Christmas Invades the Smith Casa

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh haaaaayyyy. What's up Christmas tree. You look lovely.

Yes, it's a fake. I know, I know. True Christmas peeps don't do a fake tree. But we have for the past ten years. Why? For a few reasons. The main one being, it's a lot easier. Oh hey, it's time to put the Christmas tree up. Ok, just go into the garage and bring it in please honey. 


By the way, can that one naked boy make an appearance again?

enough criticism on the naked bootie pics mom and sis. he's still 2. it's ok.

Yes Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. Gunner woke up this morning, came running downstairs, woke me up, (what?) and shouted, "mommy! Come look! Come look! It snoooooooooooowed while I was sleeping!" I didn't have the heart to tell him that no, it didn't snow but in fact, what you see is frost. He'll learn eventually.

I know it seems like my boys are naked the majority of the time. 

And well.

They are.

What about you? Fake or real? And do you decorate the tree naked?

51 comments on "Christmas Invades the Smith Casa"
  1. Fake tree at our casa too. SO much easier! Everyone seems to rave about the smell of a real tree... eek! I don't like it. #truth I'll take my Christmas Tree smelling candle and my fake tree thank you very much. P.S. We decorate clothed for the most part.

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  2. Fake tree at our house too! And, as beautiful as your tree looks, I can't help but be distracted by your wine bottle holder. Aka: The horse looking like it is spooning or banging that bottle! Ha ha ha! Hilarious!

  3. My family always had a fake tree when I was growing up, so putting together a fake tree seems more like a Christmas tradition to me than cutting down a real one. But we hardly ever decorate the tree naked--it's 60 degrees in this house!

  4. Haha good thing it's fake otherwise I would say a naked little boy putting ornaments on a christmas tree could be painful! It's super cute though!

  5. Fake tree here as well. We've had it for a few years too. One day we might do the real tree thing but for now we're good.

    Love your Christmas decorations.

  6. Isn't everything better naked? We have real simply because we live in South Korea and it literally costs an arm and a leg for any sort of Christmas decorations ($150 for a three foot tree...seriously. And $20 for 100 light strand yikes!) so we hike into the mountain and chop one down shhhhh!

  7. First of all, love that wine rack or hutch or baker's rack. Whatever it's called. Love. Second, I ran around naked all the time when I was little and I survived. I also still walk around my house naked. Which is totally cool with my husband as long as the curtains are closed. At least you will have cute pictures to torture him with when he's a teenager!

  8. love your decorations!! really really pretty. I have none up yet. This is our first christmas in our house and we have a dilemma over real or fake. I vote real, he votes fake.

  9. Yea for Christmas decorations! Your tree is looking great!

    Cute vest too!


    Happy Holidays,


  10. The pink stroller and the pumpkin! I think those are my daughter's favorite toys. I never know what I'm going to find in that pumpkin.

  11. Beautiful!
    We're fake tree people as well for 2 good reasons:
    1) our dogs pee in live vegetation and would pee in the tree
    2) we live in the UAE at the moment. There is no live greenery.

  12. Love that Christmas tree. That Noel sign is gorgeous too! All these decorations put me in the Christmas spirit.

  13. Fake. It's so much easier.. we keep it all put together and store it in the garage out back.. Just like you said, wheel it on out.. plug it in.. and decorate..

    I actually did decorate my tree naked.. the one in my room, of course.

  14. I'm now going to talk my husband into putting up ornaments with no pants on. Thanks for the to follow.

  15. ours is faaaaaaaaaake. i used to be anti-fake, but now i'm not because i can put that shit up earrrllllyyy! and no watering and all that shiz. check out my tree {and other christmas decor}!

  16. We don't decorate the tree naked but, we do use a fake one. Have to for my fiance's asthma! BOO!

  17. I am a fake tree kinda girl... but my husband is a Christmas freak. So this year we will be getting our first real Christmas tree. I am already dreading the pine needle mess.

  18. Love the nekkid baby bum!!! I've always had fake trees, but the husband is bugging me for a real tree this year. I can't decide, though!

  19. So cute - and a naked baby bum makes it all the more cuter!! :)

  20. We do fake trees also.. Real ones don't last that long here, so you have to wait to get it till closer to Christmas. Too late for me. Ours is already up too!

  21. We've faked it as long as I can remember in our household. This year is hubby & I's first xmas together, and we got a wimpy fake one since we have zero room in our apartment right now. Someday I definitely want to try a real one, but I hear they're a pain in the arse.

  22. Love this! And my boy is either naked or in pajamas at all times. Boys!

  23. I put up all my decor yesterday and the way my husband kept grabbing me inappropriately, you would have thought I was naked. Maybe I should wear a bra when decorating but I was at home and comfy, why bother?

  24. Gasp! I am actually considering fake this year. =*{ you know that is a huge deal to me. The ONLY reason is because we are still moving in, with two 14 month olds running around and baby #3 due in January. So realistically I should keep it easy. We will see...I may not be able to do it.

