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Monday, November 05, 2012

I'm back today to answer all your questions in concern to my post last week on naturopathy. Again, I'm no expert on the subject, all I can offer is my personal experience with it, and share what I have learned from a lot of research. Of course, I encourage you to do your own research and form your own opinions, as I'm sure you would all do anyway.

Does insurance cover naturopathic doctors? Is it expensive? Our insurance does not cover it. It may be different with other companies, but from what I understand, the majority does not cover naturopathic doctors, which is a real shame (but also a testament to the perceived evils of the drug industry). This is bad news/good news. The good news is that in my experience, going the naturopathy route has not proven to be expensive at all. I take my kids to get a shot (vaccine) approx. every two weeks (and I usually go way longer in-between visits) and every shot visit is a flat fee of $15.00. I haven't calculated it but conventionally, kids get anywhere from 2-6 shots at once. When they get those shots, obviously you pay one flat office visit fee, usually a low insurance co-pay.

As for the price of natural medicine that I get, I have never paid more than $50 for an order. It's usually much less.

Can you go into more detail about your delayed vaccination schedule for your kids? Like I've said before, my naturopathic doctor will not go less than two weeks between vaccinations. That is her minimum. I usually go a month/month and a half between shot visits, in part because I feel more comfortable waiting longer periods and in part because I tend to be a bit lazy. Despite what many try to say, there is no truth in the theory that waiting long periods between vaccines make them less effective. I specifically asked my doctor about this and she in no way, shape or form said this is the truth. She actually said that it is a total fabrication, and that the time spent between vaccines makes no difference if the end result is getting everything that is required. Which brings me to the next question...

What vaccines in particular do you delay? I delay all shots, as I don't even have my kids get their first one until they are at least six months old. (They also didn't get the Hep B shot at birth. I feel it's totally unnecessary.) I know it's a source of contention, and I know many people have differing opinions but I stand by the notion that the MMR shot is a huge risk. My naturopathic doctor will not under any circumstances give the MMR vaccine before 4 years of age, whereas it is commonly given at 18 months. There is a ton of research and findings given on this subject, but I choose to believe the testaments of actual mothers whose children have been affected by certain vaccines, i.e. they were functioning completely normal until they were given a certain vaccine, and then they descended exponentially. Here is one example, and if you research it at all, you will be bombarded with a plethora of mothers who say their child was developing completely on track until they got a certain vaccine, and then they descended in behavior and never recovered. Again, I know by just typing this and putting this on my blog that it may possibly attract negativity, but I refuse to not bring it up because of backlash, or to omit this particular topic from this post to keep readers. The pharmaceutical companies are one hundred percent in bed with the drug testers, and if the drug companies came out and admitted that vaccines were in fact the cause of certain development disorders, they would lose billions upon billions of dollars. I DO NOT TRUST THEM. Instead, I trust the copious amount of testimonies from real life mothers who tell how their child was developing right on schedule, and then after certain vaccines, they abruptly went backwards. There are a hundred sites I can link to but if you just google development disorders and vaccines, you will find testimony after testimony from mothers about exactly what we are talking about here. (Here is a good place to start.)

Do you use a naturopath for yourself? Like if you get a sinus infection/strep throat? I hate to admit it, but if I get something like strep throat, I high-tail it to the nearest regular doc and demand antibiotics. I've had enough bad sore throats that I know not to play around with it. Granted, I very rarely have a serious ailment, but when I do, I go straight to my mainstream doctor for help. I figure since I am 31 years old, when something semi-serious ails me, I want it gone asap. Like I said in my previous post on the subject, it is most important to me when my kids are developing and growing at a young age, when their bodies/minds are still being formed, to not pump their bodies full with drugs. Their bodies need to learn how to remedy an ailment itself, rather than take drug after drug and eventually build up a resistance to it. Studies have shown that taking action early is key and crucial to what happens long term. After a certain age, i.e. pretty young (single digits), damaging results from non-natural medicines are minimal. Meaning early intervention is key, but going the natural route later in life is still important to living a healthy lifestyle.

Did you have your babies the natural way? F%ck no. I demanded that epidural as soon as the first contraction hit. I'm a puss when it comes to physical pain.

How did you go about finding a naturopathic doctor? Before I was pregnant with my first child, I wasn't interested in this topic whatsoever. While I was pregnant? Well, I couldn't drink so I had a lot of time on my hands, hence the researching of a million different topics. But when it came to developmental disorders and vaccines, it had me intrigued. Especially after reading testimony after testimony of mothers who said their child completely changed after getting a certain cocktail of vaccines. So I googled naturopathic doctors in my town and was pleased to find there were a grand total of three, before I settled on the one I liked the most. 

