Just me and the Colt

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Saturday, November 24, 2012
The day after Thanksgiving, my husband and first born angel baby left me to go watch the Apple Cup in his hometown, leaving me and my second born angel baby to fend for ourselves.

I would be mad, but I think we did pretty good for ourselves.

The hair. It's growing back. Thank you God! 

(You can see the hair trauma here and here. And if you're interested, you can see the missing tooth story here)

The second and I...we had a great time together. We cuddled extra, read one more book then usual, and maybe just maybe I gave him three one extra cookie for our escapades. Yes, I missed my first, but it was a rare and fun experience to spend time with only my second. 

You can see the video below for more proof.

14 comments on "Just me and the Colt"
  1. He is SO insanely cute! Glad you had a fun day together :) I had never thought about it before, but I suppose alone time with any child after the first really is rare!

  2. Aww, that sounds like a fun day, and I am sure hubby and Gunner had a great day together too :) Such cute pics!

  3. I knew those locks would grow back in no time ;)

  4. Oh my gosh - your husband must of LOVED being at the game! My brother works at The Coug and said it was INSANE!
    So glad you got some one on one time with the lil one! :)

  5. He is so cute! My daughter had to have her front tooth pulled when she was 3, because she had some sort of "trauma" to it. Almost a year later, and we are still answering questions about her tooth. Way to make me feel like mother of the year...

  6. Aw that's so great that you guys got to spend such quality time together :D Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

  7. oh that pouty face is THE BEST! bahahaha he is too cute (:

  8. Colt is seriously the cutest!! ;)

  9. Awwwww I love him. What a little soul

  10. OMG what a doll! I loved how he covered his mouth when you said you were going to kiss him! I thought one kiss for one cookie was a steal! Too cute!

  11. dying over how freaking precious this video is! Colt was made to have long hair, nails painted and a headband. Freaking adorable!!


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