A Weekend Away

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Last weekend, I went to visit my sister Boobie who lives in Pullman, home of Washington State University. It's a small college town and I took the youngest with me while Gunner stayed with Rob (and granny) and like always, we had a blast. 

Did I mention that my sister lives in 300 SF of living space? She always tells me to quit being so dramatic here on the blog, and that telling people she lives in 300 SF is stretching it a bit. FINE. Did I mention that my sister lives in approx. 311 SF? Remember when I told ya'll a while back that you can brush your teeth, take a bath and use the pot at the same time?


I wasn't lying.

(Why does it look like the toilet seat was up? It totally wasn't. That would be gross.)

Now, this may come as a surprise to some of you, but I'm not complaining about the cramped quarters. In reality, I enjoyed it. I don't need big and fancy (unless we're talking diamond rings, husband ya' hear?) I just need some good company and some good bevies.

Done and done.

me and the boobster.

The nice thing about visiting my sister? We can take the babe out for a stroll, walk downtown, through campus. Unlike at my house, a gravel dirt road connected with a highway doesn't exactly work out that well if you don't want a bumpy ride. Or if you want to live.


We ate some good fajitas, drank some good skinnygirls, had some quality girl talk since oh yes, did I mention that my sister also doesn't have TV? Good Lord...

oh snap. just like momma...

we had no TV, but we did manage to scrape up a few Pocoyo episodes on youtube

At one point, Boobie and I were sitting there in her 311 SF apartment, chatting away, drinking our drinks, and just letting Colt do his thing, when I asked her, "should I feel like a totally bad mom for just letting my child play by himself while I sit here on my ass and drink tequila?"

Her answer was so profound, it shook me to the core.

She said, "no, this is what all those Teen Moms on MTV do."

Well said Boobie, well said.

Something else a little funny? We put Colt to sleep in the bathroom, the teeny tiny bathroom. I told Boobie that under no circumstances, neither of us were allowed to go into the bathroom after 6 am to use the loo. Reason being, if we got up to use it prior to 6 am and he woke up, he would just go right back to sleep. If we went in and woke him up after 6 am? That would be it, he would be up for the day, and you know me, I refuse to wake up that early. Fast forward to 6:15 am. She had to go. Bad. I stuck hard to my rule.

Friends, the bathroom was 3.5 feet away from her bed, but she got in her car and drove the mile and a half to her work, just so she could pee. And then she went back to bed.

Who's the best auntie, say what?

Anyway, the next morning, we woke up and hop skipped over the border to Moscow, Idaho where I had thee best bagel sandwich in all of eternity.

I am not one for food pictures, but this was extraordinary.


The pictures does not do it justice.


To. Die.

A stop at the park and we were good to go.


Thanks for having us Boobie, 'til next time.

31 comments on "A Weekend Away"
  1. That picture of you brushing your teeth sitting on the pot and having your foot in the tub is awesome! Totally something I would do!

    Let me just tell you that if I told my brother that he couldnt use the bathroom bc his niece or nephew was sleeping and if u went in after 6am he or she wold be up for the day he wouldnt care he would proceed to go in and eff up my day. Way to go best auntie in the world! Way to go!

  2. Looks like you guys had fun! That's so funny about the bathroom! Love the swinging pictures!


  3. Those are the best weekends! Such a good big sis :) and yes, quite the auntie too. Why wouldnt the sink suffice??!?! HAHAHA JK!!!!!!!

  4. looks like a fun weekend! Your such a good big sis!! :)

  5. Looks and sounds like you guys had a blast! What a great little sister to drive all the way to work to use the bathroom so she didn't wake your little guy up :D I wish I could brush my teeth, use the restroom, and bathe all at the same time! Well, I mean guess I could do all of those things in my tub.. but that would be gross.
    Awesome pictures :) Glad you guys had so much fun!

