Blonde. And an "all about my hair" post.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
I went back to my bleached roots.


I like being a blonde. A dirty blonde? 'Cause I'm not quite platinum status by any stretch.

Also? This is first day hair.

Can I just get an "amen" to how much I hate first day hair?

It's always so coarse. It curls too tight. It's just too....clean.

Second/third/fourth day hair? My favorites. I always plan my hair washing accordingly. Do I have something coming up on Saturday where I want to look all hot and sexxay? I'll wash two days before so my hair is at its best. When we go to Vegas, it's usually always a thursday thru Sunday deal. So I wash it Wednesday night, and then not at all the whole weekend.

And I never, I repeat never blow-dry my hair.

As for shampoo and conditioning? I don't skimp. I get the good stuff. For me, it does make a difference. But it's also worth it, because I only shampoo/condition like twice a week. I have tried every shampoo/conditioner under the sun...everything from Target to the specially stores, and the front runner by far are these products. Distressed? Going from my natural color of dark dark brown to blonde, 'distressed' is putting it mildly.

Leave-in conditioners? Obsessed. My hair needs it. This is my favorite.

I also love shine sprays, smoothing serums and piece-a-fying products.

However. I try to limit my use of products because as I stated earlier, I don't wash my hair often, and if I load up, my hair will be a greasy mess by day two. So basically, on the first day? Minimal hair product. Just a little of this and I'm done.

Second day? The flyways are usually pretty tame, so I use this to give it the piece-y look and call it good.

Third day? aka my fave hair day? I spray some of this into my greasy roots, and then spritz the rest with this aka my hair godsend.

Also, I re-curl my hair every day. After I take a shower, it's usually limp and flat on my head, so I turn my head upside down and shake it out, flip it over and then curl it using the iron. ps. I've tried a million and one of those tutorials where you curl your hair with a flat iron. It never works for me. The curls are too....curly, and not the look I'm going for.

As for trims? I usually ask my hair stylist to snip off "as little as humanly possible" about every other appointment. I want long hair, but I don't want long stringy shaggy hair.

Also? I have gray hairs. LOTS of gray hairs. I never noticed until I started dying my hair black. Those gray hairs are one of the major reasons I decided to go back blonde.

And my hair is thick. Thick and coarse. I most definitely cannot "wash and dry." If I do? My hair looks like a horses main. Not pretty 'round these parts.

Basically, as much as I hate first day hair, it sets the scene for the next four days.

And this concludes a whole entire post about my hair.

Please accept my apologies.

58 comments on "Blonde. And an "all about my hair" post."
  1. Amen to not washing hair every day! I'm usually a twice a week wash - longer if I can stretch it (nothing a little back combing can't fix!)

  2. Hair looks gorgeous.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about first day hair! I do the same thing if I have plans for the wknd, etc. U make sure that my hair gets done a few days before to ensure that it looks good that day!

    Loving the color!

  4. Looks gorgeous! So pretty! How did I not know about your tattoo until now?

  5. Your hair looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing about your hair products. I am always looking for new things to try :)

  6. I can't go but two days witout washing my hair. I envy you!

  7. ugh well im at work so all your pictures are blocked (lame!) but im sure it looks great! i think i wanna go back to blonde this summer too!!

    also i have a theory that no matter what we're talking about (when im with the girllss) the conversation always gets back to haiir!! so thanks for sharing all your tips!!

  8. I'm jeals! i have to wash my hair every other day..ugh!!!

  9. Sooo Jel I have to wash my hair every day or i look like a hot mess! Your hair looks amazing! I'm going from the dark brown to the blonde too and it seems like its taking forever!!!

  10. Oooh! I love the hair posts! It’s always so interesting to see what everybody else swears by, especially because it is always so different from the things that I can’t live without….i love discovering new stuff!!!
    I’m a first day hair girl, which is a totally pain in the ass because by day 2, my head starts to itch like crazy and my grays get al wiry and out of control sticking up in every direction and then I get neurotic and start yanking them out and…it’s a bad scene. I would kill to be able to go 4 days like you!
    You look beeeeeeeeayoutiful! I love the blonde….cuz I’m a blonde…and Britney’s a blonde….so, you know, I think you should stick with blonde for a bit. You’re gorg no matter what, but it’s blonde season, baby!

