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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I got quite a few questions regarding the ol' breast aug, so I figured I'd just made one big post about it and call it a day.

How long ago did you have yours done, and why? I got mine when I was 22. Why? Well for one, I was a double A. But I never once thought about getting a boob job growing up. It was never on my "to-do" list nor did I really give it any thought. Until one year, my cousin decided she wanted one, then my sister decided to get one also, so I began to think about it (for all of two seconds) and was all, "hmmm, sounds like a good idea to me!" Oh, and I totally took a loan out to get my boobs. Like, I had to put my car up for collateral. Is that idiotic or what? No worries though, when I got married and sold my condo I had money to spare so I paid them off in full. 

Does it hurt BAD? What is recovery like? This one is different for everyone. For example, my sister was able to go out to dinner the very next day, as her pain was minimal compared to mine. Granted it was only in the hotel restaurant where she was staying, but still, I couldn't move for like two whole weeks. Because yes, it hurt bad. I remember distinctly sitting in the big fluffy chair at my moms, trying to get semi-comfortable, falling in and out of consciousness from the pain meds, and thinking to myself, "this pain is so bad that if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't." I also could never imagine being able to sleep on my stomach ever again, as just the slightest touch made me want to scream in agony. I am not being dramatic here, it hurt that bad. But like I said, everyone is different. My sister wasn't that uncomfortable at all, and obviously, I am happy I got them and would do it all over if I had to. I think it's kinda like forget how bad it hurts after time goes on and all you remember is the wonderful gift(s) you were left with. ;)

Is it true you'll need to have adjustments (more surgery) every so often to keep them looking good? From what I hear, yes. It's been almost 10 years since I got mine and things are looking pretty much how they did at the beginning so I'm not sure when I'll need to go back in.

Is it true that you have reduced sensation? I sat here for a bit contemplating how to answer this question. Do I compare before and after stories? How detailed should I really get? Should I have my husband answer this question? No, no, that would be bad. Let's just say I personally didn't notice that much of a difference. At first, yes, but after everything settled, things seemed to go back to normal.

What are you opinions of others who get boob jobs? I say great! I always find it funny when people make fun of women who have boobs jobs. I mean, making fun of someone who got boobs triple the size of their head, yes, but that's just asking for it. I think fake boobs are great, I think whoever wants them should get them (just try not to take out a loan for them like I did) and I think everyone else with negatives opinions can keep them to themselves. Or not, I would just suggest not directing them towards me because I really could care less. My husband loves them and that's all that really matters now isn't it sugarplum?

Also on this subject, I find it funny how some people get them and then try to "hide" it from others. Sshh don't tell. Because I'm fairly certain you didn't get a boob job to blend into obscurity.

What did your family think, esp your mom and dad? Both could honestly care less. Neither one of them had anything negative to say nor did they try to sway me against it. My family may be very vocal and opinionated, but judgmental we are not. We aren't that stupid to think a simple cosmetic procedure defines a person or changes their core values and morals. 

Can we see a before & after picture? At first, I wasn't going to post a before & after pic (who knows what creepers are reading this) but then I figured it's only a bathing suite and I'm sure people are curious so I obliged. It wasn't the easiest task finding a "before" picture either, as I had to dig into the trenches to find one.


Two things concerning the above picture...

1. I so long for the days when I was skinny, sure I was boobless, but I was SKINNY. And I don't care if anyone else wants to admit it, but being thin is important to me. DAMN you age and childbearing.

2. Pretty sure the after pic had a little padding in the top.


And this concludes a whole entire post about my boobs.


53 comments on "Your Questions Answered: The Boobs."
  1. Thanks for sharing! You look great! I have considered it before because I'm a very small A cup and I've always dreamed of having real cleavage in a bikini. But my hubby loves my (small) boobs and that's made me feel so much better about them :) Now, I'm just worried about our future children bc my Mother in Law is (naturally) a G cup! Yikes!

  2. Can I ask you a few more questions? I'm getting mine done end of August and have been researching it like crazy! When your blog popped up in my reader I about did a happy dance :)

  3. You are so open and honest! Love it!!!
    P.s you still look great!

  4. Right now, I'm looking like your before pic (boob size that is). I'm saving my pesos for some C's and have considered taking out a loan. Kidding.

