One Week Is Not Enough At This Place

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Kauai is our place. 

A place we go once a year. When people ask if we have a timeshare here, kinda but not really. We have a deed, we pay property taxes once a year. We own a piece of the Marriott Waiohai property.

And it is the best investment we've ever made.

Because we love it here.

There are a million other places we could choose, but our choice for vacation always has been and always will be Kauai, the most lush and untouched of all the hawaiian islands.

Flying with kids? Eight hours here? And back? Sucks bad. Real, real bad. But the end result? Worth it.

And for good measure, here is a picture of Rob and I six years ago...

same place...

same time...

   except I had short blonde hair and only one 9-month old.

My how times have changed.

29 comments on "One Week Is Not Enough At This Place"
  1. I work for Marriott Vacation Club at the Myrtle Beach property... good to see that you enjoy your ownership :) WE ARE NOT TIMESHARE !!!! HAHA! Thanks for throwing that in there- drives me crazy!

  2. I just love seeing the pictures of you two! Gorgeous!

  3. you two look amazing.
    I cannot wait to visit this paradise for our honeymoon in July, 2013 !!

  4. you are stunning, what a fun trip!

  5. I would love to be able to say this a few years from now! Hawaii has been my dream destination ever since I can remember. Never been, but I just get the vibe that I would absolutely love it!

  6. Sounds amazingggg! I've never been there, but I have been to Maui.

  7. amazing!!!!
    & girl you look amazing now & than!!! what a beautiful couple.. so glad to hear your family had a great time!!

  8. I would love to visit someday. You look gorgeous now and then! :)

  9. Agree about Kauai. Its amazing! We have vacationed there 4 times! Thankfully we only had a 30 min flight! ;) But now it would be over 6 hours to go back. Next time I want to go with no kids! And enjoy my time! Glad you guys had an amazing time! Marriott is my favorite place to stay!

  10. I'll be there in a week! your pictures on instagram have really pumped me up for the trip!

  11. You guys are so friggen gorgeous!! Kauai is one of my family's favorite vacation spots too!

  12. Correction: "except I had short blonde hair, big hoop earrings, and only one 9-month old."

  13. I totally know what you mean. My entire childhood our family went to Maui every year. We still to this day choose Maui over anywhere else. We just love it. Beautiful pictures from both then & now. You haven't changed much!!

  14. You are beautiful! I've loved seeing your pictures on Instagram! :)

  15. PS, your hair looks fab. Not nesty at all.

    And if you need a nanny, I'm totally child-friendly. I'll only say "shit" like, six times in front of them. Duh.

  16. Ugh. You look the same as six years ago - just gorgeous. And why oh why do you own property in Hawaii and I do not? Life is so unfair.

  17. Beautiful photos, and I am so happy that you and your fam are able to take these trips, such a great experience for you all! <3

  18. Heading there in March! Cant wait!!!

  19. I love Hawaii too! So relaxing and beautiful! I have been to Kaui once, and of course we loved it! So beautiful, but kinda rainy! We stayed at the Hilton? Can't remember, but it was a great trip!

    =) Brooke

  20. The pictures are great, especially the second one! Looks like a dream there, I will never go, the flight is too long for me and flying there with kids, you must really, I mean REALLY love it to keep torturing yourself that way! LOL!

    Glad it was a great trip, I am sure it's hard to come home after that Paradise!

  21. Hubby and I need to start a tradition like Hawaii. Sounds like the kind of tradition that I could get on board with!

  22. we always tag along with my mom (thanks mom!) to maui because she has a timeshare or whatever at the westin...

    i mean, that's seriously the way to go... hawaii every year? umm, ok!

  23. I have never been to Hawaii, sad I know.

    You and your hubs are a gorgeous couple!

  24. hot momma!!!

    I can't wait to sit my happy butt in Kauai sand :D TOMORROW.


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