Save Your Tears For Someone Who Deserves Them

I don't cry.

Ask anyone that knows me. I never cry.

Unless I'm watching primetime tv like Grey's Anatomy or Parenthood. Or my night time eye lotion irritates my eyes. Or I go four days without my anxiety meds. Or that goddamn Sarah McLachlan pound puppy commercial comes on. Like, for reals? The first time I saw it I was six months pregnant for the first time. I bawled. Tears upon tears. And then I immediately got out my credit card and called the 800 number to contribute to animals in need. 

I am still paying monthly. 

Other than that? I never cry.

Moving on.

From what I love, to what I don't.

In pictures.

1. This boy. Has no qualms about holding a live chameleon. 

2. This other boy. Swinging the golf club the opposite direction.

3. Us. Just simply as a married couple. 

4. The ponytail. It's back.

5. A certain surprise present from a blog friend. Whit? You da' woman.

6. Laundry. Kill me now. How does it even look like this?!

7. Me. With blonde hair. Which I want back yesterday.

8. Us. Me and my second. Together alone.

the hair. obviously, I'm partial and biased to the hair.


10. When your kid hugs their animals at night.


  1. My laundry is out of control right now! I can't get motivated to fold it!!!!!

    Love the blonde hair!

    ♥ ❤ ❥


  2. Your boys are so cute! Love that picture of you and Rob :)

  3. Why would anybody judge you for lululemon? I would judge if that wasn't your yoga pant of choice!

  4. The title of this is too stinkin' perfect!! And your boys, oh your boys, are absolute little blessings! I love nakies and pony tails and teddy bear cuddles!!

  5. you look beautiful either way, crazy! your boys really are the cutest things ever.

  6. What a sweet post! Your boys are just the cutest. I happen to love the dark hair on you but admit I am always wanting to go blond!

  7. OMG, my laundry is piling up too!! HATE it big time!! And mopping is pretty miserable too!!!

  8. What a sweet post! And yes, I'm still paying for that "Arms of an Angel" commercial too. I think they purposely target pregnant women because they know how overly emotional we are. We must look like giant dollar signs with a target on our back...Bastards...


  9. Omg! I was crying so hard while watching greys last night! Damnit they always get me. And parenthood is a must watch. That show does not have enough hype!

  10. So do you regret getting rid of your blonde? I've been contempating going all one color again but I'm afraid to! I've done it before, but it didn't last long! haha

  11. that freaking sarah mclachlan commercial gets me every time. the sad african children ones dont get me but those puppies kills me. and i totally will cry during grey's. so i watch it alone. and your boys are so stinking cute!

  12. Your boys are so cute! I love Colt's pony tail and how Gunner always has his nails painted.

  13. I read that blog title and instantly knew where it was from! I cry at everything; always have and probably always will....and that sarah machlachlan commercial I have to change the channel every time or I bawl. haha!

  14. omg i also NEVER cry but my BF thinks i cry all.the.time just becausssee he happens to see me cry during greys anatomy or the "family" episodes of survivor! i can't help it!! but actually crying about stuff in MY life? nope. i always joke that im like cameron diaz in that movie with kate winslet ("the holiday") where she keeps trying to make herself cry and can't!! sometimes i just want to cry about something but i cant make it happen lol!

  15. ok this post is so random and I love it! I am sooo glad I'm not the only one whose laundry ends up looking like that.

    when you were pregnant did you use self tanner? i'm curious since you were so good about eveyrthing else but I know how you like your self tanner ;)

  16. Your kids are adorable. Send them to me in a package please.


    -- thenakedmanual.com

  17. The boy's hair.. I LOVE THE HAIR. You have most adorable kids on the planet!

  18. crying makes me uncomfortable.
    as in - if you're crying i will for sure leave the room.

  19. I feel ya on the laundry. It is the bane of my existence haha

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  21. I am so glad I am not the only one who flip flops with my hair color like all the time! I do it with length too, grow it out, chop it off. Regret chopping it off, grow it out, then chop it off. Le sigh, at least I donate to locks of love when I chop it. Anyway, I love your hair both dark and blonde! And your boys are so stinkin cute. Do NOT get me started on the Sarah M SPCA commercials I start shrieking and scrambling to change the channel when that comes on, I already donate and own 2 cats and 2 dogs and some fish in my teeny house WHATELSECANIDOSARAH!!!!! Lol.

  22. The pound commercial gets me every time! Maybe that's why I've turned into a crazy dog lady. I watch all of the shelter E-lists {aka kill lists} every night and help foster dogs. My husband hates it. ;)


  23. Have you tried that face tanner yet? I'm going to Maui next month and need some self tanning options!

  24. I love presents from bloggy friends and I love how sweet your boys are!

  25. You have lots to be thankful for lady! Thank goodness the pony is back! Sheesh that took long enough!


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