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Monday, December 03, 2012

- My sister Boobie got engaged! She's the last one of us sisters to be married off, and it was about damn time. Granted, I got married young, at 23, and our other sister got married really young, at 19. But for a girl pushing 30, well, let's just say some of us never thought it would happen. Not to mention Boobs is as picky as they come (remember, she once dumped a boyfriend for crying on her shoulder - literally - because it "made her uncomfortable") so Tony should feel super lucky! Of course, Boobie is lucky also, as we all love Tony and can't wait 'til he becomes an official part of our crazy fam. 

I mean, he did survive pictionary game night with us...Most don't.

- The babies. Miss Stella and Sophie, growing up so fast. They are all moved into their new home (my old childhood house, it's so weird) and honestly are seriously the cutest little things. Like, ever. The one of the left likes me most, not sure why, probably because she knows a rockstar when she sees one. 

And yes, they are also busy getting ready to welcome their new sister in about seven weeks. 

- I understand you are all getting tired of reading about my constant hair changes. Trust me, so am I. Yes, I did it again, dyed it black to match my roots and wait for it...I plan to stick with it! I decided the regular ol' brown wasn't for me and I liked that sharp contrast of black against my face. Two things that come with this: one, I realize I need to wear a bit more makeup or I look washed out and zombie like, two, it will save me about $120 a month so I now have that to spend on said needed makeup. Win win.

- My boys. Sigh. How I love them. Gunner constantly requests "rock and roll" music when we are in the car, and talks about Santa constantly. His main request? A leopard. Colt recently exploded with a pretty impressive vocabulary. "Gunner hit me" and "bad dog" being two of his most used phrases. We are working on potty training and are also getting ready for the big bed, but we are waiting to really implement those two things until after Hawaii. Speaking of, both kids can't wait to go back. It will be Gunners sixth trip to Hawaii and Colts second. Boobie is also coming along to help out with my little monsters. 

- And finally, good ol' Roberto. He doesn't change much. Still likes golfing, Coors Light and me. Did I mention he cooks? Quite often, actually. Which is nice, since I hate cooking. He's been pretty busy with his business but still makes time to play a jillion games of Candy Land with Gunner and Colt. He's just a good ol' boy and in my opinion, there just aren't enough out there.

And that concludes a quick family update. Happy Monday friends.

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  1. geez thanks! what nice things you have to say about me ;)

  2. Congrats to your sister!

    You have such a beautiful family.

    Have a fun and safe trip visiting Hawaii! I'm originally from Maui but love Kaua'i second best =)

  3. congrats to your sister!

    i cant wait til you change your hair again in two months ;)

    somehow i dont see black lasting even if it does save you some money! ;)

  4. Yay!!! Congrats to your sister!! That is so wonderful! I love the little set up with the lights. I love your hair & me personally am not tired of seeing all your hair changes! Haha! You seriously look good in any color! So jealous of ur Hawaii trip!!

  5. I adore you with black hair!

  6. hahah im laughing at Coug Britts comment...assuming that is Boobie!! CONGRATS PRETTY LADY!!!

    i love this lil family update! i want to squeeze those lil babies!!! but in a non-violent way of course...they are just such sweet little girlies!

    robertoooo!! I bet you roll the R when you are getting jiggy with it OW OW!

    i LOVE the dark hair..love love love it! I am sad to say my hair is getting too long for my extensions to look like i have extensions!! guess i need LONGER ones then!! hahah

    happy monday dahhhling! someone special has a birthday coming up :)


  7. Your black hair is amazing. But did you really dye it "black"? Once you go black, you can't go back. (In hair terms... gees.) Hair dye in general makes me so very nervous, says the girl who has been bleaching her hair since 8th grade. And seriously... your boy has been to Hawaii six times? I just went for my first and only time this year for my honeymoon. It would love to go once a year. Maybe twice. Or maybe like every month. A girl can dream, right?

  8. Love the update! And I'm loving your hubs on trend jeans... nice work!

  9. I like the little one behind Rob who looks like he's most likely not wearing pants. At least he has socks and shoes on :) I had to give up and let one of mine run around the house with no pants on the other day 'cause he flat out refused and I decided it wasn't worth a fight.