    Love this post and thanks for sharing!

  5. haha I love it!! I did the same exact thing! Loan and all!!!

  6. Great post, R! I'm right there with ya! Drives me crazy when people judge others for their boob job decision. ;) I got mine a few years ago and love, love, LOVE them. I did the "no scar on the breast" technique where they go through a tiny incision in your arm pit and my recovery time was minimal, although it still hurt like a SOB for about a week. :)

  7. I've been wanting some boobs since I was 16. So almost 11 years. Hot damn. I had awesome boobs after I had my daughter, but now they are gone and damnit if Id have known I could have used my freaking car as collateral I would have!

  8. Finally someone who admits that they want to be skinny, instead of trying to be all, "I'm proud of my curves." Whatevs...everyone wants to look like a Victoria Secret Model...don't lie. But really, you're're not 'fat' by any means...but I understand wanting to be skinny part. I'm the same way, and I'm in a size two, but I still have belly rolls. I don't want belly rolls.

    Anyway, this isn't about belly's about boobs. I've never had small boobs, mine were always relatively normal? I guess. I've lost a lot of weight since my 4 year old was born, so with it, I lost a lot of boobage. I'm pretty sure I'm in a B right now, which is where I was in middle school. I like B's...I think it's a good size. At heavier times in my life I was a C...and after I had my daughter, I was a D...and that was not milk b/c I never made any milk with her. I don't know what it was...just big boobs is all. So in the last four years...I've gone from a D to a B.

    If I were going to have surgery, I'd go for lasic eye b/c I am blind as a bat w/out my contacts...or, I'd have a tummy tuck.

  9. JEALOUS!!! Just pure jealous! I am set on getting myself a, umm...set? haha. But after baby # 2, which won't be happening until another 2 years or so. So I gotta wait. It'll be my "Congrats, you made it through childbirth!" present :)

  10. YAYYY BOOBIES!!! That's all I have to say about that.

  11. Love your honesty and openness. I'm considering getting bigger tata's if/when I shed some lbs. Seriously, I look like I haven't hit puberty yet. Thank god for victoria secret bombshell bras.

  12. You look great and lol to the post.

  13. Love this! Mine will be a year old in August and it is the best decision I ever made...yes, it's that serious. But wearing a bra is TORTURE now!! Have you ever been professionally sized? I think I may be wearing the wrong size. You look amazing!!

  14. Love that you keep it real and honest! I've always wanted to be skinnier with bigger boobs - I'm in the A cup club and so tired of it haha. I think once this baby is out, I'm going to have to seriously look into implants.

    It's nice to hear your family wasn't judgmental either, boobs don't change who you are as a person...if they make you feel better, why not go for it!

  15. Props to you on posting this! I was a very small A until I got mine done 2 years ago and am now a small C. My recovery wasn't that bad - got them done on a Tuesday and went for a boat ride on the following Saturday! I also agree with your statement about not understanding why girls try to hide the fact that they got them done - I told all of my friends and family because hello, they would have noticed it anyway!

  16. I love boobs! Always have and always will. When people wanna talk about them it's even better! Lol. You and your tatas look smoking! Mine are and have always been huge but when I turn 30 (gasp) I'm definitely getting them raise off the floor. :). I'm all for cosmetic procedures as long as your ass is happy with it!

  17. How do you have no stretch marks on your stomach?


    I so badly want a boob job. I have saggy tiggle bitties after having 2 kids. Yikes! They are a scary site. Maybe when I win the lotto I'll get them done. Along with LOTS of lipo.

  18. Love this post. It's interesting to really hear more about it because it seems like even a lot of women who get them don't really want to talk about it.

  19. Haha! I love that you did a post all about your boobs. You're a hot mama!

  20. i had NO idea your boobs were fake. they look fabulous! and seriously raven you have a rocking body!! like amazing. like im jealous.....

  21. Is it weird that I like having small boobs? 2 reasons-when talking to a guy (before engaged) I always knew he was looking "above" my neckline at me an not my chest! 2- I love that I Can wear XS and S tops! :)
    You look great in both those pictures before and after :) And that's the honest truth!

