The Vegas Post

I figured this post could best be explained in bullet points so here goes:

* We stayed at the Stratosphere. It's no Wynn like I'm used to, but it faired alright. Come to find out, you can have fun drinking no matter where you are. 

*  We met a guy named iforget in the pool. He was british-canadian. Never heard of one of those? Me either. Supposedly, he was a "british guy currently living in canada" but I got a major kick out of calling him a british-canadian. After the fiftieth time of me calling him that, he spouted off, "no wonder we hate you Americans!" (This was right before he bought my group a round of jager shots so apparently he didn't hate me that much.)

* We went to a show at Planet Hollywood and Rob got chosen to participate in the "hypnosis" part. OMG is all I can say. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Best part? I got it all on tape. I secretly recorded it on my iphone. I'll try to put something together for you guys.

* When we were coming out of our show at Planet Hollywood? We got hoodwinked into buying tickets to the Holly Madison show the next night. We never made it. Not my fault.

* Our cab driver, who claimed he was from the Congo, got pulled over for pulling out in front of a cop.  He had no proof of insurance. I'm pretty sure he had stolen the cab.  I'm also pretty sure he was on his way to deliver a shipment of drugs. Not sure how he was able to drive us home that night, but he was let go. This was apparently the same situation in which I apparently tried to take the cops gun out of his holster. I claim blackout innocent. 

* I don't trust people who don't drink in Vegas. Just wanted to throw that one out there.

* And finally, Coco. Coco the bouncer, to be exact. Apparently, I "fell asleep" at the bar at Margaritaville. I was tired, ok? So Coco decided there was no sleeping at the bar, so she gently removed me from the premises. Well, apparently, I woke up, and decided I wanted another margarita. Coco met me at the entrance and once again, *ever so gently led me back outside. This is when things got interesting. I apparently **challenged Coco to a brawl.

Short story super short...Coco won.

*ever so gently = dragged me out by my hair
** challenged = shouted obscenities at Coco


  1. ha.....ha...... wink wink........other than that no comment ;)

    1. I don't get it!! Don't keep me out of the loop! I am so texting you...

  2. gah, I love Vegas. what an awesome time! I've never stayed at Stratosphere but I agree - drinking is fun anywhere on the strip

  3. Oh you trouble maker Raven fighting with poor CoCo haha. Sounds like a crazy trip! :) xx

  4. hahah hilarious. And yes- unless you're pregnant or Butch from Teen Mom- PLEASE drink in Vegas! You look purty!

  5. Ha ha! Margarita has strong drinks! I was just there at the start of summer! =)


  6. Might have just wet myself a little bit laughing no joke.
    I have GOT to go to Vegas!!

  7. Hahahaha I seriously love you...I have been to Vegas 3 times and I only know this fact based on the pictures. Your blog is amazing.


  8. Sounds like a great time! I'm inviting you the next time I head out to Vegas for sure!

  9. this is one of the times where the skinny bitch has been writing about being chubs and now i feel like a whale after looking at pictures of her... and she would be you! i hate you!! you look amazing!!!!

  10. You look gorgeous in your pictures! It sounds like you had a blast, more stories about Vegas please, they are too funny!!!

  11. Ok - you're seriously too gorgeous for words and that makes me hate you [no not really]. And... COCO... LOL.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. This post? Right here? Makes me wanna go to Vegas. Like, STAT.
    I'm Canadian, but not a British-Canadian. They're assholes.

  14. OMG! hahaha,,
    this is why i love you

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My stomach hurts from laughing! You are hilar!!!

  16. Ahhhhhh Vegas, never a dull moment ;)

  17. I love how you re-cap events! Makes my day!

  18. You said "hood winked" and then I died.

  19. I think I felt slightly hungover just reading this post. Last time I was in Vegas it was for a work party and I got hood winked into getting a tattoo. And then that Monday I got fired. Lol good times in the veggy.

  20. Oh Raven you seriously crack me up girl...Vegas sounds like a blast, well from what you can rememebr that is. You look smokin hot in all youor pics as usual!

  21. You are hilarious! Sounds like you are having a blast in Vegas!

  22. Can't wait to see the hypnosis video!

  23. You look hott in all your pictures!! Vegas is so fun...even if it is a blur!

  24. Sounds like you had the female version of the movie The Hangover

  25. I miss Vegas!! I love your recap. And by the way, I didn't drink while there ;)

  26. I've snooped your blog a few times, but I just had to comment on your Vegas recap! You definitely had me laughing.... because I could definitely relate to some of your LV experiences. I've "fallen asleep" at the bar before too. Glad that "Coco" helped you out of there safely haha. Love it. Please go back to Vegas immediately and share your experiences in another recap. (:

  27. i don't trust people who don't drink in vegas, either.

    it's like a big fuck you to vegas, ya know? and im pretty sure vegas (and coco) don't appreciate it.

  28. I looooove Vegas and it has been far too long since I've been there! Ha ha this was a great post. Living vicariously through you, minus the Coco ** incident! ;)

  29. las raven looks good on you! every picture sober or drunk you look good!

  30. Even I drink in Vegas!! PS. Do you get younger looking by the day?? WTF!

  31. Ever so gently my ass! Don't go down without a fight for that margarita! Lol. Everybody just needs a little nap in the bar every now and then. ;)

  32. You go hard. and I have nothing but respect hahahahhaa

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