The Bridal Shower

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Monday, June 25, 2012
the bride-to-be

3 a.m. I stayed up. Super glueing approx. five hundred faux crystals to faux flower petals.

But it was all worth it. Because I love this girl.


But I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

So let's back up.

The bride? My girl? She's my cousin, err.....rather my cousin by way of her dad's ex-girlfriend aka my moms sister which he is currently sporting a tattoo of on his left ankle.

AKA: my cousin.

Her wedding is in approx. one month. I am the matron of honor.

we go back. waaaaay back. (name that song)

For the bridal party, I was in charge of decorations. It was to be held at the mother-in-laws home, which btw was uhhhh-mayyyy-zzing. Right on the lake. Perfect location.

And to make it more perfect? Our girl Sabrina (who is also the wedding photographer) was there.


I could go on and on, but ya'll know I love me some Sabby fresh.

On to the decorations...

there are those 3 a.m. faux crystals

Then came the gifts. Girl got a haul, but I got a few pics of the extra special ones...



The TP wedding gown game...

I want the one on the left

oh and guess what.

I finally got to meet this little precious...


yes, yes...that would be none other than miss Shasta Anne.

I could go on and on about the crazy fact that after she met Sabrina for the first time, they realized after a few minutes that Sabrina's sister lives only two houses down from Shasta, or that Shasta and her hubby know my aunt and uncle very well.

Small world I tell ya, small world. #meanttobe

The weekend was great. Wonderful. Faboosh.

And now, for a few outtakes....


Happy Monday friends.

ps. Wednesday? I will be posting the blog S and I made.

35 comments on "The Bridal Shower"
  1. I love how much you love Sabs... cause I think it means she's just the same in real life as she is on her blog.

    I should have been at that shower, dang it! stupid bi-costal blog friendships. Taylor is going to be a gorgeous bride, and maybe just maybe I'll see in person.

    What? you don't want people to come to my blog and beg me to visit? hmmppphh FINE! (jk love you for reals)

    You are a true artist with those decorations. The crystal-ed petals should be saved and thrown at Tay and B when they leave the church, right? I'm a genius.


  2. Cute! Loved the flowers, and the outtakes cracked me up. P.s. first time ive seen the word faboosh lol

  3. Decorations are fabulous! Especially love the mason jars with the tea lights. You hotties are lucky to have one another! And what an amazing location....such a beautiful view! Heading over to Sabrina's blog in hopes that you'll get to see her on the 4th!


  4. hahah LOVE the outtakes and that pic of sabrina with the beef has me cracking up. I thought your decorations were AH-MAZING!!! true friendship right thurr staying up until 3am glueing :-) i seriously wish i could have been there!! i agree with rissy; damn bi-coastal friendships!

    and love the pic of you 3 in front of the water! sabrina is seriously such a little peach!! and i love that you love her :-) she is a loveable lil love!

    and yay for meeting ANOTHER blogger! SHASTA!! i am in love with her dress! gorgeous girls!


  5. Love the decorations, you did an amazing job. Well worth staying up until 3am. Looks like you ladies had an amazing time! That picture of Sabrina with the steaks cracked me up! Happy Monday.

  6. I swear-- bridal showers for special ladies MAKES people turn into all-night decorating zombies!! I too, have been there girl! Everything looks pretty though, especially the bride-to-be!!! :)

  7. Love those balloons! The decor is adorable!


  8. i know you might be tired of hearing this, but the decoration is so beautiful! i love it!!!

    Love the decor, esp the tree! Look at u getting all d.I.y.
    #marthawho #loveya

  10. Those 3AM petals are perfect! ...Wow! Isn't it crazy just how small of a world it is?? :)

  11. so, so, so fun! slighty jealous that i do not get to meet all the cool bloggers.

  12. Looks like so much fun!

  13. aw so cute that its such a small world and you two little bloggy ladies got to cross paths!!! Love it :)

  14. I love your 3AM petals, they look so pretty! I love that you all met at the birdal shower. Love the blogging world! JELOUS!!

  15. Way to go on the 3000 petals, awesome. Looks like a fab shower, you're the best :)

    Congrats to your cousin too, she's beautiful and I want her top.


  16. Looks like TONS of fun :) Loved the decor :)

  17. The party decorations turned out great! The diamonds on the petals look really pretty! Great job raven! Can't wait to see the pictures from the wedding!

  18. Looks like a great shower!! Taylor is lucky to have you all :)

  19. I am so jelly of all the bloggy meet ups you get to have! Looks like a fun shower!!

  20. oh oh oh, more outtakes please!
    so, I'm throwing a little party for dan on the 28th of July. I'll send you an invite ... and the invite will read "please come to ks and help me decorate". I hate decorating. I really don't like throwing parties either. I just like when parties are thrown for me.

  21. Looks like a great time :)

  22. Raven that last picture of you is amazing. Just amazing. I love the decor! very cute!

  23. Ok that last picture of you making that face had me cracking up. You're starting to grow on me a little and you've got some serious (what's the female version of cajones?) for posting a pic of dead rats in your toilet. I wanted to throw up when I saw that picture. In this case that's a good thing in a weird sort of way because you shocked me. ;) Keep on keeping on.

  24. Thank you so much Raven!!! i love you!! i had so much fun, even though now i feel like my 'look' was not on its A-game...fellow bloggers please visit me so you know i don't look like the troll in these pictures...k thanks.

    The petals will be used in the wedding for table decor as well as mason jars and for what to throw....SPRINKLES!!!

    Thank you for throwing me this beautiful shower I couldn't ask for a more perfect cousin

  25. I once stayed up allll night crafting hundreds of homemade sorority recruitment invitations. Teeny tiny bows were tied an millions of those frosting rhinestones were glued.

    Thanks for the post traumatic...trauma...

  26. That lake looks amazing...but not as amazing as those granny panties.

  27. Definitely a small world! And damn, you are one loyal friend for staying up gluing all those crystals. I hope you had at least 2 bottles of wine.

  28. this post literally made me sad i wasnt there...there of my fav bloggers in one place. it's clearly Faboosh. (i dont know what that means but i love it so i'm adopting it!)

    the decorations looked FAB and Tay better watch night in those granny panties and she might get knocked up. Sexy pants!! Love you...and Sabs....and Tay!!

  29. You did a great job with the decor! I'm jealous you have Sabrina to take all the pics. I need a photog to live by me to take pics.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. suuper cute blog!!! good luck to your cousin ;)

    want to follow each other? xxo!

  32. Looks gorgeous and will be a great resource for what I'm sure will be your fabulous wedding!

    budget wedding


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