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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A while back when I instagramed a picture of my latest Ulta finds, a few of you asked me to review some of the products. And what my readers want, my readers get.

First up is the Urban Decay Naked foundation. I went with the intention of getting my regular Makeup For Ever HD foundation, but when I got there, they didn't carry it. Apparently, it's a Sephora only product. So I decided to try something new. I love Urban Decay products. I live by their finishing powder (seriously, read the reviews, it's all true) and of course, we all love their cult product, the Naked Palette. So I was excited about trying the Naked foundation.

I hate it. I've used it for over a week and I'm giving it away. I have oily skin to start with, and this stuff? After a half hour, my skin looks like an oil field. Not pretty. Powder fixes the problem for about five minutes and then it's back to the shine. 

When I went back a few days ago, I tried the Stila Perfect & Correct foundation. Same exact story. Grease city. So I finally resorted back to my tried and true Makeup For Ever HD foundation. It covers so well and does not make my skin oily whatsoever. If we're keeping score, that's upwards of $100 spent on wasted makeup. I digress.

Oh, but the Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush? Hell to the yes. My favorite foundation brush to date. 

Next is the bronzer. I've made it no secret that I am a slave to bronzer. Never leave the house without it. I have been a diehard fan of the Too Faced Sun Bunny bronzer, and I run out of it so often that I thought why not try something a little less pricey since I use it so much. I spotted the $20 cheaper Prestige Cosmetics Sunflower bronzer and decided to try it out.

Don't like it. It's not pigmented enough. And after a few hours, it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything at all. Which is why I will always believe that you get what you pay for. Things are more expensive for a reason. Back to my trusty ol' Sun Bunny.

And finally, mascara. I'm always, always on the hunt for a bigger, better mascara. I want those butterfly eyes, and when I spotted Too Faced Lash Injection, which promised "extreme thickening," I threw it in the basket. Needless to say? I hate it. It is so thick and so clumpy, even after I would wash it off at night, I would have black flakes on my face in the morning. 

Believe me when I say that I have tried tons and tons of different mascaras, and I always end up back with Diorshow. I first tried it back in 2008 and it's been a staple ever since.

And thus concludes another fluffy post on makeup. Do you miss my political rants? Wink face.

ps. I hate my bangs. Like, despise. You would think after the fiftieth time of getting them cut, and after the fiftieth time of hating them, I would learn my lesson. Yes, you would think.

pps. Are there any beauty products out there you absolutely swear by that I need to know about? 

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  1. this is a great review. I actually was going to try the Urban Decay naked stuff the other day but decided not to and know I certainly won't buy it. I always use bare minerals but sometimes the coverage just doesn't cut it. I'm going to try the stuff you recommended!

  2. Ugh! I cut my bangs the same week you did, and I hate them too!! I should have known from the beginning they weren't going to work when my husband told me they make my face look more jolly (which he totally thought was a compliment! wtf?!?!)

  3. Good to know what products NOT to try! I swear by Estee Lauder double wear makeup and have gotten everyone I know to start using it. It is a life changer...seriously...you need to try it. If nothing else just go get a free sample. If you aren't used to a "heavy" foundation try Double Wear Light

  4. Good to know on all these products! My absolute favorite beauty product is the Cargo matte primer. I have oily skin too and I swear by this stuff! It works wonders! you'll have to try it next.

  5. I feel your pain as I've cut my bangs before and hated every second. But honestly, and I know everyone is probably saying it, they look great.

    Love DiorShow mascara but have recently become a slave to Buxom Lash in blackest black. Love it. Also, I stick with buying cosmetics at Sephora....even if you use it and don't like it, you can return it. I've returned many a perfume and product there before.


  6. I'm sorry you are hating your bangs but I think they look fabulous on you!!! And I love me some makeupforeverHD it is my must-have!

  7. Raven let's cut the shit right now. You look like a GD bombshell in those bangs. Like, you did before and now it's over the top. MMk?

