Why Hello New Blog Design

Obviously, if you are viewing this page, you can see I have a new design. My cohort Breezy said what the majority of my close peeps said, that is that this design, as much as they liked it, seemed a little too "soft" and "innocent" for me. 

I said that maybe the softness and innocentness of it would counteract the harshness of my writing at times.

One can hope?

I can hope.

Besides that fact, let's talk sponsorship. The months of December/Jan/Feb are busy months for bloggers. I may or may not have something big happening in December. My sponsorship criteria is a little different than most, and you can check it out HERE.

I would love to have you chillin' on my sidebar.

ps. like my new blog design? I purchased this premade design from an awesome Etsy shop owner, whom you can find here. She has so many cool premade designs I had a hard time deciding on the one I wanted. If you're in the market, check her out!


  1. Loving the new design! Just signed up to be a sponsor, can't wait to see what's in store! :)

  2. Looks good! I'm going to sponsor again next time I'm sitting with my ass, computer, and wallet all in one place.

  3. It looks so good! I love it :)
    And I may sponsor...


  4. Love the header fonts! Looks great! I hope to sponsor soon!

  5. i am literally obsessed with your new blog design

  6. Love this layout Raven! It's great!

  7. Lovely design, I like the colors and especially the font.

    However - and I apologize for it - and maybe I'm the only one...
    But somehow the white piece of textile reminds me of toilet paper...
    Uhm. Sorry :D

    Love it anyway. :)

  8. Thanks for the shout out boo!

  9. Love the new look and love your logic behind it :)

  10. love the design!:) looking good...


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