Can you give us some examples/scenerios about different sicknesses and what you actually used to treat them? I.e., strep throat, ear infections, etc. Fortunately, neither of my kids have ever had anything as serious as strep throat or an ear infection. I can't promise that if either of them came down with it, that I wouldn't give them prescribed antibiotics, as I haven't been in that situation. What I do know is that when my kids have had a fever/stuffy nose/bad cough/congestion, their naturopath doctor has prescribed them 99% alcohol free cough and bronchial syrup, which relieves coughs and congestion and is a natural homeopathic. She has also given me a homeopathic medication for my kids' sinus problems, which were little tablets that I would dissolve in water and then spoon feed them. It got the job done and fast. I've always been very pleased with the results of using natural medicine and I had peace of mind knowing I wasn't giving them anything that could possibly be harmful.

What in your opinion is the best resource for this topic? There are a few. One is the book Making The Right Decision For Your Child: The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears, and The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccination by Eleanor McBean. A favorite site of mine is the National Vaccine Information Center and a good article about a normally developing child who drastically changed after receiving the MMR shot can be found here

What is your husbands opinion on all this naturopathic stuff? He really doesn't say much. I think he trusts me enough to know I wouldn't do anything to put my kids in harms way. He knows I research like a son of a B and it also helps that he has seen natural medicine work amazingly well on our kids. 

And finally, a last question asked by none other than anonymous: "I'm confused by this, as you also post about heavy drinking and you allude to heavier drugs," in which I can concur this isn't really a question but rather a smarmy statement by which I can only assume is an unfortunate looking individual with really bad taste and a closet full of cardigans. Simmer down and have a drink.

You can also see a previous Q&A post about vaccines here, and a short video about the drug/vaccine industry here. Or you can watch below.

I hope I answered all of your questions but if not, you can email me directly at

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  1. I applaud you Raven. Good for you for standing up for what you believe in and taking the time to explain it to people who might not get it 100%. I don't have kids (or a husband for that matter...details), but I think all of this is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!
    PS. Are you liking the BB cream?!

  2. This is very interesting and something that I will definitely come back to if I have children. Thanks! Also, I love the way you approach dumb comments said by the anonymous peeps. I'm not sure why they keep coming back, oh wait, it's because you are awesome and they are jealous! :)

  3. This is totally interesting.

  4. You are so great Raven, Lol. Love the shout out to the lame commenter.. Ha! I think you have a great balanced view of medicine, in my opinion natural is best unless absolutely necessary. Xo!

  5. i am confused by anon... if she does not like you, your blog, your followers or life in general, why does she continue to stalk you?
    just curious.
    i am very interested by this post. thanks for it

  6. i am confused by anon... if she does not like you, your blog, your followers or life in general, why does she continue to stalk you?
    just curious.
    i am very interested by this post. thanks for it

  7. I love this q&a! I think someday when I have kids ill do something similar like waiting a long time in between shots. I don't think everything can be blamed on shots and some of them are really good for you....I think natural solutions should be first an foremost. I won't get a flu shot or the hpv shot. This was super interesting!

    1. Excuse any typos I'm on my phone under my desk at work ;)

      Ps- I'm a firm believer a vodka shot or two can kick back a cold. ;)

  8. i really enjoyed reading your perspective! and, can i just say, i appreciate your open-mindedness like no other. no one needs to fall into any sort of box (all natural or all medicine) and i think you shedding light on that will hopefully alleviate stress some mothers have regarding their choices. because what you choose for yourself and your babies doesnt HAVE to be the same thing..

  9. I don't vaccinate my daughters AT ALL. They have never once been given a vaccine and they have signed and approved certificates stating that it is our religious and philosophical belief to keep them from ever getting a vaccination. :)

    It isn't an issue I ever discuss because of obvious reasons but I think it's awesome you're so open about it!!

    We have tried the pediatrician route with absolutely no luck. I really can't stand them and we have about zero naturopathic doctors in my local area. Instead we use a chiropractic clinic and one of the doctors specializes in children. They are awesome and a perfect fit.

    My youngest (she is 6 years old) suffers from mild ear infections. When she does get one we use a natural ear drop medicine and do at-home natural remedies. Same with fevers and such. Our bodies need to learn to heal themselves armed with the proper ingredients. And the one time she did get strep throat I did end up taking her in for antibiotics but did not let her get the steroid shot. No way would I ever let one of my kids suffer from strep! The natural methods take too long and are awful for a small child.


  10. I really liked the info you gave and how you answered it Q&A style. While I did (and do) vaccinations on the recommended schedule I can see how it can work both ways.I think everyone should be able to do what they think is best and not judge each other! Looking back, I probably would have looked into it more but I think I felt, "well everyone else does it so it must be fine." Thanks for the info. I am intrigued by homeopathic meds and will look into it. Thanks!

  11. Hmmm. Quite intriguing. Which harder drugs are your favorite is what I'm wondering now.

  12. Wow I went to the website you recommended to research vaccines and that scared the crap out of me. I am very motivated to keep researching and will not be letting my son get the MMR or other cocktail shots. More people need to know about it!