  22. Love my fakies. Love, love.

  23. I didn't know they were fake! Totally surprised me! I don't think I could manage the pain. After seeing Farrah from Teen Mom in complete pain, I could never do it. But then again, I was also graced with big boobs and a small frame thankfully!

  24. I LOVE that you just wrote a whole post about your boobs!!!

  25. If you hadn't shared that your boobies are fakies, I would never have known. They look amazing. You're trying to be skinnier and I'm just trying to get back to when I looked like you do now. Ha! 3 pregnancies + an unhealthy love of wine = no more skinny. Boo.

  26. that 2nd picture is what i wish i haaaad i want some BUBBIES! JESUS JUGS!! (real housewives quote haha)

    ok ive alrways thought about boob jobs. 2 things
    1) im scared of surgery
    2) im scared of it one day looking saggy like where you can SEE the bag. But i assume thats not common anymore?

    and seriously your boobs are AWESOME i honestly wouldnt think they were fakes if i didnt already know this!

    the question is...when i meet you...would rob mind that i motorboat them?


  27. love the before picture. can't believe it's only been one year. and you should have included more than one before picture. LOVE your style back then. ;) ;) funny that i have the nickname boobie and i'm the only seesta still sportin the real ones. i'm always thinking about maybe considering it, but with my height my boobs would be in everyones face and i'm not sure i'd be comfortable with that.

    1. oops, not sure what I was thinking in that second sentence. must have been distracted by work. I think I meant to say I can't believe it's been 10 years.

  28. lady, you are still skinny today! Didn't i once tell you that you were hotter than your cousin? Like others above, I seriously had no idea your boobs were fake. That looks that f***ing fabulous.

  29. i want boobies so badly i can feel them.
    i could wear a training bra if i wanted too.
    i literally am a size negitive A...(is that even possible?)

    i must say im pretty jelly..

  30. You are still skinny, I promise! You look great.

  31. I wanna get mine done SO bad! I'm so self conscious about my boobs lol. I'm scared though that down the road i'll get breast cancer, or if I have kids I won't be able to breast feed.

  32. thanks for the info!! my tinnnny friend (not her chest, just her entire body) got a boob job after she had been an A for years. She showed up at our xmas party and I said- you got your boobs done! Becuase they were now D's on her small frame. She hit our other friend and said 'you told!'. I was laughing telling her no, no- it was quite obvious.

    I don't care at all if people get boob jobs- I also think small boobs can be really cute on girls. I dont mind my B-C boobs so I won't get one but if they get all pregnancyish after kids, I will most definitely do it. Without a doubt.

    You look beautiful either way!

  33. I love this post! I actually don't make it known, but had mine done exactly a year ago. But it HAD been something I had always wanted. I was very self conscious of my itty bitty boobies and felt out of proportion with my giant woman hips.

    My recovery was smooth. I was off pain meds by the night after surgery day. I had an AWESOME caretaker, her name being MOM. So glad I did it before I got married, cause hubs doesn't know exactly what a Mom's care is. My surgery was on a Wednesday and I was back at work (Physical Therapist Assistant) on Monday. However, I couldn't do any lifting or pulling for another 2 or 3 weeks.

    I do NOT handle pain well, but surprisingly this surgery wasn't bad. The worst part was the ride home an hour after my surgery (45 mins away). But going from an A to a C still makes me a happy girl. And what makes it even better is I did it all for myself. Something to make ME happy. Now if I could just get that loan paid off. Yes, I took one too with intentions of paying it all off by March before my wedding. That didn't happen and I'm no where near paying it off. Ooops. You live and you learn. But I def don't regret my decision to get them done one bit.

  34. finally a post about boobs and not your hair or tan! ;) love it!

  35. Holy Efff. Who doesn't want boobs like that? Hubbie is kind of worried about the "reduced sensation" thing. I will have him read this ;) With age mine are giving in to gravity, stupid gravity, I am thinking it is about time. :) Thanks for the info!

  36. Sooo, I know you just answered a bunch of questions, and maybe this is a dumb one that you have answered before, but were you able to and did you breast feed the kidlets?

  37. A couple of my girlfriends got them done by the same doc and they swear she's amazeballs. My bday is in Feb and I can't wait!!

