The obligatory fall pumpkin photoshoot

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012
I have a lot of interesting photos up my sleeve (I know I say that all the time, but I promise, I do) but for today, I couldn't help but share these pictures of my most favorite nieces ever. In case you are new here, my sister is a twin, she has 13 month old twin girls and she is currently expecting another set of twins in January. 

Just kidding. But she is expecting one little bebe in a few months. Another girl. Which is funny because that is exactly how it was in our family, except I was the oldest and my sisters two years younger. 

We were going to brave the crowds at the pumpkin patch, but instead decided to buy ourselves a few pumpkins and use my front porch as a photo op. 

Stella and Sophie. I die over these two.

And then there's my little tiger.

24 comments on "The obligatory fall pumpkin photoshoot"
  1. oh those cheeks!! can't get enough of those cheeks! Tigger is adorable too!

  2. Too cute!!The little striped tights..

  3. i just want to squeeze those cheeks!

    they are adorable!

  4. omg! so cute! i love their boots and tights!!! makes me wanna have a girl! lol. your lil tiger doesnt look to happy about you dressing him up and taking pics lol ;)

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  5. so stinkin cute! love them all! yes even yours!

  6. Too much cuteness for one picture

  7. Oh my gosh you totally had me thinking she was having another set of twins! I was like that chick needs a blog!!! Haha super cute!! Happy Halloween!

  8. cuties!! That's awesome, I guess twins run in the family :)

  9. Seriously? The first picture? Stella is going to gate you for that. Where is her super cute pic in this posted that you posted on Instagram? I need to try to get a few more when she cooperates. =) thanks for dealing with us! We kind of took your house by storm.

  10. Omg they are SO freaking adorable!!


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