2012. And A New Start.

So I totally wasn't going to do a "year in review" post but then I read Kristen's and felt all kinds of inspired so here we go.

:: January :: 

We got snow. Lots of it. So naturally I doled out some child rearing advice: winter edition.

hosted a big tattoo link-up and showed off my newest (and eighth) piece of body art.

- A couple posts some of you found controversial this month were If I Were President and Why My Kids Do Not Get Vaccines. We also took our kids skiing for the first time (ages 1 and 3, holla!) which you can read about here.

:: February ::

In February, we spent a week in Sunriver, Oregon. Over 30 of us came in from Washington, Oregon and California and stayed in some of the most beautiful lodge-style homes at the resort.

We snowboarded, ate some amazing food, stayed up late visiting and basically just had a freakin' blast. We all grew up going skiing so I was extra happy to pass this tradition on to my kids.

Oh yeah. Then there was that sled dog ride from hell. Capitol H. Capitol BOLDED H.
not as fun as it looks

And can't forget that on February 10th, I got my baby maker permanently disabled. No more babies for this momma! Cheersies!
I do love them so

:: March ::

We left the snow for the sea this month, sans kids!! setting sail on a 10 day cruise aboard Allure of the Seas with our first stop being the beautiful Bahamas, where we visited Atlantis and of course, made a stop at Senor Frogs.

After the Bahamas, we visited St. Thomas and St. Maarten. Saw some of the most gorgeous white sand beaches and crystal clear water, where we snorkeled, ate good beach food and did a teeny tiny sight-seeing. (We are very much plant our ass in the sand and order up a mai tai kind of people.)

One week later? We jetted off to Kauai. I promise we aren't loaded ballers, it just somehow worked out that way. Not that I'm complaining or anything...

We got reeeeally up close and personal with some whales. Amazing experience. 

And if you want to see video? Here is a one of our Caribbean cruise, and here is one of our time in Kauai.

- Both of my angel babies had birthdays this month. Colt turned two and Gunner turned four.

- Oh yes. OH YES. We can most definitely not forget the time my mom cut my youngest child's hair when we went on vacation to the caribbean. And how I cried. And we all know I don't cry
God help my soul!

:: April ::

This month, the snakes came out. At our house, it's only a matter of time...

I hosted a doppelgänger link-up where I got compared from Sophia Bush to a porn star. But I have never, in my entire experience as a blogger, been compared to anyone more so than Brandi from A&E's Storage Wars. I still claim it's the boobs to this day.

:: May ::

I left my oldest at home and took Colt on a momma-and-me weekend away to visit my sister Boobie in Pullman, WA. We walked all over downtown and let Colt explore Washington State University.

I took a trip down memory lane remembering Colt's precious precious curls...and by the way, his hair hasn't grown back all corkscrew curly like that...my heart...dead.

I wrote a little tribute post to my momma aka the snake killer on Mothers Day. She is why I am who I am today! You're welcome or sorry, depending on how awesome you are.
snake killer

I wrote one of my most popular posts, "If We Could All Look Like the Photoshopped Version Of Ourselves" and outed myself. Like I always say...keepin' it real!
for the record, I only photoshop about 10% of my photos. That shit takes too long!

And finally, I wrote about being a liberal mom.   ...side eye...

:: June ::

Gunner did his first ever guest post and was a hit with you ladies.
Colt wrote his first guest post here.

I attended Taylor's bridal shower (uuuuumm) and met Shasta for the first time. Instant friends!
photos courtesy of the gorgeous Sabrina

I also wrote my most popular blog post ever:

:: July ::

This entire month was spent basically out on the boat. We spent a lot of time at our secret private beach on the Columbia River, chilling out, getting tan, and listening to lots of 80's music. (Robs doing.)

I wrote one of those popular "If You Really Knew Me" posts and admitted some...secrets....

And then oh yes, the Boat Races...an occasion I haven't missed since I was one year old. Sabrina, Shasta and Taylor all came to stay with me and let's just say I can't wait for this year.
only six more months girls!

:: August ::

I hate to bore you with more boat and beach photos, but that's basically what we did again this month, hanging out at an amazing secluded private beach a half hour from our house ... is it summer yet?

We also spent a lot of time this month at Lake Roosevelt, which Rob considers heaven on earth.

- Also this month, Kristen and I started a "Get Healthy" link-up where I vowed to lose 40 pounds. It is now six months later and I'm nowhere near my goal. Egads!
my goal

:: September ::

Oh hey! More lake photos, again, but sorry, that's what we do in the summer.
oh heeeeyyyyy single Seth!

I wrote one of my most controversial posts of all time, "I Dress For Men" and I still stand by what I wrote.

:: October ::

I elaborated greatly on why I chose a naturopath for my kids.

I recapped our Vegas trip...

and I wrote a post "On Being Happy" that struck a cord with some of you.

:: November ::

I once again answered some Q&A questions about naturopathy...

I succumbed to the fact that we were in trouble for the next four years...

and I wrote a post about marriage and babies...

I also wrote a popular post called "If You're Crazy And You Know It Shake Your Meds." Turns out, a lot of you are crazy... just like me.

:: December ::

I told you all about my experience at private christian school...

and how I can't stand the easily offended.