    Now that we've cleared that up, I swear by Makeup Forever HD and Smashbox Studio Skin (available at Ulta & Sephora). It's hard to find a foundation that doesn't make my face look like a teenage grease pit, but bada bing..these two do the trick.

    I'm with you on DiorShow and when I'm feeling extra flirty, I layer Benefit Yes They're Real mascara on top. Makes me look like I have fake lashes without the glue and well, fake lashes part.

  8. Thanks for the reviews, saved me some mega money!

    Just fyi, Ulta lets you exchange stuff if you didn't like it. No freakin way, right?! I didn't believe it, but they let me exchange a tube of Lash Injection mascara for a different kind!

  9. I am a die hard bronzer lover and I love Tarte Paperbag Princess. It's matte, so you don't get any of the glitteries (which I don't like anyway) but it is such a great color! I didn't see how one color could fit all, but it totally does. I have converted all my girlfriends :-)

  10. i haven't learned my bang lesson either. i always want them, cut them, then hate them. for what it's worth, i think yours are cute [especially in the first photo!]

    my favorite bronzer is nars laguna. i'm also a fan of the make up for ever hd [have you ever tried estee lauder double wear? i also have oily skin, & this foundation stuck to my face & kept it super matte - even better than the MUFE HD].

    that foundation brush is now calling my name. soon i'm going to have to scoop it up.

  11. For the record, your bangs look great on you!! I know what you mean though - - I have a small forehead so if I get bangs (which I always envy from other girls having bangs), you can barely see my face. In fact, more than half of my face is gone!

    Still. You look great with your bangs so rock it while it lasts!:)

    Cathy Trails

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  12. Love that Dior Show! I might need to repurchase some STAT!
    Beautiful pics of you!

    Happy Halloween!


  13. The only drugstore makeup I use and swear by is mascara- and maybelline's new mascara mega plush volum express is my new favorite. It's in a blue tube- I do a quick curl and do two coats. I love it. Give it a try, it's cheap and if you don't like it, you can probably return it!


  14. Girl, don't waste your money on that garbage if you didn't like it! Even if you didn't keep the reciept and you used it, you can still return it to Ulta!! Get your money back!! :)

    But otherwise, thanks for the awesome reviews! I was very hesistant to go and try the UD Naked Foundation, and since I have oily skin too, it would have never worked. Lo and behold, I use Kat Von D's lock-it foundation for my oil problem and works great.

  15. I live by, swear by and die for MAC's False Lash Extreme mascara. Real life, best mascara I've ever bought.
    PS. I bought some LORAC SelfTANtalizer face bronzer-tanner-nonsense and I'm way, WAY too pale for it. Email me if you want it, since you are my resident bronzing queen.

  16. I do the SAME thing with bangs. Like really?

  17. I'd never heard of any of those brands until [ta da!] now. Well with the exception of UD, I swear by the primer on those 'little black dress' nights [and more]. I agree, you get what you pay for, and I spend more than I should on powder. Have you tried Smash mouth products. My face is oily too, and it's the only product [built in bronzer since I don't tan my face] that won't clog my pores. I plan on looking into some of the products your using because natural is beautiful!

    P.S. I use olive oil and water to remove thick mascara at night. Use a small make up remover pad, and damp with the concoction. Put on your eye to break down the mascara for about 30 seconds, wash and ta da! No black flakes in the AM. Not to mention it's easy on your lashes.

  18. I love your bangs like more than life itself. On you. I wouldn't even think about putting them on myself. Even though I want them more than anything.

    I'm a bronzing queen too. Duh. It's what us dark skin beauties can do and get away with.

  19. I happen to think that your bangs are smokin' just like you... but hell that's just me! I do the same shit though... I get so tired that I either whack my hair or my bangs off and then end up HATING it!!! Love your "fluffy" make up posts ;)

  20. I like the bangs too. You're being too hard on yourself.

    Fave products - Smashbox Foundation Primer; Tan Towels (the only self tanning product that doesn't leave me looking like a streaky oompa-loompa) and Chanel Inimitable Black Mascara (waterproof for me and yes it's pricey but the best one I have found so far).

