Happy Mother's Day to Momma


To my mom:

Thank you for raising me the way you did. I obviously would not be the amazing person I am today had it not been for that.

Thank you for passing on to me your sense of humor. When the two of us get together, I know it will be....eventful, to say the least.

Like that one time when I "accidentally" broke the jet skis we rented? Thank you for not actually leaving me in San Diego like you threatened you were gonna.

Of course, all your threats weren't just that. I'll never forget when you got mad at me in the car and made me walk home. I think it was about ten blocks? In the dark? Through the worst part of town. And I think I was approx. three years old? Don't worry, I forgive you. It made me tough.

Remember that one time at the Dave Mathews concert? I was pregnant with baby #2. That crazy lady dancing was pretty entertaining. I'm also pretty positive that baby #2 got high from second hand smoke that day. And then I puked the whole way home. That was fun.

Thank you for being fun.


Who wants a stuffy ol' mom anyway?

Thank you for taking me to work on your Harley when I couldn't drive for that one summer. ahem. I'm not quite sure what I was thinking, getting on the back of that thing with you, when you weren't that experienced a driver, not to mention, how silly did two females look on a motorcycle together? Nonetheless, good memories for sure.

Thank you for being the only one who will go see scary movies with me at the theater. This one I think will always be the scariest, don't you agree?

Thank you for loving my babies like they were your own.


I'm pretty sure they love you like you were their own, too.

Thank you for not making me pay for all the "accidents" when it comes to "accidentally" breaking your stuff. I only put those words in quotations because you never believe me that it was an actual "accident."

Remember that one time we took a trip to Seattle and got lost? And then we had to activate OnStar and she told us the wrong way to go? Oh the places she took us that night...

Thank you for killing the snakes at my house while I watch from the safety of inside.


And for chopping them up in a million little pieces...just to make sure.


Thank you for being YOU.

Because it made me, ME.

And we all know everyone loves me.

Ok, except maybe anon.

And that angry guy with the vacuum.

And the democrats.

That reminds me...

Thank you for raising me to be a REPUBLICAN!



  1. I'd like to thank your momma for raising you to be a Republican too. :)

  2. this was sweet, funny and cute! your mom is hot stuff!

    happy mother's day to your mom!

  3. You look a lot like her! What a fun post! And that picture of the snake head is freaking me out!

  4. I love this post. Seeing that snake picture cracked me up!

  5. You're mom did well!! :)

  6. Amen on the Republican!

  7. what about the time she was supposed to drive you up to seattle for a dr appointment and you kept tapping your finger on her glasses and she said if you did that one more time she wasn't going to take you(btw this was the night right before you were going to go) and you did it again so you had to ask nonie to drive you because mom wouldnt. haha

  8. I'm thankful for your mom because you are by far the most hilarious broad ever created. (And I'm a Democrat)

  9. You look a lot like your mom. This was a hilarious and sweet post!! Happy Mother's Day a day late!

  10. HAHAHA!!! Love this.

    My mom raised me a Democrat, but (after researching and making a decision myself) doesn't know that I'm actually a Republican. Hehe!

  11. Such a sweet post...your Mama looks like tons of fun! Plus she's hot...just like you :)

  12. Yeah, "thanks mom" for your "special" daughter! ;) For raising a daughter who potty trained us out of jealousy, for someone to blame since I could do no wrong (and you ALWAYS believed it was Raven), and someone who loves my daughters like they are her own!!

  13. Your momma sounds wonderful :D Happy (late) Mother's Day to you both!

  14. I remember those pics of your mom and the snake from last year and I love them. This mainly to do with the fact that she's in a cute dressed while doing it. Haha! Love the Harley story- that is hilarious!!!!

  15. Happy Mother's Day!!!

    I'm now folling you. Nikki from mylifemyway14.blogspot.com sent me your link & told me to tell you so.

  16. Holy crap y'all are identical!!!!

    ANd the snake...ewww!!

    Happy Momma's Day, Raven's momma! ;)

  17. I would seriously LOVE to meet your mom (and obviously you too). She seriously has to be a Badass. One of the first posts I read of yours was the one where y'all got lost, and it still makes me giggle. I can definitely see the family resemblance too ;)

  18. I am late, but belated Happy Mother's Day to your mommy & you! The Halloween pic, favorite.

    The Free People outfit post, look gorgeous. I love Free People clothing, just not the price. Check out Karmaloop.com if you haven't already, they have good sales on Free People.

    & omfg, effin' thank you for picmonkey.com, sad to say I am alil too obsessed with that website now. That mascara thing, too cool. However, I think I am doing it wrong, & it just looks like od on eyeliner, but I love it, so thanks again.


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