Have Water, Will Boat

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Oh, you know. Just writing this post from my mothers abode because the inside temp in our house is now creeping up on 95+ degrees. Why hasn't the AC gotten fixed yet, you ask? Well for one, the husband is still at the lake, and for two...he takes care of that shit.

I'm only semi-kidding. I did try to handle it myself today but I encountered a few bumps in the road so I'll just leave it for Rob when he gets home. Surprise! Welcome back!

Hence why the kids and I have stayed at my moms two nights in a row. But that isn't even the most newsworthy topic. No. Because I am currently writing this post on a PC and I want to claw my eyeballs out. That? Is tragic. All you Mac users out there can feel me, I'm sure. Once you go Mac...

Anyway. We did have a fabulous time at Lake Roosevelt last weekend. The kids and I spent 3 nights/4 days and then it was time to ship out. Not sure if any of you have spent that amount of time with two little kids on a beach in 90+ degree weather with one outhouse and a busted tent, but it was..."fun."

Ok, so we did have a pretty awesome time, I will admit. The boys had a blast and that is what matters. Sinking my toes in the sand and drinking an adult beverage wasn't too shabby either. And I took pictures. A whole lottuv'em.


scene of the crime. blown tire quarter of the way there

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In case you couldn't tell by the plethora of photos, a good time was most definitely had.

A few of you have asked me a couple questions about our boat...

* No, it isn't a yacht. Although it technically is "yacht certified" (only because of its length) a yacht is a yacht, and although I acknowledge our boat is very nice, we all know a yacht when we see one.

* Yes, it has a "downstairs." With a bathroom and a kitchen. A mini-kitchen per say.


* Yes, we sleep on our boat when we go camping. It sleeps four comfortably down below and two up above. There is AC and heat but we have to be plugged in to shore power.

  * No, it isn't pleasant going to the bathroom on the boat. I would much rather go in the bushes.

* I usually go in the bushes.


And Lake Roosevelt OUT.

I have to be honest and say that writing and formatting this post on a PC is one of the harder things I have ever had to do in my entire life. So please excuse any discrepancies as I will be back to my Mac tomorrow.

41 comments on "Have Water, Will Boat"
  1. Hey girl, That lake looks fun! Cute pics!
    I am considering getting a better boat this summer, do you like your boat? Do you have any boat recommendations? Just wondering!

    Have a great week!


  2. What a beautiful lake. It looks like fun was had by all. Have a great week!

  3. That sucks about your AC, I can't even imagine!! Isn't it funny how modern conveniences feel like the end of the world when we can't use them?!

    Such fun pics! Your boys are just too cute!! :)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! LOVE your boat! I have a little speed boat and by "I" I mean my father but I just kidnap it when I go out on the lake! HA! I have all intentions of getting a boat similar to yours one day soon. In the next year or 2 mark my words!

  5. LOVE the pic of their little booties!!! SO cute!!!! My parents just bought a lake house, so you know where my little booty will be Labor Day weekend! But not in a bathing suit. I value my parents friendships with their neighbors a little too much to embarrass them in that aspect! LOL!

  6. All those naked baby butts are way too cute! What a fun time - I grew up in the country on the lake. It was literally our back yard. Now we live in the burbs and don't even own a boat. Boo! I'll have to live through your lake adventures! LOL

  7. ughhh I feel you on the AC thing! Ours went out a couple of week sago over a 3 day span where the high temps were 113, 116 and 114 respectively. KILL ME NOW. I was doing hot yoga IN my house. brutal. love the lake pics! and that popsicle he had? looks amazing. I think I'm hungry. boo diets.

  8. Looks like a great time! Love the little naked butts! Do they get the naked idea from you Raven? Do you secretly walk aroun naked and not tell us? Lol.

  9. That place is beautiful. Looks like y'all had fun. And great photos, too.

  10. The pictures of your boys are just so sweet.
    And that lake looks absolutely beautiful!

  11. Such great pictures, you all looked like you had a really fun time! :)

  12. That lake looks awesome! If I didn't have such a fear of open water I can't see through, I'd be all about it haha. Im a total wuss! Love the naked booty pics, hope your AC gets fixed pronto!


  13. Where is Lake Roosevelt? The scenery is gorgeous!

  14. Soooo can I come nanny for you? I really love your family. Anyone that can go naked 99% of the time must be a good time!

    i couldn't help but wonder...

  15. OH my. Naked baby butts- so cute. Looks like a great little get away!

  16. I tried to fix our AC unit once.. just once. I made it worse. Props to you for ditching the scene, it's the only logical solution, really.
    Also, I don't really know how to comment on the rest of this post without drenching it in jealousy... so I think I'll just say that your naked children in the sand is really, really effing adorable. And I don't really even like kids.

  17. I love all those pictures!! i'm guessing you didn't get the 'usual' camping spot. in the pic of you it looks like there were a lot of people around camping.

  18. What a great little get away! Your pictures always make me wanna go out and buy a boat!

  19. That place is breathtaking!! We used to practically live on boats, so I find them the best way to "camp". PS. I think the pic of you and Rob is amazing and that the pic of the two kids naked hineys on the beach needs to be framed. Hope you get AC back soon!

  20. I am so jealous. I am currently staying in a TRAILER by the river but alas, no boat and no adult beverages. Just stink cigarette casinos and lots of old people. Agh, visiting family members is so fun!
    Oh, sorry. Back to you. I'm jealou. Looks like a wonderful trip. Please adopt me. I'm already diaper trained. Usually.

  21. Looks like a great time and yalls boat is gorgeous :)

    Newest follower who is loving your blog!
    Happy Tuesday!
    xo breanna

  22. Those boys. Heartbreakers. Omg.

  23. By the looks of the naked baby butts running around it looks like you had a great time. Lake Roosevelt looks GORGEOUS. One of those peaceful places I need to spend a few days. The part about writing on a PC made me laugh cause I tried to go Mac but I'm a stubborn PC lover.

  24. bless your damn heart for even TRYING to do this on a PC- you win the gold, my dear (for tenacity, in case you needed specifics)... this looks like such a great trip! and how cute are those butts?! aint nothing cuter than a little baby butt (;

  25. That lake is gorgeous. And the naked baby butts in the sand??? It kills me. So cute.

  26. ahh i wanna come play on the boat so badly! it just looks like SO much fun!! the picture of the two bums facing us looking out at the lake & the boat literally looks like a postcard with the saying Welcome to Lake Roosevelt...too cute! xo Kelly

  27. I missed lake a roosevelt this year!! :( next year...and hopefully I'll be prego! haha so then i will just be all your mofo's DD!

  28. The nakey booties in the sand is too much!! I can't stand the cuteness! The scenery at Lake Roosevelt is gorgeous! Looks like a fun weekend!

  29. oooo love all the cute babies!! looks like a great weekend minus your broken AC. :(

  30. Looks like a great time...and love the thoughtful poses the boys had:-) too cute!

  31. I love Lake Roosevelt! We are from Spokane so we go there quite often in the summer for boating. I recognize a few of those locations actually. Anyways, love your boat. And your blog. You crack me up! =) Glad ya'll had fun!

  32. I have a mac at home and use a pc at work. Everyday at work I think I am going to throw my computor out the window. Totally agree..... once you go mac!!!!

  33. Wow, it is beautiful there.
    And all the little naked hiney's, I bet they love it.

  34. That water and scenary is amazing. Take me. I'll pee in the bushes, no problem. And day drink my ass off.

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