A day at the beach

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Sunday, July 22, 2012
On Saturday, we found ourselves a nice little beach.


There were naked babies, as per the ushe


some chillaxin


some high quality boozin'


a simple message from Tommy Bahama


a touch of home (with some Monsters Inc.)


a friend with some "Something About Mary" going on


a few shenanigans


and a floating dock were some major wrestling went on.


Btw...girls coming this next weekend to hang out? Rob said the price of admission is for us all to have "jello wrestling" wars. But have no fear, I quickly put the kibosh on that.

Also, does your husband ever do this?

Dad of the year right there.

33 comments on "A day at the beach"
  1. Looks like a great weekend!

  2. Looks like all the pieces of a perfect day! Love little naked baby butts, too!!

  3. LOL actually my husband is a Karaoke champion. No really, he once entered karaoke idol haha.
    His boy band moves? To die for. Poor kids lol.

  4. i smiled through the vid. SO cute! y'all are my favorites :)

  5. Oh Ravey pants, my husband does that all the time. Duh

    Oh wait wait... naked baby! naked baby in the water! ahhh why are baby butts so cute?

    I wish you didn't live across the freaking country because this looks amazing!

    Oh and I still love Gunner more than any child on the planet. Just sayin. It's the hair


  6. Looks like such a nice day! Your boys are THE cutest things ever, love them! Such a sweet dad, that Rob!

  7. And here I thought he was going to throw him in !!!

  8. That is the sweetest video. You never show this side of your hubby on this here blog and it's nice to see! You're one lucky woman!!

  9. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! What a sweet video of your hubs and kiddos.

  10. Awwww.. Baby butts and Daddy bonding.. So adorable

  11. so cute! love those boys! Rob has some nice moves that hopefully the boys will learn. =) I love how you were pointing at coltie like, rob get your a$$ to the back of the boat and get colt.

  12. I like his 80s hair band tribute all the years back. That man knows his 80s music!!

  13. What a great weekend. I've never wanted to own a boat before....now I'm starting to think it would be awesome.

  14. Looks like a good time :)

    Cute naked baby butt running into the water hahah

    Sooo sweet with your husband loving on & dancing with the little guy!!

  15. So effing cute. You guys must have such a blast. That's honestly like, the perfect summer day.

  16. Love your blog!!!!! It is such a great array of content! PS Im sure you get told this all the time but you look just like Nina Dobrev!

  17. Looks like such a great time. Love the video - so cute!

  18. Lake days are great! I haven't been out much this year but I am living vicariously through you today! My hubby likes to changes the lyrics up and be silly. Rob and Colty bebe are super duper cute in that video at the end!

  19. Looks like a great weekend. LOVE the little guys 'mohawk'. Cute. :)

    Newest GFC follower. Your blog rocks!

    The Things We Find Inside

  20. So fun. That is the life. I am putting a boat on my "I've been good this year" list. Right next to a personal chef and a magical unicorn. Waahh. I am jealous.

  21. Um, this just in: I wanna come hang out for the races! Why yes, I did just invite myself :) Too bad I'll be at the Journey concert at the Gorge :) Better luck next time? xoxo

  22. Seriously? This was so sweet. I'm a fan of nekked baby butts to begin with, but little nudies being rocked by Daddy? PRESH! Looks like it was the perfect day!

  23. I love your little family!!! Your time on the boat seems so much fun & just the perfect way to spend the summer! Your boys are adorable as always.... Question, are you done having kids? Would you like a little girl?? Xoxo Kelly

  24. ...heart melted... what awesome memories you are making for those boys!

  25. ha! what a perfect day!! and is it sad that I would like a coors light now? it's only 8 am. kiddos :)

  26. I was waiting for him to throw him in at the beginning! Loved it! SO sweet!

  27. That in my book is a AWESOME day! Love how your hubby bonds with his little boy!

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