I Confess Sesh: Early Holiday Edition

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Thursday, November 15, 2012
Too early for a Christmas pic? Target doesn't think so.

I confess: I'm a little peeved with this early start nonsense. Black Friday used to start at 6 am the day after Thanksgiving. Last year stores opened at midnight. This year some of the major chains are opening at 8 pm Thanksgiving night. When will they start next year, Fourth of July?! Now it's turned into Black Thursday. Pretty soon there won't be a Thanksgiving!

I confess: On second thought, I don't want those crazy stampede freaks at my Thanksgiving table anyway. Let Walmart host a Thanksgiving dinner in their store for all I care. Then after everyone is done saying what they are thankful for, they can kill each other over flat screen tvs.

I confess: In case you couldn't tell, I am most definitely not a black friday shopper. Nothing could bring me to wake up at the crack of dawn for some deals. Throw in getting trampled on by Honey Boo Boo's relatives and I think I'll just stay in my cozy little corner of the world. 

I confess: I'm getting the boys a puppy for Christmas. Not sure if this is a really good idea or a really bad idea.

I confess: My gut tells me it's a really bad idea. But I don't care. Puppies are cute.

I confess: I kept the majority of our Christmas decorations up last year out of pure laziness. I kept telling myself that I would put them away "tomorrow." Well tomorrow never happened and now here we are, mere weeks from Christmas and most of my work is done for me. I put that in the win category.

I confess: The movie Bad Santa is a classic. "I'm an eating, drinking, sh*tting, f*#cking Santa Claus."

I confess: Not really holiday related but I've always had an old man crush on Billy Bob Thornton. 

I confess: I knew there was a reason I loved Nordstrom, and not just for their fabulous clothes...

Can I get an A-FREAKINGantiblackthanksgivingcomesbeforechristmasMEN?

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  1. AMEN!! I so needed a laugh this morning...and you provided. As always. I think I snorted out loud an unreasonable amount of times during the reading of this post. Just thought you should know.

    Get the boys a mini weenie dog. I swear, the cuteness of that animal will trump any ill puppy owning feelings you may have. They're amazing. ;)

  2. I love Christmas like the rest of the world but seriously people need to ket Thanksgiving have its 2 minutes of glory. I don't understand why stores and people cant wait till after Thanksgiving to put up all their decorations. Kudos to Nordstrom!

    What kinda puppy are you gonna get the boys?

  3. AAAAMEN. I hate that stores even decorate for Christmas by July 4th now, too (or so it seems) I will NOT be giving up my Thanksgiving for a good deal (now black Friday... that's a different story) also, YAY for a puppy! I'm sure your family will love it :)

  4. Love that sign from Nordstrom! I confess-my Christmas shopping is already done, but my halls aren't decked. Does that qualify as a half win?

  5. I loooove that sign at Nordstrom - at least we know one store that doesn't go straight from Halloween to Christmas!

  6. I enjoy sleeping a lot more than saving a couple of doll hairs.

  7. I am so about to decorate TOMORROW! But - I DO NOT participate in Black Friday or any shit on Thanksgivin night. No thanks. Hello, online shopping, or shopping during the day while people are at work, even if it means taking off from one's own job. Eff that craziness. Puppies are cute! What kind of dog?

  8. A freaking men!! I online shop in my pjs. I basically have an anxiety attack walking into Walmart on a regular day. Black Friday would throw me over the edge of the crazy cliff.

  9. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The bastards that run my husband's company think it's acceptable to open up at 10pm on Thanksgiving. He has to be there at 7. Yep, no dinner for us this year because he will sleeping. Maybe I should knock on the CEO's door and ask him if the kids and I can crash his dinner. When will the madness stop?!

  10. Black Friday starting on Thursday....I HATE! People really need to get a grip on what's important...and retailers need to check their greedy little asses.

    Anyway....I think the puppy for Christmas is a fabulous idea...2 boys and their puppy, I can't think of anything cuter.

  11. Exactly!!!! Black Friday is just so stupid, who the hell needs anything that bad that they have to get up at the crack of dawn to shop let alone cut into Thanksgiving day so people can get their deals early....REALLY???? Nonsense to me, I am not a Black Friday shopper and never will be. There will never be anything myself or my kids need that bad.
    On another note...yay for getting a puppy for the boys! Yes, puppies are annoying and a lot of work and worse than a baby but hey they are SO cute!!!!

  12. Aaaaamennnn!!! Nordstrom has their shit together. People get cray cray on BlackEveryDamnDayFriday so I tend to stay nestled in my bed and just grab whatever is left. And YAYAY for new puppy!! I'm excited to see how this turns out!! The boys with love it!!

  13. Amen!! Who in their right mind enjoys that craziness ha? I have never attempted it, but I cannot even begin to imagine that the deals are worth it.

  14. "getting trampled on by Honey Boo Boo's relatives"- I DIE!!!!

  15. ohh a puppy IS a good idea! i think it will make them so happy!

  16. Im not a black friday shopper either...Im more of an online cyber monday person

  17. I couldn't agree more about Black Friday hours! It's just ridiculous now!

  18. i cant believe how many stores are staying open for Thanksgiving? What happened to that being a family holiday... but like you said rather them there than at my house!!! I HATE black friday shopping..TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!!!

