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Sunday, November 11, 2012
 that is snow in my hair, not dandruff

1. I dyed my hair back to brown. A few of you asked if I had any issues with putting box dye on my salon bleached blonde hair. Concerns about it turning a pretty shade of green. I am happy to report that I didn't have that problem at all, however the one box of dye that I purchased wasn't enough to cover my whole head so in the next week I will be covering it again. Which brings me to the next faq question...

2. How does your hair not fall out from all that back and forth bleaching and dying? Good. Question. I honestly have no idea. My hairdresser always says she can't believe my hair hasn't fallen off my head in one big clump, and not only that, but how surprised she is at how healthy it appears. I do have a few tactics I swear by: I wash my hair a maximum of three times a week (usually 1-2) and I rarely hardly ever blow dry. When I do? I use this blow dryer. Does not damage my already damaged hair. Also, as I have mentioned before, I live and swear by my beloved Dove leave-in conditioner

3. You say you take anxiety medicine? How come? Can you elaborate more? Glad you asked. I actually have an entire blog post dedicated to this very topic coming up tomorrow. See you then?

4. After I posted the below pic of my veggie pizza on instagram, a few of you asked for the recipe. I just buy a whole wheat thin pizza crust, put some tomato sauce on it (boboli is my favorite, but you can substitute anything, or even get all domestic and make your own), spread on some pesto sauce, sprinkle fresh grated garlic over it, pile on the veggies (usually onions, red/yellow/orange peppers and tomatoes) and as you can see from the pic below, a gob ton of goat cheese. I then season it with onion salt and red pepper flakes. I cook mine on the traeger with hickory pellets and OMG. Party in my mouth. It may be veggie but the jury is still out on how healthy it is.

5. Do you plan to go back to work when your kids go to school full-time? Yes. I know exactly what I will be doing and no, it won't be back to waiting tables. (Although I have mad respect for that line of work. There were many times where I worked 14 hours and on my feet all day. It's not for the lazy at heart.)

6. Why do you keep changing your blog layout? Because I am always on the hunt for something better. I keep changing my mind. I get bored easy. Take your pick. Actually, I'm working with someone now to nail down a final look and stay with it. Fingers crossed. 

7. How do you respond to negativity when it pertains to your blog? I've seen some pretty mean anonymous comments on a few of yours posts and wonder how you deal with it. Ah yes, trusty ol' anon. I can always count on her. I've said before that it really honestly doesn't get to me and that's the truth. I have a pretty high self-esteem and am very confident in who I am as a person that outsiders negative opinions really mean nothing to me. As long as my family, friends and those closest to me always have my back, I'm golden. As a wise person once quoted, Those who care the least have the most power.

8. And finally, how is your diet going? Well, it's...going. I haven't stepped on a scale for over a month and don't plan to anytime soon. I prefer to go by how my clothes are fitting and when they start falling off, then I will get back on the scale. Until then, I have been trying to eat a mostly vegetarian diet and to lay off the booze. Tonight I only had one cocktail. That's a success friends, major.

And as always, you can always ask me any questions here. I usually answer within half an hour.
36 comments on "Some FAQ's As Of Late"
  1. That pizza looks amazing! I have never tasted goat cheese though.....
    I think it is great that you have the balls not to let people and their nasty comments get to you. I moderate my comments but I have had one commenter that likes to be catty. My other blog friends ripped her a new one but I went back and deleted her comments. She even had the gall to ask me why I felt the need to buy so many bronzers. Like it is her business.
    I bleach the crap out of my hair, although it is naturally somewhat blonde. I swear by Aveda hair color and products.
    I deal with anxiety every day so I will be tuning in tomorrow...

  2. Your hair looks great and I bookmarked that leave in conditioner- I'm gonna go back to my natural color and plan on using that as well. I asked you a question, hope you enjoy!:) Have a good week!

  3. I dye from a box, too, but only when I go darker. Lighter (blonder) is definitely a salon visit for me:) Love your honesty in your posts, it is really refreshing and makes your blog fun to read. Glad I found you!