  6. What a fun weekend! Love the tiny bathroom pic!

  7. OMG! That bathroom pic is HILARIOUS! HAHAHAHAHA :) Weekends with sisters are the best!

  8. And this post is reason #398738957 why I love you.

  9. Looks like you guys had a fun girls weekend!!

  10. Raven,

    stop it. you are killing me. come to indiana already and let our kids play by themselves while we drink tequilla. or scotch or vodka, and beer. OR ALL 4.


    you let your kid sleep in the bathroom.

    the end.

    yours truly.

    p.s. about my question... i gots a blog proposition for you.... hehehe... will be emailing you asap!

  11. Sounds great!! The last pic of the "spider" on the swing, my little guy LOVES doing that!

  12. awe cute! haha that was fun! i'm surprised you forgot to mention theee best burger and salad you had here as well. bet you didn't know you'd come to my neck of the woods and have such good food! =)

  13. Looks like so much fun!! Really...wish I had a Sis :)

    That bagel did look fabulous...I love bagels.

  14. That sounds like such a fun weekend spent with the sister! Lol I was cracking up reading about where your sister was deciding of where to pee! I thought she would have totally resorted to a bottle or something instead of driving to her work lol!

  15. Looks like you had fun! Most real college students do not have time for tv! I have one but it is never on. The pic of you in the swing is too cute!

  16. hahahaha i lvoe the first pic! so funny! looks like a lovely time! i can't believe your a mom you look SO young!


  17. Sounds like a great time to me! The best part was definitely the fact that she drove to work just to use the bathroom. Um...I would also like to know how you look so good after a night of drinking? Dang!

  18. Looks like such a fun weekend! Love sister time!

  19. Love the park pictures! And the bathroom picture is awesome! haha!

  20. Omgoodness! Loved that first picture! Hilarious! And I think your sister just took my spot as Auntie of the Year...dammit!

    Just wanted to stop in and tell you how much I LOVE your blog, Raven! I love that you keep things so... real, as cliche as it sounds. So many of your posts over the past month or so have really inspired me, or moved me, as girly as that is. I love that there are bloggers out there that are not afraid to tell it like it is, and aren't afraid that people may not agree... it's your life, your family. As I was telling a family friend today, if they can't support you... eff em!
    Anyways, enough gushing :) Just wanted to say HI, and I think I may have to give you some link-back love on a post I am planning for Monday, just because you deserve it :)
    Hope you have a great night, Lady!!!!

  21. that is so cute that she drove to work to pee! ahhh, that is seriously adorably sweet.

    what a fun weekend! i love the cramped quarters- having just lived in a studio myself, I know what it's like to pee, bath and brush your teeth all at once (k, never did it but I definitely could have).

    Glad you guys had fun! That last pic of him clinging to you for dear life is so sweet.

  22. that is so cute that she drove to work to pee! ahhh, that is seriously adorably sweet.

    what a fun weekend! i love the cramped quarters- having just lived in a studio myself, I know what it's like to pee, bath and brush your teeth all at once (k, never did it but I definitely could have).

    Glad you guys had fun! That last pic of him clinging to you for dear life is so sweet.

  23. Your sister totally sounds like a good

  24. Awh! Sisiter time is the BESTT!! Looks like you guys had tons of fun!! :)

  25. Awesome auntie! I laughed so hard at the bathroom picture, too funny! Adorable swing pictures! Looks like you had a nice visit.

  26. Just curious?? Is her name really Boobie? Cuz I am not judging if it is, just curious ;) Whatever her name, what an awesome aunt!! Driving to pee, she is A+ in my book, and finally, my bathroom has it beat, the toilet is literally in the shower, no lie.....you can have the shower water run on your head as you are peeing!! The drain is on the floor :) but super easy to clean! ;)

  27. Look at Baby C taking after you! You think he'll be the first big male blogger?! If he inherits your sense of humor, I predict it will a big hit.

    Unrelated to this post.....your most recent post is HI-larious! I love the reasons you "turned comments off." hahah. I was mid-change between outfits the other day (striped tank and floral shorts) and I had a fleeting thought that I should throw on some leopard shoes and have a "fashion" photo shoot ;)

  28. i just loved every second of this

    sooo amazing that you and your sissy are so close :-)

    lord knows i would have done the same thing and drive to work rather than wake up a sleeping babe!!!



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