Oh, happy day

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On this day, exactly eight years ago, I walked down that rose petal covered aisle and into the arms of the most admirable, kindest man I have ever known. He gently took my hand in his, we said some of the sweetest words ever spoken and then we exchanged two pieces of metal that represented our undying devotion to each other. Yes, 'tis true friends, on this day I married my best friend. 

Wait. That's not entirely how it happened.

It went a little something more like this...

On this day, exactly eight loooooooooong years ago, I walked down that crushed rose petal covered aisle in a size 4 wedding gown. I was a skinny bish and my newly purchased boobs looked on point in that bustier. As I neared my soon-to-be husband, I noticed a little glimmer in his eye. Immediately, I knew it was because he was a tad bit buzzed from all the whiskey him and his buddies had been drinking only ten minutes prior. I would have been more pissed that he decided to indulge in the sauce on such an important day, but the onslaught of mimosas I had just consumed made me not give a shit.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. We said our "I do's," for better or worse, sickness and in health, only if you're rich, blah blah blah, and then it was time for the reception.

You know, the important part. Where there is an open bar and kegs galore.

I promised myself I wouldn't get drunk on my wedding day. I said that only losers do that. I still stand by the fact that it would have been totally rude to turn down the overabundance of tequila shots I got handed that day.

Not my fault.

I'm also pretty sure I dirty danced with my sisters husband, but that's only what I've been told.

Thank God I got married in the stone age before people secretly recorded others on their smartphones.

Anyway, if memory serves me correctly, we topped off the night with dinnerslashbreakfast at Denny's.

We are a classy couple, in case you missed it.

And so I leave you with one of my favorite quotes about marriage, and no, it doesn't come straight from that God awful sickening movie they call The Notebook. No, it comes from one of the best love stories ever told...yes, I'm talking about Wedding Crashers.

"I'm not perfect, but who are we kidding, neither are you."


And that, my friends, is the secret to a successful marriage.

ps. if you want to check out where it all began, you can read our love story here.

52 comments on "Oh, happy day"
  1. Haha I love this post!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. This is precious. I'm gonna go read the love story, even though I've read it before!

  3. HAHA now that is a REAL love story...whiskey and tequila.

  4. That might be the best wedding story I've ever heard. Happy Anniversay!! (Does Denny's even exist anymore? They've all disappeared around here)

  5. You are freaking hilarious!!!! So glad that I found your blog!!! You keep me laughing all the time!!! Happy Anniversary!

  6. OH MY GOD!!! first off...look at me its 9am which means im at work which means im commenting on your blog which means your blog is no longer blocked!!!


    "Thank God I got married in the stone age before people secretly recorded others on their smartphones" HAHAH so true! but hey you guys are one of my favorite couples and you sound like you guys had a BLAST at your wedding and thats ALL THAT MATTERS!!

    have the best day in the world!!!

  7. Happy Anniversay Raven & Rob!

  8. HA HA HA!! I LOVE me some Wedding Crashers! DOnt judge me, but I'd totally hook up with Vince Vaughn in that movie! Super jealous of your boobs!

  9. Awesome quote! Happy Anniversary.

  10. Hahahaha! Tooooo funny! Happy Anniversary you little lovebirds :-)

  11. Bwahaha...LOVE it!!! Happy Anniversary! Wedding Crashers = BEST movie ever (think I've seen it about 100 times and it is still just as funny to me)!!

  12. Happy anniversary! And I love it! Thanks for the honest straight to the point-ness! It makes it that much better. Its ok to get white-girl-wasted at your wedding! All that money spent on booze, you better get to enjoy it!

  13. Aw happy anniversary. Husband and I got drunk and had late night whataburger after our wedding and I went to Walmart in my wedding dress looking for beer salt haha

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! One of the best honest post I have read. I am not the white dress wedding kind of gal and when my mom screamed and said oh no your having a shin dig, I said well be it, 2 hrs max for me to be in dress in heels and byob, and then, after party at my house lol. Most romantic day ever lol.

  15. Hahaha. Happy Anniversary! Love your honesty!

  16. Happy Anniversary!!! After our wedding I went through a few weeks where I pouting and sad about how some things didn't come out perfect, or how I envisioned them. Obviously those little things weren't that important and I realize that now, so I know that in several years they will be even more of an aspect that was ridiculous to get upset over.

  17. Happy Anniversary!!!! :-)

  18. You are too presh. That wedding sounds like a blast!

  19. <3 That quote is perfect. Happy anniversary!

  20. Happy Anniversary! Ours will be 4 years on Thursday!

  21. hahaha this is so cute! Happy Anniversary you adorable couple you!

  22. Ha - never have I read a more romantic wedding day tale!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  23. happy anniversary! I know like 2 other people that got married on this day too, popular day I guess!!

  24. Haha I love this. Happy anniversary!

  25. omg raaaaven. i'm lol-ing. happy anniversary!!!

  26. You are a skinny bitch. Hate you for that. Happy Anniversary, love muffin!

  27. I still want to read your engagement story! Forward it to me. xoxo

  28. Your husband is a lucky man. He should be glad he married a drinker who likes to have fun. He could have married a snotty bitch who doesnt "let" him enjoy his scotch and beer out of a can. At least thats what I tell myself when I am day drinking by myself.

  29. Cheers cheers!! Happy Day to you both! Love the quote! #truth

  30. BUHAHAHAHAHA! Gosh I love you!

  31. Bahaha! I love that your wedding night ended at Denny's. Ours ended at our local bar, that we were not allowed to leave from bc there was a fight that had broken out and the cops wouldn't let anyone go.... O, the memories... and all we were trying to do was get in a little more friend time with everyone who had flown in for our festivities... Classy. Classy, I tell ya!

  32. well well well anniverary twin we ended our wedding night with a quick stop at steak n shake! hahahaha no lie. we keep it classy as well. happy anni love!

  33. Yay, you are back to being safe content on my work computer!! Happy Anniversary!

  34. Congratulations.... as always you are one of my favorite funny friends. And who are you kidding.. you still are a skinny bish.

  35. Pretty sure that's the best wedding story I have ever read. And especially the "only if you're rich part" because we all know that's a given. HAPPY ANNIVERSARYYYY!!!!

  36. Happy anniversary!!!

    I am totally getting toasted at my wedding.

  37. HaHa Happy Anniversary girl.

  38. Haha love this!! Happy Anniversary!! Love wedding crashers! Best 1 liners!!

  39. Ok, I was seriously dying at that first paragraph ... thinking to myself, huh. This does not sound like Smith. huh. huh? HUH?

    Then I kept reading.
    Laughing my ass off right now.

  40. happy anniversary raven!!! how exciting! you looked beautiful...so can we see this pictures of the reception? hott mess im sure!? hahah! i love your outlook on love & that youre realistic...& not caught up in that notebook crap.

  41. Aww! Happy (late) anniversary! We share the same wedding anniversary date!

  42. Healthy start to a healthy marriage with a healthy mantra! Happy anniversary! :)

  43. Thank God I didn't have to read a recap of yet another blogger's perfect white wedding. Not to say that yours wasn't perfect, but you know what I mean.


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