  21. I change out a lot of things...but there are two I refuse to budge on:
    Face: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation (lightweight on face, heavyweight on coverage) Perfect for us grease faces! I do use an HD powder to set.
    Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara in Black. Not Carbon Black (blue tint), not Black Brown (brown tint), but Black. Just trust me. Stick with non-waterproof!
    Happy Painting ;)

  22. OMG. Thank you for saying you love the Dior mascara. I LIVE for that stuff & nobody "gets it." I constantly get, why are you spending that much money, it didn't work for me, blahblahblah. Betch please, I look like a flippin' rockstar.

    And I live by Maybelline Baby Lips ($5-$7) from Walgreens/CVS. It really makes you lips baby soft without the extra sticky gloss and color. I'm more for a "nude" lip and this is just enough. Have a wonderful day sexy mama!

  23. I looove L'Oreal Voluminous mascara! The best!

    I'm from South Africa so we can't get Urban Decay yet but I am sooo intrigued by it!

  24. Sometimes when I get bored with my makeup I think I need to try new things...and ALWAYS hate them! It's amazing that I still try new stuff and wasted the money on it. So frustrating!

  25. Ulta will take back any item with a receipt! Take it all back & get something else!

  26. Hi Raven ... my beautician gave me a tip on mascara ... she said never fall for the marketing ploy of bigger thicker lashes ... mascara regardless of price is all the same. What you want to look at is the brush ... you need a thin brush that can get into all the nooks and crannies of your eyelashes ... to get a thicker lasher look just keep applying more mascara. No point having a big thick brush that can only really do the tips.
    Nik (all the way from Australia)

  27. Why do you think about the naked primer brighten and tighten?

  28. I've also found that sticking to what works, rather than straying too much is the way to go! I swear by CoverGirl BB Cream, Nars Blush in Orgasm, and I LOVE CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara (the orange bottle)....Bare Escentuals Bare Mineral Veil also feels amazingly soft on your skin and illuminates skin.

  29. Girrrrl, you so pretty.

  30. Ok, so the E.L.F. high-def powder (cheap version of Make Up Forever) works so well at keeping the shine away. Even though it's white, it blends right it and lasts (almost) all day. And it's only $6.00! I'm a mascara fanatic and can never find the perfect one since Maybelline discontinued the original Illegal Lengths, but their Colossal Volume and Falsies formulas are pretty good. The trick is to coat the TOP side of your lashes too! I've been doing this for years and I swear it makes a huge difference. I've had several people ask if I'm wearing false lashes.....Try it! :)

  31. YOU CAN RETURN AT ULTA! I just shouted at you. Don't waste $100.

    I just did the same thing - tried an NYX bronzer instead of Sun Bunny and a Maybelline foundation. Both went back. Thanks for the review - I'm going to try the MUFE foundation. Happy Halloween!

  32. Oh the great makeup search... I swear by makeup forever hd powder. Best. Stuff. Ever. And Nars Laguna bronzer. I am a bronzer whore and this is the best I have ever used... And from what I can see we have almost the same skin tone. Mascara? Lancôme Hypnose Drama. Holy lashes.

  33. I LOVE covergirl 24hr lash blast mascara. I don't like anything thats clumpy but I want my lashes full and long. that seems to be the best to me and they are really soft too which is a plus. I too use Nars Laguna bronzer but am running out and want to find something cheaper. maybe I'll try your too faced. and I am the same with the skin.. super oily skin and can't find anything that works. I may have to try your makeup forever stuff.. its just hard to justify the price.. eek.. good luck! :)

  34. As others have said above - go return that make up! That is te best part of buying make up at Ulta and Sephora. Love the Benefit - They're Real Mascara. Also, favorite foundation ever is Bare Minerals!

