Don't Quote The Raven

A wise person once told me, "don't quote the Raven."

But since I have a problem with authority, naturally I didn't listen.

And this is what I've learned...

On relationships-
"My husband isn't perfect. 
He can piss me off with the best of them."

It's totally normal to love, as well as want to donkey punch your significant other from time to time.

Especially if they use your good shampoo.

Chris called me "fart breath" last year when we were in Italy with my parents.
I don't know if I was more upset he called me that,
or that he actually thought "fart breath" was an acceptable insult to use.

On drugs and alcohol-
"Drinking on my meds makes me get buzzed twice as fast. 
Which is a good thing if you ask me." 

You wouldn't eat fries without ketchup, right?

It's pretty much the same thing.

Sorry for partying.

On bronzer-
"I've made it no secret that I am a slave to bronzer. 
Never leave the house without it."

Couldn't agree more.

And yet there's times like the one above,
where I probably could have eased up a bit on the bronzy.
As well as the crazy eyes... And clown smile.

On Halloween-
"It's been my tradition to demand whoever is driving me home Halloween night 
to take me through Jack and the Box and get me a double cheeseburger. "

Oddly enough, I have this exact same tradition.

Only it's Mc'Ds. Or Taco Bell. Who am I kidding, I'll eat anything from a window.

And FYI, I'm supposed to be Britney Spears.
And double FYI my shirt say "I heart cats."
(My aunt got it for me at a garage sale.)

On bangs-
"The reason I never ever ever ever cut bangs is because after ten times of doing so,
and always hating it."

I think I've cut my own bangs eight times now, 
and I always look like a broom.

And yet there's a good chance I might give it a go again tomorrow.

I mean why not? This one time they might make me look like a supermodel.

And that's just a few reasons why I choose to quote the Raven.

I guess at this point I should let you all know that my name is Taylor and I blog over at The Daily Tay.
So you should stop on by sometime, it'll be fun.



  1. haha, all good reasons to me! Except the meds and drinking thing, that scizzares me. Love the rival pictures each time, really cute.

  2. hahaha love this Taylor!!! with you on all this- esp. the bronzer. And I don't even like to think about when I had bangs. It was scary and very sad! love both of these bloggers!!

  3. cute little set up for a guest post! very creative :)

  4. HAAHAHA this is priceless, I love it!

  5. Love this post and love The Daily Tay!!!



  6. This post is like Christmas, my two favorite bloggers!

  7. SUCH a cute post. Those Halloween/bronzer pics are just too dang funny! Power to the bronzer-lovers! :)

  8. Love The Daily Tay!

    She sure did pick some winning quotes =)

  9. HAHAHA! Love this post! This is why I read both of y'alls blogs!

  10. So honored to be quoting The Raven!

  11. Thanks for the laughs! Definitely agree with you on the relationships, sometimes I wonder what husbands/guys are thinking! And love the cat shirt, great garage sale find! :)

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  13. Hilarious!! Drinking and meds go hand in hand. ;)

    So glad I decided to follow both blogs!

  14. That post was super fun!


  15. Amazing...exactly why we all love and relate to Raven!! PS. Meds and alcohol TOTALLY go together. I don't even think they work as good if you don't at least have a bit of wine with them, and this comes from the girl that doesn't drink ;)

  16. SO FUNNY, and I love this. I would quote Raven any day!!!! Haha!

  17. Two of my fave bloggers in one post! Win Win I think!


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