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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

This year, I'm thankful for...

- my two boys, my angels from heaven, the loves of my life
- that other boy, my husband
- being able to stay at home full time with my kids
- the fact that my hair hasn't fallen out from all the bi-polar dying I have done
- vodka
- Parenthood (can I not cry just once?)
- blog friends that turned into real life friends
- my non-blog real life friends
- leggings. so stretchy. so versatile. so...forgiving
- all my big ol' extended family
- sisters included
- Gunners preschool teacher who makes it a priority to teach him about Jesus
- tivo
- my iPhone
- my family's health
- my parents, who raised me to have empathy and compassion
- you

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

27 comments on "Thankful"
  1. Hair not falling out and leggings are definitely great things to be thankful for. The rest of them are, too!

  2. I started watching parenthood a week ago. I'm almost done the second season (thankful for Netflix) I don't know what I'm gonna do if the newest season isn't online. I'm obsessed with the bravermans

  3. That picture is perfection :) I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!

  4. The picture is so cute, and your son looks just like you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



  5. Ummmm you forgot cardigans jerk ;)

  6. happy thanksgiving, perfect little boys.

  7. Your boys are so cute!
    What's your favorite brand of leggings? I'm still looking for a pair I can't live without.

  8. That picture is awesome! I am thankful for vodka AND leggings!!!

  9. I just love you...That picture is amazing! I, too, am thankful I get to stay home with my son- I love that one!

  10. I'm thankful for you and for the entertainment that you provide my work days :)

    And the comment about Gunner's preschool teacher... totally melted my heart.

  11. I'm seriously so thankful for vodka. I don't know what I'd do without it sometimes. And your boys- bless your precious boys, they are so freaking cute!!

  12. oh colt....such a fantastic picture.

    have a fabulous thanksgiving raven!!!

  13. I think vodka should be number one. Just sayin....

  14. I almost didn't watch Parenthood this season, and I am SO glad I did! Best one yet! It is like all the actors got amazing!

  15. Love it.

    I'm def thankful for leggings. I'd look like a busted can of biscuits without them.

  16. I'm grateful for the leggings/STRETCH skinny jeans trend because I have a basketball ass and stick legs ... so big sweater, stretch pants of some sort, and boots ... done. every. single. day.

  17. happy thanksgiving! and such a sweet photo, ma'am.

  18. I love this list! Happy Thanksgiving Smith Fam <3

  19. I'm going to think about forgiving you for not naming me by name....

  20. - leggings. so stretchy. so versatile. so...forgiving

    haha yes! I live in my leggings and yoga pants. perfect for lazy days and just throw on a blouse and some boots and you're somewhat socially acceptable!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  22. DAMN PARENTHOOD! Always makes me cry!!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  23. I'm thankful for you too! Love you!!


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