  35. Revlon Photo Ready foundation, Coty Airspun powder, Urban Decay eye primer, UD and Stila shadows, Benefit Hoola bronzer (i also like Benefit 10 bronzer) Stila blushes, Loroc lipgloss (and Nars, and Hourglass) and Clinique High Impact mascara (I have tried every one out there and always come back)

  36. I'm going to be completely honest, I used to read you because I enjoyed your blog. I enjoyed reading about your life, your boys and your shopping. But lately you've become a pure hate read. The selfies are getting ridiculous, you're not 20 anymore, and you are obviously posting all these pictures because you want everyone to be all "OMG you're so pretty!". That phase should have ended in high school. You bash fashion bloggers, but you're guilty of the same things. You do stuff for attention, and want people to fawn over your looks. If you didn't, then you wouldn't post pictures of yourself CONSTANTLY. Especially followed by how much you hate your bangs. It's like the pathetic girl who posts "Oh, I'm so ugly/fat/hideous" as a caption on her Facebook picture. You wouldn't put the pictures all over if you really hated them.
    Also, it's "one fatal swoop" not "one fail swoop". You're using an expression saying the action destroyed something in one hit. A KO of sorts. I know you want to be all shocking, and attention grabbing, but I'm officially done with even pretending you'll get back to normal. You realized if you act like this GOMI will send you page views. And by the way, it's hilarious that you are BB aren't friends anymore because you talked crap about bloggers not responding to commenters, and her feeling like you were calling her out. Mainly because I've seen her respond to readers almost every time, you only reply to people who stroke your ego, or who give you an excuse to bash the president. Put down the bottle (alcoholism isn't cute, not even to the college girls you so badly want to be), get a hobby and reevaluate your life.
    BTW, do you really think it makes you look good at all to talk about getting so drunk you black out? Again, probably, since you're putting it all over the internet. Why do you even blog?

    1. but I really do hate my bangs....

    2. It's "one FELL swoop," Anonymous, you ignorant bastard. If you're going to hate, at least do your research.

    3. Emily, you can correct my grammer anytime ;)

    4. I find it funny that you mock her for being brave enough to post her thoughts/pictures/family/life to the world but yet you, post your comments behind the name 'Anonymous'. If you don't like a blog anymore, then you stop reading and move on. Attacking someone is only your failed attempt to make yourself feel better about your own life.

    5. Nicole took the words out of my mouth! i was going to basically say the same thing! haha

    6. Really, these GOMI folk need to get off their high horses and start living THEIR lives instead of being so obsessed with the lives of others. I read the forum about Raven when they first started the hating and they don't just criticise blogs (which they should just stop reading if it bugs them that much) but they get personal about people they don't even know. Wrong in so many ways.

    7. I so agree with the GOMI comment. It's one thing to criticize a blog's content, but it's something else entirely to criticize a person you don't even know.

    8. It's actually one fell swoop.

  37. Fellow makeup junkie over here! My must-haves that I think you'd like:

    1. Elf HD finishing powder. Personally, I like it better than the MUFE HD powder and it's only $6!
    2. CoverGirl Lashblast mascara (in the orange tube). Hands down best & trust me, I've tried them all :)
    3. I'm another brozer-holic and for YEARS only used Benefit Hoola. Saw on youtube that NYC bronzer in Sunny ($2.99 at the drugstore!) was a dupe so obviously I tried it considering the price and I switched over. Definitely worth a shot! It's not orange-y and is completely matte.

    I could go on and on and on....

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Do you use Sunless tanning lotion... I think you have written about it before but I can't find that post! thank lady!

  40. This is sooo helpful! I never know what to buy when I'm at Sephora...thanks for these tips girl!

  41. Why do you hate your bangs? They look awesome!

    Oh, and thanks for the review...seems like you should stick to the norm. I'm super cheap when it comes to make-up and I haven't been able to find a good (and cheap) bronzer :/

  42. I love love the dior show mascara its great! im glad you reviewed these products since i have oily skin also, now iknow what to stay away from!!


