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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Gratitudes first:

- My husband. Ugh, I know, but I am grateful for him. Today anyway. For a few reasons: he put up our Christmas lights last night because he knows how excited the boys will be to see them. He cooks dinner at least three nights a week and he fixes the sink drain when it gets too clogged up with my hair. He also bought me tampons yesterday. However, I asked for "regular" and he came home with "super." Not on purpose, he just didn't care enough to pay attention and grabbed the first box he saw. Still, I'm grateful for my box full of tampons.

- It's supposed to snow here this weekend. Nevermind the fact that it was 71 degrees just four days ago. No big. Bring on the snow I say. Just means it's getting closer to this just hopefully not this

- I'm grateful for Cee Lo Green and his hilarious commentary on The Voice. Seriously. Seriously! I elle oh elle for real every time I watch. The cats, the birds, the left field funny.


- Less than 1.5 months 'til I turn (gulp) 32. That's old.

- I still hate my bangs.

- TiVo. You would think that would a gratitude but no. I record so much sh*t that I watch it 'til way past midnight. No Bueno. Damn you Duck Dynasty.

Damn you.

ps have a question for me? You can ask on my formspring here. You can also see other questions I have answered there. Happy weekend!

24 comments on "Gripes & Gratitude Vol. 9458776"
  1. Blah! I shoulda read your blog a little closer. I went and cut bangs and I hate hate hate them as well. My hair used to grow so fast and now of course it's slower than honey flowing up hill in the winter. Cheers to yours growing faster than mine.

  2. Speaking as a (gasp!) 35-year-old, let me assure you, you're not even close to dead yet.

    32 is the new 23.

  3. That sounds like my husband... grabbing the first box of tampons. He doesn't see colors or sizes... just tampons. Ha. Oh.. and crap, I just read your nightmare dog sled story. I hope you're not getting closer to that too.

    Ditto on Cee Lo too. Did you see that cat he was holding? What happened to his bird?!

  4. I did not know you had a Q and A website. People ask some funny questions. You must bust a gut when you read some of them.

  5. Love Duck Dynasty!! This week's episodes had my rolling!

  6. hope you have a lovely weekend! husbands are the best, arent they?

    so are boxes of tampons...

  7. Husbands are nice to have around. ;)
    Happy Friday, have a great weekend, with or without snow!

  8. I have a question! What's on your Christmas list? And what are you buying for the boys? I think we are going to do a trip instead of Disneyland :)

  9. I swear I watch more TV now that I have DVR than i ever did before #firstworldprobs So- I finally started a blog after stalking yours and many others. I might be hitting you up soon about a sponsorship. Have a great weekend!

  10. haha super tampons are better than no tampons My Blog

  11. Omg, I laugh my ass off watching The Voice! Cee Lo's outfits alone are hysterical, but the comments and the animals are just hilarious. I am grateful for my husband as well [still weird to say]..
    I am so jealous that you are going to get snow! It literally never snows here and it makes me sad!

  12. I'm 33 and do not like this. Not one bit.

    I freaking love Duck Dynasty. That Jase kills me.

  13. Aw shucks, I was hoping to get a shout out as a gratitude. I did spice things up around here.

  14. Yea for Christmas lights! I am hoping to have mine up soon too!



  15. You're hubby is such a doll! And shut it about ur birthday! You look fing fabulous! Seriously 28 tops!

  16. Happy long weekend. Hope you're having fun with your boys!

  17. I never would have guessed you were 32?! Looking good girly!

  18. I agree with the above comments- you look fabulous for turning 32!! I love the comment about your hubby picking up your tampons, sounds like something that I would ask my hubby to do haha

  19. I am just going to go along with what I am sure everyone else is saying- you are gorgeous no matter how old you are! And I am with you- I love Cee-lo!

  20. I can't believe that it is snowing there!! It has been in the 80s here, still! Today was actually a little bit cooler and felt more like fall.

  21. Soooo..I just found your blog off the Wigands..I must say I think you are freaking hilarious and I love your blunt made me laugh out loud today, and I really needed that laugh so THANK YOU:)


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