Remember when I went to Hawaii?

Like a month ago? With my bff Lindsey?

I finally got around to making a video of our antics during that week.

I know it's a wee bit late, but if you watch it, it will totally be worth your while.

At least that is in my never-to-be-humble opinion. 

But first, a few things I learned about that glorious week in Hawaii, via watching the below video:

1. My ass looks huge from behind

2. My kids annoy my friends just as much as they annoy me

3. My sons are beach babes at heart

4. Breakfast just tastes better when you can reach out and touch the ocean

5. On that note, tropical drinks taste better when they are consumed on an actual beach

6. .... and with an umbrella stuck in them. Preferably hot pink ones.

7. Never, ever, ever show someone my "special laugh" if I want them to ever associate with me again

8. It is totally worth it to splurge on a poolside cabana

9. Listening to live music whilst sipping on a cocktail after the kids have gone to bed is quite possibly the closest to God you will ever get

10. You've never tasted a real pineapple 'til you've had one in Hawaii

11. My boob job was totally worth it

12. And finally, Lindsey was the most awesomest aunt my boys never knew they were missing

Oh, two more things.



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  1. Looks like a freakin' blast, girl!
    And I love how Colt goes for your drink in the video.

  2. I LOVE this....this video is making me SO excited for my trip to Hawaii!! LOVE your "special laugh" HA...this was fantastic - thanks for sharing! Your kids are SOOO cute.

  3. awwww I loved it!!! Especially my singing at the end. UM NO. Don't ever let me sing again!!!!!

    Seriously, this video makes me sad because I want to be back! hahah i forgot about Gunner doing the cougar kitty growl. So sweet. hahahaha i miss you and the boys so much!

  4. This was a great start to my morning I am glad you guys had so much fun!
    Can't wait to see you this summer! I think next we are going to have to take a trip!

    Jealous!!!! I am glad Lindsey also got to see the REAL RAVEN!~~~~ haha!
    Great trip you guys!

  5. Looks like a great trip! :)

  6. I don't think drinking Longboard qualifies as a surf lesson! On another note, looks like fun. I definitely need some sun!!

  7. Your special laugh had me just about crying at my desk. HA! Colt reminds me so much of my little one Jack. Maybe its because he likes to show people where their nose is just before giving a nice tap on the head. Love those boys!!!

    Such a good video, looked like you girls had a blast!

  8. Loved this video! haha So glad that you guys had an amazing time together.. and now you just make me want to go to Hawaii like NOW. ;)

  9. Love it! You both look adorable - and the pic with the flower behind your ear - BEAUTIFUL.

  10. Ahh I can't watch video at work - must do so tonight! And I will be [pitifully] linking up!

  11. I have been following your blog for so long and since I rarely ever comment you may say I am a creeper BUT I am so not, really!!! Ha! Love your blog and your wit and charm...true delight to read and you ALWAYS make me laugh no matter what! Totally jealous of your vaca to Hawaii, this video sure shows that you guys had a great time!
    And, your boys are seriously the cutest little guys I have ever seen...adorable!

  12. I miss Hawaii! Stop torturing me with all of this amazingness.

    Btw, that button for the link up tomorrow totally goes with my blog colors. It takes the sting out of the harsh reality of who I actually look like.

  13. HAHA this is pperrrrfection!!! love you 2 beauties!

    and colts fist blow up pump....amazing...and gunnars growling hahah! i love them

    and that laugh!! HAHAHAH ommmgggg



  14. I actually felt a little bit relaxed just watching this...and amen to boobs!

  15. So jealous of your trip!!!! I love your "special" laugh :) Too funny!


    then Colt trying to drink some fruity drink.. hahaha

    what great kids u have ;)

    watching u laugh right now..

    wow..ur somethine else Raven!
    i say u come to Texas and visit us!!

  17. Raven, I stumbled among your blog. Girl you crack me up! BTW I live on Oahu. Totally agree about how awesome Kauai is! We LOVE Kauai! Our favorite island to visit!!!


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