And THIS is why I love the blogging community

he's still young enough where this is totally acceptable

You guys. Your comments and feedback from my post yesterday was incredible. So many of you going through the same thing. So many who can understand anxiety, depression, panic attacks, etc. If you struggle with any of these things, I encourage you to go back to that post and read the comments. I got so many amazing comments throughout the day, and I answered questions that you had about my own experience. 

A little diddy that happened at the doctors office yesterday morning. I was seeing my doc to get my anti-anxietys refilled, and as I was discussing with the nurse, the following conversation took place:

nurse: do you smoke?
me: no
nurse: do you drink?
me: eh, sometimes.
nurse: so rarely?
me: umm, I'd say a little more than rarely. 

And no more questions were asked. 
That nurse rocked.

And now, I have a pretty cool giveaway for you guys from the beautiful Nicholl. I love her because girlfriend is funny. And because our birthdays are one day apart, and coming up next month! I hate her because I am insanely jealous of her hair.

It's everything I've ever wanted.


Hi y'all! I am Nicholl from The Chiffon DiaryI am so excited to be here today! I am partially biased, but I believe Raven has the best, most supportive readers around. 

When I pick people to sponsor, I do it carefully, because I only sponsor one person a month. This month I chose Raven, because, well we all know she is a fun blogger, and two, because I wanted to get a chance to interact with her readers.

Because I know by now, you are probably done reading (only the best of them read guest posts), I am going to go ahead and put it out there that I'm giving away a gorgeous necklace and large ad space on my blog for two of you loves.

Although I'm excited to send the necklace and give away ad space, I hope we get a chance to actually "meet" and become bloggy friends. I don't want new followers that are only following to get something and be done. Because that's not the type of follower I am on your blog. With that said, I'll say you might like me because I think I'm funny (I make myself laugh, so obviously I am), I eat dessert for breakfast (and every other meal) and I accompany it by bacon on most occasions. Usually people will tell you what they blog about, but don't we all just blog about our lives? Lest you're one of those blogs that review children's learning books...I don't do that.

To enter this giveaway you must be a follower of Don't Quote The Raven..and why wouldn't you be one already?

There you have it friends, a chance to win a beautiful necklace (red is one of my favorite colors) and an ad space on Nicholl's blog. She is nearing 2000 followers so it will be great exposure for whoever wins. And the best part is there will be TWO WINNERS! Good luck and enter below.


  1. Little naked boys tucked into mom's boots are what hysterical blackmail is made off....well done :) Great giveaway too, that necklace is gorgeous! Have a good one

    xoxo andrea

  2. I actually posted a picture on Instagram last night of my 2 year old wearing my Uggs. He was actually wearing a shirt at the time that said "I'd Rather be Naked" - now I know what it would have looked like if he had been. TOO CUTE!!!

  3. Cute picture. :)

    And hooray, a new blog to follow!

  4. I wrote a post on my anxiety a while ago and the response was amazing. The blogging community really does rock, doesn't it!?


  5. you are seriously just as cute as ever!

  6. bahhh haha I love having those little convos with the doctor!

    Great post! Cute blog! : )

    New Follower,

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Please, tell me what you think! I love reading your thoughts and opinions, and I find some of my favorite blogs through my comments!