since i've seen all these pics on insta AND probably liked them all but I just wanted to stop by and say a) you're gorgeous and b) when it's time for me to have kids, I might seriously just try to bribe you to give me one of yours;) happy friday muffin!

  18. super cute! haha I still have to do this link up! ah!!

  19. I did the doppleganger thing and it gave me a few good ones AND unfortunately- Hillary Duff. People used to call me that in high school and it PISSED me off. haha.
    Colt's hair seems to be growing ;)

  20. First off, there is just TOOOOO much freakin adorableness on this page!!!

    Secondly, I watch hockey for the fights but the honey thinks that I watch because he enjoys it. Whatever's clever right? *whistles*

    Raven, you're so darn gorgeous!


    P.S I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

  21. Oh my goodness, that first picture?! That is seriously TOO much cuteness. That should be illegal.

  22. ahhh, so cute! i love your instagram life (and your blogging one). that's hilarious about the hat, hahaha. keep it up.

    and how cool she read your post! I really want to do a doppelganger one too, hopefully I can do it in time :)


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