Kid Things

it was warm enough to do this a few days ago, and now tomorrow it's supposed to snow. huh?

- Last night, I went up to Gunners room to check on him and heard him talking. So I stood at the door and listened for a while. I quickly figured out he was praying and this is basically how it went: "dear God, thank you for mommy thank you for daddy thank you for coltie thank you for granny and grandpa, thank you for tiger and kitty and thank you for Savi and thank you for my pillow and thank you for my blanket and thank you for my bed and thank you for my turtle and thank you for my shirt and please keep Indy and Nonie safe in Heaven and please keep Gunner safe and don't let anything bad happen to him. Is that ok? Can you do that?"

And then I died.
Heart. Melt.

- Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they name characters in childrens movies. Take Dreamworks Puss in Boots for example. It has quickly became one of Gunners favorites and he has taking a liking to the main character. More then a few times a day, he declares "I love Puss so much. Puss is a nice kitty." I mean...should I tell him? 

- Colt will turn 3 in four months and he is still sleeping in his crib. Which I wasn't expecting at all because Gunner started climbing out of his crib about three days after he turned 2 and went right to his big boy bed. Colt has actually "fallen out" of his crib twice and I think it scared him so he no longer tries to escape. I told my pregnant sis I would give her my crib for her new baby (since she will have three babies in three cribs) but for now, I'm liking the fact that he's trapped in there until I go up and get him.

- I tell my kids I love them approx. 50 times a day. I'll never understand parents who don't tell their kids that.

- Colt is semi-potty trained. I mean, not really, but I do keep him naked around the house and he has peed a few times in the potty. He screams for his diaper when he needs to go #2 so I'm still doing dirty diaper duty and I still gag every single time.  

- Gunner has three girlfriends in his class at school. He always asks to go to their house when I pick him up. A little soon buddy, a little soon.

ps. thank you so much for all your comments on yesterdays post. Made me feel good.


  1. seriously???!!! so cute! however i did expect gunz to have me in his prayers ;)

    1. Ha! I was waiting for his cousins names, too! ;) maybe that was all before she got up there.

  2. that prayer is so sweet. and i love the photos. and the puss in boots comment. hahah. I wish I knew someone who had little boys I could borrow for a weekend of babysitting, so cute!

  3. i am dying of laughter.

    i love puss so much.

    hahahah omg.

    i cant handle it.

    im so immature. ugh.

    your boys are so cute!

  4. His prayer was so sweet!

  5. His prayers are so cute!

    I love puss so much. LOL! I died!

  6. We just moved our two year old into her toddler bed and now, thanks to day light savings time, she comes into our room at 6 O freakin' clock. Keep that kid in the crib until he's 10, hell put the other one in there too!

    We actually put her back in the crib last night and she slept until 7, so I'm thinking the baby is going to be sleeping in the pack n play a wee bit longer, who also is named Gunner by the way. Only cool kids are named Gunner!

  7. Kids prayers are honestly just about the sweetest thing in the universe. :)

  8. that's adorable! your doin good things with your kiddos :)

  9. my heart. gunners prayers. AHHH. just goes to show how much of a GOOD MOMMY you are. cheers!

  10. Gosh they are cute and Gunner's prayer...sweetness! My daughter will be 3 in January and she is stil in her crib and has only tried to climb out one time and it scared her when she actually got out I think so has never doen it again. She loves her crib and I love having her in it. Big girl room is in the making though as baby #2 will be here soon so she will be transitioning in a few weeks :( Just means my baby is growing up and makes me sad!

  11. You already have a ladies man who loves puss. You're doing it right, my friend.

  12. love that he prays like that without you even having to tell him. Do you mind if I ask how you taught you kids to pray? We're not very religious, but both me and hubby have agreed that we do want religion to be apart of our kids lives. Weve started going to church on Sundays (not every sunday tho) and Im just curious as to how you incorporate it on a daily basis, or in general. thanks

    the sweet life of a southern wife

  13. sounds like you have some of the greatest kids on earth and the best part, you weren't even trying to brag on them.

  14. That prayer is so sweet!! :)

  15. His prayer is too cute!!!

  16. Oh my goodness. That is adorable.

  17. What a cute prayer! I love that my sons class prays before lunch everyday at school. I'm not super religious, but it's fascinating to see little ones pray. My son stayed in his crib along time, I was actually scared to put him in a bed. The toddler bed literally lasted a 2-3 months! Now he's in a twin and couldn't be happier. Oh, and my son wasn't potty trained until he was 3!

  18. Dying laughing over your Puss in Boots comment...too funny, I'm guessing every mother of young children thought the same thing when they took their children to see Puss In Boots!...Very very sweet prayer too!~Brett

  19. ok, no joke- one of the main reasons i'm terrified of becoming a mom is how i will handle the poop. is that terrible? i dont care- because i gag at EVERYTHING. even just thinking about it is making me nauseous.. so how do you deal? is it better when it's your kid? or do you just deal?

  20. the prayer, serious cuteness. loved it.
    thanks for still gagging when changing crap diapers. makes me feel a little better. i gag when brushing my teeth, i can't imagine when i'm changing a diaper.

  21. Lucas will be 4 in April and still sleeps in a crib at my house. He sleeps in a big boy bed at his Dad's house. Our room is on the second story of our house, and I don't trust him to be in the room by himself when he's going to bed at night. He loves getting out of bed and playing with everything. He will probably be switching soon though.

  22. I think Gunner and my 5yo Ryder could be best friends, they both seem to be very adventurous sweethearts! Ryder asked me over dinner last night if I'd like to go on a hot date with him and drink beer and maybe some 7up...don't they just melt your heart!? :)

  23. I love to stop and listen to my little man when he is playing in his room or even outside. I've caught him singing a lot and sometimes it's songs he shouldn't be singing. Oh well. He' knows not to say the bad words. Does that count? ha.

  24. I'm with you on telling the kids how much I love them. There are times I think I may tell them too much but I know without a doubt in my mind my kids know how much they are loved.

    Oh the girlfriends. Drives me nuts. little hussies....all of them! LOL!

  25. Love that prayer, adorable! You have such sweet little boys!

  26. I also tell my baby girl about 50 x a day that I love her and that she is beautiful :) I think every parent should do that :) Kids need to know that they are loved no matter what, even if she is only 2 almost 3~!

  27. At least you have a thankful kid on your hands! He's so adorable.

  28. My little guys used to ask if they could play with my cooter; sadly they couldn't say computer. Kids! So innocent. So adorable.
    Love Gunner's prayer. cutest thing ever.

  29. Your boys are so adorable! Enjoy them, even when they are totally getting on your nerves - you'll blink and they'll be grown! My "baby boy" just graduated high school and I remember when he was little so clearly.

  30. your boys are so adorable! :)

  31. This is just a damn cute post. All around.

  32. that prayer is the cutest thing I've heard in a while! So sweet!

  33. Squee! I KNOW exactly where those pictures were taken!

    Oh and you KNOW your kids are adorable! ;)

  34. Precious babies. I love them. AND YOU!! Listening in on baby prayers makes my heart melt EVERY TIME! And I feel you about Puss in Boots. I haven't let H watch...because honestly Puss makes me uncomfortable. ;)

  35. Ah your boys! Too freaking cute! And I agree say I love you to the people you love as much as possible!

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