  10. I'm happy you are happy my friend!

  11. What a fun and cute family! Happy for your sister :)

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  12. Sounds like y'all are all doing well. :)

    But I'm really just here to tell you that I'm glad you changed your blog layout. Haha. The fact that YOU of all people purchased a pre-made layout baffled me. I imagine you to be a girl who makes your surroundings suit YOU. Not the other way around. So, I like this look much, much better. :) Not that my opinion is the most important out there, haha.

  13. Congraulations to your sister! And I LOVE the black hair, I think you look stunning!

  14. whaaat.. your boy has been to hawaii 6 times? i am so utterly jealous. I love your hair black! I too have been wanting to make the change back to my natural dark color and I think you just talked me into it..

  15. I love, love, love your new look ESPECIALLY since it looks like you stayed clear of the tanning bed. You look gorgeous!!

  16. On the other hand I just dyed my hair lighter and then next morning went like this..."wow! I'm beautiful...and tan! And my eyes aren't sunken into my face!" Us poor pale dark haired creatures have it hard:)

  17. Congratulations to your sister! Your hair looks great black! & I am totally envious that you get to go to Hawaii, again, for the millionth time ;D My boss is also going. Jerks.

  18. Raven you honestly can pull off any freaking hair color! I'm so jealous! I recently went ombre and dyed the top portion of my hair dark brown so that I can save $$$ at the good 'ole hair salon, too! PS - the ladies in your fam make some pretty damn cute babies and congrats to your sister! :)

  19. CONGRATS TO YOUR SISTER! very exciting :) and love the black! I'm with you- I go between blonde or black hair most of the time, I don't usually like just the brown on me. Glad all is well in your family and the Twin on the Right has your eyes!

  20. congrats to your sister! well, if a man could survive pictionary game nights, means he's a keeper. isn't that why you keep Rob? haha,,

    and your boys are cute as always.

  21. Congrats to your sister! How exciting! Loving the black hair...you and Colt look like twins! Super jealous of Gunner who has been to Hawaii 5 more times than me. Such fun memories for your beautiful family! xo

  22. I told you, Raven...Sophie likes you so much because she is young and naive. She will outgrow it. And nice of Boobs "we thought it may never happen" - we just knew it would take the right guy to know how to deal with her. ;) loved this update, you are one lucky, lucky gal with a great family!! But I KNOW you know that.

  23. Congraaaaats to Boobie! Let the fun planning begin! And when I say fun planning I mean shitstorm... Wedding planning sucks. BUT the result is AMAZING! :) I swear no matter what you do to your hair I love it! I am totally feeling the black though, looks great! I am so jelly of your Hawaii trip, I expect many pictures and fun stories! Your nieces are so presh and they are getting so big. My husband loves his coors light also. Is that a golden retriever I spy in the pic? Did a double take, the coors light and the golden retriever coulda been my yard for a minute, though I don't have that beautiful of a property - not even close. ANYWHOOOOO. Rambling because I am tired. Congrats again to your sis!

  24. OMGoodness....those baby girls are just the cutest and they are getting so big already and you know how I feel about your boys.....cuteness overload in this post of kiddos!!! Congrats to your sister, happy planning! Hawaii = jealous!!

  25. I love your hair!! Looking good woman! Congrats to your sissy too!

  26. Hi Raven! I love this collection of photos - I always get excited when I see engagements / weddings, so I thought your first photos was super cute!! Your sister must be so excited! Also, love your hair color!! I just discovered your blog and an now a follower, I can't wait to read more!!

    Lauren x

  27. Sounds like everyone's doin' fabulous! Congrats to Boobie!

  28. Seriously congrats to your sister!! And I'd have broken up with a guy who cried on my shoulder too. Can't have all that.

  29. Umm, Raven, could you please be a little more reassuring about not many good ol' boys being left? It's bad enough that my Grandma reminds me quite frequently that I will never find a man as great as my Grandpa, he's the last of a dying breed, but now here you are telling me basically they are really few and far between, because heaven forbid, I might end up with a liberal. Actually no, scratch that, I would never stoop that low ;)


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