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Friday, November 02, 2012
Colt and Gunner on Halloween. So happy.

- I loved all your feedback from yesterdays post! I didn't know so many others shared my views on natural medicine and I think it's pretty cool. I know I said I would post a question and answer session today, but I got so many good questions I wanted to make sure I had my own facts straight before sharing them with you. Of course, I'm no expert when is comes to naturopathy, I can only give you the facts when it comes to our experiences with it as a family, but it is something I am very passionate about, especially when it comes to tiny little bodies and what is put into them when they are still very much developing. I promise to be back here Monday with answers to every single one of your questions.

- Also, I may be working on a little surprise for this here blog. Someone thought it was time for a facelift. 

- Rob and I went out on a little date last night. First to Costco, where we picked up most of the boys' Christmas presents. Which is huge for me because I usually do most of my shopping the night before Christmas Eve. Now I know what those people are talking about when they say how awesome they feel to have it done early. Then we went to dinner and saw the movie Taken 2. Um, it was amazing. Almost as good as the first one. Liam is one badass. 

- Five more days and we will know who the next President of the United States it. Since I don't like to talk politics on this blog, I'll keep who I'm voting for to myself. Let's just say that it won't be Obama.  

Have a good weekend friends.

30 comments on "A few things..."
  1. Hahaha "Let's just say that it won't be Obama" Love this. Amen, sister.

  2. Yeah I don't like to talk politics either, but I do like to talk about how much I don't like Obama and everything is his fault. Your boys are so adorable.

  3. oooh excited for a surprise!haha love the last line

  4. your boys are adorable and I loved taken 2 as well!

  5. 1. Boys are AFREAKINDORABLE 2. Uber jealous that you are like pretty much dunzo with your XMas shopping... ya I am DEF that person that is last minute! 3. I don't like to talk politics either... VOTE FOR ROMNEY!

  6. Dammit Raven, I told you not to vote for Roseanne.

  7. I can't wait to see Taken 2, don't know why I haven't made it to see it yet but I am determined to go!

  8. I showed your my other halfs 85 yr. old grandma one of your debate recaps this week. She does not laugh very often but she was crying and begging for her oxygen tank. Then she got angry again and began using inappropriate words for the current president. Simply...if you're ever in Port Angeles, WA...you have an old friend who would want to make you dinner.

  9. The are so adorable and gotta say i love your last line! Happy Friday!

  10. if your blog gets a facelift before mine imma cut you.

  11. seriously, when i saw that picture on your Instagram i laughed so hard.

  12. Your boys are so precious! My blog just got herself a facelift - check out Chelsea from Yours Truly if you are looking for a designer

  13. Haha cute! I can't wait to see Taken 2! I loved the first one.

  14. Really as good as the first? I didn't think so much. I guess it just bugs me "little Kimmy" looks 35 and still runs around like an awkward idiot.

    And Lenny is a bitch. Sorry. I just have such strong feelings from Taken 1 I was bound to be disappointed.

  15. We saw Taken 2 on a date night as well really good movie!! And I totally love getting a head start on Christmas! Your boys are too cute!

  16. We just saw taken 2 over the weekend- loved it!

    Ps- going to see Mister Romney himself in a couple of hours! I'll tell him you said HI:)

  17. Hahaha you crack me up-"lets just say it wont be Obama." Youre kiddos looked adorable. I missed yesterdays post...heading there now.

  18. Our date nights consist of Sam's (and maybe Sephora if the bribes work) Club and a quick dinner anymore. I want to see that movie, glad it was worth the $40 it will cost us.
    Your kids are so freaking cute!
    I feel your political pain.

  19. You could write honey boo boo in. Don't forget the second boo.

  20. Your boys look adorable!!
    The husband wants to go see that so I might go now that I know it's good.

  21. Newest follower... not that you needed another;)! Your boys are adorable... Enjoying catching up!

  22. I really want to see Taken 2, but it looks like we are going to wait until it is out on DVD at redbox to save money on movie tickets. PS , your boys are adorable!


  23. Liam is a badass!!! So is Mitt!!!!! Go Romney!!!

  24. will you be voting for roseanne barr for president?? she is on my ballot here in CA, go roseanne barr for prez! i am totally kidding of course :-) go mitt 2012

  25. Cute kids! I was just looking through your posts and I love your dark hair!!!! So pretty! Take care,


  26. That's great you finished Xmas shopping! Ah so nervous about the election!!!

  27. Geez, tell your kids to stop being so damn excited! ;)

  28. Bahaha "I don't talk politics". Priceless ;) I went to Costco tonight and it was the highlight of my week. I'm obsessed with that place.


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