    1. oh excuses, excuses...... ;) actually, I have already moved onto fake trees. I just hate not knowing when to put them out by the garbage after Christmas.

  25. obviously, i like to do as much as possible naked, least of all decorating the tree (; and yes, we have fake trees galore- because i'm crazy and like xmas to go up nov 1 (but really, we arent big into tday- i'm a vegetarian who isnt a fan of celebrating senseless hello christmas, let's celebrate you!). this year, we are hopefully adding a BLACK tree (for our football ornaments) and a light up palm tree.. because we live in socal, how could we NOT?!

  26. Real tree! would be so much easier not having to water it and clean up the needles or get sticky sap on your hands when decorating. I just always had a real one and it was a tradition to go pick it out then bring it home and have a 'trimming party'. Literally....we would saw a bunch of thin slices off the base and then drill a hole ad attach ribbon and everybody got to decorate it with paint or whatever and hang it on the tree.

  27. We don't have a fake tree, but I almost bought one this year, and I am DEFINITELY getting one next year. I'm so tired of the mess, and the constant watering. Bleck.

  28. I LOVE real trees. I just hate picking them out. So, I go the easier route and use a fake one. Works just as well!

    And I don't decorate the tree naked...but maybe I should try it :) I am sure my boyfriend would like it!

    XO Lourdes

  29. We're fake tree people too, and I'm definitely a true Christmas person. :) Why? Because... it can be up longer! Because... it won't die. Can you imagine waking up on Christmas and the tree accidentally died? That's not Christmas.

    I love all your naked kid pics. So funny! My favorite to date is the Ugg one though.

  30. love how gunz photobombed one of the pictures. the boys are so cute! I can't wait to spend 7 straight days with them! it'll be like old times!

  31. This is the first year we've done a fake tree and it's because of my allergies. I know..DETAILS. In past years I've just struggled for an entire month to breathe..again..DETAILS. OF course, I'm the baby, so my family is all "Oh, you'll be fine." I put my foot down this year.

  32. Love it all. And we do fake, but only because Chris is "allergic." I still think he's lying though. And you're looking awfully skinny in that furrr vest.

  33. I love that wine bottle holder!!! We always do a fake tree, so much easier and cheaper!!! I have a question for you, I have a 2.5 year old son and I can't imagine the accidents that come with being naked all the time. Is your son potty trained? Or have you just been lucky?

  34. Fake Tree over at the Smiths on the East Coast! I always forget to water the real tree! Although I love the smell, I'm alll about the simple things! Your house looks great MamaSita! Oh and make those nakie butt pictures last as long as you can! They will be gone before you know it!

  35. I'm all about a real tree, buuuuuuuut this year [and the next many many] it'll be a fake tree. It's easier to say 'honey, can you get the tree out of the garage?' yes, that's us too! high five. Here's to easier pick up, clean up and not having to water a fake tree.

  36. We do fake trees because like you said it's sooooo much easier. Just bring it up from the basement and boom decorated tree in less than an hour. No pine needles to vacuum up, no constant watering or trying to get the roommates dog to not use the tree to pee on or drink from. No fuss! No naked decorating though cause it would be awkward with his 10 yr old son around.

  37. Fake. And is there any other way to decorate a tree?

  38. hahaha I love that you are a rocking a fur vest while casually holding a naked two year old

  39. LOL your kiddos always be runnin' 'round naked ;)

    We use fake trees. Definitely SO much easier and the clean up is ridic w/ real trees!

    Unfortunately, we don't decorate in the nude. I don't think my husband would mind though lol.

  40. Fake PINK Christmas tree at our house :) I like putting my tree up for Thanksgiving, so a real tree would just piss me off with the needles falling all over the place...not to hazard. Love the fur vest!!

  41. Looks so perdy! I used to be so anti-fake tree, but these days it just makes so much sense. Especially a pre-lit one, HOLLER. OK so I don't have a tree at all, who am I to say haha.

  42. Pretty!! We have a fake tree too & we always have {even when I was little} they are just so much easier and enough trees get cut down as it is, why do that once a year? No thanks. & we decorate it clothed, except KJ he prefers diaper only, always.

  43. We do a fake tree too. It's actually the one that my parents had when I was little. I can't let me boys run around naked for one second, they always pee on the floor!

  44. My family always did fake tree also. Cheaper to buy it once and use it for 15 years than to pay $50 to use it for one year. But now my fiance and I are getting real trees because he grew up with them and doesn't mind cleaning up the needles... and I like the whole experience of going to the tree farm.

    The world would be a happier place if everybody decorated their trees without pants on.

  45. I see your hiney all bright and shiny! You better hide it before I bite it ;)

  46. We do a fake tree, but only because we live in a tiny condo and I needed a "slim" tree that would fit. Anyhow.. I am DYING to have that gold horse/raindeer that is stradling the wine bottle. Please tell me where you got it. I would keep it out all year long. PLEASE TELL ME!


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