Just two weeks ago? I was back in beautiful Kauai, Hawaii. I still have a lot of photos to share with you but here are just a few for now...

And on that note, I want to wish you all a very happy New Year.

Very very very very happy.



  1. Loving all your summertime photo's! I am always ready for summer, um, right after New Years! =)

    Happy New Year,


  2. Love your Recap! :) Beautiful photos girl! :)

  3. Great recap, you did a ton of fun stuff when you look back at everything!

  4. the dogsled story still EFFING KILLS ME!!!!! I still cannot believe that happened!!!

    the first march pic of you an the martini is one of my FAVORITE pics of you! I LOVE IT!!

    the photoshop pic i CANNOT tell any difference from this pic except maybe youreyes look a little browner! STILL GAWGEOUS!!

    i love seeing each month and your little babies grow up!! :-)

    Can 2013 be the year of Erica+Raven=MEETING?!?!?

    Hope you and the fam have the most amazing amazing New yearss and you ROCK that sparkly dress!! Even if its just in the bedroom ;-) OW OW!!


  5. I started following your blog this year. I just wanted to tell you that I think your fabulous. I love your writing, your voice, your truth and I look forward to reading your blog posts everyday :) Happy New Year girl and keep it up!

  6. Looks like a great year!!

    Hope 2013 is just as awesome!!

  7. I just started reading your blog about a month ago so I love the re-cap! Can't wait to read your posts in 2013 -- HNY!

  8. Fabulous recap! Happy new year!!!

  9. What a fabulous year and you are looking great! Would love to have you at my 2012 year in review link party :)

    xo Shane

  10. you've had such a wonderful year! Can't wait to see what you have coming up next year :)
    xoxo Nicole

  11. I really like your blog and I like how you "keep it real". I hope you don't mind a little feedback....

    I like the idea of having tattoo(s) on secret parts of your body that you can reveal to special people. But tattoos on women that are visible when wearing normal clothes say "trashy" to me.

    Colt looks much better with the shaved head.

    Painting a boy's fingernails, even black, is a no-no. Not because it's feminine, really, just because it looks stupid. Worse than that, however, is a woman with really short fingernails that has on black polish. Especially chipped half done black polish.

    The pic of all the girls in the bikinis - cute, but the fake boobs are tre-obvious and really weird looking.

    The pic of you at your goal weight it fab. Love it, and good luck.

  12. Take me to the boat races and bring Seth, puhleeeeeeease.

  13. you are seriously one hot mamma!
    what a wonderful year, cheers to 2013!

  14. Want. Summer. Now!
    Looks like it was a great year!
    I love recaps!!

  15. Glad you decided to do a recap Raven! Happy New Year!!!! <3

  16. What a great year!! Hope 2013 is even better!

  17. Wow you definitely had one awesome year!! Love all the pictures, and I am so glad you did a recap.
    I started following you when I read your "sled ride from hell" post!!! :D
    Happy New Year!

  18. I know you think that Brit is your soul sister, but I think I may be your real soul sister. My favorite and most agreeable posts of yours are def dressing for men and anything government related. Can't wait to read your 2013 posts!

  19. HAHA I am so glad you linked the snobby blogger post. I somehow missed that one and it is AWESOME!!! :) Oh and I think you are a much more pleasant version of Brandi from SW.

  20. I think 2012 has been a pretty kick ass year too. You look so happy in all of your pics :-)

    And hook a sister up with Single Seth. We're only like 10 states away.

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    2. He's amazing. I feel so sorry I mean so lucky for the who ends up with him!

    3. What crawled up his @ss? Surely not an American man. No one likes a whiner!

    4. Oy! Any guy who takes that much time to write a comment like that. No words.

    5. Um wtf?! My husband seems to be pretty pleased with his choice in an American wife, and I have no future plans to divorce him and take all "his" shit. This guys sounds like a real winner ;) He's obviously still jilted from that hateful, I mean smart, girl who just recently dumped his crazy self.

  22. I loved loved loved your Blog Snob post - I am very new to this whole blogging world and sometimes ask myself what I have gotten myself into, but your honesty encourages me to keep going and you just turned me into a follower - haha :)

  23. It looks like you had a fabulous year!!! All of your vacations look amazing and I am obsessed with the tattoo down your arm! I have 4 and I'm forever wanting more! Happy New Year girl and all the best for 2013!!! xoxo

  24. You're amazing Raven and I've loved reading your posts for almost 2 years!

  25. LOVE these, so fun. Love them all. Ya'll are the travel'est people I think I know haha but it all looks like such a blast! That is one thing I want to do in 2013 (after we are broke from our wedding haha) is to travel more and take more time to do fun things! XOXO

  26. Not gonna lie, I'm insanely jealous that practically your entire year consists of beaches, boobs, booze, and bikinis. I want your life. Also, we went to the same resort in Kuaui for our honeymoon!

    Simple Suburbia

  27. Well, your post reaffirms one of my goals for this upcoming year, that I need to TAKE MORE PICTURES!!! (also get my boobs done and visit the beach more often, but the photo-taking is probably more realistic, darnit)

  28. 'Not a baller'... lies I say!

  29. Wow what a great year!

  30. These Photo's are beautiful. Great Recap

    ~ Jamie-Leigh


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