Who is your doppelgänger?

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Thursday, April 12, 2012
They say we all have a twin somewhere out there. 
Someone who looks just like us. 

However, since most of us can't scour the world ten times over to find the one person who is our mirror image, we are most often compared to socially known/famous people. 

I've gotten compared to lots of people. It tends to change with my hair color, however there are a few names that keep coming up over and over. I either a) find it flattering when the person they say I resemble is a drop dead gorgeous supermodel or b) am completely insulted if they say I look like someone who resembles a dirty prostitute on crack.   

That said, I have always found it interesting to see who other people get compared to most often. 

Take my bestie Lindsey, for example. One look at her and it isn't hard to figure out what name she hears pop up most often...


Bitch never even told me she was gonna be on the cover of a magazine.

Anyway. Like I said. I love hearing who others get compared to most often, and then seeing their pictures side-by-side. So. I decided to host a one-time link-up where ya'll can post about who you think you look like, or who you are told you look like from others, and then post a side-by-side picture and we can all visit each other's blogs and see for ourselves. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I think so.

So here's the deets. The one-time link-up will be next Tuesday, April 17th, so get your posts ready! If you don't already have a good idea what celebrity/famous person you look like, ask around this weekend who people think you most resemble, and then find the best pictures of yourself and that person and do a lil' side-by-side action, write a post about it, and come back next Tuesday to link-up here!

Seriously. This could get pretty wild. Especially if the person you hear the most is someone you consider totally unattractive ha! Take it from me, I've been compared to a few hot messes quite a few times (and not the good kind of hot mess either).

Need some help? There's a website called "Find My Doppelgänger" where you upload a pic of your mug and they match you up to someone who most closely resembles you. Be sure to read the directions on how to properly upload your pic and what you should/shouldn't be doing (for example, they don't want you to smile or have hair hanging in your face).

Another interesting look-a-like site is called "My Heritage" and they give you up to ten celebs who "resemble" you. I put that in quotes because I can't tell you how many times my sisters and I have cried from laughing so hard at who the other gets matched up with. Let's just say that my one sister kept getting matched up with a certain celebrity MALE. Freaking hilarious.

So there it is! Get working on your post and I'll see you back here Tuesday morning to link-up! You may or may not be surprised to hear who I most often get...

31 comments on "Who is your doppelgänger?"
  1. this sounds like fun! :)

  2. i could see it. my doppelganger is...my sister. ha :)

  3. Aren't you sweet!! If I only had the bitch's body too. FML! Btw - Reese and Gunner last night were too, too cute. "You have coyotes? Can I see?"

  4. LOVE this idea! How fun! I'll definitely be linking up!

  5. When I had dark hair EVERYONE said I looked like Audrina Patridge.. which I totally did, I made a picture of some photos of her and some of me.. and it looks like the same person.
    Now, with my blonde hair I get Gretchen Rossi from Real Housewives of Orange County.
    Apparently I should be on reality television..

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea:) Lindsey could be LC's twin...it's uncanny! I get told I look like so many people. I had a bad haircut as a teenager and my sis told me I looked like David Spade - I won't be posting HIM as my doppelganger that's for sure!

  7. Dude. There was a waitress in a restaurant near our house, and my mom would tell me, "Omigod! She looks just like you! You have to see her." So, we totally made it a point to eat there a few times in hopes of catching her working. And, they didn't even have to point her out. I saw her and it was UNREAL. Maybe a tad inapprps to go back and ask for a photo for the link up tho. :/

  8. How fun, can't wait to link up :-)

  9. You look like Tracey Gold, the actress from Growing Pains

  10. LMAO to Tracey Gold! hahaahhahahahahahahahahaha

  11. OMG. After uploading 4 (yes really, 4) pics to the first website, it still couldnt match me. So I tried the second website and got A MAN. Not only a man but an UGLY man at that. Jeezus.

  12. This sounds like so much fun. My doppleganger is definitely a mess. Which will just make it that much more fun to participate if I can get a post together.

  13. OMG i am obsessed with finding peoples dopplegangers!!! its so fun! i literally have 2 friends who do not know eachother who are twins. not joke. it creeps me out everytime! hahaha! great post!

    xo Kelly


  14. I love this! :) I get Alicia Silverstone all the time... which is annoying because I DON'T want to feed my babies chewed up food. :)

  15. hahahaha love this. Does your real life twin count? jk jk. I've been told Kim K, but I kinda hate her so its a bit insulting. eh


  16. This sounds like SO much fun. Although the last time I did one of those websites it said I look like Beyonce.

    I don't see it.

  17. I would totally do this, but I don't know who I look like. One time while I was at Subway, a woman told me that I looked liked Miley Cyrus. I asked her if that was a good thing. (I knew who she was, but don't think she is pretty. The random lady did) Haha... This was back when Miley was awkward and not going in her slutty, grown up stage.

  18. Hahahahahha yes!!!!!! I can't wait for this!! I have the best one!!

  19. Ahhhh I want to play!! I hear several diff ones but I can't really see it...I will have to see what I can find!!! FUN!

  20. Love the idea... totally going to do this!

  21. So I'm not Asian (at all...whatsoever) but when I use those match up things they ALWAYS give me Asian celebrities because my eyes are really squinty when I smile, I guess? Lol. Also when you wrote about something similar a long time ago I know I told you this but you seriously remind me of a young Carrie Fisher!

  22. Here:

  23. find my doppelganger matched me up with a male! perfect.

  24. This sounds like such a fun idea!

  25. Ah fun!! I don't really think i look like anyone really, but I have gotten a lot of different doppelgangers from people haha

  26. *service unavailable* womp womp wooooomp.

    I'll keep trying.

  27. This sounds fun!! I've been told I look like a brunette Carrie Underwood--and each time I hear it I just get a bigger and bigger ego :) I bet people tell you that you look like Sophia Bush--in fact the first time I came across your blog I did a double take! She is so pretty! Sophia Bush or Tiffany Amber Thiessen :)


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