    1. P.S. Also wondered about if you breastfed or not ^^^^^

  38. i love that you were honest about the boobie process. I am with you on how miserable it was. I felt like i had been hit by a mac truck for days. it was so uncomfortable, but oh so worth it. i have ZERO regrets about it. the loan story is too funny...i had considered it too because at the time I had just finished grad school, but instead of a loan Kev offered to pay for one. i guess he owns one of the gals. haha! he never pushed me to do it or ever really encouraged it. however, once i was on board he was like "hellz yeah." what guy wouldnt be? i also was curious....were you able to breastfeed even if you didn't choose to?

  39. Ive thought about getting a boob job. I think my sweetie would enjoy it too! I completely agree with you about just wanting to be skinny. Zaiden def added some pounds I haven't shed yet.

  40. I definitely talked to my parents about it before I got mine done. Like you, I never thought about it growing up, it was never on my list. I had a standard B cup before, but I had bat wings, like A cups in my arm pits that I could never get rid of and had all my life so I decided to get lipo to get rid of them. It was the same incision point and the same recovery time for both surgeries, so at my pre-op (ONE WEEK before my surgery), I decided to get boobs too. Why not, right? That was right when hubs and I started dating so I asked his opinion. He's a butt guy, so he didn't really care either way, but wanted to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons. I asked for a full C and got a DD, so that's kind of annoying because now all my bras have giant straps and I have a hard time finding a bathing suit...

  41. You know what's funny? The people I know who have them, don't try to hide them at all. I remember an awkward dinner when I was 16 with a long time friend insisting my mom touch her new boobs. And then she showed them to all of us. I've always wanted boobs. Why does people say you should wait until after you have kids to get them? Does having kids change them that much?

  42. You are one hot mama "before boobies" and after! I think you look awesome! Love the post!

  43. My mom had fake boobs, so it was NBD in my house! I was blessed with boobs, but my sister wasn't. I have a feeling she may enlarge her -A's soon...I got so annoyed with this girl the other day, because she called girls with fake boobs "nasty". I found this particularly annoying because A) Our mutual friend has fake boobs and B) she wears 10 POUNDS of makeup. That make's her a hypocrite and I hate hypocrites. I guarantee that every person hating on fake boobs wears makeup, had braces, got their "broken" nose fixed, spends $ on their credit cards like they are "ballers", etc., and NONE of them have room to judge anyone.

    Aaaaand I'm off my soapbox. Scene.

  44. I had no idea your boobs were fake! I literally just told my husband tonight too that I really want a boob job. I was small before I had my son (like kind of an A) and now after having him and breastfeeding they are nonexistent. As in, I have to shop in the training bra section to find anything that fits me. When I lay down they are flat as a teenage boy's chest! I absolutely hate it. My husband tells me he doesn't mind at all but I do. I feel so unattractive and frankly just not like a real woman. I used to be so against the idea of a boob job but after feeling so bad about myself I would totally save up my money to try and do it now! Yours look amazing!

  45. The way you describe the pain hurt me. But you already know how fabulous looking I think you are! And seriously the boobs you have suit you. Can't imagine you with smaller boobs.

  46. I got fake boobies last year. After two nursing babies and starting off as a small b, my perky potatoes turned into mashed potatoes. I love them no one can tell they are fake, the surgeon did such a great job. Anyone who is thinking of doing this surgery should go for it, I couldn't be happier! Yours look great too!

  47. You look great! It is interesting to hear others experiences. I had mine done 11 months ago. I had them done on a Wednesday, was in minimal pain that day, was back to work giving a presentation in front of my entire company on Monday.

    I don't hide mine, but I don't advertise it either. I think 2 people in my entire company know I had it done (that I'm aware of). I went for the naturally perky look. (like you, based on your pictures).

    Love the blog by the way! New follower here.

  48. I don't want to hear shit about you not being skinny. Nor do I care when the "after" was taken. You look GREAT!

  49. I had mine done on a Friday at 1 (surgery took 5 hours) and I was back at work Monday!
    Mine were put in through my belly button so I was sore when sitting up over the weekend but that's it.
    My doc was AWESOME!

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