  11. I just LOVE your hair....that's all!

  12. Love it blonde! What kind of curling iron do you use? I am in the market for a good one, so please share!

  13. First I love posts all about hair and products!! Second I've been looking for some new products so I'll have to check out the ones your suggesting cause I'm like you, I have a hair washing schedule!

  14. I hate washing my hair. I pay a local girl $20 to blow out my hair every few weeks. It's worth every penny. I wash in between but don't do anything cute. Too much effort! I too love day two.

  15. haha. Sounds about like me! I try to wash it as little as possible.

  16. I've heard rave reviews on the Pureology, and one of my boyfriend's friend's girlfriends who does hair, and happens to be Asian, told me that "Pureology works great on white-people hair!!" LOL!!

    Anyway I am majorly jeals that you can go 4 days without washing your hair.

    I have thick (lots of it), fine hair. And I can only do the every-other-day no-washing thing. I hate the feeling of second day hair (I feel like it is sticking to my scalp and that I have no volume). I also have yet to find my HG second-day hair product, although there are a few I do like a lot and use often.

    You may have just sold me on the Pureology, though. :)

  17. Your hair looks amazing love it!

  18. I love it! I have thick coarse hair also & washing & blow drying just isn't an option... I HAVE TO curl it or it looks like a big puff ball! However, I can't go 4 days without washing. I usually do every other day.

  19. Love it! So beautiful!

  20. As of today, it's officially been one week since I washed my hair...I try to stay on a schedule, and I actually missed a wash on I sucked it up to today. I'll wash it this afternoon...but it actually looked fabulous until yesterday. That's where pony tails come in handy :)

    I use a shampoo/conditioner w/Argan Oil-a derivative of Moroccan Oil, and then I use actual Argan Oil in my hair after I've washed it. Helps w/the frizzies, and makes my hair fabulous. I do have to blow dry my hair, it's naturally curly/wavy/crappy so I blow dry & straighten it.

    But I will agree, 2 to 3 day old hair is the best!

    BTW you look fabulous as a blonde...I've never colored my hair in my life.

  21. Love thiiiis. I am a tad bit obsessed with hair products and love hearing about new ones!!

    I need to try that sugar spray, that sounds exactly like what I need!

  22. Love the blonde! :) So cute!!

  23. Where do you get your hair done at? I live in the tri-cities too and am looking for someone good since my girl up and moved on me. Wtf, right?

  24. I feel like my hair does nothing ever. I've tried several different products and havent got the results I am looking for. I wrote down the 3 Bed Head products you use. Someone else on another blog had a Bed Head End Mender that she really likes. Ive never tried Bed Head products.

    Love the blonde into a darker color on the bottom. Im usually not into that fading look but it looks really good on you!!

  25. Man, everyone loves next days hair except for me! I love first day hair, its so soft and clean and has so much body. My hair is down to my butt, so the second it starts to get a little bit dirty it gets heavy. And heavy = flat. So I wash it every other day and blow dry it out.
    And since I have an 11 week old, That means I often am washing and blowdrying my hair in the middle of the night.
    Yes, I'm that vain.

  26. love the blonde! and love that i'm not the only one who likes day three hair over any other day!

  27. GREAT post! I am LOVING your hair this color! I want to try those pureology products next. I am currently using redken blonde glam and like them but IDK if it is enough moisture?

  28. I would love to not wash my hair every day (mine's thick and coarse too so no drying for me either), but it's curly by nature and if I don't wash it...Well let's just say it kind of looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket because of all the frizz. Not quite the look I hope for. So tell me more about your hair...Is it curly/wavy/none of these? And how do you keep it from frizzing when you air dry it? A girl needs to know this stuff!!!

  29. I think I will order every product you listed.
    My hair is so beat.

  30. I like your hair dirty blonde! my hair is the opposite texture of yours, it's fine as can be so I must wash everyday or else it looks greasy, gag! My eyes are dark like yours, but I get a lot of compliments when I rock the blonde in the summer of people saying I look like a natural blonde.