  13. This is so, so interesting. I'm not a Mom yet but this is certainly eye opening in terms of when I become one. Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. thank you so much for sharing. we love to hear about other families that have choose the naturopath direction for their babies & vaccinations. our first baby is due in march and we will also be doing a delayed vaccination schedule & are in the process of looking for a naturopathy.

    as you have said there are testimony after testimony about the regression post a vaccination. some dear friends of ours had this happen to their little one & he developed an autoimmune disorder that is unclassifiable. after 4 years of research, tests, medications ect his case is currently all around the world being studied by the best in autoimmune disorders in hopes to classify his & how to treat it further.

    thanks again girl for sharing!

  15. We also did a delayed schedule for M&M to receive their vaccinations. We go to a regular Peds doc and have had such a great experience with being able to voice our concerns with over using of antibiotics, and he's always been so supportive. Never even thought of going to a Naturopathic doc. Interesting. P.S. Love your facelift for the blogo!! I need one something fierce!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  16. I really like how you've put this info out for your readers...I didn't really research anything when I was pregnant with Boomer and went ahead with all the vaccines as that's just what I thought you should do. I was also pretty young at 20 and new to the whole wife/mother thing. Now I have this info if I ever decide to go down the rabbit hole and have another baby. So thanks missy. Oh and Eff the haters. I drink too and talk about it on my blog/instagram/twitter ect, doesn't have shit to do with my parenting

  17. As i said before on some of your previous posts I will NOT vaccinate AT ALL. This is great you attached the video on here.. really people need to get more educated on this topic. And not just Naturopathy doctors practice this, but MOST chiropractors. My Chiro got my Crohns disease into REMISSION... my doctor told me i would be on HUMIRA for the REST OF MY LIFE to achieve remission. It's funny how most people think the NATURAL way living life is weird. IT's not, its more normal than seeing a doctor... just saying. And Raven i absolutely love that you bring this topic to the table.

  18. Loving these posts!! As having kids is in our near future this is also something I feel strongly about but am trying to do lots of research on. I will be reading the book you listed for sure!!

    As for Anon: My Great Grandma swore by a shot of Scotch with a spoon of honey for all colds! She lived to be a healthy 91!! :)

  19. This actually really interests me because had you not brought it up, I'd never know anything about it and the thought never would have occurred to me. I want my kids to have the healthiest possible upbringing..well, to an extent. The world is so full of crap these days.

    In response to this "I'm confused by this, as you also post about heavy drinking and you allude to heavier drugs,": it's not like she's getting her kids drunk, so why does this matter? Is this post not about naturopathy for your children?

  20. i love this! im not a mom but i really think it's great when people think outside the box in terms of making healthy decisions for themselves and their kids. especially with vaccinations and receiving them on a delayed schedule...makes sense to me! the only thing im not sold on is that vaccine-autism link. that being said, i definitely have not done enough research on the subject ... i just had a conversation at work the other day about of my colleagues said she read a study that they said male sperm might be able to "expire"'s likelier that children born with autism have fathers who are older. anyways, i didn't read the article and im know expert... just passing along something i heard because i thought it might interest you.

    ps .. im wearing a cardigan, i have a closet full of cardigans AND i sent my absentee ballot to florida to vote for obama but if i was gonna say something snarky to you id sure as hell have the balls to not make it anon!! ughh! people are infuriating!!

  21. Hi Raven - Kudos to you for sticking to your guns on this one.

    I have a question, and am not being snarky, but this issue may come up for you as your kids get older. In my state (VA)kids cannot enroll in schools, public or private, if they cannot produce their up-to-date vaccination record. Is this going to matter in your state? I homeschooled my son from 6th thru 12th grade (he just finished, yea!!!) and when I turned in his progress to our local school system, I also had to turn in the blasted shot record, even though I homeschooled.

    PS - a day without wine is a day without sunshine - you go, girl!

  22. Thanks for this post! I just have to say that I'm pretty offended by your cardigan comment towards "annonymous". I wear cardigans all the time and I'm not that big of a loser! :)
    When you mention that many moms have had experiences with their children changing after a certain vaccine, is that the MMR vaccine? I need to research this more but I suck at research. Is the Dr. Sears book anti-vaccinations or just more of an alternative/delayed approach?

  23. This is so interesting to me! I've done research on the whole vaccines/likelihood of SIDS and I'm not convinced that shots are really a good idea. We thought about refusing to give shots to our foster kids so that we wouldn't have to worry about what could happen, but since we aren't their parents, we can't make those decisions. I'm definitely going to consider the neuropathic route with my kids (LONG ways down the road).

  24. thank you for sharing! very interesting stuff

  25. So how sad r u that rich Romney LOST????? #stickingmytoughoutatyou#

  26. Lmao! A closet full of cardis!

  27. Raven,
    Which doctor do you see? I didn't realize there are three...


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