  4. I love goat cheese. Like I think I'm some kind of freak for sure. I could literally eat it nonstop. I've never seen it at the grocery, though. Did you get it at a normal grocery or a specialty grocery?

  5. Hey Raven- Just wondering what box dye you used for going back to dark... I have been dying my hair dark for awhile but the blonde highlights keep coming back. I try to tell myself it looks ombre... But it actually just looks like a hot mess.

  6. I love you blog so much. I could sit here and address every single thing you just said. but i'll try not to. I love your hair, the layout of your blog and that you change it. I think it makes things interesting. I especially like your response to anonymous comments.

  7. I recently reverted back to my natural dark auburn color from being blond for the past 4ish years. I too put a box on my head after long being in the salon. Low and behold NO GREEN! [high five] I recommend [just speaking hypothetically] if you do a box dye again pick up the foam. I have LOTS of hair and was surprised to have some dye left over. Less mess, easy to cover and faaaaaaabulous turn out.

  8. That pizza is making me hungry! Looks delish.

  9. Oh my gosh I love, love, love the brown!!! AND that veggie pizza! OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing a Heylee B. Boutique Giveaway! I thought you might be interested.


  10. Loving your new picture! So pretty. Looking forward to your post about taking anxiety meds. I have terrible anxiety and take meds as well. I always like to hear how others deal with theirs.

  11. That Pizza looks so good!



  12. Love the new pic of you on the blog! And, can I also just say that I am in LOVE with the fact that you don't have guest posts by your sponsors? In Love. That is all.

  13. I love you, your blog and that pizza :)

  14. I love the brown!! I'm the same way with my hair... only wash it 1-2 times a week. It doesn't need it, and there's no way that I have the time and energy to do it 7x lol

  15. 1) I like your hair the way it is in this picture. Is this the not-enough-brown-dye-to-cover-the-blonde? I think it looks awesome.
    2) I wish that pizza would appear in front of me in real life (except with gluten free crust). Omagyahh I love goat cheese so much!
    3) Acupuncture helped me A TON with anxiety. (that and quitting teaching) ;)

  16. Goat cheese is the BEST!

    I look forward to your post on anxiety meds.. I take them too. I actually am trying to decide whether or not to try going off them because the hubby and I want kids soonISH and I dont trust even the safe ones not to affect the baby. Hopefully your post will shed some light on what do do! :)

    What color brown did you use? My hair always manages to turn brown reddish and your shade is perfect.

  17. That pizza looks amazing. Why have I never thought of grating garlic on pizza (or anything for that matter)?

    I'm excited to read your post on anxiety meds. I used to take them as well and they helped me a lot.

  18. I love your hair that color in the pic. That pizza looks amazing!

  19. Some of the questions you get asked are a riot. Everybody asks how my hair hasn't fallen out after alllllllll the dying too. Guess we're just lucky! I have a question - are you done having kids???

  20. My anxiety is through the roof today. Gah!

  21. I am interested to read your anxiety meds post! I have been dealing with anxiety since 1st grade (talk about a good diet! I drop 20 pounds each November!) I've been off my meds for almost 2 years, but depending on how this fall/winter goes, I may go back on a low dose ;)

  22. Looks like dandruff in your hair to me. Does your man like that?

    1. yes, yes he does. And before you ask, my dear anon, yes, the curtains do match the drapes.

    2. bahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  23. I was going to leave a smart ass post saying you have green dandruff hair but anon has me beat. ;)

  24. just started following you. the anomaly of your hair blows my mind. (i'm a hair stylist. and by all accounts, the horrific amounts of ammonia in box color should turn your hair strands into a frayed piece of rope. and your hair ought to be green. and yet, it looks healthy and beautiful. congratulations!) and i'm excited to read about your anxiety meds! because well, death, taxes and anxiety. :)

  25. that pizza looks amazing!

  26. Are you going to share what you're going to be doing when the boys go to school fulltime? This is just me being totally nosy by the way :)


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