    & a puppy is a great idea!!! they will LOVE him/her!!!

  19. Lol I love this post. I worked at a floor set store last holiday season and our decorations were up in september for photography...messed me up.

  20. A puppy is a great idea! :)

  21. Puppy is definitely an awesome terrible idea. They will love you but they won't be taking care of said puppy. They are sure cute, though.

  22. I will be 95% done holiday shopping before black friday/thursday, THANKBABYJESUS! WINNING POST foshiz.

  23. literally pissed my pants from laughing at this post...

  24. Great post. I hate that Thanksgiving is now being covered by Christmas. I love both holidays a lot! Annnnd Nordstrom is the bomb.com :)

  25. I'm not a Black Friday shopper either, but it annoys me that they are turning it into Black Thursday now. Everything is so rushed! It's Black Friday wait for Friday, crazies!! I'm anti-Christmas music until after Thanksgiving so I definitely love the Nordstrom sign!

  26. I am soooo not a black friday shopper either. Hell to the no, I would rather pay the extra $$ then get wake up in the middle of the night only to go get trampled by angry hillbillies [aka, honey boo boo's relatives as you awesomely put it] !!!

  27. I have seen some people already decorating for Christmas and putting their tree up. Um hello, it will be dead Christmas day. Well, unless they have a fake one, but still, come on! I love that Nordstrom's is doing it right, hopefully more people will catch on. I am not a Black Friday shopper either, I tried once and I failed big time!

  28. I love Nordstrom! I refuse to participate in Christmas until the Friday after Thanksgiving. It's not okay.

  29. Love this post!!! I was bitching to my husband about how stores had very little fall/thanksgiving decorations but already had Christmas decor out! Why can't we enjoy one holiday before another one is shoved in our faces?! Sheesh.

  30. i just got a puppy! HOLY COW. its a lot of work. he has been crying/barking so much while in the crate at night because he misses his litter so much, but i mean, you have raised the two cutest boys, so a dog will probably be a breeze. i bought a Portuguese water dog, they are pricey but worth it and don't shed :) i aaaaalso am ready for you to respond to this post i read today --- http://storyofmylifetheblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/babies-and-marriage.html
    such a good topic!

  31. I'm a Black Friday shopper!!! I don't know what it is but I love getting up at 4am with the crazies! Still love me??

  32. "don't want to get trampled by honey boo boo's relatives" Nearly peed my pants!!!

  33. I couldn't agree with you more! What happened to Thanksgiving? Everyone started gearing up for Christmas at the beginning of November! Only in America do people think about all they have to be thankful for then the next day trample people to get a good sale item.

  34. Billy Bob Thornton, come on daughter, he is way down on the humanity chain

    Your Dad ---

    1. Hahahaha!!! Dad, you can't be that surprised. She is your "special" daughter. :) And hilarious that is what you commented on.

  35. AMEN! The worst part, to me, is the poor employees that are dodging crazies instead of enjoying Thanksgiving with their families. I have never participated in black friday shenanigans. But, I would be lying if I told you I don't envy all of the steals my friends end up with. Meh....

  36. Bravo Nordstrom!! This makes me happy. They are already playing Christmas music in Sephora. Gag me now.


  37. I also am in love with Nordstrom for standing ground. Also? LOVE your comment about Walmart...I'm sure if anyone from wally world is reading your blog, they probably just found what they think is the next great idea. The people I really feel sorry for are the employees in these stores. They don't even get to enjoy one full day of being thankful for having a job before they have to deal with 5000 versions of crazy and wanting to tell somebody where they can put that job. Welcome to America. (Also hate Black Friday. Theres nothing I need so bad I'm going to risk a Walmart Black Eye...maybe a Target busted lip tho, ha).

  38. I work at toys R us..
    I have work 730 pm Thanksgiving night till 530 am Friday .. It's SO ridiculous ! I get NO time with my son or my family.
    But 800 + people keep lining up every year so they will basically keep openeing earlier and earlier.

  39. I am SOOOOOO ready for xmas.

  40. Sorry, but I LOVE when they put Christmas decor out. I don't think one month is enough time to celebrate my favorite holiday ;)

  41. AMEN on the black friday thing. There's nothing I hate more than black friday shopping. Experienced it one, will NEVER do it again. ever.
    I can't believe some malls/stores are having people working on Thanksgiving!! One of the few holidays that people get to spend with their friends and family. Unbelievable

  42. I love you SO much. It's infuriating that people are shopping Thanksgiving night. Can we have ONE day for family?!

    I need to high five whoever came up with that Nordys sign. Brilliant.

  43. Billy Bob is smoking hot. AND has a band called the Boxmasters I shit you not. Such a bad ass. Dont be ashamed of your crush. Let it out girl.


  44. ahh a puppy!! how exciting! what kind? we just got a puppy in july, and i had forgotten how much work they are (he's also 80lbs at 7 months, so maybe that has something to do with it) we're hoping in the next 1-2 years when we want to have kids he'll be calmer, right now i could see him stampeding over a toddler..ha. :)

    totally agree about black thursday. what is the deal?? ugh.

  45. Love this post idea! And that note from Nordstrom is genius, and so true!
    xo TJ

  46. AMEN! I work retail(Wal-Mart) and I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving with my family and instead I had to be at work by 7!


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