  43. With oily skin myself, I like MAC Studio Fix instead of liquid foundation. Great coverage! And speaking of MAC, their paint pots seriously changed my life. My eye make-up looks the same at quitting time as it did when I walked out the door! Finally, my sister recently gave me a combo pack of smashbox lip gloss and it's become my go-to for gloss! Yes, you have to reapply more often than the long-wear stuff, but I really love the feel of it - slick, not sticky at all! No flavor, either. If you're looking for a bit more color though, I like a Laura Mercier sample I received in my August Birchbox! A bit stickier than smashbox with a hint of flavor, but more pigmented. Products are so fun!

  44. If you have the receipt, you can return your make-up. You can return make-up to Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, Sephora, Ulta, Target and anywhere. I would get your money back. The problem I have with Ulta is they do NOT give you samples, well, the Lancome counter does but everything else, you can't get a sample of.

    I tried the UD Naked foundation, I hated it. I have tried, Nars sheer glow & sheer matte, hated them. Kat Von D foundation, hated it (looks great at first, then oil breaks through and you can see your makeup sitting on the oil). What I ended up loving that I didn't at first was the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24 hr, you can get a sample of it at Ulta. It wears beautiful, blends easily and it does not make me oily. As for mascara, I love the Loreal double extend (red/white tube) and the Maybelline Plush mascara (I think that is what it is called, it is in a blue container). To make it work, you have to curl your lashes first and then apply it. It is a wet formula but you only need a little for a natural look but what I love is i can build it up, without looking clumpy. It does wear for a long time but when you need to take it off, just some warm water, soap and it is off! That is why I love the Loreal Double Extend too, because when you take it off with warm water, it comes off like rubber. It is weird when you first experience it but I never have raccoon eyes in the morning.

    Sorry for the novel!

  45. You are so just freaking gorgeous it's ridiculous!!!!! And diorshow mascara worked so well for me too when I got this sample of it once. I'm too poor to buy it normally ahhahaha I'm all about the maybelline nowadays.

  46. I need to try that sun bunny bronzer. My favorite bronzer (as of now) is estee lauder goddess bronzer. And my new favorite mascara is benefit's they're real! LOVE that stuff!

  47. and here i was thinking your bangs were lookin' pretty foxy!! what do i know...so you hate em. i hate my bangs every. single. time too BUT your color is fabulous. seriously, that is my dream dark blonde...they'd never be able to get it right on me. i am super jealous...

    now. on to these products....LOVE diorshow. i've tried every mascara in the world too and this is the one i keep going back to. i use diorshow for the first coat and then finish up with elsee lauder doublewear. it's the perfect combo because the EL is thinner consistency, but adds amazing length, so it kind of unclumps the thick formula of the diorshow. i am also obsessed with rapid lash serum. i swear by it. my eyelashes are growing like weeds since i started using it. it is incredible.

    you know what brinzer i hate? the lorac tantalizer or whatever it is. they suckered me in at ulta with a cute little compact of it at the checkout and it is like SPARKLE! bad. stay away from that mess.

  48. i have heard the urban decay foundation is crap. i just looked at it last nite and passed it on up. you know you can return your makeup you don't like back to ulta even though it's used, that way you don't waste so much money! i am OBSESSED with ulta.

  49. girl.. grow those bangs out then get the clip in versions... then you can write a post about them (because i would LOVE to know, from a REAL person, if they are cheap looking).. deal?

  50. Oily skin here too. Have you tried the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + foundation?? I really like it, also a Sephora only product, but it helps keep me from looking like an oil slick. I have not tried the HD that you use. Maybe I'll give it a try one day.

  51. You have shared useful information on beuaty. Thanks for useful information

  52. Benefit - They're Real = Best. Mascara. Evarrrr!

  53. The ONE piece of make up I swear buy and will never get rid of? Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner I wear contacts and my face/eyes are oily so I need something that won't make me look like a raccoon. I found this after about 7 different products made me look like a nocturnal animal. ♥


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