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Thursday, December 20, 2012
hell yes

- First up, the winner of the Oh My Posh giveaway that I was supposed to announce last Friday (sorry about that) is entry #188 Kim Copinger Brown! Congrats! I will be emailing you shortly with details on how to claim your $50 gift certificate to Stacey's awesome Posh website!

- Second, a few of you were wondering what ended up happening with the pantsgate situation on the airplane. Remember the one where apparently it's illegal to fly with a baby only in diapers? (And he also had a shirt on for goodness sake. My favorite comment from that post was from Daliene where she said "considering all the cleavage I've seen on flights from Mexico and Las Vegas, I hardly think a baby in a nappie would bother anyone." I mean, right?!) 

So anyway. Right when I thought I was going to have to put the poop stained or soaking wet pee stained pants back on him for the whole 6 hour flight (because the passengers next to him would have loved that) I remembered "oh hey! We have a bag of wet moldy clothes with us!"

See, we did one last load of laundry before we left and it wasn't even halfway dry when we had to leave for the airport so we had no choice but to stuff it all in a carryon and take it with us on the plane.

So, crisis averted. No poop or pee pants. Nope, just nice wet moldy ones. How you like them apples you bully Pilot you? 

I would say this is a situation where nobody wins.

- Thirdly. We all know I'm a reality show junkie. So when I was watching Real Housewives of Miami and Miss Lisa said she was 29? Only 29?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hot damn. I feel SO much better about turning 32 a few days ago. I mean, pretty soon...

Just sayin'.

- And finally, I can't stop watching the below video clip....um....I die?

Honestly! Freaking hilarious! I mean, if the world was going to end at any time, this episode of Family Feud would be it, right?

Happy end of world times friends.

And pass that joint I mean church basket.

ps. I will be resuming the Kauai posts next week. I have so much more to share with you.
30 comments on "A Few Things"
  1. that clip is perfection. But to be honest, I totally would have guessed the same thing as him before a collection plate.

  2. The video is too effin funny!!!!! Sharing now :)

  3. She looks so much older with all her Botox!

    Mery Christmas!


  4. Yeah right 29! I'm not buying it. And Elsa is creepy!

  5. Ohhhheeemmmmgeeeee! I couldn't agree more. When she said she was 29 I couldn't believe it. I mean when did ladies start getting plastic surgery to look older?!? She is beautiful but she looks like she is in her early 40s trying to look younger.

  6. Guess this means I should probably hold off on adding Botox to my regiment for a few more years...

  7. I was shocked when she said she was only 29.... her hubby better do a better job with the plastic surgery

  8. Babies have to wear pants on planes? Really? Before you know it, they'll have to wear a damn three piece suit. Ridiculous!

    And God I hope I never look like Elsa.

  9. So now I want to know what the other 4 answers were! Haha

  10. I almost spit out my coffee all over my desk! Man! I think you can tell under some of the plastic surgery that Lisa seems pretty young, but I still wouldn't have guessed 29. Maybe 35?

  11. Thanks for answering the diaper question!! The Family Fued clip make my day!! Please tell me a STD was one of the other answers?!?!?! I die!

  12. hahahahahaha that made me very very happy.

    that face makes my face hurt.

  13. I might have to watch that clip a few times today! pretty hilarious!

  14. What a strange flight policy!! Some things continue to not make any sense.

  15. I remember seeing that clip before and it is soo funny!

  16. That clip is HILARIOUS!! Not gonna lie my first response was Herpes. I need to start watching because I have seen some good ones lately! (Clips) like something you do in the shower and someone answered "pee." Although...I don't know how clean you could really keep answers to that question...

  17. What the HELL! Babies have to wear pants??? That may be the dumbest rule ever, do they not know how easily kids can have accidents or whatever? Wow :/

    Oh man I am not buying that that chick is 29! LOL

  18. That clip is ridiculously hilarious! OMG I was laughing so hard. Thanks for that :)

  19. OMGGGGG - I am hysterical laughing! I just showed Mike and he's dying as well! LOLOL!

  20. Poor Elsa. Her face is just jacked.

  21. You pick the best youtube videos to share! We're all going to hell!!! Lol.


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