  31. I work at a salon and and totally understand the third day hair...everyone says it..and it's so so true! I love my second and third day. I never blow dry unless im in the biggest rush! Which is practically never.. I try to plan accordinally.

  32. Love love love love the color and the tips!

    I'll take a hair post over a 'fashion blogger' post ANYDAY!!!

    Vegas is in Russia right!?!?! I mean, that's what Alexis told me ;)

  33. I love your hair, either color you have it. I am a blonde my self. && I love the way you do your hair. My hair never ever ever holds curls. I curl it sometimes just for fun, and because i feel it makes me look older and better about my self, two hours later flat. I am so jealous of your hair! =[ Its beautiful just like you.

  34. your hair looks amazing!! you're so lucky that you can go 3-4 days without washing your hair! I can't go more than 2. BUT if I have to, dry shampoo is definitely my best friend haha

  35. Your hair looks amazing! I decided to go brunette a while back, and switched back to blond as soon as I could afford to. I love being blond :D I need to learn to 'style' my hair, but I am oh so lazy. Ugh.

  36. I wish I could NOT blow dry my hair... I'm one of those people that have wavy/kinky hair that isn't pretty when air dried... So therefore, I have to blow dry it to make it look decent! Whenever I do curl my hair, I too agree the 2-3 days are the best! xoxo A

  37. hahaha well first let me say that your blonde lockes look awesome!!!

    we have VERY different hair. If I didn't wash my hair for 3 days I'd look like I was sick... or well ugly.. and I just can't be walking around ugly.

    LOVE YOU!!!


  38. I'm glad I'm not the only person who goes from super dark to blonde and back all the time :)

  39. I recall a certain current blonde saying she would NEVER go back to blonde again.


    You and me, sister...always changing our hair. You go light, now I'm dark. :) You look good either way, so, work it.

  40. Cool! Can we please talk more about this dry shampoo thing? I've tried two different brands - Tresemme & Suave - and both leave me looking grey-headed.

  41. my hair is all over the color scheme too. Light, dark, light, dark. and btw I LOVE the after party product. It's one of my favs too

  42. I would do ANYTHING to be able to go more than 1 day without washing my hair! I am sooo jealous I have to wash mine every day because seriously I will wash my hair in the morning & by the end of the day it's already greasy. Dry shampoo is my best friend but unfortunately since I have to visit clients every day a shower is usually necessary every morning haha.

  43. Loveeeeeee ittttt!!!! I go like 5-6 days wo washing my hair, no joke. And I so agree w you, first day hair sucks its always better when it's dirty! You look beautiful in that picture I love the color of your hair! I cannot believe you have grey hairs, seriously tho you look so freaking young!!!! I just watched your Vlog on your about me, it's funny I didn't picture your voice that way at all, nonetheless you're adorable!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  44. It sounds like we have really similar hair. Coarse and wavy and zero chance of "washing and going." I've never tried the Pureology shampoo but I probably ought to. I have distressed hair too but probably from the ungodly amount of heat I put on it...yikes

  45. What hairspray do you use? I have been looking for one that doesn't turn my head into a helmet and/or turn into "danddruff" when you brush through it!

  46. I plan my hair washing too! I do it 2-3 times a week. I just don't have the time to do it more than that.


  47. well you look hot! haha :) I love the hair!!! it looks fab!!!!! If my hair looked that great everyday then I would be set!

  48. I looove that hair color on you.
    I am so jealous of people who can go that long without washing their hair.
    After a day (maybe stretched to a day and a half)my hair is super oily (even after using dry shampoo).

  49. can i say how TRULY jealous of how gorgeous u are.

    AND it makes me EVEN more happy to know u have grey hair like meh..

    i too have DARK hair, so maybe i should lighten it up too cover the ol grey's i have.

  50. Brown, Black, Blonde... they ALL look great on you & with your skin tone. However, I think Blonde makes you look younger! :) Just Sayn!

  51. Great post!! My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it every other day...I would love to go longer, but never know what products to use to keep it "clean enough" for work! Ha!!! I am all about less hair maintenance :) THANKS!


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